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Offensive numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I go on the offensive.
2. I went on the offensive.
3. Kate went on the offensive.
4. We have no offensive weapons.
5. That's what I find offensive.
6. That is the most offensive.
7. But not as an offensive weapon.

8. They had to take the offensive.
9. Q What is an offensive weapon?
10. They are less offensive at the.
11. But Keller stayed on the offensive.
12. Offensive wrinkles showed in those.
13. Forced onto the offensive by sheer.
14. Hate violent and offensive behavior.
15. It may be seen as an offensive weapon.
16. The Modi offensive rattled his opponents.
17. This scorn was not offensive to his master.
18. I won’t teach you to go on the offensive.
19. His hand was still in a offensive position.
20. But if you only knew how offensive it was.
21. A name the old folks won’t find offensive.
22. In 2009, we wanted to go on the offensive.
23. D -105-gasoline that the horse finds offensive.
24. We will be changing up our offensive strategy.
25. Plus, my breath was still offensive to even me.
26. The Liberal posters were not quite so offensive.
27. It is a racial slur that is extremely offensive.
28. I find that question offensive and inflammatory.
29. Kutuzov did not consider any offensive necessary.
30. The implied threat put Katy back on the offensive.
31. More offensive than the last time I was asked.
32. Kutúzov did not consider any offensive necessary.
33. What startled them was his offensive tone of voice.
34. He took an offensive stance and pulled me behind him.
35. That offensive, defensive maneuver was classic Jersey.
36. Numerical superiority during any offensive is critical.
37. Recovering from her shock, Katya went on the offensive.
38. He finally went on the offensive with an overhead swing.
39. With a loud roar, a monster leader ordered the offensive.
40. Now, it was my turn to launch an offensive, I began to.

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