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Offer numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I took up the offer.
  2. It is a great offer.
  3. I can only offer sex.
  4. Offer it to the lady.
  5. Offer more if you can.

  6. What have I to offer?
  7. They have much to offer.
  8. Helga to offer her body.
  9. Now that was some offer.
  10. Iraq may offer deal to U.
  11. That is all I can offer.
  12. Thank you for the offer.
  13. I have an offer for you.
  14. I decided to offer four.
  15. This is a unique offer.

  16. We have an offer for you.
  19. She will offer you a hug.
  20. The Best Mind Power Offer.
  21. And for that, I offer a.
  22. Could time offer us that?
  23. I can’t offer you a job.
  24. Offer to buy a couple of.
  25. And my offer for warp.

  26. But I can offer you this.
  27. They began to offer more.
  28. Offer this e-book for free.
  29. I have come to offer your.
  30. We'll offer the bonus pay.
  31. I offer the pen to Cherrie.
  32. All Byron could offer was:.
  33. How can we offer this?
  34. Was the offer genuine …?
  35. You want your offer to be.
  36. When you offer up the beast.
  37. It is nice of you to offer.
  38. The offer had been rejected.
  39. I offer this supreme nectar.
  40. I have nothing to offer you.
  41. Did she offer to pay?
  42. Cabo had still more to offer.
  43. I had to offer her a way out.
  44. Wow, thanks for the offer.
  45. Hold Out For the Best Offer.
  46. Now it would offer another.
  47. I accept your generous offer.
  48. Why not offer one yourself?
  50. I’ll raise my offer by.
  51. The offer was truly tempting.
  52. He did not mention my offer.
  53. On the house, you offer.
  54. Offer up the act to the Lord.
  55. An interesting offer, my lad.
  56. Thrice he repeated the offer.
  57. I can't accept your offer.
  58. What if you receive an offer?
  59. He could offer her no comfort.
  60. I have an offer to make you.
  61. Still, I appreciated his offer.
  62. You have come to offer yourself.
  63. I offer it to the one who will.
  64. It's very kind of you to offer.
  65. This is God’s amazing offer.
  66. I suppose I should offer some.
  67. They offer $1 million towards.
  68. He came to offer His Blood as.
  69. This is your Giveaway or Offer.
  70. I’m afraid it will offer.
  71. Despite the offer of handsome.
  72. Technologies wil offer to the.
  73. They were happy to offer their.
  74. You have something new to offer.
  75. She accepted his offer of coffee.
  76. I offer to the hosts of Dakinis.
  77. I thank him but refuse his offer.
  78. Should I consider his offer? No.
  79. That’s a fine offer, Sunny.
  80. The offer has to be deliverable.
  81. Each of the two was to offer a.
  82. Can we offer him a hand?
  83. Having nothing else to offer Mrs.
  84. God told Abram to offer his son.
  85. You focus on an offer and call-.
  86. I offer the Dagger of Stealth.
  87. You have a lot to offer us and.
  88. Howard accepted the offer as a.
  89. We couldn’t resist your offer.
  90. However, that would offer an.
  91. But she had nothing to offer him.
  92. Libby was astonished by the offer.
  93. This is also known as your offer.
  94. Olin did not offer an explanation.
  95. We celebrate and offer ourselves.
  96. I hope we have a lot to offer you.
  97. Offer them in only small amounts.
  98. Xerox Corporation up on its offer.
  99. With a sly grin, he would offer.
  100. I was going to offer to pay half.
  1. He is offering us new bodies.
  2. I was offering to hold his.
  3. I’m offering you a position.
  4. After offering me a chair, St.
  5. Initial public offering : IPO.
  6. To consume the offering below.
  7. This offering is called Zakah.
  8. Actual offering to the spirits.
  9. And offering the victory to them.
  10. That sudden way of offering you.
  11. He is offering that to us as well.
  12. Cain brought his offering to God.
  13. He became the offering for, and.
  14. A typical offering of Vineland, N.
  15. Pinocchio, then offering his arm.
  16. Katelyn was the first offering.
  17. Oblation: An offering; a sacrifice.
  18. O goddess, accept our offering.
  19. The didact is there, offering his.
  20. He wasn't sure if he was offering.
  21. Offering of the Sick for Vocations.
  22. The required offering was one oxen.
  23. He stood in front of her, offering.
  24. Build your credibility by offering.
  25. It was the smallest offering as well.
  26. The offering plates were passed out.
  27. She reached out to open her offering.
  28. She spared him by offering her hand.
  29. Now it was time for a peace offering.
  30. The tsog offering starts on page 373.
  31. They suspected me of offering bribes.
  32. Again, offering an incentive always.
  33. The choir sings and takes an offering.
