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Meridian numa frase em (in ingles)

The presenter for Meridian was a great guy.
This was a busy night for the Cult of Meridian.
Class, 50 Copies "Water Lily" for Meridian, Miss.
Governing Meridian with the intention of releasing.
How cool was that? Meridian promised to come back.
Cape Thaddeus is situated on the opposite meridian to.
Meridian, a first, Report on the establishment of, 222.

Meridian and all other meridians, it provides the most.
England, is designated the prime meridian, and all points.
ITV Meridian News heard of the local miracle story of.
Fomalhaut comes to the Meridian, only 17° from the horizon, at.
She was in southern Mississippi in Meridian endorsing her products.
Musculotendinous meridian shou-shao-yin related to the meridian of.
The car slid across the rain-slicked grass meridian and into oncom-.
The meridian system, chartered by Chinese acupuncture, can be consid-.
Musculotendinous meridian tsu-shao-yin related to the meridian of the.
Musculotendinous meridian tsu-tsie-yin related to the meridian of the.
Musculotendinous meridian shou-tai-yin, related to the meridian of the.
Musculotendinous meridian tsu-thai-yin, related to the meridian of the.
Scotland professing that the meridian should run through the Great Pyramid.
Liver meridian blockage in the local area (genital) interferes with normal.
Meridian tapping is one such method that is freely available for us to use.
Terror in fully active condition on the 167th meridian at latitude 77° 32'.
In qigong fashion, I used the fingers and toes for meridian and organ diagnosis.
An hour later the FBI and Police Department of Meridian came knocking on the door.
The monk felt strong pulses, especially the one associated with the heart meridian.
Such hot haste and burning zeal must consume to ashes before the meridian is turned.
In 1838 the American Wilkes advanced as far as the 69th parallel on the 100th meridian.
SIDE OF EYE – This is your temple area and corresponds with the gall bladder meridian.
All these question are to ensure that the correct meridian point and herbs which will be.
The Shenandoah crossed the equator near the thirtieth Meridian on October 11, heading north.
The time zone offset might also be indicated by the letter Z, representing the zero meridian.
If you do catch yourself out feeling or thinking negatively just use the meridian tapping technique.
In the very meridian of the night’s enjoyment, about an hour after tea, a rap was heard at the door.
KARATE CHOP – This is the inside side of your hands and corresponds to the smal intestine meridian.
COLLARBONE – This is 2 inches below the top of the col arbone and corresponds with the kidney meridian.
Then, there was this unidentified surveillance team he and Dean had seen near the Meridian Company warehouse.
Acupuncture focuses on the Qi that flows throughout the body; it flows through points known as meridian points.
A 200-foot Meridian sat on curved metal scaffolding while two crews of two welded on aft sections of the black hull.
The offset is calculated from the time at the zero meridian in Greenwich, England, using the TIMEZONE= system option.

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