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Mess numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The bed is a mess.
  2. But it was a mess.
  3. My mind was a mess.
  4. The place is a mess.
  5. The lady is a mess.

  6. It was also a mess.
  7. The room was a mess.
  8. The place was a mess.
  9. It was an ugly mess.
  10. Her face was a mess.
  11. I must look a mess.
  12. A fine mess this is.
  13. Also, he was a mess.
  14. The house was a mess.
  15. The face was a mess.

  16. What a mess this was.
  17. Her hair was a mess.
  18. What a mess! What a.
  19. Made a mess of that.
  20. The office was a mess.
  21. I frowned at the mess.
  22. But I was still a mess.
  23. I cleaned up the mess.
  24. I wouldn't mess it up.
  25. Shit, I looked a mess.

  26. It’s a mess in there.
  27. It was a shocking mess.
  28. Ruben Chu was a mess.
  29. It was a real mess on.
  30. The bed-sit was a mess.
  31. Mess with one of those.
  32. It was all a real mess.
  33. He’s a bit of a mess.
  34. Mess with him a little.
  35. Sorry for the mess, Mr.
  36. It was really a mess!.
  37. They stared at the mess.
  38. The campsite was a mess.
  39. You can mess with the U.
  40. Phil’s room was a mess.
  41. Dont mess with my life.
  42. I got us into this mess.
  43. We can’t mess with it.
  44. But her hair was a mess.
  45. He was a smashed-up mess.
  46. Look at the mess in here.
  47. Derrick's room was a mess.
  48. I see bones in that mess.
  49. Now everything was a mess.
  50. Now, it’s a total mess.
  51. He produced quite a mess.
  52. It’s not just the mess.
  53. Every time you mess with.
  54. Time to mess with his head.
  55. Her hair was a mess from.
  56. We can’t mess this up.
  57. Honestly, I was a hot mess.
  58. It was a nonsensical mess.
  59. The hotel lobby was a mess.
  60. Barb was a blubbering mess.
  61. What a mess, she says.
  62. He was still a filthy mess.
  63. Her hair is a tangled mess.
  64. I beat it to a bloody mess.
  65. Then there would be a mess.
  66. What a mess, she said.
  67. He was nobody to mess with.
  68. The mess from the streets.
  69. Wipe away that crusty mess.
  70. God, what a mess she was!.
  71. My little place was a mess.
  72. The cargo holds are mess.
  73. Modern hearts are a mess.
  74. The study was its usual mess.
  75. And they didn't mess around.
  76. Gods of Egypt, I was a mess.
  77. New Toy equals New Mess in.
  78. God! It was a complete mess.
  79. Mess with them long enough.
  80. It leaves a real nasty mess.
  81. Do not mess with this man!.
  82. I got you into this mess.
  83. Geeze, this place is a mess.
  84. It is a covered up foul mess.
  85. It was that or live in a mess.
  86. There would be a lot of mess.
  87. Sorry about the mess, Mary.
  88. Well, ’twas a mixed-up mess.
  89. It's really easy to mess up.
  90. Nobody can mess with me!.
  91. That dog made a horrid mess.
  92. That flower bed looks a mess.
  93. Files are a mess in the desk.
  94. And you don't mess with Kate.
  95. Darek’s thoughts were a mess.
  96. What a mess, she concluded.
  97. She’s going to be a mess.
  98. Self is lost in all this mess.
  99. It’s a mess, Hal said.
  100. This mess is not something new.
  1. He was messing with me.
  2. I was just messing with ya.
  3. They are not messing around.
  4. Stacy messing with her yo-yo.
  5. He’d been messing with us then.
  6. Just messing with you, honey.
  7. Besides, just try messing with me.
  8. Enough, Phil! Stop messing about.
  9. Even that was messing with my head.
  10. No, I’m just messing with you.
  11. Another Irishman messing with me head.
  12. I was messing with it the other day.
  13. It’s fun messing around in the garden.
  14. Kurt, they’re just messing with you.
  15. Messing with that took her a few minutes.
  16. Me messing about won't help that process.
  17. Hey, man, I’m not messing with Zoleka.
  18. The woman had been messing around his house.
  19. I tried to leave, but the storm is messing.
  20. They were constantly messing with our heads.
  21. Stop messing with it! Cinder wanted to scream.
  22. Was this real? Was someone messing with her?
  23. That was when Marie and Jack began messing with.
  24. The prophetic has a way of messing things up a.
  25. And I was absolutely sure he was messing with me.
  26. You shouldn’t be messing around with me now.
  27. Samantha Bus will be here in a minute stop messing.
  28. What is your problem? He was just messing around.