  34. As we write, an offering appears of 7.
  35. Hi, I said, offering her my hand.
  37. This leads to another offering called.
  38. He held out his hand offering it to me.
  39. You will make a fine offering for Syn.
  40. Though the offering we present to you.
  41. That’s what I’m offering you, Al-.
  42. While offering instructions is always.
  43. Is that what you’re offering me?
  44. I’m offering my undying love to you.
  45. By offering their employees mid-career.
  46. He could find no objection to offering.
  47. I’m always offering him up as a mover.
  48. The first step is having a good offering.
  49. Rebuild, he said, offering his hand.
  50. Inviting the guests of the tsog offering.
  51. He was offering the old man a jar of milk.
  52. Its flames were offering welcomed warmth.
  53. If you read my previous offering of for.
  54. And to Fame's altars as an offering bear.
  55. Miles and family, Thanksgiving offering 7.
  56. Now she was offering herself to him on a.
  57. Stop offering me your sister like a whore.
  58. He thought it would be offering an insult.
  59. He was only nineteen that year, offering.
  60. The Corporation public offering was for 1.
  61. Aaron holds out his hand, as if in offering.
  62. I was thinking about offering you a job.
  63. Learn what they are offering by visiting;.
  64. In theory, this implies that the offering.
  65. Moses was heard in the distance, offering.
  66. There was no love involved in this offering.
  67. Offering, as a token of affection and regard.
  68. HO This ocean of remaining tsog offering of.
  69. Teachers to help with a new product offering.
  70. Offering That which delights the holy beings.
  71. Think of it as a peace offering of sorts.
  72. I bring an offering – we’ll have a feast.
  73. Hades isn’t offering you the same bargain.
  74. But he dId not resPeCt CaIn and hIs offerIng.
  75. His looks thanked her for offering him his.
  76. That is what we are offering for your story.
  77. Henchy, said the old man, offering him his.
  78. We are not offering discussions on this topic.
  79. He was offering the same opportunity to Jack.
  80. It will help you in offering your customers.
  81. That’s what I’m offering you, Alvin!.
  82. The next offering on December 3 at $11.
  83. It was from Sir James Chettam, offering to Mr.
  84. He is offering us His love for the whole world.
  85. In Chapter 4, he told us of offering pran to.
  86. Please receive this humble offering of myself.
  87. This was God’s purpose in offering the Trust.
  88. Tibetan offering scarf] to the Protector Thawo.
  89. But on what terms are you offering it?
  90. The offering provided by the Lord to Abraham.
  91. I took the picture that he was offering to me.
  92. Then she insisted on offering him a plea deal.
  93. If from you, I bring it to you as an offering.
  94. God’s offering of Jesus for the salvation of.
  95. The next offering on July 9 2001 at $35.
  96. For by one offering he hath perfected for ever.
  97. But no, sir, our miserable offering is spurned.
  98. Offering foods to others is appreciated by all.
  99. He thought to do it by offering her chocolates.
  100. Offering to those who would see it’s worth -.
  1. He offered us $ 125.
  2. He offered her a nod.
  3. He offered it to her.
  4. He offered me a drink.
  5. He offered me a piece.
  6. He offered me his arm.
  7. D and offered it to me.
  8. He was also offered a.
  9. I offered to show her.
  10. She offered some to Tam.
  11. He offered no help, no.
  12. Prayer is offered to him.
  13. I offered her a whisky.
  14. She offered no last name.
  15. They offered me a full.
  16. Henrik offered me a job.
  17. Afan offered me his hand.
  18. Alex offered his arm to.
  19. She offered it to Lovern.
  20. I offered him a choice.
  21. He offered it in a toast.
  22. He–he offered me a job.
  23. Norah offered a wry smile.
  24. He offered his arm to me.
  25. Why had I offered that?
  26. He offered the toast again.
  27. Walt took an offered cup.
  28. They offered me huge ones.
  29. Z number is offered below.
  30. She offered herself to me.
  31. And then offered our hand.
  32. She offered me some water.
  33. And then I offered prayer.
  34. The owner offered her $20.
  35. He had offered Ritter the.
  36. He has offered to help us.
  37. Andrew offered me a hit.
  38. It offered itself, like a.
  39. He offered up a thin smile.
  40. Some are offered maps and.
  41. The 5 Plugins offered are:.
  42. Sir Richard offered his arm.
  43. They offered me copies of.
  44. In fact, he offered me his.
  45. Lezura offered a faint smile.
  46. The Nile offered no respite.
  47. He offered us green almonds.
  48. I offered him some, and he.
  49. Norah shook his offered hand.
