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  1. Tracchio seemed to mull it over.
  2. He could mull and moan when he was alone.
  3. She began to mull the situation over in.
  4. I drink my coffee and mull over that thought.
  5. Over his performance afterwards, he’d always mull.

  6. Nathan took a few seconds to mull over what Ray had told him.
  7. Why don’t you two give us a day to mull over your offer.
  8. But, he had neither the time nor the energy to mull over the message.
  9. Nevertheless, this is what the average mind would ponder and mull over.
  10. To begin with mull Sand and tempered water, this wets the sand surface , then.
  11. Mull it over until you reach a state of perfect harmony with the School Master.
  12. I wanted more time to mull over his results before the rest of the world found out.
  13. Ignore the situation for several days so your subconscious mind can mull things over.
  14. The Doctor let Joshua mull over the problem for awhile, laboriously coming up with names.
  15. I wondered off into one of the empty rooms to mull over how much my life currently sucked.

  16. I mull this over for a moment, ‘That sounds good as a main course, but what about dessert?’.
  17. The thought was slowly tearing him to pieces so for the time being, he just decided not to mull over it.
  18. While he goes off to shower and change, I mull over what he said … and more importantly, what he didn’t say.
  19. She remembered the dress she wore—a thin little mull, cut low about the throat and strewn with pink rosebuds.
  20. He moaned and lurched ahead, his stomach on autopilot, while his mind continued to mull over his little problem.
  21. But then I began to mull over the possibility that it really might not be weakness, when it happens so often.
  22. Elm could have crawled his way to Fern and set all his vile charismatic words into play, leaving her to mull over them.
  23. Now, I ask you to mull these two designs over for some several days and then advise me as to which of them I should select.
  24. Crotthers was there at the foot of the table in his striking Highland garb, his face glowing from the briny airs of the Mull of Galloway.
  25. Johan cannot even begin to mull over the question of whether or not Simon will succeed, so he concentrates instead on their physical realities.

  26. She took that time to pull out her map of Glenridge Forest and mull over its puzzle again, glancing for a moment at the empty chair where Jake should have been.
  27. Since discovering my situation—which is what we’d taken to calling my infidelity—she’d gotten a bit removed, her eyes distant, her face a constant mull.
  28. His mother, also now taken aback by what she heard, said they might just check in on him then maybe give him a chance to mull over the implications of the article.
  29. After a while his old man retreated to the chair in front of the TV, to think, to mull it over, and hopefully to come up with some kind of a decision all on his own.
  30. Okay, a little bit of flirting here and there is acceptable, but please mull round in your head today the thought that having an affair can be incredibly damaging, especially if you have children.
  31. Keeping my eyes down, I mull over the statement … the last Element? What is he talking about? I haven’t retrieved the last one yet … He goes on to describe how we were pursued by Antis, escaping through Joris’ skill, though stopping short of mentioning that Joris actually killed two men and completely skirting over the actual cause of Joris’ death.
