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  1. Ma moved menacingly toward him.
  2. Nord gestured menacingly at Lov.
  3. It looked menacingly in the dark.
  4. Three koogly eyes bulged menacingly.
  5. The soldier stepped forward menacingly.

  6. Ruthie moved menacingly out on the court.
  7. He was menacingly strong and they knew it.
  8. A whip cracked menacingly over their heads.
  9. The Magadhan pointed at the Naga menacingly.
  10. He stared menacingly, waiting for an answer.
  11. My father lunged menacingly towards my mother.
  12. Or what? said the gangly man menacingly.
  13. Kitara smiled and stepped forwards, menacingly.
  14. If you don’t we will, said Todd menacingly.
  15. He lifted a finger and waved it in the air menacingly.

  16. You still claim him then? Zeus asked, menacingly.
  17. He leaned against the doorway, staring menacingly at.
  18. She glared at him and wiggled her finger at him menacingly.
  19. It snarled again, slowly and menacingly moving towards them.
  20. The dogs barked and one lunged forward, snapping menacingly.
  21. He glared menacingly down at me with my phone in his fat hand.
  22. Is that such a bad thing? asked Nico, almost menacingly.
  23. Iĺl come back, said Packwood, pointing menacingly at Ms.
  24. And turning, he ran behind the scenes, waving his hands menacingly.
  25. He called out men's names menacingly from the saddle, once, twice.

