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Milkshake numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Sir, your milkshake is ready.
  2. Milkshake and Carrot Halva Pudding.
  3. The tension was as thick as a Johnny Rocket milkshake.
  4. Amy returned with his milkshake and handed me an application.
  5. What about you and that chocolate milkshake, on my pink jumpsuit? challenged Jenny.

  6. When we each had a chocolate milkshake in front of us, I asked, So how’s Stan doing?
  7. So I perused the menu, eyed the wine listings wistfully, and decided against anything stronger than a milkshake.
  8. Behind the counter stood a large kitchen island, with plates and soda glasses on one side, a milkshake maker and food preparation area on the other, and a long stove, oven and fryer parallel to it.
  9. In his office, Amory would have had only the separate phone-lines Regan had mentioned and maybe a pen and some paperclips with which to fiddle and beguile, but here there were coffee cups, sugarcubes, napkin rings, steak knives, long spoons designed to reach the bottom of milkshake glasses … all of which he handled restlessly while leading Keith through a half-hour of Welcome to the Family chitchat.

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