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1. Last notation was two hours ago.
2. Both carry the notation medical.
3. Reading the ISO 8601 Basic Notation.
4. The E notation indicates powers of 10.
5. Reading the ISO 8601 Extended Notation.
6. Notation: Gs (connected component of s).
7. Melissa made another notation on her list.

8. His first notation was the Widow Nazaret.
9. Following the preceding notation (equation 2.
10. It's an abuse of notation where you have to.
11. After the description is the notation Res.
12. He whipped out a little book and made a notation.
13. Reconstructed without notation in this chapter.
14. Schnee, the man mutters, and makes a notation.
15. Note that the basic date notation has no delimiters.
16. It was a single line notation covering Starman’s.
17. The computer terminal screen scrolled to a notation.
18. In EasyLanguage notation, the stop-loss rules are:.
19. LifeLock also requests that a notation is placed on.
20. The musical notation of an infirmity is repugnant to us.
21. Memory is regarded as the translation of notation into a.
22. Note that I use Moody’s and S&P’s ratings notation (e.
23. It reads datetimes in standard Java date and time notation.
24. Sigma (σ) The commonly used notation for standard deviation.
25. You don’t really need musical notation for rock and roll.
26. You can have awk print fields by using $FIELD_NUMBER notation.
27. What’s this? Rose pointed to a notation on the display.
28. We create the dictionary ab using the notation already discussed.
29. Make a notation, it’s so new I hadn’t yet memorized who’s who.
30. Nearing exhaustion, Saul noticed an unusual notation on his display.
31. Fields are also accessed by the dotted notation, for example, mylist.
32. A five-period binomial tree using this notation is shown in Figure 19-2.
33. The big-Oh notation gives an upper bound on the growth rate of a function.
34. To simplify our notation, we can replace S × (1 + r × t) – D with F.
35. The musician is able to reproduce a sound precisely based on its notation.
36. Musical notation represents the pitch and duration of a sound graphically.
37. Notice that we use the same dotted notation to access members of the module.
38. The notation here indicates that you failed to report the severity of Mr.
39. Now let's see what happens when we try to process the extended notation string.
40. Sung took out the documents and read the notation to himself then looked at Lui.
41. The format writes the UTC time in the ISO 8601 extended time notation hh:mm:ss.
42. We can use the big-Oh notation to rank functions according to their growth rate.
43. The father made a notation in his little book to record that boots would be worn.
44. The format writes the local time in the ISO 8601 extended time notation hh:mm:ss.
45. The argv variable in the sys module is referred to using the dotted notation - sys.
46. The same DN can also be expressed in LDAP notation, which would appear as follows:.
47. Further peculiarities are presented in the notation of the medial and final vowels.
48. The structure of the board is as follows, with algebraic notation for the squares:.
49. Del made another notation in his book before taking a final glance around the room.
50. Next, 9/11/2004 is American-style date notation, and whoever planned this attack in.
51. As he prepared to play, he called up the music notation for the band to follow along.
52. This is Tucker’s Notation, said Dawley, prodding Sakahaji gently with an elbow.
53. This helped him to quickly absorb the the principles of notation, and within weeks he.
54. Next to a triangular stamp labeled Venezuela was a penned notation, Estudiante Turista.
55. Apocalypse Reconstructed, without providing a reconstructed notation in this chapter.
56. If we change the notation a bit, letting j = (k-1) and m = (n-1), this can be expressed as.
57. The notation in this file by Laura states that Jonathan will protect his brother at any cost.
58. He reaches over and pushes the call button for the nurse, begins to make a notation on a file.
59. Instead of a tuple, when it makes sense to use the object notation to create more readable code.
60. This notation enables users to access Active Directory information using a standard web browser.
61. The last of the duration forms is PyyyyMMddThhmmssfff in basic notation, or Pyyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss.