  1. In the process of mulling.
  2. Gary got quiet, mulling things over.
  3. She was quiet for a bit, mulling it over.
  4. Wickland was still mulling over the facts.
  5. The similar process of mulling is followed.
  6. Oak sat in the tree mulling over his thoughts.
  7. I slowed to a stop, mulling over what to do next.
  8. After mulling it over for a moment, the man said.
  9. Thomas rubbed his chin, mulling over the suggestion.
  10. Nathan was stirring his tea idly, mulling things over.
  11. He surveyed the decaying bridge, mulling it over with.
  12. Shinds clicking the pen some more while mulling over the.
  13. Mulling over what was to come, she then flushed the toilet.
  14. I wasn’t going to ask, Hades said, mulling it over.
  15. I left them there, mulling over more than a few questions.
  16. She was still mulling over what she had to do to avoid Connor.
  17. Alvin sat in the comfy driver's seat and yawned while mulling.
  18. What? Chris asked, still mulling over Cindy’s reaction.
  19. Instinctively guarded when mulling over the subject of national.
  20. She was mulling over this as she returned with Thomas to the priory.
  21. And then? he prodded as I sat introspectively, mulling it out.
  22. He looked as if he were mulling Stan over, assessing his character.
  23. After mulling it over for eight seconds, he decided on the rear seat.
  24. She weighed this jumble of thoughts, mulling over their relationship.
  25. For a time I lay on my bed, mulling over what I just read about the.
  26. While mulling her next act, she took some water to the men on the cots.
  27. The king unfurled said scroll and took his time mulling over its import.
  28. This is very strange, he said, mulling over what they had covered.
  29. Oak followed mulling over in his mind everything that Denver had told him.
  30. He was standing with Vance, and you were mulling around in the background.
  31. Mulling over its implications whilst heading for the Deba Chamber, Brandor.
  32. Jimmy walked through the park mulling over his prospects (whatever they were).
  33. Conan had already reached that conclusion, and was mulling over something else.
  34. While he was mulling it over, I said, Well, I would have fought for the South.
  35. Still mulling over his meeting with the Senate committee, he decided to spend a.
  36. He pondered that for a moment as he sometimes enjoyed mulling over ignorant things.
  37. While I was mulling this over, a fuchuan came into view and dropped anchor off our beach.
  38. From the look in his eyes, however, I knew he was still mulling the idea over in his mind.
  39. Yeah maybe that's not such a bad idea, Kurumi shrugged like she was mulling it over.
  40. I sit fidgeting with the panini on the plate in front of me, mulling over what she has said.
  41. Nicole was silent for a long time, mulling this over in her mind while Jamie, possessed of.
  42. He left the idea mulling in his head as he caught sight of the person he needed to meet with.
  43. Slikit silently walked by the Healer's side for some while, mulling over what she'd told him.
  44. A quiet time in one of those inner gardens will do, Hanor said, mulling over what had.
  45. He was mulling over what had just happened, when he felt a big bump and heard a painful cry.
  46. I spent most of the evening mulling over how to best ask Sis without getting him into trouble.
  47. Captain Trevain Murphy leaned back in his chair, mulling over the details of the previous days.
  48. Chofsky once again gazed out his window, mulling a decision on what would be prudent to disclose.
  49. Mulling over what she knew, I can only offer possibilities, she said, falling silent, her.
  50. There was an ambulance parked in front of the barge and three or four paramedics were mulling around.
  51. Godwyn wanted to say: Are you mad? He bit his tongue and tried to look as if he were mulling over what.
  52. Mack was mulling over the last piece of reasoning when the sound of footsteps on the ground made them turn.
  53. The kid bent at the waist and squinted through the window, his youthful ears mulling over what he’d heard.
  54. She’d better keep an eye on her sister; who knew what other devious ideas were mulling around in her head?
  55. I was constantly mulling over worst-case scenarios of the accident and was unable to stop this useless speculation.
  56. While Sanderson was mulling over this latest information and trying to tie it together with other data, a completely.
  57. As Beaudouin was mulling those words, an alarming realization suddenly came to his mind and he looked sharply at Vyyn.
  58. I’m still standing in the middle of the room, mulling over this discovery, when I hear footsteps in the corridor.
  59. She might have been mulling over what Caris had said, or she might simply have given up the argument: Caris was not sure.
  60. He was back with another message forty minutes later, as Ingrid was still mulling how to announce the news to her comrades.
  61. As I sat there mulling Mark’s words while wolfing overpriced eggs, my new 10% happier slogan began to make even more sense.
  62. We came across a horde of the Undead just mulling – well, not even mulling - just standing in a clearing early this morning.
  63. After mulling over the problem for several days, the writer’s subconscious mind popped the solution into his conscious mind.
  64. As Keegan was mulling it over, Og and the guard with the recorder stepped in front of the formation getting ready for role call.
