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Name numa frase em (in ingles)

The use of a name.
It is a sacred name.
It is a code name.
A name that I heard.
This is how the name.
Now, give me the name.
He did not give a name.

I have one other name.
As Jill read out name.
His first name is Fred.
His name is Tom Tong.
A thing without a name.
His name was John Roll.
That is a good name.
A girl without a name.
Hello, my name is Dr.
The name of the hotel.
His name is Philo Dutur.
Yes, you have a name.
Dare not speak its name.
His last name was Winter.
Give me the name of one.
To call on his out name.
The name of this demon.
My name is Hank Saunders.
My name is Wendy the Way.
Her name, Alec, is Emily.
Does it have a name?
He clearly heard his name.
That was his name: Black.
She had a name: Antiphone.
My name is Torbin Lyndau.
His real name is Shannon.
For he serves in his name.
His name is Edward Aston.
He hated saying his name.
I turned to the last name.
My name is Simon Warner.
Victor - that was his name.
That is my name, boy.
Naming it the good life, i.
Does naming a proxy mean the.
I received these on my naming day.
The naming struck him as odd; no doubt.
Figure 14 - Naming a section's variation.
But the woman, naming medicines, glided on.
Gendry died without naming his successor.
Henry lying there, swearing, naming names.
The gift of their people, the gift of naming.
You'll need to know the rules for naming them.
In reality, naming animals has proven to be a.
Part of that ceremony would be the naming of the.
We are still left with one more naming ceremony.
He had no trouble at al in naming problem number 1.
The next pair reverts back to more colorful naming.
I thanked her for naming the child after Carlotta.
The naming of your business is more important than.
Matthew gives a much clearer account of this naming.
But I could see naming her after my sister Mathilde.
Can you imagine the thinking that went into naming.
Here are some companies that provide naming services:.
Without naming names who has been the most difficult.
Big Fish sculpture commemorates the naming of the City.
One task of comedy is to expose lies without naming names.
In the words of Goswami Tulsidas, the mere naming of God.
This penitential mood kept her from naming the wedding-day.
Peik – it was only a matter of naming the hardship, and.
Q: But is there such a thing as perceiving without naming?
Naming an evil is all that is required to rend it powerless.
After my creative fling with Eli, I left the naming to others.
We have naming rights but not owner­ship over our inventions.
In keeping with the theme of naming versions of Windows after.
Naming Dorian, the factions of the magician changed completely.
I will take care of them, and I’m naming my son after you.
She was even thinking of naming her horse, since it looked as.
There are some rules you have to follow for naming identifiers:.
The sun has yet to set my friends, come with me for the naming.
Bush’s naming of North Korea, Iraq and Iran as an axis of evil.
Then he pinned all the blame on Kepler by naming this corrupt lot.
I know a cat named.
It was named after the.
He was named James III.
The other was named Bo.
But He also named 328.
Yes, a man named Scott.
I have been named Silver.
We had a cat named Mr.
The man named John Smith.
He had named his kitten.
He named it the Cape of.
We had a horse named Bella.
Root named Friday, and Mr.
It is already named when.
Of a movie named the life!.
The Club was named Fantasy.
This silmet is named Ketra.
The driver, who was named.
The boy named Donald agreed.
He named his brother first.
The canal was named for Mr.
The name that can be named.
He’d named his ship Polly.
It is named Site navigation.
He had named the chickens?
This time, I named him Deng.
They have named the closest.
Wonder why they named it that.
The town was named Greentown.
She has a friend named Louise.
A named tuple can be used [j.
The camera was named for her.
He named one of his Ashrams.
It was named something that.
There was a man named Bernard.
Park Hall, were named for him.
They sent a man named Hackett.
It was a guy named Bassam Imam.
He named 50 of them correctly.
I have an older sister named.
They had no last names.
The names of most key.
The names of the city.
Many of the names and.
It was a list of names.
The names that are not.
In names of the cities K.
The name above all names.
You have your names now.
I know the names are.
God answers to all names.
Our names start with a T.
Names of only 20% of the.
Some had called her names.
Hearing the names of the.
All others had Greek names.
She has many names also.
The man gave names to all.
Now men cursed their names.
Their names are in Italics.
Common names you may have.
No names appeared, in fact.
They bear only first names.
The names differ, but not.
Can I have the names?
Your names are on the doors.
What nice names you have.
John, covered with names of.
I said the names from memory.
The names of those men also.
I learned their names later.
Namibia has had many names.
No names had been mentioned.
Katie choked out their names.
Terrill,' she read the names.
For all names and all forms.
Well, I have lots of names.
As they drew names out of a.
Stone "Names of God" Page 20.
One by one names were called.

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