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Mound numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. So she charges the mound.
  2. Junior, you take the mound.
  3. The huge mound had served.
  4. A large mound of earth was.
  5. A mound of faeces welled up.

  6. Mac patted his mound flatter.
  7. It is the Mound of Prophecy.
  8. The Acropolis was a jagged mound.
  9. He stood looking up at the mound.
  10. He grasped her mound, cupping its.
  11. I find a mound of snow and sit down.
  12. A mound of boulders caught his eye.
  13. John Lennon walked back to the mound.
  14. I thought however about the mound of.
  15. As he watched the mound of dirt, his.

  16. I called time and ran out to the mound.
  17. Johnny took the mound again in the fifth.
  18. Whenever he saw a mound, off he'd gallop.
  19. And it was sitting on a large round mound.
  20. I want is to fall on the sacrificial mound.
  21. The animals circled the mound and waited.
  22. I began to eat from the mound closer to me.
  23. The two climbed the rubble mound and slid.
  24. Below us, I could see the Mound of Prophecy.
  25. The tallest termite mound was recorded at 12.

  26. Of this last description, is the Etowee mound.
  27. The Mound and the Spirit Caves are very old.
  28. Bilbo was climbing the great mound of treasure.
  29. Billow: The swelling of waves; a mound of water.
  30. They both sat on a grass mound taking in the day.
  31. He could just see the slight bulge of her mound.
  32. They were to us as we are to a mound of termites.
  33. Amigo, don"t worry, I"ll keep an eye on that mound.
  34. The large, terraced mound was at the northern end.
  35. It zoomed in until a large mound filled the screen.
  36. They laughed so much that Horace fell off the mound.
  37. He took the mound every fourth day and annihilated.
  38. The Hoskins Mound was leased from the Texas Company.
  39. Her stomach was a gargantuan mound of rippling flesh.
  40. They had a lefty on the mound who threw in the mid-.
  41. I prepared myself two cold-cut sandwiches, a mound of.
  42. The young man walked slowly over to stand by the mound.
  43. The Mound of the Riders and its cold spears lay grey.
  44. The Pilgrim was approaching the top of the sandy mound.
  45. The guardian laughed and climbed the mound in one long.
  46. Long Johnson, on the pitcher’s mound, cocked his head.
  47. And John was shaping up the mound when Tom stopped him.
  49. Two dwarfs sat atop a mound where the track split in two.
  50. He pushed his finger into the small mound of melted wax.
  51. You can’t do that! Besides, your mound of poop is a.
  52. Reaching the apex of the mound it shot out into thin air.
  53. He steps forward and his foot meets a mound of roughness.
  54. Defending the Mound of the Creation Star was not as easy.
  55. Not knowing what else to do, Elowen climbed the mound and.
  56. Near Asterabad there is a mound called Khaighruch-tépè.
  57. They were lying in a smaller mound next to the larger one.
  58. The one who had touched a back said: They are like a mound.
  59. All Derek could see was a mound of freshly dug soil as his.
  60. The man who was being followed arrived at this little mound.
  61. Part suffocated, part bitten to death, in a mound of feral.
  62. Without saying a word, Laura spread the mound of mixed nuts.
  63. Jamal polished off his grilled cheese and poured a mound of.
  64. At the foot of the mound stood the withered trunk of a dead.
  65. Farther up French Broad, near Newport, is a very large mound.
  66. He stood looking over the mound of stone and smoldering wood.
  67. He rustled up a large mound of leaves, then backtracked his.
  68. Actually, it was a gargantuan mound of stinky chocolate fudge.
  69. In the future when words of this incident spread, this mound.
  70. Yon tower, nine storeys high, rose from a little mound of earth.
  71. Now the entire mound in the City center with its magnificently.
  72. He drove his truck as close as he could to the mound of wreckage.
  73. Gas steamed up from one shriveled aperture in the restless mound.
  74. The mound he made in the covers on his side of the bed, barely.
  75. Monkey Mother took me to the side of the Mound facing the river.
  76. The tallest was furthest away, standing alone upon a green mound.
  77. The old man's head indicated a spade half stuck in the dark mound.
  78. All we know about the Mound and the Spirit Caves are the stories.
  79. Ben stood on a huge mound of dirt several yards head of his truck.
  80. You going to snowboard here? On that? I point to the mound.
  81. He vanished behind the mound, and for a moment there was silence.
  82. But here beside the mound I will say this for your comfort: many.
  83. The guard was digging where a mound of extra soft mud was sitting.
  84. At last those mounted men rode away from the mound and disappeared.
  85. Pjodarr let out a long breath and stared at the grass-covered mound.
  86. A little farther is another mound, which I had not time to examine.
  87. What at fi rst glance appeared to be a large mound of earth covered.
  88. Sir Stanley was examining the prehistoric burial mound on Crow Hill.
  89. At that moment in the field house, despite the wooden mound and the.
  90. With that the company said farewell to the island and the mound, and.
  91. He sat listening to the dirt mound tremble and whisper in the flatbed.
  92. Nearby, Horace dozed fitfully atop the mound, dreaming of his brother.
  93. The pottery creature crumbled into pieces, leaving a mound of shards.
  94. Coach never told Roman to take the mound in the sixth, he just did it.
  95. The inscriptions in question come from the Kuyuryik Mound, at Nineveh.
  96. Her belly protrudes beneath a stretched top, a pregnant quaking mound.
  97. But Merry stood at the foot of the green mound, and he wept, and when.
  98. See that mound over there? It is thirty feet high and fifty feet wide.
  99. Then she slashed down hard at the bulging mound of Kathleen’s stomach.
  100. I looked wistfully up at the church on its mound as we passed below it.
  1. The area closer to the house was densely planted with growing beings rescued from destruction in the previous garden: lithe birch trees graceful as dancers, clumps of fairy-like nandina, stately arum lilies, agapanthus mounding greenly, fine-leafed groundcovers spilling over every surface.
  1. All that was left of them was mounded piles of rubble covered in snow.
  2. Gray boulders were mounded to form a wall, topped with a fence of logs.
  3. It mounded up high over the deck and cargo until it ran over the sides in continuous rivulets.
  4. At the base of the slope of the mounded hill that the temple was built on, the road stopped being straight and curved around the slope.
  5. Sometimes, words meant in the utmost respect were misconstrued by overstrung relatives of the dead and scarcely were the last shovels of earth mounded above the coffin before trouble began.
  6. The water mounded up, its forward progress stymied, before falling in a rush, away and down both sides of the first level, creating raging whirlpools as eddy currents spun away against the brick facings.
  7. And then I was in Louisiana, with Lake Charles away to the side in the dark, but my lights glittered on ice and glinted on diamond frost, and those people who forever trudge the roads at night were mounded over with cloth against the cold.