  65. He was still mulling over in his mind today’s events as he left the laboratory, and he was sure he would never sleep tonight.
  66. There were still a few students mulling around after club activities, but their happy faces and joyful laughs suddenly irritated me.
  67. Then she stepped into the great hall and saw the old fresh water tank zombie vampire holding pit filled with mulling zombie vampires.
  68. Break found her silent, refusing to answer Dory's questions or discuss her new B & B with anyone, still mulling the choices she faced.
  69. I was mulling this over when the captain approached, cool and calm, forever in control of himself, looking neither alarmed nor annoyed.
  70. I was mulling over this happy possibility when Charles began talking about what was wrong with the various balanced budget approaches.
  71. Ben stared at him a little longer, mulling this over; then, without speaking, he turned and walked back down the ramp, leaving his cart.
  72. Once that was sorted and morning muster was over with we headed up stairs for a smoke closing my cell door behind us and mulling up.
  73. These days he preferred to sit alone in his reclining chair mulling over the past and sometimes forcing himself to contemplate the future.
  74. Mulling this over for a couple of moments, and continually looking at the sparkle in His eyes, along with that big-ole grin, I whispered back.
  75. Investors were also mulling over comments made on the previous day by former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan that he thought the U.
  76. Chantry nodded as if mulling the plan over in his head, but I could tell that instinctively he had set up Maria to come forward and speak out as she had.
  77. After mulling over my question for several seconds, the Administrator replies, We are allowed to answer your question, for civilisation and life are perishing.
  78. While I was mulling over the issues, Fema returned with a wooden tankard of cider, which I immediately took from her and washed down my waterless throat with it.
  79. Along the way he bowed his head mulling over the best way to resolve this crime, and with only the best of intentions in his heart he asked for Al’lah’s Help.
  80. Levi was in a hypnotic trance of sorts, that’s what I had figured out after an hour or so of mulling over the details of how he’d gotten to the disco in the first place.
  81. Nicole let herself in and went upstairs, still mulling over the thoughts that Gavin was emotional enough at one point to have had a wife and human enough to have wound up divorced.
  82. Mulling these thoughts over and thinking about how to combine their quests, Shela and the others wandered back over to the elf and nuathreen who were still going at it tooth and nail.
  83. Several months later, still mulling over the question that was always in the back of my mind, I looked out the window of the small room I called my office over a garden filled with various colors of ranunculus bulbs in full bloom.
