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1. Theobald was sitting in a nightclub.
2. Is there a nightclub here on the base.
3. His dad runs this nightclub in Exeter.
4. All added to the reputation of the nightclub.
5. Half an hour later found them both in a nightclub.
6. He does one nightclub a week, then hospital rehabs.
7. He stepped back as I moved past him into the nightclub.
8. They followed into the empty parking lot of a nightclub.
9. And she said I’d given her a lift home from a nightclub.
10. He played at a Kansas City nightclub at the age of sixteen.
11. Nightclub security officer: generally known as bouncer.
12. Seems two wee lassies got their brains fried at a nightclub.
13. Later that night in the Orgasmatron Nightclub, where the boys.
14. The nightclub, with its slick hardwood floors, was bright, with.
15. I could hear the whine of the nightclub bands on the Rue Bourbon.
16. As we entered the main nightclub Philip turned to Charles and said.
17. From rumor and innuendo I am led to believe that it is a nightclub.
18. He had hijacked all the security camera feeds from the rave nightclub.
19. I did this for one of my clients (Chi at the Lodge) nightclub that I was.
20. As we entered the nightclub Tom firmly shook my hand and respectfully said.
21. The most worrying situation he’d ever been in was outside a nightclub in.
22. He started a security company that took over all the nightclub security work.
23. She asked me if I would like to go with her to the Hilton nightclub the next day.
24. Following her to the restaurant and the nightclub would have been a piece of cake.
25. He’s got a nightclub called XS (what else?) that is the hottest spot in Las Vegas.
26. Going out in style no longer referred to nightclub hopping in the latest designer rags.
27. He spent most Friday and Saturday nights in the pub and then went to his local nightclub.
28. It was early for a nightclub, and there were maybe twenty people there, including the help.
29. I used to sing before all of this, a cappella, jazz, I did the nightclub thing for a year.
30. Which he did, consistently trading out every so often with other gamblers in the nightclub.
31. The shadow came to the door, and it was the Greaseball from the nightclub, gun still in hand.
32. The story was that he was a bouncer and nightclub owner, but who's to say that was even true.
33. Two kids wired up after a nightclub overdose is worth the shoe leather and the petrol receipts.
34. As casually as possible he asked Steve if he had ever heard of a nightclub called ‘Satan’s’.
35. You weren’t thinking about me while you were being serviced at the nightclub, she snarled.
36. Barr had most recently been a comedy nightclub bouncer for over four years on Sunset Boulevard in L.
37. ABBA Ghraib – Swedish nightclub where the patrons complain that listening to the music is torture.
38. After the third week of attending open mike night at a hometown nightclub, I had developed quite a following.
39. Yes Dandy, Krazy’s nightclub is a club of souls, a perfect melody that searches the night for those in need.
40. The manager of the Jolly Roger Nightclub showed up this morning and found the body of a young woman in the club.
41. So I went to meet him a couple nights later, at a nightclub that was unlikely to change his opinion of the West Coast.
42. I have held top nightclub and teen club residencies and have DJ-ed nationwide but now I’ll give it to you straight.
43. At the nightclub we were received with welcoming bows and servility as Spiro was a regular and threw his money around.
44. Chester’s nightclub is the pulsing heartbeat of Dublin, and if there are new sidhe-seers in town, he knows about it.
45. As we came out of the cinema, I asked her if she would like us to go to a nightclub to have a drink and dance a little.
46. They followed them to a nightclub in SoHo with valets parking the car and a sign posted stating that it was a private party.
47. In the five days since Ryodan interred me beneath his nightclub, I have neither heard voice nor experienced another’s emotion.
48. She left the nightclub at a relaxed pace and started to look for a taxi or a cyclo while still enjoying the nightlife around her.
49. After a near riot the brigadier declared the venue out of bounds to the troops and the nightclub went bust for lack of patronage.
50. By nine-thirty they had fronted up to the nightclub, forked out for membership and entrance, and ascended the two flights of stairs.
51. He told me about his parents: his father a retired fireman, his mother a nightclub singer, who had given up her career for her children.
