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Mucky numa frase em (in ingles)

1. A few mucky spots could be seen here and there.
2. JY had no trouble following the scent clinging to the mucky debris.
3. Later in the day, two Warriors carried in a tub of stinking, mucky earth.
4. I crawled towards another mucky looking shaft; I didn’t have a torch so I had to improvise.
5. She consented; and she even brought me a clean towel to spread over my dress, lest, as she said, I should mucky it.
6. In the grip of the talons was Stralin’s yellow, mucky heart; which he had the rare privilege of seeing being crushed to a pulp right before his eyes.
7. The bull lowered his aching head, tilted his good horn forward and began to paw at the ground, throwing clots of mucky soil to plaster the sides of the leafy passageway.

8. Then one of them stepped off the path, proceeded a short distance into the clearing, straddled a web of tree roots, and extended the tendrils on its legs and arms into the mucky soil.
9. In the Kennels which ran down the mucky Centres of the Streets, one saw Fish Heads, Orange Rinds, Human Wastes—e’en dead Cats! The Air above was as smoky here as it had been fresh and clear upon the River; and one hardly dar’d look up o’erhead at the Profusion of creaking Sign Boards, hung upon ornamental iron Brackets, which sway’d in the Wind like hang’d Men, and obstructed whate’er Light and Air there might be, especially upon the narrowest Streets.

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