  84. I was mulling over how beaten ISLAUGGH had looked when she first appeared,.
  1. He mulled over whether or.
  2. But as much as I mulled this.
  3. He mulled this over for a minute.
  4. He mulled over the implications.
  5. Conan mulled over this for a space.
  6. I mulled over ways to surmount this.
  7. I mulled on that for a few seconds.
  8. Mulled wine was Zach's nickname for.
  9. Crystal mulled over a lot of the screen.
  10. She mulled over the problems through dinner.
  11. Gloria mulled the idea over as she showered.
  12. As he ate he mulled over his mother’s advice.
  13. Trask mulled the job question after she went up.
  14. Indio shut up as he mulled over that possibility.
  15. Greg mulled over her request and called his ship.
  16. His eyes narrowed as he mulled over that response.
  17. As he did so he anxiously mulled over his position.
  18. There was a moment of silence as Carter mulled over.
  19. Vinny fondled the 9mm in his hoody pocket and mulled.
  20. Jean to meet his wife and share a mug of mulled wine.
  21. He seemed to search for words as he mulled the offer.
  22. There was a moment of silence while Luis mulled this.
  23. He mulled over the thought for several minutes, his.
  24. In addition there were jugs of mead, beer and mulled.
  25. The two men sat in silence for a while as Henri mulled.
  26. Greg mulled the possible strategies of this arrangement.
  27. Alvin the socialite, mulled over at what angle he wanted to.
  28. Vinny mulled over the acquisition for a few seconds and then.
  29. While Jack Mills mulled over all these issues, he confronted.
  30. Vinny mulled the question over in his mind wondering if this.
  31. To the FRESH sand about 5 % Sodium Silicate is added & mulled.
  32. At the end of the meal they had a mulled wine called hippocras.
  33. Jermaine and Batistuta mulled over the cube at the office desk.
  34. For the next few days, Carmen mulled the idea over in her mind.
  35. Though I hadn’t mulled over his words nearly as much as I had.
  36. He mulled over the idea of living multiple lives in one lifetime.
  37. The market mulled the proposal and the stock price dipped to $12.
  38. The more she mulled it over the more she got frustrated with him.
  39. Carter mulled this strategy over in his mind but didn't like the.
  40. Chofsky looked out his window for a moment and mulled his response.
  41. Caymus and a group of Highlanders kept the fi re fed as they mulled.
  42. Feeling like Hank's presentation was over Bob mulled over his situation.
  43. How old were you when you changed? He mulled over the implications.
  44. The rest of the ride was silent as she mulled over the two possibilities.
  45. Why not spies and James Bond characters? Carla mulled over her next move.
  46. The lil bomber mulled these thoughts over a little bit longer in that pea.
  47. Caris mulled over the incident anxiously as they rode through the afternoon.
  48. Neither spoke for several minutes while each mulled over their own thoughts.
  49. Nord continued to glare at Lov as he mulled over what the young man had said.
  50. I thought a goblet of mulled wine might help to warm you on such a cold night.
  51. As she checked cabinets, Amaranthe mulled over Hollowcrest’s words in the parlor.
  52. Lydia stirred the hot mulled cider on the stove and talked about her acting classes.
  53. I mulled this over for a while longer, but then decided to think about lunch instead.
  54. The band quietly mulled the events of the last half hour, but Kelly got it immediately.
  55. As Yakov waited, he mulled over whether to tell Matt about the surveillance that Novak.
  56. The Grand Wizard stared back at him, his brow creased as he mulled over some moral dilemma.
  57. There was another one of those long pauses while everybody mulled over Liberty’s question.
  58. Tress moved away from the nervous animal whilst she mulled over her decision to use the horses.
  59. I mulled this around for a while, then asked Ron the obvious question, So – are you truly.
  60. Another three weeks of struggle I mulled, and the moon would be in its complete and utter glory.
  61. He mulled over the situation, trying desperately to think of some new strategy he could implement.
  62. There was a long silence as she mulled over Charlie's idea, her facial expression gave nothing away.
  63. I wondered, mulled over in my mind all the possibilities of how I should act the next time I saw him.
  64. Then his thoughts turned to his fathe,r and once again he mulled over what had been discovered so far.
  65. He sat up on the bench, placed his head in his hands, and for a long time mulled over his predicament.
  66. Hank stood staring with the fridge door open as he numbly mulled over in his head what Toby had told him.
  67. The officer eyed the rag-tag group of men and his grey moustache twitched as he mulled over his decision.
  68. He mulled exchanging the interest of a discussion with Dimarico for the boredom of a lecture from Kinnard.
  69. And even as I mulled this over I realized that, if he asked, I wasn’t sure which category we even fitted into.
  70. Alistair sat back in his chair and looked out the window for a couple of long minutes while he mulled things over.
  71. He mulled it over for a while longer and then gave up and concluded it was just the stress and cold getting to him.
  72. Melissa mulled it over, considering her reply carefully as she watched him through the prim glasses perched on her nose.
  73. Wickland mulled the developments in the case as he and Del ate a lunch of subs in his office back at police headquarters.
  74. BV? She mulled it over and looked at Grandma Lucy, her look questioning, hoping that Grandma Lucy knew something about it.
  75. When she looked back on this holiday, she’d remember its flavor: full and fruity, like the mulled wine they’d had earlier.