52. Yugoslav’s doctor partner had solved that for him when he was performing at the nightclub, with an injection of poppy extract before he went on.
53. Another time I hooked up with this chick and her ex and mates were trying to get at me in a nightclub when Tony and another mate of ours rocked up.
54. Buey Dan leaned back to look up at her and said, Little sister, we will not send you to the Tu Do Street bars or even the International nightclub.
55. Rocco watched her carefully, realizing that this woman was not a member of the idly rich scene that normally would hang out in a nightclub like this.
56. He had once been manager of a highly successful nightclub in Vancouver, British Columbia, that featured rock bands and had dance floors on three levels.
57. Philip the nightclub manager came to greet us in the foyer and he escorted us into the club and as we left the foyer, Tom turned to his doorman and said.
58. The news reader cuts from the lead report on Exeter City's vital game chasing promotion from the Conference to the story about the girls in the nightclub.
59. I leave out any mention of dreams or nightmares at all; I tell her we met at the nightclub, something about him caught my eye, and we hit it off immediately.
60. Im one of the most relaxed cats you will ever meet but this dirty perve had my girl bailed up in the toilet of a nightclub one time and I couldnt help myself.
61. Never again would she see the inside of a five-star restaurant or dance the night away to the latest drum n’ bass beats in the Department of Tunes nightclub.
62. That night I showered and shaved – enjoying the feel of fresh air on my jaw, then danced till I dropped in the basement nightclub of the Overseas Visitors’ Club.
63. I was mysteriously calm during the flight north and then suddenly more than ready for the welcoming gates of the city of Edinburgh and a nightclub called Tiffany’s.
64. The men in this nightclub might be attracted to her because of her beauty, but they would eat her up because of that almost glowing aura of innocence surrounding her.
65. I WAS STILL at the nightclub murder scene around two in the morning, conducting interviews that had begun to blend one into another, when the cell in my trousers pocket rang.
66. Given that he went on to found Factory Records and fund the Hacienda nightclub in Manchester, it was hardly a surprise that Wilson was curious about the new music of 1977.
67. I know that he is Felicia’s son, that he has a long gone sister, that he is missing, and that he has some sort of association with a new nightclub, ‘The Green Frog’.
68. Is the nightclub his distillery where he sorts the vintages and tucks into his personal cellar the most complex, interesting wines, the most potent and impressive whiskeys?
69. To celebrate, Tony and the other relieved students went to a nightclub in Montmartre, got drunk and spent the night with some young English women who were on a tour of France.
70. Just selling the stuff under the counter was a bit boring: Much better to set up a secret nightclub, called a ‘speakeasy’, where people could drink and have a good time too.
71. Stiletto heels that gleam silver kick gusts of fog into lacy, sharp-edged patterns as she strides through Temple Bar toward Chester’s nightclub, where she will select her bait.
72. One of a group of immortals who reside in Dublin, many of them at Chester’s nightclub, and is their recognized leader, although Ryodan issues and enforces most of Barrons’s orders.
73. In a hazy electric nightclub she had observed a tall slender woman across the room that was obviously the object of much attention from the men who sought to connect with those in power.
74. He had been in the nightclub business for a long time, as there were earlier pictures of him that showed him as a thinner, but still muscular man, with more hair and a definite attitude.
75. Oddly enough, the one clip that remains buried in a vault is an alternate version of the advert in which the Secret Lemonade Drinker lives out his fantasy by performing onstage in a nightclub.
76. The days were full of clean, crisp, sun-filled air on the slopes, the nights dancing in the nightclub with Maureen, a fun lesbian Australian who, a few months later, wisely refused my offer of marriage.
77. Maybe if these parents didn’t spend their money on gold teeth, pierced noses, and nightclub boogie dances, they wouldn’t need the Marines (or at least the Reservists) to charge in to save Christmas.
78. The next night, we closed our second North American run at the El Mocambo nightclub in Toronto, an address that had briefly become notorious after The Rolling Stones had played there the previous year.
