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Nauseous numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I feel a bit nauseous.
  2. It was a nauseous process.
  3. I felt nauseous as I stood.
  4. She was nauseous, she said.
  5. I felt nauseous with jealousy.

  6. It made me so nauseous I could.
  7. My knees shook and I was nauseous.
  8. He could not help feeling nauseous.
  9. He felt nauseous and his head hurt him.
  10. Then she suddenly felt nauseous as well.
  11. She’d looked appalled, almost nauseous.
  12. She felt nauseous every time she saw him.
  13. I still feel nauseous after all that wine.
  14. His stomach felt empty but he felt nauseous.
  15. The illusion made him feel slightly nauseous.

  16. Corey was still a bit nauseous therefore, a.
  17. It is not nauseous, but agreeable to the taste.
  18. He felt nauseous and started to sweat profusely.
  19. Nancy’s body suddenly felt faint and nauseous.
  20. Looking at the grisly images made Danny nauseous.
  21. There was a queasy, nauseous feeling in the guts.
  22. Having her arm round him made him feel nauseous.
  23. Nic told you I was nauseous during the trip?
  24. The alcohol smell on his breath made me nauseous.
  25. My head ached badly and I felt dizzy and nauseous.

  26. She was easily tired and, at times, nauseous and.
  27. What is that smell? John said feeling nauseous.
  28. It went straight to his stomach and he felt nauseous.
  29. Instantly feeling nauseous, he was rolled to his side.
  30. He was beginning to get a headache and feel nauseous.
  31. A swig of warm orange juice made him even more nauseous.
  32. The more she thought about it, the more she felt nauseous.
  33. Her stomach growled, but she felt nauseous and very tired.
  34. I had to look down because his gaze was making me nauseous.
  35. If she got a single full breath, it would make her nauseous.
  36. It was awful, and I felt nauseous as a result of my erratic.
  37. I was as nauseous as it was for the first time, just me and him.
  38. She looks nauseous as she says it, and that’s how I feel now too.
  39. When I stood up, I felt nauseous and the room swirled around again.
  40. Feeling faint and nauseous, Kathy glanced over at Maggie in concern.
  41. Ted noticed it was an autopsy table and began to feel a bit nauseous.
  42. He became nauseous as he felt the warm blood trickling down his face.
  43. I felt nauseous thinking of Dave discovering the body in the family car.
  44. I felt nauseous and I rushed home, fearful that I was about to be sick.
  45. It’s normal to be tired and nauseous in the final weeks of pregnancy.
  46. He vomited, and a sparse, nauseous liquid foamed at the edges of his mouth.
  47. The room smells so strongly of disinfectant I’m becoming nauseous of it.
  48. The thought of Rachel in the same house left her feeling a little nauseous.
  49. Another forty minutes later she was holed up in the bathroom, nauseous and.
  50. The prospect of cleaning up what they had left in the sheet made me nauseous.
  51. Credit wanted to thank him for his help, but he felt suddenly sick and nauseous.
  52. He felt nauseous in the extreme when he came to and switched on the bedside lamp.
  53. The rooms were covered in floral patterned wallpaper that made Ruth feel nauseous.
  54. There it was, the same melting of sense, same nauseous feeling creeping along bones.
  55. Having left the flat that morning feeling nauseous, I returned to it with a headache.
  56. She was nauseous because of the headache, so she immediately laid down on the floor.
  57. To tell you the truth as soon as I entered Gilman Street I became extremely nauseous.
  58. Together they bespoke the nightmarish, nauseous hours he had spent on the hard ground.
  59. He felt himself nauseous at the sound of his raspy tone and smell of his rancid breath.
  60. There was little ventilation and a few of the pilgrims were getting somewhat nauseous.
  61. Nauseous from the shock of being shot, Reynolds struggled to her feet, holding her useless arm.
  62. After Dana finished her food, she said she was feeling nauseous and decided to call it a night.
  63. He’s all yours, Therese said, though, as soon as the words came out, she felt nauseous.
  64. Steaming liquid quickly evaporated with a nauseous, oily, bitter smell that made Joey step away.
  65. The smell of his breath was making her nauseous; it had a sickening scent she couldn’t recognise.
  66. The pain was isolated to the left side of his head near his earlobe, a pulsating and nauseous feeling.
  67. The breath from its nostrils singed his beard, until the smell of burning hair made him feel nauseous.