  29. He had started messing with drugs and alcohol in H.
  30. This man was her husband and knew she was messing.
  31. They had no idea who they were messing with.
  32. Was he messing with her? Knowing Dominic most likely.
  33. My mom had no business messing around with your dad.
  34. Just one of the guys messing with my head, I told myself.
  35. Yeah, we really shouldn’t be messing with it, Julie.
  36. After that Erica and I started messing around since then.
  37. Don’t listen to him, he loves messing with young girls.
  38. I fear we’re messing with something very dangerous here.
  39. We can't afford to pay you for messing about like that!'.
  40. You’re messing with THEEZ NUTZ yo, he said drolly.
  41. Luna said, At least they aren’t messing with the humans.
  42. You don’t know who you’re messing with, Helms said.
  43. So, I hear you ain’t messing with that scrub Rob anymore.
  44. Sorren had told him that messing with the core was a bad idea.
  45. What do you think? You're down there messing around with his wife.
  46. Why are you doing this? Why are you messing up the business? This.
  47. We’re not interested in messing around with Monsieur’s wife.
  48. This is yet another reason to avoid messing around with speculation.
  49. That’s what you get for messing with my Supergirl, said Joey.
  50. You don’t even have the slightest idea who you are messing with.
  51. How would a guy like that respond to Ian messing with the sound?
  52. At least he’s stopped tearing his hair out and messing up his studio.
  53. You’re not messing with my head, Garcia told Athena point blank.
  54. You're just hacked because it screwed up your messing with his daughter.
  55. Father Frank X had been messing around with boys in the parish for years.
  56. He was doing that thing to me again, whatever it was, messing with my head.
  57. But of course to you lot we are but children, messing about with our toys.
  58. I have no idea, I was high at the time, I thought he was messing with me.
  59. The voodoo priestess had opened some boxes she had no business messing with.
  60. It suddenly dawned on me that someone else had been messing with the phones.
  61. He’s crazy or he’s messing with us, one or the other, Conklin said.
  62. They had messed with us, and they clearly weren’t finished messing with us.
  63. He was messing with me because of the conversation we had earlier in the car.
  64. If I win, I’m still out a car and my credit cards you’ve been messing with.
  65. Close the program and that’s it! A lot easier than messing with the registry.
  66. Still messing with his shirt, he mewled, You big ox, you broke me button!.
  67. The pitch warbled as if she was a radio, and someone was messing with the tuner.
  68. Don't pay any attention to her, she's just messing with your head, he hissed.
  69. I guess he was still there till about nine thirty, messing about with his jetpack.
  70. Will you stop messing about and untie the rope you moron, Troy shouted at him.
  71. And the "messing around overhead" is the same whether the job is $5,000 or $500,000.
  72. Why are they only interested in Casey and me? Not one is messing with Jack!.
  73. They would only get the one try at this and he didn’t want to chance messing it up.
  74. Of course, when you are wrong, it is usually better to get out without messing around.
  75. And I did, I did know what he meant, but I had a good old time messing with him anyway.
  76. It’s totally about religion messing with the lives of others outside their communities.
  77. He told us how he almost lost his chance with the girl next door after messing up dinner.
  78. The Elf was perfection, and Pim of all people couldn't conscience messing with perfection.
  79. He’s not messing with you, at all, interrupted Rebecca, closing the door behind her.
  80. It'd be easier to look for it if I wasn't afraid of messing up the order of these papers.
  81. I told you to stop messing with my affairs, and this is definitely my area, he growled.
  82. Sheriff, you better come out here, there’s a group of kids messing with your patrol car.
  83. Hank stopped messing with his tie and turned his attention from himself to Toby in the mirror.
  84. I silently wished he was watching television like he used to before I started messing around.
  85. It’s not the baby’s fault … I couldn’t kill it just because it’s messing up my life.
  86. You’re messing with the fundamental belief system of this planet, Kletsova pointed out.
