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Offspring numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. O, the offspring of Adam.
  2. Our race can bear offspring.
  3. You are: The Offspring of David.
  4. Wealth is the offspring of power.
  5. All of the offspring that Abel.
  6. Never to face your own offspring.
  7. And, we know about your offspring.
  8. They are the offspring of Cain and.
  9. Virtue is the offspring of Innocence.
  10. The offspring of a lion and a tigress.
  11. Company and their spouses and offspring.
  12. To bear my offspring would be an honor.
  13. She cradled her offspring close to her.
  14. His offspring are those that do His will.
  15. In your offspring will all the nations.
  16. Her offspring weren’t as strong as her.
  17. Or the fair offspring of the sacred floods.
  18. Apostle Paul: The offspring of the fallen.
  19. Your offspring will be as the dust of the.
  20. They can most help their offspring to have.
  21. Once, she had one of our offspring bite her.
  22. His offspring have not yet received that land.
  23. The common prostitute rarely has any offspring.
  24. Kenites are the offspring of Satan through Cain.
  25. Satan's offspring and Abel being Adam's offspring.
  26. The offspring of you and Mihaly would have been.
  27. Thus everything is possible even up to offspring.
  28. I want you to seduce Garcia and produce offspring.
  29. Needless to say, there will be no future offspring.
  30. Conscience, I believe is the offspring of the Soul.
  31. Such manufactures are the offspring of agriculture.
  32. Kate was their only offspring now living in the area.
  33. I have the inherent right to protect my offspring.
  34. All that She has given to us Her most loved offspring.
  35. The younger offspring were shouting and laughing as.
  36. Right is not the offspring of doctrine, but of power.
  37. My most precious and beloved offspring could over come.
  38. It is the legitimate offspring of our free institutions.
  39. Its offspring hatched before your eyes and bonded to you.
  40. A Sire has a direct connection to that of his offspring.
  41. At dawn we put on swimsuits and led our offspring, aptly.
  42. Rose, hearing the joyous bellows of her offspring, jumped.
  43. Losing an offspring in battle can only be that much worse.
  44. Himself as a guilt offering, He will see His offspring, He.
  45. It was not clear whether the offspring were male or female.
  46. And that way was found through one of his offspring living.
  47. Dad, if it took your young offspring one year to master that.
  48. Spiritual amnesia happens when a denomination or the offspring.
  49. Where males will kill the offspring of defeated males and the.
  50. The coveted positions were usually filled by the offspring of.
  51. KENITES are the offspring of the son of Satan (CAIN who was the.
  52. If either parent was not Roman: their offspring lost that right.
  53. These offspring could be considered to be slaves in this instance.
  54. Nidan was the offspring of a Syrian father, and an Iranian mother.
  55. Sometimes, we offspring are inconsiderate to the point of cruelty.
  56. My most precious and beloved offspring could over come wickedness.
  57. Satan's offspring, and as much as my ex-husband pissed me off, he.
  58. Tares are the offspring of Satan, and the wheat the children of God.
  59. The offspring were a hybrid cross between the flesh women of earth.
  60. Cain is the offspring of Satan so his genealogy is listed in Genesis.
  61. I invoke you to protect her and her offspring from the cursed devil.
  62. God’s promise will have a great impact: Then their offspring will.
  63. And Leda had borne normal offspring, not some human/avian monstrosity.
  64. Married again, you became the deadbeat dad to three more offspring.
  65. Thankfully that meant none of its supposed giant offspring had either.
  66. The offspring takes precedence, not the disagreements between parties.
  67. They come and go when they like; they treat us as if we were offspring.
  68. The Kenites are the offspring of Satan but pretend to be the children.
  69. Females of larger lemur species deliver offspring once every few years.
  70. Nautglum was in the central public garden with his wife and 27 offspring.
  71. They were the offspring of one another, Al'lah hears all and knows all.
  72. You are truly my offspring, and I am very proud to have you as my son.
  73. In fact, the more miserable a society is, the more offspring it produces.
  74. Similarly a visitor whose offspring did not survive, had thriving issues.
  75. Garth, accustomed to these obstructive arguments from her male offspring.
  76. Another sign for them is that We carried their offspring in the laden Ark.
  77. Sentimentality is the childish offspring of Sentiment and soft sensuality!.
  78. First, for the sterility of species when crossed and of their hybrid offspring.
  79. I will have Garcia’s life and I will have the lives of any of his offspring.
  80. Gehenna" more unclean than themselves; then He calls them "offspring [SONS of].
  81. The offspring will thus be something more highly evolved than the parents were.
  82. The harlots told him he was the offspring of a city whore and a drunk sailor.
  83. They married in 1933 and before long had three offspring, Ellen, Ralph and Jim.
  84. Gehenna," more unclean than themselves; then He calls them "offspring (SONS of).
  85. The result is not death to the unsuccessful competitor, but few or no offspring.
  86. Celebrating our offspring while eating others is what our Holy Days have become.
  87. Nesters the previous year with the departure of their youngest offspring to Ot-.
  88. Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases (Germany, 1933), 74.
  89. SADDUCEES coming to his baptism, HE SAID UNTO THEM, YOU offspring of vipers, WHO.
  90. When coupled with semen cell will produce an embryo, which will produce offspring.
  92. In their own myths, they were the offspring of a blue wolf, seen as human predator.
  93. Coal cannot have sexual intercourse producing an offspring and then caring for it.
  94. The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck.
  95. No mother grows a child for the express purpose of killing others of her offspring.
  96. At a spiritual level, could we be the offspring or children of a spiritual creator?
  97. The imitative art is an inferior who marries an inferior, and has inferior offspring.
  98. Likewise did the second brother take the wife, but he also died leaving no offspring.
  99. I am a child of death and destruction, the offspring of tyranny and war, she thought.
  100. There is also another father and son consideration between Kincaid and his offspring.

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