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Occlusion numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. This could be extended to examine plasticity (or occlusion of plasticity).
  2. Without forgiveness there can be no rehabilitation, no standing of the fallen; there is only the shame and occlusion of the punished.
  3. In short, long and every in between, we are the force-keeping particles of our own, each other's, and all of ours lack of transcendence, adherence to the law, and occlusion of anomalies.
  4. We fear losing in either world, and fear of threat or loss in either world can trigger a TPT PTSD response of anarchic violence – complete occlusion, or hyper-conformity – complete immersion.
  5. The pretended blockade of almost every port upon the Baltic; the blockade of the eastern and southern coasts of the North Sea, unaccompanied by any naval force; the nominal investment of the ports on the south of the British channel, and on the European coast of the Mediterranean sea; the occlusion of the Black Sea, by the blockade of the Dardanelles and Smyrna, and in fine the blockade of all the places from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Arctic Ocean, are acts which, notwithstanding their unexampled enormity in themselves, sink into perfect insignificance, when we consider the base attempts meditated by the orders of November, 1807, and the consequent statutes of Parliament, to reduce this country again to a state of colonial slavery! Sir, at the very thought of these infamous orders and acts of the British Government, I feel emotions of indignation and contempt, to repress which would be dishonorable.

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