  87. Hack it? It was one thousand dollars; don’t start messing around with the insides already.
  88. In this way appetites will be satiated and we don’t have to worry about messing up the count.
  89. He also had a pretty good idea that Gary Soneji/Murphy was still messing with everybody’s head.
  90. My mouth is filling with saliva all the time and it’s messing up my ability to concentrate.
  91. After the guys had finished messing around, we clambered back into our cars and headed off again.
  92. He knew what each girl he was messing with at the time wanted and needed and never confused them.
  93. If Radar only knew about the weapons I had access too, he’d think twice before messing with me.
  94. If what we have is accurate, then in the weeks before their death, the white kids were messing up.
  95. The production was just a slick way of getting rich while at the same time messing up the environment.
  96. Oleon knew that they were just messing with him, and that they were suspicious of them and their leader.
  97. When he found out she was pregnant, he shoved her repeatedly and yelled at her for messing up his life.
  98. The rest of the city didn’t like anyone they thought might be messing with the mysteries of the grave.
  99. This should be good, said Indio Did you see him messing with those knives? He can handle himself.
  100. Max thought he was most likely messing about in his new Land Cruiser, and looked for him in the courtyard.
  1. B had messed his junk.
  2. That is so messed up.
  3. I was complete messed up.
  4. I have messed up big time.
  5. They messed with her head.
  6. He is already too messed up.
  7. So I messed around a little.
  8. He was messed up, Lindsay.
  9. This subject is so messed up.
  10. She messed up today, big time.
  11. Spock is that messed up!.
  12. You really messed things up.
  13. She wasn’t to be messed with.
  14. If you messed up, you’re dead.
  15. She is really messed up Jamie.
  16. Nobody ever messed with Lucinda.
  17. I really messed this up, Alex.
  18. My contacts are all messed up.
  19. I’m the one who messed it up.
  20. I was so selfish and so messed up.
  21. I have really messed my life up.
  22. They’d messed up in royal spades.
  23. Everything looked pretty messed up.
  24. See, the thing is, the GDC messed up.
  25. Yeah, this is seriously messed up!.
  26. They get all messed up with stuff.
  27. Kevin was the one who messed us up!).
  28. Raekwon knew he messed up with Aquana.
  29. It was the first time he had messed up.
  30. My head is still a little messed up.
  31. They’re pretty messed up the next day.
  32. The mean wretch, how she's messed it up.
  33. But, still his long hair looked messed.
  34. He was drunk, high, and really messed up.
  35. All this information messed with her mind.
  36. I wanted him to be able to see me as messed.
  37. He hadn’t messed up a case against Hubbell.
  38. That messed with the homecoming results again.
  39. Something stateside is messed up in the system.
  40. Besides, your elemental harmony is messed up.
  41. What if I messed up and got these men killed?
  42. I was messed with between 2 and 3 times a week.
  43. I understand I may have messed with your head.
  44. She was so jumpy that she messed up the simple.
  45. He once came to work with his hair all messed up.
  46. If they have messed up the whole place with the.
  47. Try to remember occasions when you messed up and.
  48. I’ve messed this whole thing up, he said.
  49. It was a pretty messed up family, I do know that.
  50. But where to start with someone this messed up?
  51. Her schedule is totally messed up, said Sara.
  52. Or she could just be messed up, making it all up.
  53. You’re going to regret the day you messed with me.
  54. He was certain now that he was about to be messed up.
  55. It was all messed up but it’s straightened out now.
  56. One that centuries later was still just as messed up.
  57. The doctor says to him, She's messed up pretty bad.
  58. A living torment, until you messed it up somehow!.
  59. If Ralph messed things up, she was going to need his.
  60. There was complete messed in the ambience of our house.
  61. On the one hand you know that if you’ve messed up on.
  62. The fever I had last week must have messed up my cycle.
  63. It wasn’t all messed up and bloody like the previous.
  64. What? You know that’s real messed up Phyllis, it is.