  76. What of his life back on Earth? He’d mulled that over on the ship, but the stark reality of Lovejoy had put it out of his mind.
  77. Norman mulled over his friend’s problem for a moment and said, Joe, let me explain something to you, as an agent in this town.
  78. Eckhart mulled over Beck’s words for a few moments then asked, How can we train such an army without wholesale detection?
  79. We’re lovers!’ Unable to stop the grin that threatened to split his face, he mulled over everything that had happened that term.
  80. They must have mulled over my joke as they both started laughing in this phlegm filled smokers cough and said, Right on dude!.
  81. Was it the offering itself? If so, I mulled, that would present a line of thought worth pursuing for its own sake, but maybe later on.
  82. As he wrote down the information and mulled over the name in his mind, he mumbled, Yes, I would appreciate having those other dates.
  83. Balthus mulled over this delicate ethical question for a moment, then shrugged his shoulder and asked: 'How far are we from the fort?'.
  84. He also mulled over his behavior toward the POWs, describing himself as powerful and strict when requesting [POWs] to obey the rules.
  85. And thus he went on, expounding his opinions generally and his personal likings, until Justin came to fetch him for a mulled egg that was wanted.
  86. Merthin mulled over the design of the tower as he went about his more mundane work, repairing the bridge and building new houses on Leper Island.
  87. But his journal now complete, he rested his head on the fluffy pillow and mulled over these questions until finally he drifted of to a deep sleep.
  88. He mulled over the question in his mind and wished the President was there; but it was his job to deal with it so he needed to come up with an answer.
  89. She was completely confused by his words, and it was while she mulled over what he was saying that he went into the actual marriage part of the wedding.
  90. Later, as Sheriff Tramell sat eating the remainder of his re-heated meal of brown roasted pork with potatoes and carrots, he mulled matters over in his mind.
  91. When in the end, Suresh wanted to know how he believed his rejected works were worth their effort, Rau said that it was a good question, and mulled over for an answer.
  92. As he mulled over Garann’s indoctrination, he concluded that before the boy ever laid eyes on Illiat, he would first have to lose his superstitions and misunderstandings.
  93. As I mulled this advice after the fact, I suspected there might be something to it, but I couldn’t quite figure out how you could work your tail off on something and then not be attached to the outcome.
  94. I had woken with a start at seven thirty, unable for several minutes to recall what country I was in or what my name was, and had lain on my bed, unable to move, while I mulled over the previous evening’s events.
  95. Caught up in prison, I’ve mulled this question for hours, and I’ve developed one hypothesis, which I tell you now with the stipulation that, no matter how compelling you find it, you shouldn’t forgive me for what it led me to do.
  96. The sky was clear above the mulled October mist, and a few pale stars had appeared already, weak and white as city children; there was a reek of heated brick, and an odor of brown leaves drifted from the park with the damp smell of its autumn water.
  97. It did not take long to prepare the brew and thrust the tin heater well into the red heart of the fire; and soon every field-mouse was sipping and coughing and choking (for a little mulled ale goes a long way) and wiping his eyes and laughing and forgetting he had ever been cold in all his life.
  98. Why? Was it badly trained, or a particularly stupid dog? Had it suffered some sort of accident, or perhaps been stolen? She mulled over what she knew about the murders so far and tried to find a scenario that worked which could put Ainsley and his dog on a collision course with men using automatic weapons?
  99. The moment Sophia heard it, she asked herself why her grandmother never liked Jericho, and mulled over the fact that if Grandma Lucy already knew that he had now a profession, as a doctor, just like what grandma had always wanted for every male member of the family… What, then, would Grandma Lucy think of Jericho, now?
  100. At each meeting many topics would be discussed, many subjects mulled over, and since we didn’t really know what or how to do this, we were completely dependent on the presence of Christ being with us, but I have to admit, sometimes we, especially me, would get out in front of Him, and make what I now call a happy little mistake.

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