  1. On what? Mounds of snow?
  2. The banks became moss-grown mounds.
  3. Huge termite mounds stuck up all around.
  4. The girl’s flat chest grew soft mounds.
  5. Mounds, Indian, of the West, remarks on, J.
  6. They were inspecting two splattered mounds.
  7. Thousands of dirt mounds had been erected.
  8. As he looked at the well-formed earthen mounds.
  9. Jump over the mounds of snow or have relay races.
  10. Chains hit the ground, falling on mounds of red ash.
  11. A low neckline exposed the upper mounds of swollen.
  12. They left the termite mounds and drove onto the beach.
  13. There are rows of tables with mounds of black on them.
  14. The mounds of shit before our eyes must've weighed over.
  15. At the centre of everything were two human-built mounds.
  16. With these words the travellers passed the silent mounds.
  17. There were many mounds covered with dirt and vegetation.
  18. The mounds were the bodies of Michael and Becky DeGeorge.
  19. There are many other mounds of the same form in Tennessee.
  20. The dishes had mounds of shredded stuff piled quite high.
  21. It’s not over, I said, nodding at the tagged mounds.
  22. A cluster of red orbs flashed to life in the mounds center.
  23. He tossed them aside and began shuffling through mounds of.
  24. Look to the trees on those mounds, hissed Ben Frostberry.
  25. He judged the desert mounds, the hills of bone-silt and silence.
  26. Mining Bees in the lawn: Their mounds can be removed with a rake.
  27. They came at last to the mounds of grainy soil of the construction.
  28. Getting no response, she studied the mounds of sand in trepidation.
  29. And now there were eight mounds on the east-side of the Barrowfield.
  30. The gather'd thousands to their funeral mounds, and thousands never.
  31. The Orcs were piled in great heaps, away from the mounds of Men, not.
  32. Chill, stirring occasionally, until the mixture mounds slightly when.
  33. We then covered them with bark and buried them under mounds of earth.
  34. Drop peanut butter batter in small mounds over chocolate batter in pan.
  35. There were mounds of snow all around and the sky was filled with more.
  36. Ants’ and termites’ nests are often immediately recognizable mounds.
  37. The three of them sat around it on some gravel mounds they'd scooped up.
  38. The mounds of her breasts rose and fell in the regular pattern of sleep.
  39. Three Lena’s entered and decked the table with mounds of heavenly food.
  40. It is like the mounds covered with trees, which grow in it and about it.
  41. Alistair said, It’s little more than a few stone walls and mounds of.
  42. We were past the beach and in the cover of some low vegetated sand mounds.
  43. Around the mounds on the periphery were many more yurts on the ground level.
  44. The mounds differ only in extent, and portions of several have been removed.
  45. High mounds of crushed and powdered rock, great cones of earth fire-blasted.
  46. He slid down against a table still covered with mounds of food and tableware.
  47. Mark was overrun; and so ended the nine mounds of the west-side, for in that.
  48. There were mounds and trees and dales but certainly no forest, no Dead Place.
  49. The hills were enormous mounds of old cars, appliances, and other scrap metal.
  50. Entire sand dune mounds cascaded into the still smoking abyss in the distance.
  51. At the bottom went anything from the mounds of files he’d be taking with him.
  52. So long afterward a maker in Rohan said in his song of the Mounds of Mundburg:.
  53. For a moment we all stood still; all around us dead men lay on mounds of more dead.
  54. He ran his hand over the mounds of her perfect breasts and licked his finger to wet.
  55. It is one of those artificial mounds which occur so frequently in the western country.
  56. At the foot of the walled hill the way ran under the shadow of many mounds, high and green.
  57. Somewhere, the last lawnmower of summer shaved and cut the years and left them in sweet mounds.
  58. Cunningham and his assistants; but there are square miles of ruined mounds still almost untouched.
  59. The structure was an unusual addition to the scattered stones and burial mounds of the Crossroads.
  60. Now, only a few piles of unused building materials remained, overgrown and resembling burial mounds.
  61. Another chore that Michael had to contend with was the mounds of medical bills that arrived each day.
  62. I feel for you, truly: you are a drinker—I love you! And fellows like you like riding up the mounds.
  63. There are many other mounds of this description in the State of Tennessee, but I have not visited them.
  64. Gathering: Termites build large mounds, often several feet high and honeycombed with passages and chambers.