  26. The wolf growled menacingly and it bared its sharp, yellowed fangs.
  27. He looked at it carefully, paused and then looked menacingly at Max.
  28. That’s the wrong attitude, buddy, said the officer menacingly.
  29. The excavators belched and menacingly moved into the attack position.
  30. He swished it about menacingly, when he wasn’t using it as a pointer.
  31. Instead, Devin grinned at her menacingly, then parked his car and waited.
  32. I watched the shadow stealthily closing on us, and this time, menacingly.
  33. He stood at the base of the steps, watching Aiden, and Landon, menacingly.
  34. He jabbered away, showing his tusks, and shook his fists menacingly at Jilin.
  35. The rocks grinning menacingly at them as they kept within sight of the shore.
  36. Long Fei was in front of her in a flash and asked menacingly, What did you.
  37. Barrett said, and menacingly raised her uncut nails to the exposed chalkboard.
  38. The air grew heavy and the sound of thunder rumbled menacingly in the distance.
  39. He looked over at Buffo, who stood menacingly at his side with his arms folded.
  40. I have caught up with you at last, my darling daughter he spoke menacingly.
  41. As Jason took his seat he looked at Buffo, who was staring menacingly back at him.
  42. Is your man stupid, or does he want you dead, Jack? shouted Carla, menacingly.
  43. Sebastian threw down his glass suddenly and the poison crept menacingly across the.
  44. The woman turned to see Roth standing menacingly in the doorway, his dark eyes glaring.
  45. Panie! shouted both the Poles, menacingly, setting on Mitya like a couple of cocks.
  46. Go to the hold, android, or I’ll order my men to fire, the Captain said menacingly.
  47. The desk is gone and the officers are seated directly in front, staring at him menacingly.
  48. A raven was perched on a low-hanging branch over the road, glaring menacingly at the riders.
  49. Men positioned themselves behind the vehicles, guns pointing menacingly as Carla approached.
  50. The man who had punched and searched her, walked menacingly towards her, swinging steel cuffs.
  51. The two machine guns pointing menacingly at Gregor and his men broke up the shapely silhouette.
  52. Then the dripping warrior made his way menacingly toward shore and her, but she held her ground.
  53. These robots had faces that were white like an Orderran’s, and eyes that glowed red menacingly.
  54. The car didn’t lurch forward or away, it didn’t spin its tires, or rev its engine menacingly.
  55. His masher whipped menacingly through the air, sending fragments of Idaho’s best across the room.
  56. Frank came through the door laughing menacingly Jesse my friend, it’s been too long he said.
  57. Through the same door you… Ouch, Doru said, looking menacingly at Keln who had pinched his.
  58. It released a large stone that carries blaring fire descending menacingly with huge noise towards us.
  59. I can sense the danger circling menacingly around me with its long arm; arm of revenge; arm of destruction.
  60. Their eyes looked vacant and menacingly now that she looked closer they seemed older than she first thought.
  61. His complexion was ruddy and his light green eyes peered out menacingly over a full black mustache and beard.
  62. Anything else you want to falsely accuse my sister of, dicks? Matthew said menacingly as he loomed over them.
  63. At the moment he was scowling menacingly at the scene before him, but my father did not hesitate to interrupt him.
  64. But, there were other echoes, from a distance, that rumbled menacingly in the corner all through this space of time.
  65. I look up at the stage just in time to see The One raise his knobby black stick and shake it menacingly at my sister.
  66. The man became red with anger and took an umbrella that was at the edge of the table, lifting it menacingly in the air.
  67. It was swollen with meltwater and debris from the winter along with chunks of ice that swirled around in it menacingly.
  68. Kearney picked up on his master’s unease and stepped in front of her, sniffing the air menacingly, itching for a fight.
  69. Curly Pete looks at the phone as it stops ringing; �Maybe he was one of the friends you had with you?� he asks menacingly.
  70. Because halftime is in half and hour… A voice in the back of her head whispered, almost menacingly but she knew it was right.
  71. Here now, get out of here! And with that she approached Chica menacingly, growling and waving her tail in a threatening way.
  72. A man stood at the entrance with a large piece of wood with various assorted nails and bits of broken glass embedded menacingly in it.
  73. As we got closer, huge fireballs menacingly approached us, apparently to hurt us, but suddenly exploded into shreds and melted as they came closer.
  74. He began whispering with her : " Vous comprenez ? vous comprenez ? " he repeated to her, holding up his finger menacingly to her, and frowning sternly.
  75. He raised his fist, waved it ecstatically and menacingly over his head and suddenly brought it down furiously, as though pounding an adversary to powder.
  76. Instantly the petals of the livid blossoms spread like the hood of a cobra, the tendrils reared menacingly and the whole plant shook and swayed toward him.
  77. Ramu ran for cover as Meera advanced towards him menacingly and when she caught him by the collar, he said theatrically, Excuse me for snatching your privilege.
  78. But the guns remained loaded, the loopholes in blockhouses and entrenchments looked out just as menacingly, and the unlimbered cannon confronted one another as before.
  79. Quickly and menacingly surrounded by a dozen Russian ships, the Coast Guard crew turned the Russian fishing vessel over to Russian border police and sailed back into U.
  80. I saw something descending menacingly towards me, a massive fire blaring object, even as I saw faintly the man on white garment bending down to lift me up with his two hands.
  81. The sounds of shuffling feet echoed up the walls and the red lights of the beetle blades flashed more menacingly in the ivy—the Creators were certainly watching, listening.
  82. She also knew that this time round, The Doctor wasn’t going to merely threaten her menacingly over the phone, but was resolved to follow through on his threats of retribution.
  83. The heavily built man pulled out a knife and wielded it menacingly with arm extended, but too far away to thrust or slash; possibly a warning to stop fighting or he would stab her.
  84. Her mind spun from Rafe’s legion of lies, to his twisted fantasies about her and the tattooed ‘wild child’ Gemma, some perverse concoction of which stood menacingly opposite.
  85. Aglaya looked menacingly at her laughing sisters, but could not contain herself any longer, and the next minute she too had burst into an irrepressible, and almost hysterical, fit of mirth.
  86. He stood facing her with his eyes glittering menacingly under his scowling brows, and he squeezed his strong arms across his chest, as though he were straining every nerve to hold himself in.
  87. The wolf laid my brother down among the leaves and sticks of a nearby tree, growling menacingly at my near dead brother when he saw Adrinius at a ledge in close proximity, lifting a large rock to hurl at him.
  88. Shining metal instruments glinted menacingly on a stainless steel tray, and tubs of pills and bottles of coloured liquid were neatly arrayed on glass shelves, like clinical soldiers awaiting the call to arms.
  89. The animal was not blinded however and after growling menacingly and continuing to shake its head backwards and forwards which apparently dislodged most if not all the red dye it stood and stared at the children.
  90. Later, at night in bed, they cuddled warmly against the cold eerie breeze which wafted off of those historic, ghostly and blood-stained plains and curled menacingly around their luxurious room on the hill at Isandlwana.
  91. The man said he would wait as desired; Sweater resumed his oration, and presently the interrupter and his friends found themselves surrounded by the gang of hired bullies who wore the big rosettes and who glared menacingly at them.
  92. At that point, I peeped in from the little space between the door and the frame only to behold a large python with its coiled body covering the entire room, but with its head menacingly raised up as if battle ready, snarling its fang.
  93. As I was trying to remember if there was a symbolic meaning to which ear a guy used for the earring – bed wetter, left – gay, right – I couldnt recall, the guy rounded menacingly on Busted Nose and started to scream loudly at him.
  94. He knew he was being watched: not by the absent residents but by the houses themselves, by the gardens and the trees, even by the lamp-posts and by the grinning pillar box that squatted menacingly on the opposite pavement like a scarlet toad.
  95. The sky had continued to darken as large thunderheads loomed and blossomed menacingly above her until the Tower of the Ocean Forest came into view once again; by then, the clouds had seemed to linger above the hotel grounds and the surrounding area.
  96. The gloomy shadows enshrouding the streets, concealing for the time their grey and mournful air of poverty and hidden suffering, and the black masses of cloud gathering so menacingly in the tempestuous sky, seemed typical of the Nemesis which was overtaking the Capitalist System.

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