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Murmur numa frase em (in ingles)

1. With a soft inland murmur.
2. There was a murmur of assent.
3. He heard a murmur behind him.
4. Kate was ill, I murmur.
5. And still, I spoke in a murmur.
6. He pauses and the murmur fades.
7. He spoke in a definite murmur.

8. There was a murmur of agreement.
9. There was a murmur in the crowd.
10. The murmur of the ten-footers.
11. I was sure I heard him murmur:.
12. The murmur had not ceased from.
13. There was a murmur of curiosity.
14. There was a murmur from everyone.
15. There was a murmur of recognition.
16. There was a murmur of affirmation.
17. Clayton’s voice was a low murmur.
18. His was little more than a murmur.
19. He heard the murmur of the mob of.
20. He voiced it in an agitated murmur.
21. His voice was a low, panting murmur.
22. What? is all he could murmur?
23. There was a slight murmur among the.
24. A murmur of excitement came from the.
25. A murmur of protest rose on all sides.
26. A loud murmur of voices interrupted him.
27. I could hear the faint murmur of someone.
28. Instead: the smoky murmur of a saxophone.
29. A general murmur of approval greeted this.
30. There was an angry murmur among the wolves.
31. Not a single murmur was heard in the room.
32. An angry murmur went through the villagers.
33. There was a general murmur of satisfaction.
34. By degrees a murmur arose in the audience.
35. Rose lifted her voice against the murmur of.
36. I heard Alistair’s voice murmur something.
37. There was a murmur of consent from the crowd.
38. A hearty murmur of assent ran round the table.
39. The murmur of the crowd swelled to a muffled.
40. The prosecutor swallowed this without a murmur.
1. She sank down, murmuring, "Mercy!".
2. It wasn’t the murmuring of voices.
3. He played, murmuring the words, his.
4. There was no response, just murmuring.
5. Everyone jumped, then started murmuring.
6. Much murmuring could be heard when Rose.
7. Thandi was stirring, murmuring, tossing.
8. But he hears a murmuring sound in the river.
9. Remi was murmuring as she went into the hall.
10. Don't wait, I thought I heard Shrank murmuring.
11. A car passed, murmuring, at a far intersection.
12. There was some murmuring, but also some grins.
13. And then from above came a little murmuring cry.
14. Murmuring his apology, Cloud glanced up as the.
15. The little murmuring noise of the camp was lost.
16. The moment tape was removed he started murmuring.
17. But, till then, the music room went on murmuring.
18. There was a murmuring of understanding and agreement.
19. Instead, I heard voices murmuring in the living room.
20. He broke into her thoughts, murmuring, The wedding.
21. Amanda could hear murmuring then Anna came to the door.
22. Nadir heard another man murmuring quietly in his sleep.
23. O'Molloy said, taking out a cigarettecase in murmuring.
24. The Riders stirred at first, murmuring with approval of.
25. We heard their murmuring voices behind us all night long.
26. He heard the men murmuring on the porch of his metal shop.
27. Then he began to hum again, and passed into a murmuring.
28. The hall was full of gasps, whispers and excited murmuring.
29. This greatly impresses the gathering and a murmuring goes.
30. He nuzzled her neck, murmuring soft words of encouragement.
31. The men huddled together for a moment and started murmuring.
32. The salty wind, the murmuring waves and the throaty yells of.
33. A summer-day river going somewhere, murmuring and irrevocable.
34. The soft scraping and murmuring winds acted as a perfect lullaby.
35. A breeze whispered through the leaves, and set them to murmuring.
36. Let us never give way to a fretting, murmuring, complaining spirit.
37. THE YEWS: (Murmuring) Who came to Poulaphouca with the High School.
38. The crowd was silent for a while and then an audible murmuring arose.
39. I slipped my hands around one of his fists, murmuring softly to him.
40. They drank water direct from the stream which ran murmuring close by.
1. He murmured to her fondly.
2. The organ sobbed and murmured.
3. The crew murmured about them.
4. He murmured for answer: True.
5. Quell murmured, He is near.
6. I murmured "Certainly," and Mr.
7. Yes, I do, she murmured.
8. The crowd murmured in agreement.
9. He was here, she murmured.
10. Suddenly a low voice murmured:.
11. The Circle murmured in agreement.
12. It's a puzzle, he murmured.
13. Yes, the war, murmured Ann.
14. He murmured that he knew the name.
15. It can’t be, he murmured.
16. It's not very good,' she murmured.
17. I can’t wait, he murmured.
18. It murmured and whispered of sleep.
19. There he is, Gwenda murmured.
20. Then murmured, Hard to believe.
21. I’m okay, he then murmured.
22. Traveling and asleep, he murmured.
23. ASo near yet so far,@ she murmured.
24. Oh my poor child, he murmured.
25. Byron The audience murmured softly.
26. The courtroom murmured to themselves.
27. Hmmn, he murmured and chuckled.
28. Just as I feared, murmured Max.
29. You have to turn me, I murmured.
30. Excuse me, I murmured to Kaspar.
31. Please, follow me, he murmured.
32. Go back to sleep, she murmured.
33. There and there, murmured Mink.
34. What does she want? he murmured.
35. It’s about Aadil? he murmured.
36. My mother is dead, he murmured.
37. Your man, he murmured once more.
38. Strange, she murmured to herself.
39. Edwin murmured, touching his cold face.
40. But why shot? he murmured to himself.
1. The crowd parts and murmurs.
2. Murmurs ran along the crowd.
3. Nods and murmurs of approval.
4. The murmurs ceased, and all.
5. Murmurs broke out in the room.
6. There were murmurs of, "Amen".
7. The tide murmurs; the snails teem.
8. Well done, baby, he murmurs.
9. He was all for it, he murmurs.
10. Soft sweet murmurs of the memory.
11. There were lots of murmurs at that.
12. There were low murmurs in the crowd.
13. I need washing, too, he murmurs.
14. How are you so strong? He murmurs.
15. Excited murmurs ran across the room.
16. So they think, Barrons murmurs.
17. Murmurs of approval as they packed up.
18. Gala … he murmurs to himself.
19. Out of hand, he murmurs bitterly.
20. It’s deep this way, he murmurs.
21. You said you’d try, he murmurs.
22. There were murmurs among the spectators.
23. Their flowing murmurs paused in the dark.
24. That’s a lovely sound, he murmurs.
25. Murmurs and mumbles echoed around the room.
26. Basmanov send, and firmly bear the murmurs.
27. Bend over the bench, he murmurs softly.
28. There were murmurs of agreement from the crowd.
29. Murmurs of disapproval were heard on all sides.
30. Wren waited for the stunned murmurs to subside.
31. He holds her tighter and murmurs into her ear.
32. Approving and grave murmurs greeted his periods.
33. Come, he murmurs and rises, dragging me up.
34. Murmurs arose among the wounded who were waiting.
35. The murmurs suddenly disappeared in an instance.
36. Dance with me, he murmurs, his voice husky.
37. Everyone else chimed in with murmurs of agreement.
38. Murmurs echoed throughout the conference room as.
39. Murmurs of angry agreement rumbled around the room.
40. In spite of some murmurs even this law was adopted.

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