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Obscure numa frase em (in ingles)

is a bit obscure.
obscure what it meant.
Yet, for each obscure.
still obscure to himself.
began to obscure her feet.
obscure bar, or restaurant.

way still obscure before him.
That, also, is still obscure.
Hence these obscure destinies.
she was mysterious and obscure.
the other poor and quite obscure.
� Demands always obscure choice.
the truth and wisdom they obscure.
emerge and obscure and complicate.
They never obscure (cross over or.
It was an obscure night of early May.
that are just too obscure to reference.
It is obscure because it is underhand.
The other two were somewhat obscure,.
That affair had remained rather obscure.
The world seemed so obscure and distant.
which were protruding at obscure angles.
locate files hidden in obscure locations.
thing about this number is a bit obscure.
The lamb is slightly more obscure though.
An obscure street, peaceable inhabitants.
obscuring its view of it.
his hat obscuring his face.
the boat obscuring the view behind them.
on the water, obscuring the opposite shore.
It was also obscuring our view of the hill.
still air, obscuring my vision, temporarily.
obscuring the view of the Holy of Holies from anyone.
from the cavern ceiling temporarily obscuring my view.
surrounds the entire area around the tower, obscuring.
He stepped out, losing his foot to the obscuring grey.
shadows, cast by fluffy white clouds obscuring the sun,.
the container, which closed over, obscuring her from view.
She felt as though a misty veil was obscuring her vision.
and by nine a cloud of dust had been generated obscuring.
thick bushes surrounded us, completely obscuring the view.
The sky continued to stoop ever lower, obscuring hints of.
his neck and obscuring his offensive tattoos then reaching.
It is a cloud that is obscuring the light of spiritual Sun.
clouds obscuring the mind dissolve and the heart of being is.
His hand rested lightly on her cheek obscuring her from view.
Louie used his hands for code, obscuring them from the guards.
The snow fell in large flakes, obscuring his vision as he ran.
After a time, the stormy winds and obscuring clouds dissipated.
Stacy’s hair was short and brown, partially obscuring her eyes.
eye, almost obscuring his vision, with the remaining few standing.
I turned back to the window and the clouds came back, obscuring the sun.
Their fire brands revealed a large woven matt obscuring the cave opening.
Your vanity is obscuring your head! Replied Labarique in a firm tone.
The road bent to the left, obscuring the city wall behind the thick forest.
obscured the line of sight.
partially obscured by trees.
obscured with thick cobwebs.
A fog obscured his vision.
obscured by those ahead of her.
completely obscured by foliage.
Dark clouds obscured the Moon.
partially obscured by its shadow.
obscured and often foreign to her.
the forgotten grave, his name obscured,.
geometry has become obscured and the Hodge.
which obscured their camp from outside eyes.
Nothing interrupted or obscured its coming.
Heavy gray clouds obscured the sun and even.
they actively obscured from religious leaders.
true words of God are obscured and confounded.
even when his features were obscured by blood.
grit in his swollen throat, obscured vision,.
been obscured by one or more alternate answers.
Thick smoke obscured his vision; the roar of.
see the children if they are obscured by trees.
have long obscured the original symbolic intent.
that its surface is entirely obscured from view.
Dawn the following morning was obscured by the.
obscured by the lies and efforts of the Vatican.
The way her hair fell obscured part of her face.
Murdam’s mask was obscured by the tinted glass.
It was partly obscured by a small stand of trees.
her face was obscured in the darkness of her veil.
But soon obscured by distance, blinded with sand.
confuses, tires and obscures.
Illusion obscures truth and keeps one lost.
� "No" often obscures choice in and of itself.
in intensity and obscures all other relationships.
are of the mind and the mind obscures and distorts.
causes the self-concern, which obscures the universe.
A dogged belief in consistency obscures one's vísion.
pyramid, without the body of knowledge that obscures it.
that lures with visions of wealth and then obscures the.
creates the world, the tamoguna obscures it and the rajoguna.
gunas, the answer will be: what creates — what obscures —.
on the Great Seal obscures the truth about what exists beyond it.
a cloud obscures the sun without in any way affecting it, so does.
‘I-am-so-and-so’ obscures the changeless state of pure aware-.
2Who is this that obscures my plans with words without knowledge?.
Loki obscures most of the view, but Amy can see the thing is still there.
� Language that obscures choice happens in larger contexts to varying degrees.
In fact, it only obscures my view for a few seconds before evaporating completely.
at last to sink into depravity which obscures the mind and turns the heart to stone.
mourning while looking down at the sacred volume that obscures the broken pillar.
great consistency, but not to exaggerate it into stasis so that it obscures complexity.
without the corpus-knowledge that obscures it within the pyramid, an idealized mountain.
Smoke is an ideal indicator, but do not place it so that it obscures the touchdown area.
misrepresented in a way that completely obscures their most profound purposes and meaning.
There is an undefined phenomenon in the cosmos, never mentioned (in public) because it obscures the.
� Communication that obscures choice speaks in violation of the moral sphere and the ends principle.
“They cannot see our Joli Rouge!” cried Horatio, “for the Fog obscures all but the Ghosts of our Lights!”.

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