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Obstruction numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. You are causing an obstruction.
  2. The ultimate obstruction is Desire.
  3. Her sharp eyes, focused on a coming obstruction.
  4. I hope the obstruction is not under the building.
  5. When this clogging or obstruction of the artery.

  6. These can all cause obstruction in the air passage.
  7. It can result in obstruction of the neck of the bladder.
  8. It appears there has been some form of obstruction at the.
  9. I was met with inaction delays, roadblocks, obstruction and lies.
  10. Benjamin, they quickly erased the obstruction to their view ahead.
  11. It is playing as an obstruction in the way of God-blooming in you.
  12. This obstruction greatly annoyed Siri, but Jim was not to be put off.
  13. The cause is obstruction of the lymph vessels due to parasitic worms.
  14. There may not be an obstruction there now that will be there next week.
  15. With this type of sleep apnea treatment, levels of obstruction will be.

  16. The noisy sounds of snoring occur when there is an obstruction to the free.
  17. Their slow progress indicated that the obstruction had not yet been reached.
  18. The plants provided here must add some dimension without causing obstruction.
  19. Impediment: That which hinders progress or motion; an obstruction; an obstacle.
  20. Cars swerved haphazardly to avoid the obstruction, and disaster soon followed.
  21. They could charge her with stuff—perjury, obstruction, hindering prosecution.
  22. In most cases, the obstruction is due to too much fiber, which cannot be digested.
  23. But who knows? There may be an obstruction there now that might not be there next.
  24. Water fasting not only eliminates obstruction and aids in self-healing, it is also.
  25. The obstruction appeared to be at the point where the conduit met the infirmary wall.