  68. His flat was freezing, but he had to keep the windows open as the smell was still making him nauseous.
  69. It is also possible that pregnant women will become nauseous when they are exposed to these chemicals.
  70. But this one felt different; the air was remarkably charged and I felt nauseous and somewhat breathless.
  71. I had a headache and was nauseous, I tried to stop so I could vomit but he pulled me along with a curse.
  72. As they came closer, he began to suffer a strange mixture of excitement and fear that made him feel nauseous.
  73. I started to get a bit nauseous, so I decided to stop watching the movement and concentrate on something else.
  74. He just kept on collecting paychecks, spending the money on cigars that made me nauseous, and on beer, of course.
  75. My stomach was rolling in nauseous waves, and I had to stop to collect myself for a moment before I soldiered on.
  76. The sight of the spinning worms made me nauseous and, steadying myself, I accidently crushed two or three of them.
  77. He tries not to look as terrified as he suddenly feels, but he's cold and clammy and a bit numb and a bit nauseous.
  78. The smell of the food mixed with the stench of her surroundings making her nauseous and causing her to vomit twice.
  79. Wait, slow down… babies? You mean two, and James is here? Katie felt nauseous again, after hearing that news.
  80. On top of the fact that I was extremely busy, I was constantly irritated and my head was either foggy or I was nauseous.
  81. It struck the ground and then slowly rose again, burdened with dampness and the nauseous odor of rotting leaves and roots.
  82. Peter was glad to be outside once more; for the last several hours he had become more nauseous and suffered stomach cramps.
  83. She opened her eyes and found herself standing in his wagon, feeling somewhat nauseous again and more than a little confused.
  84. They locked eyes, and the shape of the goblin's ugly grimace mirrored into Eric's stomach; constricting it and making it nauseous.
  85. Shock overwhelmed in nauseous waves, and then the inevitable hit of realisation that he was meant to be there – meant to be dead.
  86. She felt as full and satisfied and slightly nauseous as she usually did after a Thanksgiving dinner and had the same urge for a nap.
  87. I feel completely wrung out physically and emotionally … and slightly nauseous … the usual aftermath of one of these wretched attacks.
  88. That a nauseous moron like Lance should live while a harmless kid like Murray died, was the most monstrous injustice he had yet encountered.
  89. Neither is the welter of Marconi lies which has not been sent vibrating without some reason, for which it would be nauseous to inquire too closely.
  90. I felt momentarily nauseous, but only because my eyes and my body were sending my brain conflicting information about whether or not I was in motion.
  91. When I think about Lucas I feel nauseous because I still miss him so badly and because I’m convinced he could have taken a special place in my life.
  92. The nicotine rush faded almost as quickly as it had hit me, leaving me feeling slightly nauseous but suddenly very aware of something new and wonderful.
  93. Both of these space trips made her feel nauseous, only now did the B'tari-provided craft have AG so she could walk about as if on a commercial air flight.
  94. Ceder leaned over the hole and peered down; weak-kneed and nauseous, she threw a hand to her forehead and Jai had to pull her back before she fell over, too.
  95. After the involuntary shrinking consequent on the first nauseous whiff, we one and all set about our work as though that loathsome place were a garden of roses.
  96. About this place, with its tattered population, its dirty and nauseous courtyards and numerous alleys, Raskolnikoff dearly loved to roam in his aimless wanderings.
  97. Blearily, I opened my eyes and tried to groan but besides the tremendous ache in my jaw and the throbbing headache that made me nauseous, I couldn’t open my mouth.
  98. Passing through the solid, seamless wall made the children instantly nauseous; the colors warped, waned, and distended even as the coral itself seemed to stand still.
  99. He felt the memory of being nauseous just as potent as the actual feeling and resisted the urge to be sick by trying to escape the memory he had just elicited from his mind.
  100. And he heard the deafening sounds of her lips on the Jackal’s chest, he heard the nauseous sounds of the dead god’s mouth on her body, and he felt blood drip from his eardrums.

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