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  1. A Hells Angels offshoot out of Vallejo.
  2. Rome was a cultural offshoot of Greece.
  3. It is an offshoot of professional hockey.
  4. Value investing is an offshoot of control investing.
  5. A small offshoot of my corporation had specialised in the electronic.

  6. On investigation this turned out to be another offshoot of the Abrahams empire.
  7. A latter form of Gnosticism was Catharism, a mystical offshoot of conventional Christianity.
  8. The road ended at the metal warehouse, and at the same time, continued in an offshoot, which.
  9. To her, the plant and its offshoot represented an undying spirit – survival against all odds.
  10. Each offshoot of language and culture is an opaque mystery to all other languages and cultures.
  11. The creativity of machines is merely one tiny, small offshoot or byproduct of human creativity.
  12. In the final part of that chapter, I describe the early evolution of Linux as an offshoot of Minix.
  13. After almost half a mile , Larry found a little offshoot with no trees, solid ground, and very few.
  14. An offshoot of timing was navigating at sea, although I had no talent for the mathematics behind it.
  15. The offshoot villages were culturally frozen… locked into a higher rate of accumulating population.

  16. The order of priests were an offshoot cult of a much larger network of cults primarily, Masonic in nature.
  17. Offshoot villages or buds spread out faster from the favored areas where food was found to be most abundant.
  18. She in turn contacted a deputy in the Abraham Chemical Company, an offshoot of the Pharmaceutical business, for further instructions.
  19. It is an offshoot of mirroring, but instead of just creating a copy of a thing, you actually move the thing from one place to another.
  20. Elves are the newest race, and we are an offshoot of humanity, as are the dwarves, the giants, all the other races with this general body type.
  21. The worship of mathematics; is another offshoot of what the accumulation of these unheard-of -before millions of dollars did to modern culture.
  22. Felix, though an offshoot from a far more recent point in the devolution of theology than his father, was less self-sacrificing and disinterested.
  23. But underneath this 4 million yr-old offshoot of selective awareness is the still living-functioning four billion year-old root of general awareness.
  24. Yahad/Essene, who are symbolized as the woman clothed in the sun with a crown of twelve stars, her daughter then infers a derivative offshoot of the Yahad/Essene.
  25. The head of a local Taoist group was quoted by the China News Service, the local offshoot of the NCNA, as warning against the hasty introduction of such radical reforms.

  26. If you ask focus item users, they'll say that ritual magic is an obvious offshoot of focus magic, since concentrating and channeling is the primary domain of focus magic.
  27. The sovereign citizen movement was an offshoot of the militias, essentially an attempt at paper terrorism trying to use arcane legal arguments to claim to be free of government control.
  28. The offshoot of this increased level of tool education was that the main form of accruing wealth shifting from conquest to trade: this resulted in a cultural power shift from serfdom to citizenship, from war to business.
  29. Once inside the smaller cave, he located an offshoot that ran at an angle down into the rock, hid the box and gun under several pounds of loose rock and began the eight-or nine-mile walk to the childhood home of his father.
  30. The Followers of the Way, as the Christians were called when they began as a radical offshoot of the Jewish religion, were originally persecuted by the Mother religion as it sought to stamp out this blasphemous belief system.
  31. From the earliest to the latest hour of the day he was always as sleek, neat, and cool as the frog he resembled, and old Peter had secretly chuckled over an offshoot almost more calculating, and far more imperturbable, than himself.
  32. It was quite a wilderness, and there were old melon-frames and cucumber-frames in it, which seemed in their decline to have produced a spontaneous growth of weak attempts at pieces of old hats and boots, with now and then a weedy offshoot into the likeness of a battered saucepan.
  33. To mention only a single order of Saint-Benoit, which is here in question: there are attached to this order, without counting the obedience of Martin Verga, four congregations,—two in Italy, Mont-Cassin and SainteJustine of Padua; two in France, Cluny and Saint-Maur; and nine orders,—Vallombrosa, Granmont, the Celestins, the Camaldules, the Carthusians, the Humilies, the Olivateurs, the Silvestrins, and lastly, Citeaux; for Citeaux itself, a trunk for other orders, is only an offshoot of Saint-Benoit.
  34. The Starburst is the offshoot of the Gensis Device, by the late Carol Marcus,.

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