79. Anne Bancroft, after a busy year acting in a series of TV programs, would make her feature film debut in this movie as Lyn Leslie, a cabaret singer in the hotel’s nightclub and the ex-girlfriend of Jed.
80. Among other things, it involved many bottles of champagne, a visit to Berlin’s notorious Femina nightclub, and winding up on the wrong train and arriving far out in Potsdam as the sun rose the next morning.
81. Justine and I arrived just after one in the morning and went straight to the ICU, where a dozen hysterical parents were waiting for news of their kids, casualties of a bus plowing through the doors of a nightclub.
82. They brought a table into the packed club—Sinatra was already onstage, not opening act Bishop—as the Copa staff put white linens on the table and moved it right to the front of the nightclub in an empty corner.
83. Now I was in an Airstream trailer in the parking lot of a nightclub in Los Angeles telling George Jones the names of all the songs he had made famous and that I was planning to cut with Billy Sherrill in Nashville.
84. I put on a humorous skit at the nightclub with a handsome New Zealand ski instructor, who had led me higher up the mountain than I'd have dared on my own, then let me feel his taut bronzed abs before the precipitous descent.
85. I entered numerous DJ battles throughout the years: DMC DJ battles, A Chicago radio-station mixer search, Nightclub DJ competitions, and One-off dance parties were among the places that I had entered and won many DJ battles.
86. Once she had finished her tea, she went on a slow stroll around the market area, exploring various shops and even going inside a nightclub to watch and listen for a while a group of young women performing traditional dances and songs.
87. I turned the corner of the hall where the staircase to the main entrance is when Connor and Jake stood in my way, with their arms crossed, who did they think they were two nightclub bouncers? They both glared at me and blocked my path.
88. And so could he be blamed for having forgotten that his return ticket was back in the pocket of his jeans, in a bush in Central Park, and that he’d given his only money to a chick at a nightclub he shouldn’t have been in in the first place?
89. Later that night in the Orgasmatron Nightclub, where the boys had gone for some shampoo and some dancing after another hard week at the tactical grindstone, Terry told his best friend, left-back and room-mate, 'Boozo' Van Honk, that he was going to marry Bling.
90. Newspapers rant and rave when one teenager dies of an overdose of Ecstasy at a nightclub on the Gold Coast, but during schoolies week it’s considered normal for thousands of teenagers to become vomiting paralytics because of a dangerously high intake of alcohol.
91. It will NOT stop the next Olympic Park, gay nightclub or abortion clinic bomb, the next Waco or Oklahoma City carnage, another schoolkids’ massacre or child-beauty queen’s rape and killing, Japanese Saran gassing, Israeli suicide blast or hi-jacked plane crash.
92. To that end, she found herself here, in this crazy nightclub where the women were showing more skin than they were covering, men and women were writhing to the obnoxious music and drinking alcohol at a rate that would put her in the hospital if she were ever to try it.
93. Occasionally a car of revelers departing from the Sahara City nightclub passed by on the road a little way off lighting up Lizzie's outline, illuminating a barely discernible smile with a momentary flash, then the withdrawing quantum of light leaving us again minus one sense, heightening the rest.
94. Agami which was practically a desert with just a few villas, a few cabins, one single hotel cum nightclub which collected the well-to-do youth of the day, during the summer nights and whose crowning glory was the beach and the sea, has now become a city of apartment blocks and hotels and traffic jams.
95. When Kat clandestinely dispatches her to get a job at Chester’s so they can spy on the Nine, Jo allows herself to be coerced into taking a waitressing job at the nightclub by the immortal owner, Ryodan, and when he gives her his famous nod, inviting her to his bed, she’s unable to resist even though she knows it’s destined for an epic fail.
96. And then there’s that nightclub or party or disco, who can tell the way Weber makes movies, and everybody’s yakking away at each other like the music’s for getting laid and Baker’s looking out at them from the bandstand with that cool look of his but there’s something in his eyes, some mixture of innocent disbelief and contempt so honest you never ever want to talk again when someone even half as good is singing, and listen, maybe the man got wasted every chance a needle came around, but he had his priorities.
