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Moneyed numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. A few belonged to the moneyed classes.
  2. The moneyed classes, devotedto reaction, use.
  3. The fascinating sociology of the moneyed class in a socialist country.
  4. So, he threw lavish parties to show the moneyed just how much he appeared to have.
  5. Was this casual at-home wear for the moneyed classes? They hadn't been expecting me.

  6. Eventually, the moneyed pools ran dry, and at the first hint of detection, Niles vanished.
  7. All the same, gullible that they are, how these silly women lose their heads when wooed by the moneyed.
  8. He has money, which is evident from the car he drives and the clothes he wears, but there is nothing moneyed about his attitude.
  9. Observing the campus scene as it evolved, he was aghast at the children of the moneyed receiving pocket money the size of his pay-packet.
  10. It’s their own craving for money that makes men and women alike court the moneyed, and that gives the rich a false sense of power over the poor.
  11. That moneyed men there are glad to loan their money at an interest of five per cent, or less, while in these States the legal interest is six per cent.
  12. Heliopolis, or the Victoria College of Alexandria, where the offspring of the moneyed Egyptian classes mingled with those of Middle Eastern prime ministers and heads of.
  13. By overturning this great moneyed institution at the present crisis, you may draw down to undistinguished ruin thousands of your unfortunate and unoffending fellow-citizens.
  14. That these two balls continue to exist under the present status of society, with its moneyed kings buying admission everywhere, is a curious and contradictory phase of American life.
  15. Whether the principles of expediency to which it owes its birth be regarded, or the overweening influence it established over the moneyed institutions and merchants of the States, the charge, to say the least, is plausible.

  16. However, since the discovery of petroleum and the moneyed luxury of those countries, the numbers of these animals became less, especially when people began to use firearms and to hunt for amusement rather than for necessity.
  17. Of course, the moneyed few who belonged to these social establishments were probably oblivious to that fact; they took for granted those luxuries they enjoyed on a daily basis while the general populace struggled to get by from paycheck to paycheck.
  18. Then the new numbers: the growth in the market for old school Chinese art was a given, that’s where the money is, and the moneyed communists buying international respectability through the purchase of western classics, that’s what’s driving the global art market.
  19. They seemed, as a rule, self-made, rough hewn, wild, native, brawny, simple, and perhaps, in the eyes of some, a bit coarse; their eastern counterparts seemed, as a rule, well bred, sophisticated, moneyed, refined, and perhaps, in their own eyes at least, a bit superior.
  20. Mining engineers who have made a very careful examination and survey of much Western territory in the interest of Boston and New York moneyed men furnish evidences of wealth in those sections, which cannot but bring to them the money and enterprise necessary to their full development.
  21. The power of the royal families as they were waning were replaced by the newer power of national banks, moneyed capitalists…money: filthy lucre, capitalist deathsheads: the Jewish Rothschild family intermarrying with English, American and other European families became the shadow controllers of the national economies of Europe and America.
  22. A dressmaker, who not only expanded her original metier to include a number of women's boutiques but also developed into one of the leading fashion designers in a country that was waking up from the slumber of feudalism and was developing a moneyed, educated, professional and business middle-class that looked to Europe for an education in a new life-style.
  23. All that is now requisite is to annihilate the delusion which justifies the power of money over men, and public opinion will undergo a change as to what is creditable and what is disgraceful, and life will be changed also; and the annihilation of the delusion, of the justification of the moneyed power, and the change in public opinion in this respect, will be promptly accomplished.
  24. Was he a mere hypocrite as she thought he was? Was it only the vested interest in her earnings that was behind his ruckus or was there more than met the eye? Or was his hatred for the moneyed for lack of monitory means? Why, could not his craving for the moolah be owing to his staring at it from the grey side of the monitory fence? Maybe, secretly craving for money, he was publicly castigating the rich.
  25. What by means of the increased popularity derived from the augmentation of the navy, what by opening subscription offices in the interior of the country, what by large premiums, the cupidity of the moneyed interest may be tempted beyond the point of patriotic resistance, and all the attained means being diverted to the use of the army, pecuniary resources may be obtained, ample at least for the first year.

  26. We are told that we must force into the vaults of the bank a large portion of the circulating medium, and thereby depress the price of every thing in the market; we must give a shock to credit of every kind, check and embarrass every branch of agricultural, commercial, and manufacturing industry; give up the young mechanics, manufacturers, and merchants with small capitals a prey to the cupidity of moneyed men, who will be tempted to withdraw their funds from trade to speculate on the wrecks of the unfortunate.
  27. A great babble of news (and what sort of news too, good heavens!) and eager comment has arisen around this catastrophe, though it seems to me that a less strident note would have been more becoming in the presence of so many victims left struggling on the sea, of lives miserably thrown away for nothing, or worse than nothing: for false standards of achievement, to satisfy a vulgar demand of a few moneyed people for a banal hotel luxury--the only one they can understand--and because the big ship pays, in one way or another: in money or in advertising value.
  28. Now I would ask, whether it is probable, that the British subjects would be willing to lend us money to carry on war against their sovereign? Would they not, on the contrary, exert the influence which they are said to possess over the moneyed interest of this country, for the purpose of depressing the credit of the country; for the purpose of crippling the operations of the State banks; and for the purpose of drying up the sources from which the Government might otherwise calculate to derive supplies? But, sir, this has little to do with the question of constitutionality, to which I will again return.

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