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Mystify numa frase em (in ingles)

Her fascination with his chest continued to give her pleasure, and mystify him.
We shall have a laugh at them afterwards, and if I were in your place I'd mystify them more than ever.
It was to give you a story that would entertain, mystify, startle, and hopefully tickle your intuition.
We shall have a laugh at them afterwards, and if I were in your place I’d mystify them more than ever.
He must be able to mystify his officers and men by false reports and appearances, and thus keep them in total ignorance.

That’s what is mystifying.
Elegant, pure and mystifying.
The source of light was mystifying: despite.
Besides its mystifying complexity, what is so.
His overly joyful mood was as mystifying as it was pleasant.
While these hidden notes may seem mystifying, the fact is the notes.
A big face appeared in the clouds that looked mystifying and strange.
Riddle: Used as a test of wit; a mystifying, misleading, or puzzling question.
Even more mystifying discoveries have ruled out theories based on the assumptions of.
I saw this mystifying individual anew for what he inevitably must be: cruel and merciless.
It was mystifying to her that Madeline could enjoy this sort of thing and actually seek it out.
Grinnell, assumed for the purpose of mystifying Mellen and Dawson, is a good bit of character drawing.
The letter "N" was no doubt the initial of the name of that mystifying individual in command beneath the seas!.
She was highly delighted in playing such a mischievous prank and completely mystifying and embarrassing a poor boy.
There had been many occasions in my life that confused me, but this was probably the most mystifying experience I had ever had.
The mystery of numbers is intriguing and mystifying, as it is a fundamental principle from which the whole objective world proceeds.
The ministry’s reasoning behind the annulment was mystifying at best: Said objects are still under examination for safety reasons.
But they had never imagined anyone would carve a sculpture in his honour, and certainly the location of the image was mystifying to say the least.
Even Captain Nemo's personal insights were denied me, because that mystifying individual didn't appear one single time during our high–speed crossing.
She was more muscular and possessed smooth skin bronzed to sensuous perfection but there was something else mystifying about her, which he was unable pinpoint.
They chatted about the mystifying case and Timothy told Donal that he had gotten no useful information from the tour guide, or group that originally found the body.
The more she had thought about it the more certain she had become and it had become mystifying when Pat Robinson had demonstrated his actions when sealing the casket.
I could not resist the temptation of mystifying him a bit, I suppose it is some taste of the original apple that remains still in our mouths, so I handed him the shorthand diary.
He had a special gift for mystifying murderers and other criminals of the peasant class during interrogation, and if he did not win their respect, he certainly succeeded in arousing their wonder.
Her grey wool suit was very effective in blending in with the shadows and contributed enormously to her overall mystifying air that was suddenly more prominent than he had remembered from their last meeting in the stables.
Though it would be a long shot, he should pursue this line of questioning in hopes that Charles may unwittingly recall some small, miniscule detail such as a mannerism that would seem unimportant but that may actually identify the mystifying person that was thankfully not the Grey Man.
Here is the pitfall! Again, a man off his guard, from an unwary disposition, may delight in mystifying another who suspects him, and may wantonly pretend to be the very criminal wanted by the authorities; in such a case, he will represent the person in question a little too closely, he will place his foot a little too naturally.
I shook my head, mystified.
Will was even more mystified.
Grover shook his head, mystified.
The tech looked totally mystified.
He looked as mystified as he did.
The accountant was mystified also.
Mystified, Rose did as she was told.
Those that did not looked mystified.
Beatrice looked mystified Oh dear.
Hazel felt more mystified than ever.
He shrugged his shoulders, mystified.
Andrew shot a mystified stare at him.
What so mystified about that one.
Deeper back, people watch, mystified.
Mystified, they prepared their things.
What’s this? Sim was mystified.
Mystified by the co-operation between.
Grover shook his head, clearly mystified.
Joseph was mystified by the pronouncement.
Leprechaun gazed up at the mystified nurse.
Sebastian looked at his brother, mystified.
The Hoovers, mystified, called in the scram.
What? Brendan was completely mystified.
Anne sat where she was, mystified and scared.
Work it? he repeated, totally mystified.
Daniel looked at Kate, mystified at this news.
He is mystified by your stubborn defiance.
How would I feel? Saul seemed mystified.
He was partly irritated and partly mystified.
She remained mystified by what had happened.
Another woman? repeated Hubert, mystified.
I didn’t see you there she asked mystified.
What was that about? Mitch asked, mystified.
For what? asked Thane, temporarily mystified.
What’s with all the animals? Dave was mystified.
Eric had been mystified by the fact that Pete and.
But why are we looking at a playroom? I am mystified.
I'm completely mystified, as I will not shoot wolves.
I moved to the living room and she followed mystified.
What mystified Louie was his escape from the wreckage.
That sign! Pharaoh thought as Myserrah rattled on, That still mystifies me.

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