  65. Zachary, I think I messed up with your father last night.
  66. The bureaucrats have messed this one up so badly that it is.
  67. Dan all summer and now with her legs all messed up I probably.
  68. I really had messed things up, replied Liz just as frankly.
  69. I guess but I’m in a lot of pain and it’s all messed up.
  70. Let’s show that bitch she’s messed with the wrong women.
  71. Terry wouldn’t tolerate anything that messed with his sound.
  72. I can’t wait here all day; it’s your fault you messed this up.
  73. Maybe the storm messed with the rovers and the tents autodeployed.
  74. They get messed up on booze, then he gets her into the hard stuff.
  75. Did it ever occur to you that maybe she wasn’t messed up?
  76. Why wasn’t anything messed up anywhere but this room? It’s odd.
  77. We had a one-night stand and I messed up by not wearing a condom.
  78. Tyler’s hand is pretty messed up, other than that, we’re okay.
  79. That was the problem, the months studying you and he messed it up.
  80. I don’t care really; it’s just that it totally messed up my life.
  81. The question remained what would he do if I really messed up again?
  82. That little girl is plum messed up! Past fixing by my recollection.
  83. I feel like I did when I messed with that hive of Erotin Ember ants.
  84. There are no easy solutions if you have messed up your credit and need.
  85. Yes, Mudiwa messed about with the electronics, knowing that Ghazali.
  86. Well, Lydia wiped away tears, I was pretty messed up back then.
  87. About two or three months ago there was a messed up, burned out, red.
  88. It’s a wonder that you can love me at all as messed up as I am!.
  89. Families were Kyle’s thing, maybe because his own had been so messed up.
  90. Even still being the smallest of the crew, no one messed with him anymore.
  91. And there were times—undoubtedly—when they messed up, or messed about.
  92. The old Agent’s sparse hair was messed and even his suit showed wrinkles.
  93. This is seriously powerful stuff, not to be messed about with and demands.
  94. We had all sorts of tats, especially Michael, that's why he's so messed up.
  95. Pam stood in the threshold, short, blonde hair messed as his most likely was.
  96. This month is the first where we started getting messed around by the broker.
  97. I frequently messed on pork, hardtack, and poor water with cavalry officers.
  98. That was messed up, says Dante, his forehead already beaded with sweat.
  99. They had messed with us, and they clearly weren’t finished messing with us.
  100. It wasn’t a complicated situation but with time, things really got messed up.
  1. In the messes he met.
  2. It messes with the chain of command.
  3. But nobody messes with my baby sister.
  4. Grover messes up everything he touches.
  5. Nobody messes with the barmaids at Rudy's.
  6. They made all sorts of mistakes and messes.
  7. We get patients that Burman messes up all.
  8. If a 3-year-old messes his pants five min-.
  9. Stress is instigating many messes today in society.
  10. Well, there were other reasons for separate messes.
  11. If the instructor messes his pants, well, maybe he'd.
  12. Nobody messes in the Professor’s lab! he hissed.
  13. There were messes of a more sinister nature to be cleaned.
  14. It messes with Medusa, sending feedback to her audio input.
  15. Let Schmidt get out of his own messes as best he could! Let.
  16. I've been trying to clean up everyone's messes since I arrived.
  17. Heaven was very careful when it came to cleaning up it's messes.
  18. I guess you could say I clean up the messes that you all make.
  19. Plus if he messes up this time I’ll put him in the desert myself.
  20. Quite honestly I’m used to you making messes that I eventually have.
  21. Will this be another of the collateral messes you’ll be assigned?
  22. But what about, you know, when he messes? Does Tragus let you wash him?
  23. Now the computer messes up those funny little things on top of the letters.
  24. What if he messes with your mind and then makes you happy about the change?
  25. Aren’t you the man who only messes with females younger than yourself?
  26. Every parent that so completely messes up the upbringing of his child that the kid.
  27. The curse he spoke of is that no one messes with King Foymama’s treasure and lives.
  28. Lots of killing and horror and bloody messes involving intestines and other soggy bits.
