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  1. The nominal cost is affected.
  2. I’m as nominal as can be expected, Kila.
  3. Usually, there is a nominal annual fee paid to.
  4. For nominal assets the losses were more permanent.
  5. Its nominal price was a good deal lower than at present.

  6. Moreover, real yields fell much less than nominal yields.
  7. Returns the effective annual interest rate, given the nominal.
  8. Returns the nominal annual interest rate, given the effective.
  9. If buying at daily midpoints, just use nominal value for entry.
  10. Face value :The nominal amount assigned to a security by the issuer.
  11. TPiE nominal y appoints the members of the Cabinet (‘Kashag’ in.
  12. Nominal government bonds have a consistently negative inflation beta.
  13. So a zero real return might be a 3% nominal return with 3% inflation.
  14. All systems checked nominal, the computer replied in its HAL voice.
  15. When untaught individuals became nominal Christians, changes were made.

  16. In fact the status of the ruler in these countries was of nominal char-.
  17. The answer is less mechanical for expected real returns of nominal bonds.
  18. It was no nominal meal that we were going to make, but a vigorous reality.
  19. Next, they offer accounts that have nominal monthly fees—around $3 to $5.
  20. I could have bought it from you and let you use it for a nominal rental fee.
  21. Total nominal returns also ignore the detrimental impact of taxes and inflation.
  22. Yield spread between nominal and real yields is called break-even inflation (BEI).
  23. The Ghandharvas among their ranks had dispersed, providing only nominal resistance.
  24. If measured on nominal GDP, China comes in third behind the United States and Japan.
  25. Gold rose in its nominal value, or in the quantity of silver which was given for it.