  26. Followed closely by Benjamin, they quickly erased the obstruction to their view ahead.
  27. Her arrest record was a star field of infractions: assault, prostitution, obstruction.
  28. Bar: shallow water obstruction to navigation composed of sand, gravel or other sediment.
  29. Villard could not compete, so he resorted to political obstruction to restrict James Hill.
  30. I promise you if you're not frank with us, you'll be up on obstruction of justice charges.
  31. An obstruction semi-cylindrical section for the sunbeams is attached to the disc via stands.
  32. I apologised to the two men for the obstruction, showed them to a freshly laid table in the.
  33. In spirituality, ego is mentioned mostly as a negative energy and an obstruction in the way.
  34. In seeking the actual experience of this Mystery, your image of God becomes the final obstruction.
  35. First, light emanates outward from the center and barring obstruction will uniformly fill a void.
  36. The pudgala (matter) creating obstruction to active power is called ‘Antaraya’ (Obstacle) Karma’.
  37. To see an obstruction on the railroad refers to the obstacles standing in your way toward your goals.
  38. A moving obstruction for sunbeams directed at the power cylinder is going to be Miltiadis Boboulos, Ph.
  39. If breathing has stopped immediately remove any obstruction in the airway and give artificial respiration.
  40. This happens when the pancreas cannot neutralize the stomachs content (because of some type of obstruction).
  41. He just happened to see the enormous vehicle lurch over the unyielding obstruction and went to investigate.
  42. The others each hold the one in front at the waist and move in step, offering less obstruction to the current.
  43. Please answer the question or I will request an obstruction charge be placed on you and maybe contempt of court.
  44. As you have already found out with the two who present themselves as an obstruction, the two that cause you grief.
  45. I call that an obstruction of justice in the investigation of a murder case of a US president and treasonous behavior.
  46. There were a lot of obstacles to deal with – obstruction, damage, freaks – that it slowed our progress to a crawl.
  47. For Leahy to blame such obstruction on his part to the aftermath of 9/11 is unethical, unconscionable, and untruthful.
  48. If the Characters in the story are separated, or if one of them is gagged or there is some other obstruction the GM might.
  49. This reflection enables you to bend the cable around corners and still have the signals pass through it without obstruction.
  50. Williams knew he was beaten and there was no point in offering any obstruction or resistance, he could only go with the flow.
  51. Only you are the obstruction! You are the barrier! And be aware that it is only your illusion that you are keeping this bird.
  52. You have suddenly come between us as an obstruction; I have come to tell you that you had better clear out of the way at once.
  53. The punt would not have left the bank or, if it had, would have run aground or been fouled by weeds or some other obstruction.
  54. For the next twenty minutes they ascended the side of the hill without too much obstruction, the path widening as they progressed.
  55. Ekström is coming on strong and saying that Blomkvist should be arrested for perjury and obstruction and God knows what else.
  56. A group of twenty men was no obstruction to anyone, but he had been standing there the whole morning, and he wanted to do something.
  57. Chuang Tzu identifies two types of obstruction that can get in the way of happiness — those on the outside and those on the inside.
  58. Drugs addiction and alcohol drinking introduce mental reactions, agitation, impulsivity, anger, memory obstruction and mental speed.
  59. Any attempt to hide or distort the information given to my commission will attract charges of outrage to and obstruction of the Congress.
  60. Coughs: Coughing in dogs may be caused by an obstruction of the throat in which case removal of the obstruction will prevent further coughing.
  61. Instead I cuffed her and said, Avis Richardson, you’re under arrest for child trafficking, neglect of a child, and obstruction of justice.
  62. This patient has obstruction of common bile duct by the pancreatic mass that is causing dilatation of the common bile duct and jaundice to occur.
  63. Lightship: small ship equipped with distinctive light and anchored near an obstruction to navigation or in entrances or shallow water to warn ships.
  64. If there was darkness to come, it would be an artificial night, some sort of large obstruction that would pass above to temporarily block out the sun.
  65. The rope ladders and wooden steps which linked the houses and platforms had been laid out cleverly so there was minimum obstruction but maximum access.
  66. And many times he was lied too, before the requirements were met, and still these obstruction did not detour Jacob in any way; not for the love-ofhis-life.
  67. It was plainer now than ever that his notion of remaining much longer a bachelor had been a mistake: marriage would not be an obstruction but a furtherance.
  68. Dazed unto stillness, his heart doing calisthenics in his chest, he was an obstruction, an abstraction; the masses could have trampled him had they so desired.
  69. He did not expect to see into the flat but there was a light background signifying there was no obstruction, no object on the other side of the tiny opaque window.
  70. Many observers thought Libby's obstruction was to hide the fact that the one who exposed the CIA agent's identity may have been adviser Karl Rove or even Bush himself.
  71. And, although they feel the effect of the obstruction of commerce, the feeling may be borne for a long time, without much individual suffering, or any general distress.
  72. Continuing on, where it met with no obstruction, it traveled 10,000 miles across the Pacific where it struck the western shores of America with a recordable wave front.
  73. And the objection of the expert was: that because of this obstruction it would be impossible to close the watertight door, and therefore that the thing could not be done.
  74. In one year alone, I was hospitalized three times because of a bowel obstruction, and it was hard to stay optimistic when the fear of having a colostomy again was very real.
  75. From racist rhetoric at TEA Party rallies to refusal to pass legislation that casts the president in a positive light, he has faced obstruction and rejection since day one.
  76. The wildly curling crest sailed over the abutment unopposed by anything that this puny obstruction offered only to come crashing to ground as its base of support disappeared.
  77. Finally, he was able to see Yigal and Naaman, his rearguard, as they came through the broken face of the rocky obstruction and hurried down the terraces toward the spilled loads.
  78. The trees stand out distinctly and almost individually on hills miles and miles away, and a camera speedily proves how really free is the atmosphere of all visionary obstruction.
  79. But if you don’t talk and it turns out we can gather evidence that places you in that massage parlor before the murders, I can and will arrest you on obstruction charges, Counselor.
  80. Care should be taken in treating animals with bile duct problems, gall bladder inflammation or any type of intestinal obstruction as dandelion may exacerbate the problem in these cases.
  81. We made a kinematical connection between the 180° rotation of a disc mounted on the screw (piston axis) and this obstruction bar, which has the shape of a wall of a hollow semi-cylinder.
  82. On the rare occasion when repeated attempts with the Heimlich manoeuvre fail to dislodge an obstruction, drastic action is required: a cut into the patient’s throat below the obstruction.
  83. The novelty of the attempt, and the interest incident to the subject, had attracted such a concourse of persons that there was a veritable obstruction on the threshold of the establishment.
  84. If you cannot successfully pass port-to-port due to an obstruction or other vessels, you should audio two short bursts to indicate your intention to successfully pass starboard-to-starboard.
  85. He did face one definite charge, however, his car left in a restricted area whilst he was dying in hospital was causing an obstruction, and the police issued a bailiffs warrant for the £40 ticket.
  86. The need for privacy is an obstruction for an individual seeking to win the unrelenting battle to capture hearts and minds, and in the end family concerns invariably give way to political ambition.
  87. Not only that but the dense growth had been cleared on both sides leaving no obstruction to users unless they were more than two meters tall where the branches of the trees would have barred their way.
  88. Reliance obstruction in the courts and with regulatory agencies—the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Pennsylvania Insurance Commission—would be eliminated if management were at least neutral.
  89. But if there had been no stony obstruction there the labor would have been useless still, for if the beam had been wholly cut away Injun Joe could not have squeezed his body under the door, and he knew it.
  90. It was rarely used because it was a single-track lane with a sheer drop on one side and given it was dark and stormy, it would be 100 times worse, you will bypass the obstruction and get to the school quicker.
  91. Given the obstruction of McSomething’s shoulders, not to mention all the other calculations he was in the middle of, it took Mercer a second to puzzle out what wasn’t quite right about the head: it never straightened up.
  92. Brooke had written his invitation, those germinal ideas of making his mind tell upon the world at large which had been present in him from his younger years, but had hitherto lain in some obstruction, had been sprouting under cover.
  93. The most recent high-profile impeachment trial in the United States involved President William Jefferson Clinton, who was charged with perjury and obstruction of justice in cases involving alleged infidelity with two different women.
  94. There was ice still on the meadows, but it was all gone out of the river, and he dropped down without obstruction from Sudbury, where he lived, to Fair Haven Pond, which he found, unexpectedly, covered for the most part with a firm field of ice.
  95. There seem to be endless streams running down the mountains into this river, but as none of them are very large, at present, at all events, though they are doubtless terrible in winter and when the snow melts, the horsemen may not have met much obstruction.
  96. Excessive accumulation of sand on the bed of river when comes to a point of obstruction the river never argues with sand to get out of its way but instead river shows flexibility and takes turn to avoid the sands and carves out new ways to continue its journey.
  97. Everything he had said might refer to that other relation, and whatever had passed between him and herself was thoroughly explained by what she had always regarded as their simple friendship and the cruel obstruction thrust upon it by her husband's injurious act.
  98. Generally speaking, the portable VHF transceivers used by mountaineering teams can communicate only with stations in a direct line of sight and without any intervening obstruction (though sometimes a permanent relay station may be established on a strategic high point).
  99. It would have access to the entire surface of the table but even if it encountered and recognised an obstruction at the base of the picture frame, it would have no idea that the picture towered above it because it doesn’t know ‘up’ any more than it knows ‘down’.
  100. Here there was a great obstruction, a group of people blocking the passage down the room and having to be got out of the way before we could pass; and when the scraping of their chairs and their grumbles had ceased we caught the Professor's conversation a little farther on.

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