  29. Jaden chuckles to himself, but thinks the old man might have a heart attack if he messes with him.
  30. Why, though, were there splinters still scattered over the carpet? Ingrid hated to leave messes be.
  31. Well, except for the messes they left when thousands of them at once ate and roosted for the night.
  32. There will be a staff on duty, but they are not your servants and they will not clean up your messes.
  33. Most traders, believe it or not, do not do this, and this messes up the consistency of their trading.
  34. Politicians make messes on one leg and cleaning the mess out on the other leg because of unclear clarity.
  35. We discovered long ago that a sudden change in oxygen levels midway through the process somehow messes things up.
  36. But she had a feeling that in a world run by people neither manners nor messes would matter, only what people wanted.
  37. It can be hard because children sometimes have to hear one parent talk bad about the other and it messes with their heads.
  38. It messes with your instincts for self-preservation and substitutes a love of boring a captive audience that is forced to look up to you.
  39. Third, all the personnel, and I mean all, will be armed at all times or will have a weapon within arm’s reach, including in messes or when on permission in town.
  40. Have some more! Yes, it only seems that our life is pleasant; but sometimes it is very disgusting,—clearing up all their messes! Faugh! It's better in the country.
  41. The two officers who had stood guard, who I had ineffectually flirted with only a few hours previously, lay face down at the door, their heads dusty and bloody messes.
  42. Of course, everything will be done off-the-record and sub rosa so both governments can clean up their respective messes without the public ever learning what happened.
  43. A navy lieutenant commander finally had to ask the paratroopers to stay in their cabins until lunch time, promising to provide sailors then to guide the soldiers to their messes.
  44. If you saw some of the hot messes that were shambling around with wedding rings on their deformed, scaly, gnarled fingers you'd want to track down their spouse and give them some sort of award.
  45. First Max goes mad and attacks a pro, he messes up, she has to sort it out with well-aimed shots to the pro’s shoulders to spoil his aim and finally, a good pistol whipping to close him down.
  46. TÁNYA [pouring out more tea] Have some more! Yes, it only seems that our life is pleasant; but sometimes it is very disgusting,—clearing up all their messes! Faugh! It's better in the country.
  47. Everyone else has got children with problems, [laughter] isn't at right Brett? [Laughter] They got the perfect child, and then one day at the age of 12, He does something that really messes with them.
  48. She had no doubts at all that Palomita would find the flock, since Passenger Pigeons traveled in such large numbers that when they fed and roosted at night, they left behind a wide trail of horrendous messes.
  49. But when they were done with me, there was something new inside me: something ruthless and feral and beyond law that hungered to be the one perpetrating the savagery, because when you are the savage, no one messes with you.
  50. Meg cheerfully blackened and burned her white hands cooking delicate messes for `the dear', while Amy, a loyal slave of the ring, celebrated her return by giving away as many of her treasures as she could prevail on her sisters to accept.
  51. If a person bothers or messes with any of Dana's sisters, boy Dana is ready to go after that person! Either she'll wind up killing the person during a fight, or she'll wind up breaking a couple of their bones, or the person is found murdered!.
  52. How many have known what it's like to be in a place like that, where you've been tight, it's been difficult, it's been tense for you and instead of actually waiting for God to give you directions and show you what to do, you actually had to force yourself but you tried to make something happen? When you do that it always messes up.
  53. How many have known what it's like to be in a place like that, where you've been tight, it's been difficult, it's been tense for you; and instead of actually waiting for God to give you directions, and show you what to do, you actually had to force yourself; but you tried to make something happen? When you do that, it always messes up.

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