  50. David offered his hand again.
  51. You were offered as payment.
  52. Guinan offered Jude a hand.
  53. We offered a total solution.
  54. So you offered to loan Mr.
  55. He offered to come over to.
  56. She offered him another grin.
  57. He offered the pack to Smith.
  58. She offered a bite to Garcia.
  59. I got up and offered my hand.
  60. He offered his life to share.
  61. The Klingon offered a palm up.
  62. Before, I mean, she offered.
  63. He offered to pay me $500 a.
  64. He offered her a steaming mug.
  65. She whirled and offered her.
  66. Not that she offered to help.
  67. He offered the packet to Jack.
  68. Vaughn offered me a weak smile.
  69. He offered the philosophy of.
  70. Try to relax, she offered.
  71. I’ll go, the man offered.
  72. He offered no further comment.
  73. He offered her the blue object.
  74. Have a seat, Titus offered.
  75. He offered his hand to Barron.
  76. Bjorn offered Hubert to Sigurd.
  77. He offered me a glass of water.
  78. Selma turned and offered the.
  79. I have offered them many gifts.
  80. These too should not be offered.
  81. Nelson, and he offered me a job.
  82. Neither man offered a response.
  83. She offered me a glass of water.
  84. The cave offered little shelter.
  85. I'll join you, he offered.
  86. Grey really is? Del offered.
  87. My husband offered support in.
  88. He offered to make her a drink.
  89. And we were offered a choice.
  90. Edwin offered the Key to Bryony.
  91. Alex's mom offered more cookies.
  92. Van Thorn offered a suave smile.
  93. She offered an unrepentant shrug.
  94. The number of contracts offered.
  95. And she offered no explanations.
  96. Barron offered as an explanation.
  97. Lenar stood and offered his hand.
  98. She offered an embarrassed grin.
  99. Gifts that are offered reluct-.
  100. The Federation has offered you.
  1. He offers it to me.
  2. A book only offers a.
  3. He offers me his hand.
  4. He offers out his hand.
  5. She offers me a refill.
  6. She offers him her hand.
  7. This, a gift she offers.
  8. He offers her a blanket.
  9. She offers up only moans.
  10. Here is what God offers:.
  11. Our shop now offers both.
  12. He refused all offers of.
  13. He offers him hot tea and.
  14. He offers the tablet to me.
  15. He offers to go and ask her.
  16. In fact, this book offers.
  17. Claire offers up her purse.
  18. The officer offers his hand.
  19. And it offers something else.
  20. Give out special offers and.
  21. Fernando offers me the stunner.
  22. It offers a systematized ap-.
  24. I'm sure he got offers later.
  25. Almost all of our offers have.
  26. These offers amounted to half.
  27. Huge Selection of Paid Offers.
  28. Wheelock offers a good example.
  29. The capital dynamic offers the.
  30. This world offers them nothing.
  31. This position offers to me the.
  32. The best offers are usually an.
  33. He’ll never stop making offers.
  34. McGarvery offers an apology for.
  35. The internet offers the average.
  36. Martin offers her the food he has.
  37. Want some coffee? he offers.
  38. Membership in the Chamber offers.
  39. What the didact offers is not in.
  40. Hotel offers some of the cheapest.
  41. TEA offers the following courses:.
  43. You need a place that offers few.
  44. The app offers discounts of 50-90%.
  45. Incidentally, he's open to offers.
  46. McGarvery offers an apology for it.
  47. Its agnostic character offers its.
  48. The sub-conscious brain offers up.
  49. Oh? Who offers higher wages?
  50. All of them had numerous job offers.
  51. Grady's offers cheap room rates and.
  52. The Harrington Cancer Center offers.
  53. Share special promotions or offers.
  54. List out special offers for members.
  55. Earlier she’d refused offers of a.
  56. Let most of their offers pass you by.
  57. But she never offers a positive word.
  58. The company offers twenty-four hour.
  59. What offers? (He points) For that lot.
  60. She lights a cigarette, offers him one.
  61. I'll keep you posted on any job offers.
  62. The man offers a look of understanding.
  63. It offers such an interesting texture.
  64. Take his counsel whenever he offers it.
  65. Everyone (and his dog) offers an e-zine.
  66. But that offers another unhappy choice.
  67. The first of the red pins offers.
  68. For example, Yahoo offers lots of help.
  69. No job offers yet but it's still early.
  70. Most of the offers are scams, naturally.
  71. This beast offers the added luxury of.
  72. TK offers a helping hand; Kairo accepts.
  73. This offers many benefits, as follows:.
  74. Find out what history that expert offers.
  75. If he offers his life in atonement,.
  76. And Infinity offers the total package,.

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