  65. A distant light cast a crosshatch of shadows over cobblestones and mounds of discarded vegetable cuttings.
  66. But now he watched the mounds of gladiolas being carried out and no sense of participation stirred in him.
  67. Mountains in which the best cinnabars were glued to imagi-natively created mounds of quartz crystals.
  68. I’d read piles of studies, checked out mounds of medical books from the university library, even found Dr.
  69. There were small mounds of gold and jewels packed into the corners of the rooms, swept over there like trash.
  70. I’m fat!! Look at the size of me! he yelled indignantly, his hands roughly gripping onto mounds of flesh.
  71. The roofs of the cabins were heaped with snow, and dirty mounds of it were piled up on the sides of the streets.
  72. In regard to the objects which these mounds were designed to answer, it is obvious they were not always the same.
  73. Ahead of them was a series of small hills, more like rolling mounds, and then a large tree about fifty yards away.
  74. The Life Stream flowed between the mounds and an ornate stone bridge crossed the river and joined the two mounds.
  75. Around the dereliction there are many hundreds, maybe thousands of grave mounds, a few with posts driven into them.
  76. As we exited though the rear of the building, the field of small dirt mounds scattered around caught me by surprise.
  77. Mountains, a breadth-taking formation of about one thousand oval mounds of limestone spread throughout that island.
  78. They grew their staple, cazabi (yucca), in mounds, about knee high and perhaps twice as wide, that were called conuco.
  79. After another hour the survey of Earth from space revealed several large mounds, two on one continent and one on another.
  80. The evening breezes whispered mournfully through the ruined walls, and strewed the faded leaves upon eleven grassy mounds.
  81. A mighty space it was, with gigantic machines here and there within it, huge mounds of material and strange shelter places.
  82. During my stay at Moukri I set up a map on the scale of 1/250000, and marked upon it all the ruins, mounds and ancient tombs.
  83. Annie took my arm as we crossed the Headrow, giving it a squeeze as we wound between the mounds of manure which littered the road.
  84. Jorma entered to find a man buried in such curly red mounds of hair and beard that little more than his eyes and nose poked thru.
  85. The garden was pocked with holes and heaped with mounds of dirt; it looked as if a hundred woodchucks on crack had run amok there.
  86. And so, the first snow sweep into the valley, laying all that sat still in mounds of white powder, and with it came the holiday's.
  87. Torpedoes! Wild-eyed with fear, he threw three torpedoes, mounds covered with red paper and filled with gunpowder, on the table.
  88. It was set out in a series of purpose built hills or mounds that children would climb and either run down or more often roll down.
  89. From all sides except that toward the river, the jungle crept in, masking fallen columns and crumbling mounds with poisonous green.
  90. In the back gardens the gophers push up the morning mounds of fresh damp earth and they creep out and drag flowers into their holes.
  91. Over the wall and into the north was a rampart built to hold back Saxon incursions, as if such men could be stopped by mounds of earth.
  92. There was one who lived here who had come from Russia, he always would ride up the mounds (he called the mounds so funnily, "hillocks").
  93. Around the periphery of the stockade, there were several smaller mounds, most with yurts, but a few were conical with no room for houses.
  94. Thus received Muhammad, mounds of gold with Mariyah, and her equally attractive sister Sirin, the Coptic slave girls, for his dispensation.
  95. Before he had found a stock in all respects suitable the city of Kouroo was a hoary ruin, and he sat on one of its mounds to peel the stick.
  96. At Krudarnudi, Maudura, Mûlpûrn and Periarli, mounds were examined, the earth was found to consist of black mud mixed with pottery and ashes.
  97. Burial mounds with amazon warrior priestesses buried with their weapons and sacred beads are being found all over the Steppes of Russia and Asia.
  98. It hurts my feelings when I do, and I don’t enjoy the candy bars as much as I would if I didn’t steal them, but I love Baby Ruths and Mounds.
  99. The ground level of these outhouses are also covered with mounds of earth in order to cut on the smell and provide some extra insulation in Winter.
  100. A servant came in with a smile and put a plate of bacon and eggs on the table along with fresh fruit and hot sweet rolls with mounds of honey butter.

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