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Note numa frase em (in ingles)

Note that 64 = 26.
Write a note to God.
I hand her the note.
A note on traps and.
Note that I had no.
The note made me mad.
He could jot a note.

That hit a hard note.
I sent Michael a note.
He took note of the.
I never got that note.
Such a note will not.
I made a note that I.
Is also the note tone.
She passed him a note.
Out on a musical note.
He did note that the.
The note was from him.
Note the use of dot-.
My note said: Dear Mrs.
Note the link so that.
Hand me back that note.
What I wish you to note.
A Note From The Author.
Just a note of caution.
On a sad note the 1967.
A note from the author.
He read the note again.
I hand Cherrie the note.
Ezekiel too note of that.
A note from the author:.
He handed over the note.
She made a note of it:.
On the table was a note.
She made a note of this.
We must note that both.
He never changed a note.
On that note, there is.
A Note From The Author:.
There is noting I can do.
Now, that is worth noting.
My wife caught me noting the time.
Noting a lack of programs on ITS.
What is worth noting, however, is.
Noting will be swallowed up by life.
I’m just noting the inconsistency.
There were other things worth noting.
A word of caution is worth noting here.
Seeing the fertile soil and noting the.
Kareem noting how good his ‘Temple’.
It is worth noting that the Cain and Abel.
It is worth noting that the Hebrew for man.
He looked at his stash noting it had grown.
It is worth noting this key statement, that.
They put the mistake onto you for noting it.
The other has turned a little and, as noting.
She looked at Gabriel, noting his tense face.
She tasted his piece, noting that it was clean.
Noting the reverend’s shrewdness, Feltus nodded.
By drawing lines CA, CB and noting the distances.
As the two men shook hands, Thompson, noting the.
It is worth noting that the account just quoted is.
His owner, noting the dog had escaped, did nothing.
I swallowed noting the seriousness of his statement.
It is worth noting that the descriptions logged by E.
Noting the subtle differences in feel and texture of.
Noting the reaction with some surprise, Feltus nodded.
He looked up noting their were 4 campers and 2 tents.
One way you can judge is by noting their top positions.
Where is everyone? I asked noting the empty foyer.
Noting peculiar about his conclusion from such premises.
He looked at his watch, noting how much time we had left.
Amaranthe glanced at the sky, noting the lack of clouds.
What's the matter, Sweetpea? Mabel asked, noting a.
Noting through a haze of passion Sue’s wonderful face.
Where are you going? I asked noting to his appearance.
Taking out his phone, he photographed each page, noting a.
I looked around, mentally noting all the things that were.
There are several points worth noting about text message.
As noted in Section 4.
As I noted, we were.
As noted by Wu et al.
That it has been noted.
It is also noted that.
Mick noted with a smile.
Bulls noted the 12,000 U.
He noted a strange grin.
We've noted a series of.
Olsen noted Jordan, the S.
We also noted that high.
The web site noted that.
I noted the King’s mark.
There is much to be noted.
Like I said, it’s noted.
The Fixer quickly noted a.
A pretty head, Lloyd noted.
I have noted down the 4th:.
All of them are noted for.
This fact noted, we proceed.
He noted with interest the.
There is noted in the book:.
Teachers must have noted too.
In the other noted text (Phil.
She noted its familiar smell.
She noted with approval his.
I noted the time on my watch.
He is noted for the barbaric.
All soldiers, he noted grimly.
Scholars have noted that the.
I simply noted it at the time.
It should be noted that if a.
Were noted in a guide on the.
The same could be noted of St.
Unique content was also noted.
Tellow noted and didn’t ask.
So it seems, noted Andre.
I noted that all the offices.
It should also be noted that.
She noted the time on the video.
To soar on the notes.
As I did I took notes.
I still have my notes.
He stood, notes in hand.
See the notes float by.
I have made some notes.
Summary Notes (4 of 4).
Notes of a Madman, by L.
Jason took notes as Mrs.
He glanced at his notes.
Let me check my notes.
A Evetts, with notes by A.
Mother’s Notes, a, by L.
Little notes, I love you.
He threw some notes and.
Because you sent the notes.
Stuart looked at his notes.
Cecil glanced at his notes.
I flipped through my notes.
Annie glanced at her notes.
Be sure to keep notes in.
I begin to play the notes.
Rudd nodded and took notes.
Show me those notes again.
Notes of a Military Doctor.
NOTES HUNG all over the room.
Some notes about this diet:.
I made the following notes:.
He wrote notes as he thought.
Send love notes to your mate.
Now, he read from his notes.
Point to the notes and count.
These are some notes of my.
Yes I’ve read your notes.
Jo used to send notes to her.
Sometimes he even took notes.
Notes can be bought in the.
She flipped through her notes.
Notes of a Theological Student.
He’d leave notes on her car.

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