62. In the material Phillips gave me, there was a notation - a very strong recommendation, by the.
63. There was but a single notation, written in longhand on a piece of parchment inside of the folder.
64. He walks over slowly and closes the window, comes over to John, takes his pulse, makes a notation.
65. Then the fax machine began chattering and spat out a handwritten score in tiny scratches of notation.
66. This talking protocol is formatted as JSON-RPC, or JavaScript Object Notation – Remote Procedure Call.
67. In a sense, musical notation is the language of music, and the musician is the interpreter of that language.
68. Again, since there are no delimiters in this form, the output using basic and extended notation is identical.
69. I can also put it down directly into musical notation, and I often write my stories and letters while sleeping.
70. The day the letter arrived, she was stunned to find more than a simple notation about how the land was secured.
71. The letters looked like clothes hung out to dry on a line and they looked more like musical notation than writing.
72. This informat can only have a length of 10, as that is the only length for a date in ISO 8601 extended date notation.
73. Because volatility is usually expressed as a standard deviation, the same notation is often used to denote volatility.
74. This notation reverses the order of the object names, starting with the RDN on the left and the domain name on the right.
75. The graphics consists of the same bar notation as in the upper chart indicates that the person is working on a task [20].
76. The format writes the adjusted local datetime in the ISO 8601 extended datetime and time zone notation yyyy-MM-ddThhmmss.
77. Months later, Fermina Daza was to read that notation, augmented by details of the diagnosis, treatment, and evolution of the disease.
78. It is compatible with a normal tuple but it can also be treated as an object (can be called by name, using the usual class notation).
79. My failure to master musical notation had always been two parts stubbornness and one part superstition, with a liberal dash of laziness.
80. Because the Greek letter sigma (σ) is the traditional notation for standard deviation, in this text we will use the same notation for volatility.
81. When you try to process a string in the ISO basic notation using the extended notation-specific informat, you will get the following note in your log.
82. Officer Vargas used a very clipped manner of notation, which makes interpretation difficult, probably because these notes were taken in a live interview.
83. In this type of math notation, the modulo operation is performed after the additions so first you calculate x2 + ax + b and then you perform mod p on the result.
84. According to the brief notation in the star catalogue, they had maintained an Imperial garrison of about eighty individuals until a hundred and fifty years ago.
85. The term short-stroke comes from the musical notation that indicates where the bow of a string instrument is to briefly touch the strings in a short stroke.
86. A one-bar difference creates the rate of change of the sine wave, so an amplitude-corrected cosine wave can be computed in code as (using EasyLanguage notation):.
87. Unlike the parallel basic date notation informat, SAS will not substitute a value of 1 for either missing month or day, and you will get a missing value for your SAS date.
88. And then my colleagues will make fun of me? A lot, probably, but perhaps, it is a wrongful notation, you have to be focused and care free about what other people say, lay focus on your ultimate aim, which is achieving your predetermined goal.
89. The whole council sat in astonishment; and Mr Keelevine prepared his pen, and took a sheet of paper to draw out a notation of the minute, when Mr Peevie rose, and after coughing three times, and looking first at me and syne at the two delinquents, said—.
90. It’s there! In the same way, every single notation was burned into my mind, and it’s still there! Even though I had this knowledge, God also let me know that he did not want me to reveal any of these things until such times as he would release me to share them… *3.
91. The format writes the UTC time in the ISO 8601 basic time notation hhmmssffffff+|-hhmm where hh represents zero-padded hours, mm represents zero-padded minutes, ss represents seconds, and ffffff represents decimal fraction of seconds, which is then followed by the time offset.
92. The format writes the adjusted local time in the ISO 8601 basic time notation hhmmssffffff+|–hhmm, where hh represents zero-padded hours, mm represents zero-padded minutes, ss represents seconds, and ffffff represents decimal fraction of seconds, which is then followed by the time offset.
93. The format writes the adjusted local time in the ISO 8601 basic datetime and time zone notation yyyyMMddThhmmssffffff+|–hhmm, where yyyy is the four-digit year, MM is the zero-padded month, dd is the zero-padded numerical day of the month, hh represents zero-padded hours, mm represents zero-padded minutes, ss represents seconds, and ffffff is decimal fractions of seconds, which is then followed by the time offset.
94. Of course this is a matter of notation,.
95. George was concentrating on the notation sheets he held on the portfolio in his lap,.
96. Pairs of keys and valus are specified in a dictionary by using the notation d = {key1 : value1,.

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