  26. It was bad enough that Joseph copied the French; at least they were nominal Catholics.
  27. The inflation risk premium (IRP) is the key driver of nominal bond risk premium (BRP).
  28. As the Tsar abdicated a Provisional Government assumed nominal control of the country.
  29. Religion has become more and more a nominal influence, largely a ritualistic exercise.
  30. Oh, that's only nominal! The whale himself has never figured in any grand imposing way.
  31. The present peace is only nominal, for by it we have become emasculated and cowardly.
  32. Remember, these are nominal returns that do not take the effects of inflation into account.
  33. Here are a few examples:• If you see higher short-term nominal interest rates, say, in the U.
  34. In theory, rental yield is a real measure and should vary with real rather than nominal yields.
  35. Still thinking of spike-harpon, the second hi-man team member looked over at her nominal leader.
  36. What is called bank money, is always of more value than the same nominal sum of common currency.
  37. The third bar suggests, then, that investors required an ex ante nominal equity market return of 9.
  38. Returns the effective annual interest rate of a given nominal rate with its compounding frequency.
  39. And then, I hope, it will be even easier for you to understand all this nominal structure of terms.
  40. In my suit jacket’s pocket were the two receipts, nominal amount, say 50 cents, for each incline.
  41. Spread trades between real and nominal bonds are even more direct bets on changes in inflation rate.
  42. It is not their nominal price only, but their real price, which rises in the progress of improvement.
  43. In most cases, you have the right to switch to any other fund in the family at a nominal transfer fee.
  44. So the Chinese learned to keep their faces down and bow to anyone on horseback as their nominal rulers.
  45. Ben would be easily satisfied with a nominal payment to compensate the surrender of his waterfront dream.
  46. Not only was she the nominal head of her clan, her powers as a witch woman was both well known and feared.
  47. Exiting the position with little time left on the options may only result in nominal losses or none at all.
  48. If he had not become the nominal leader of his own small group, then there would have been no Christianity.
  49. As bridegroom and nominal head of the house in his father's absence, he had pride of place at the high table.
  50. Nominal: Categorical data where the order of the categories are arbitrary ex: development type, defect type.
  51. Combined with an average rental yield of over 5%, estimated total nominal (real) return for 1960–2008 is 11.
  52. But in 1562, the year at which he ends with it, it contained no more than the same nominal sum does at present.
  53. For the 1960–2008 period for which DLM rental yields are available, Davis–Heathcote nominal (real) HPA is 5.
  54. It is not the real, but the nominal price of corn, which can in any considerable degree be affected by the bounty.
  55. I will discuss both measures, ERPC and ERPB, in the context of both nominal and real (inflation-adjusted) returns.
  56. Boyce senior owns a nominal three percent of the shares, and does not have a seat on the board, admitted Clive.
  57. Everything really exists only for one nominal Moment and subjectively ALWAYS IS — SIMULTANEOUSLY AND EVERYWHERE!.
  58. Even if the nominal value of the commission is the same, the cost as a percentage of the capital used is much larger.
  59. The nominal value of all sorts of goods would be greater, but their real value would be precisely the same as before.
  60. It depends on the likely scale of your operations, but a nominal minimum, say a thousand dollars, might be realistic.
  61. Their power was nominal but they had at least been able to keep the state government in the hands of native Georgians.
  62. The nominal price that the sellers were asking-calculated on the 100% ownership we ultimately attained-was $40 million.
  63. The early months of Dawson City were the only time when the worth of dollar bills actually exceeded their nominal value.
  64. Returns the nominal rate equivalent to a given annual effective with a given compounding frequency for the nominal rate.
  65. This currency risk can be eliminated (hedged) by selling forward a pound contract in the futures market at nominal cost.
  66. Each vehicle had a battery pack consisting of eighteen cells, each of which had a nominal capacity of two-point-one volts.
  67. We can further slice nominal rate expectations into inflation and real rate expectations, averaged over the next decade:(9.
  68. The best-performing strategies continue to do well, but note that real returns are considerably lower than nominal returns.
  69. This convention can be misleading if inflation rates and nominal money market rates systematically differ across countries.
  70. Thus, the objective dynamic Process under the nominal name Existence of Everything in Time starts its implementation.
  71. In any case, the problems caused by missed real return targets are trivial compared with those caused by nominal guarantees.
  72. For example, equity markets tend to have predictably higher returns after recessions, and nominal bonds after high inflations.
  73. For example, when reviewing nominal returns, you might look at a portfolio that doubled from $10,000 to $20,000 over 10 years.
  74. As the exclusion would be perfectly nominal, I would not adopt any thing to prevent a settlement of our differences with France.
  75. Asset prices reflect expected nominal cash flows discounted at nominal rates or expected real cash flows discounted at real rates.
  76. If the shares stand at 120p (irrespective of what the nominal price might be) a dividend of 12p represents a yield of 10 per cent.
  77. The rise of their nominal price is the effect, not of any degradation of the value of silver, but of the rise in their real price.
  78. Almost no one thought these securities were worth their nominal value, but selling shareholders generally approved the transactions.
  79. That means the real increase in your portfolio’s value over the 10 years was zero, even though your nominal return was 100 percent.
  80. Part of the remainder she was obliged to expend in winter clothing, leaving only a nominal sum for the whole inclement season at hand.
  81. This degradation, both in the real and nominal value of wool, could never have happened in consequence of the natural course of things.
  82. TIPS were introduced in 1997, it was commonly thought that the Treasury would save money by not having to pay the IRP in nominal bonds.
  83. Even though his father is estimated to sit on a fortune worth some $515 million, Park says he received only a nominal gift from his dad.
  84. Yet again, as with the nominal returns, we see that the types of stocks you buy are vitally important to how you do over the long term.
  85. The loss which Spain and Portugal could sustain by this exportation of their gold and silver, would be altogether nominal and imaginary.
  86. There are many ideas about how to adjust reported earnings to capture the trend component or to remove nominal bias in current earnings.
  87. Expected long-term growth estimates may be based on economists’ real GDP forecasts or analysts’ (nominal) earnings growth forecasts.
  88. Foreign coins not minted by the United States were never put back into circulation but were sold by the jewelery stores, for a nominal.
  89. The put delta will now be smaller in absolute terms (for example (-)5%) although strictly speaking the delta is large (in nominal terms).
  90. If this list is too long, the group can pare it down with a tool such as multi-voting or prioritize it with a tool such as nominal group.
  91. Spread trades between real (inflation-linked) and nominal bonds are the most reliable bets on higher inflation, but oil futures come close.
  92. The Economist frequently warned about the folly of aggressive mortgage borrowing inspired by exceptionally low inflation and nominal yields.
  93. Treasury’s hopes of cost savings—avoiding the inflation risk premium by issuing real rather than nominal bonds—were soon quashed.
  94. Through the greater part of Europe, too, the expense of land-carriage increases very much both the real and nominal price of most manufactures.
  95. This nominal sum, therefore, is necessarily higher when the coin is much debased by clipping and wearing, than when near to its standard value.
  96. Raw nominal returns may be deflated to real returns, and this is typically done using the realized headline consumer price inflation rate.
  97. When you consider all the up gaps lumped together, you find that 1-, 3-, 5-, and 10-day nominal returns and market-adjusted returns were negative.
  98. That is, the Treasury issued TIPS at such high yields (low prices) that it would have saved costs had it stuck with only issuing nominal Treasuries.
  99. The convicts were divided into sections of ten, and corporals chosen among them; the power of these over the others was, as may be supposed, nominal.
  100. In time, many things were declared as doctrine by papal decree alone, according to those who occupied this office, the nominal head of all Christendom.

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