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Nonsense numa frase em (in ingles)

  2. But all this is nonsense.
  3. Now this is just nonsense.
  4. I think it's all nonsense.
  5. It was nonsense of course.

  6. To Ashi, this was nonsense.
  7. It is only Vovo's nonsense.
  8. Nonsense, that's of no use.
  9. There's no nonsense about it.
  10. But the nonsense didn’t help.
  11. Of course it was all nonsense.
  12. They had a no nonsense look.
  13. Nonsense maybe, and maybe not.
  14. Fanny Price! Nonsense! No, no.
  15. It is nonsense and greediness.

  16. Now shut up with this nonsense.
  17. No, no, nonsense! It's nothing.
  18. It's nice to talk nonsense too.
  19. Give it up! It is all nonsense.
  20. Just the usual pissed nonsense.
  21. He was tiring of this nonsense.
  22. Hopefully this nonsense is over.
  23. All this was nonsense, of course.
  24. In it you will hear no nonsense.
  25. What utter nonsense this one is.

  26. Nonsense outa the same old hat!.
  27. Your love each other is nonsense.
  28. It had to be nonsense, he assured.
  29. There is only nonsense in them!.
  30. Is that why she cried? Nonsense.
  31. Can you believe that nonsense?
  32. Most of it’s nonsense but in a.
  33. I'm past all that sort of nonsense.
  34. Princess Mary talked some nonsense.
  35. How dare you make up such nonsense.
  36. This kid was just talking nonsense.
  37. You think that you can't! Nonsense.
  38. This is absolute nonsense! And it.
  39. Stuff and nonsense Eve, stuff and.
  40. That was nonsense, nothing more.
  41. What? What nonsense is this?
  42. Its all a lot of nonsense really.
  43. Nonsense; I don't want to touch you.
  44. I thought that book was nonsense.
  45. It is no nonsense; it is quite true.
  46. You know that stuff’s nonsense.
  47. All this nonsense about, Put him.
  48. That's nonsense! Widow! I forgive you.
  49. Prince, you must excuse this nonsense.
  50. Stop that nonsense, Garcia said.
  51. But kill his mother? That’s nonsense.
  52. Sit: This is nonsense, she is no threat.
  53. It was just the data that was nonsense.
  54. Barry gave a hearty laugh to my nonsense.
  55. But the vicar says that is all nonsense.
  56. It would have been nonsense for God to.
  57. This doctrine of theirs is all nonsense.
  58. Instead, he was being fed this nonsense.
  59. It's too late for that kind of nonsense.
  60. What nonsense to pretend there isn't!.
  61. To-morrow all this nonsense will be over.
  62. That is nonsense, he said, shortly.
  63. That piece of nonsense? Natty said.
  64. Oh! nonsense! cried Varia, angrily.
  65. He is much too young; it is all nonsense.
  66. The philosophers talk stuff and nonsense.
  67. Following several hours of nonsense, the.
  68. This theology makes nonsense of the Bible.
  69. Spouting your nonsense at every festival.
  70. What nonsense have you told them?
  71. That's foolishness; that's great nonsense.
  72. Nonsense! Education is a lifelong process.
  73. A decent religion would ban such nonsense.
  74. I don't have time for that nonsense, Brad.
  75. Indiscriminate love is a nonsense concept.
  76. Nonsense! Anything, anything I can do.
  77. The same nonsense is on every channel!.
  78. Well this is nonsense - it's just nonsense.
  79. Of course you never said any such nonsense.
  80. This is all nonsense, she was saying.
  81. A sixth group was talking absolute nonsense.
  82. All because of nonsense - but such are the.
  83. Bob put an end to that nonsense right quick.
  84. Does this seem like nonsense to you?
  85. Now, one cannot read nonsense with impunity.
  86. That's all nonsense, and one of your fancies.
  87. Must I fear what others fear? What nonsense!.
  88. Why, who ever heard of such nonsense!.
  89. But that's all nonsense, as I see myself now.
  90. What nonsense is this? said Pougatcheff.
  91. What nonsense! said Aanya, Who told.
  92. Carter heard all of this nonsense before and.
  93. Nonsense! We found out, with the Clinton 129.
  94. He’d listened to Hamilton’s utter nonsense.
  95. Russian spies in Canada and all that nonsense.
  96. Seni, stop this nonsense, i told you i cant.
  97. Even after all this time, it reads as nonsense.
  98. By then, Nancy had had enough of this nonsense.
  99. Fir-trees? What nonsense! We are not in a wood.
  100. No confusion, no arguments, no wasted nonsense.

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