1. Jackie’s Italian vacation and of her nightclubbing activities: Doesn’t she have.
2. There was hardly enough for the women he courted, for his gambling debts and his daily drinking bouts at the stylish bars in town and his equally frequent nightclubbing.

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1. The best nightclubs in the world 72.
2. That weekend, one of his nightclubs.
3. Cars, houses, packed nightclubs even on weekdays.
4. There were bars, and nightclubs in Tripoli – the crazy.
5. In two minutes flat, our nightclubs shut down as if there was a police raid.
6. Jock is setting something up this weekend, something to do with nightclubs.
7. It was during her time in Harlem that Holiday started singing in nightclubs.
8. Nightclubs throughout the city had begun stocking up on a wide range of books.
9. The road was empty and some movement was noticeable only outside the nightclubs.
10. The town consisted of one main street lined with nothing but hotels and nightclubs.
11. There is nothing wrong with flirting at bars and nightclubs, provided some safety measures are.
12. I did not have to spend much because we did not go out to fancy hotel restaurants or nightclubs.
13. Of course, they were out extorting money from nightclubs and selling drugs to eager teenagers now.
14. I could not share the outings at the nightclubs, the girls they courted, their excursions and escapades.
15. Like at most nightclubs, men clearly outnumbered women, and most appeared to be in their twenties or thirties.
16. Me and a couple of friends also popped one and within twenty minutes we were dispersed through the nightclubs of Civic.
17. Some of the places that you can apply your flirting skills in would be in nightclubs, parties, and in informal events.
18. It was his opinion that as a result the ring flourished and even expanded its markets into the nightclubs of San José.
19. We put our heads around the doors of nightclubs, asking if anyone had seen the girl in the photographs on my mobile phone.
20. The music scene was vibrant; the pubs, and nightclubs were jammed packed with ‘Mods’, Lambrettas lined up outside raring to go.
21. A girl who was happy to roll around in the mud at Glastonbury while I flounced around on the dance floors of glamorous nightclubs in London.
22. I guess rumor had it that the rest of their crew was scoping out some other rinks and nightclubs that night, in hopes of drumming up a break battle.
23. They come to Egypt and Beirut for the nightclubs, women and mainly to consume alcohol, which their religion forbids and is unavailable in their country.
24. Why build plush cinemas and nightclubs when Broad St boasts ‘Ronnie Scotts and the ‘Millionaires Club’? The grand neighbour was gradually swallowing up Chesford.
25. DUH! And let’s not forget the one thing that carries over from one generation to another – our love of going to nightclubs and just hanging (nee daddy, ons hang net).
26. I was told that the father of this child is a school dropout and aspiring hardcore rapper who performs in nightclubs and other less-than-desirable venues where gang fights and shootings are commonplace.
27. Undeterred, however, the young man travelled the length and breadth of the country, escorting each and every one these beautiful and hopeful creatures to nightclubs, to restaurants and to his hotel bedrooms.
28. No, Toby had seduced the young wife of a senior French ' diplomat and had gaily and innocently paraded her at such blue-blooded society events as Royal Ascot, Henley Regatta and a number of distinguished West End nightclubs.
29. From the gossip columns there'd been veiled rumours of his associations with certain criminal elements, but then I'd imagine after-show parties and nightclubs must have been brimming with suspicious characters in those days.
30. It was a strange coincidence that my aunt Lily, Alex's mother, had a new man in her life during that period and the two couples very often went out together not only for meals and drinks but also to nightclubs and dancing stereos.
31. As I advance in years (I prefer that to ‘get older’) I enjoy more relaxed evenings to those of yesteryear when some of us were just a little crazy from time to time! Whether you like music, dancing, pubs, nightclubs, concerts, lounges, karaoke bars or just restaurants it’s all here in abundance.
32. A number of so-called single mothers I am aware of receiving public assistance as well as availing themselves of the bounty of annual school supply charitable drives instead squander the income freed by this misdirected philanthropy to purchase several hundred dollar handbags, go out partying at nightclubs (no doubt looking for the father of their next baby with no intentions of getting married), and on long, shellacked fingernails that would put a fighting cock to shame.

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