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Occupation numa frase em (in ingles)

This is not an occupation.
This man's occupation is gone.
The occupation had existed for.
Popularity is not an occupation.
This ended the French occupation.
It is the occupation of dreamers.
A Pause in the Day’s Occupation.

These flowers were his occupation.
Can you smell his occupation?
What was the patient’s occupation?
Occupation: Governmental aide to Mr H.
Lowood, when I had no other occupation.
The Ottoman occupation fol owed, which.
Yet he had to live and to find occupation.
Yes; my old occupation, and she smiled.
Pursuit of knowledge was my 24/7 occupation.
Wherever you are and in whatever occupation.
She’ll understand what her new occupation.
What does it mean to be in the occupation of.
But I watch over them, and like the occupation.
Ottoman occupation, the capital was at Istanbul.
I wasn't referring to your so-called occupation.
Being choked out is a mandatory SEAL occupation.
Paul's old occupation before he changed his ways.
He asked him how he knew which occupation to give.
Every such occupation with other people offends her.
May I ask what his your husband’s occupation?
Transcend occupation, move beyond economies of power.
If your occupation is on this list, there is a very.
This last was, of course, a purely male occupation;.
His occupation was the management of Government spies.
Piracy’s still a lively occupation in the islands.
Being choked out is a mandatory SEAL occupation.
For the record, please state your name and occupation.
His principal occupation was given as barrister-at-law.
But without this occupation, the life of Vronsky and of.
One occupation that I cannot see as working smart.
Apparently, his occupation has something to do with music.
I was promoted faster than anyone else in the occupation.

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