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Option numa frase em (in ingles)

1. It is not an option.
2. To love is an option.
3. But I have an option.
4. But he had no option.
5. That option is a ploy.
6. So there was no option.
7. So much for that option.

8. The risk of an option.
9. The only option he had.
10. You have the option of.
11. She gave her the option.
12. You gave us that option.
13. This was his last option.
14. There is no third option.
15. But it wasn’t an option.
16. Deking was my best option.
17. I chose the latter option.
18. Close the Option You Sold.
19. In this option, the risk.
20. Failure was not an option.
21. Users have the option of.
22. This option lets a buyer.
23. There was no other option.
24. The seller of the option.
25. So that’s not an option.
26. One option was to try and.
27. Failure is not an option.
28. Option one I could kill him.
29. The city was not an option.
30. I had no other option but.
31. But I really had no option.
32. The second option is that.
33. It was the easy option and.
34. But that wasn’t an option.
35. No, that wasn’t an option.
37. And you have the option of.
38. You have no other option.
39. He had no option other than.
40. But one other option remained.
41. That left him just one option.
42. Escape was never an option.
43. If an option has a vega of 0.
44. Convenience is not an option.
45. So what was a third option?
46. The direction of the option.
47. That was no longer an option.
48. The only other option is to.
49. When the option will expire.
50. The attic is the best option.
51. Synced with iTunes option, 21.
52. I guess option two it is then.
53. Ways To Use Option Volatility.
54. Select the option and proceed.
55. If the option has a vega of 0.
56. There was only one option left.
57. Another option is to buy the.
58. However, I had no other option.
59. We may not have that option.
60. Which option should you chose.
61. Which is always a nice option.
62. This gives a buyer the option.
63. This should never be an option.
64. Suppose the option has 10 vega.
65. Opportunism is one such option.
66. Her husband was the option of.
67. But I didn’t have the option.
68. An option with a theta of –0.
69. Another option is to do wedge.
70. But it seems we have no option.
71. No – that wasn’t an option.
72. I chose the find-out-now option.
73. Also known as a Digital Option.
74. The theta for this option is $.
75. Is there another option apart.
76. He preferred the second option.
77. Because it is its only option.
78. I had no option left on my hands.
79. Defining the parts of an option.
80. For example, an option worth $1.
81. Neither option held much appeal.
82. Whatever option you choose, be.
83. Selecting an option in the 620.
84. He knew only one option remained.
85. Too bad that wasn’t an option.
86. The dirt bike is my only option.
87. Standing still was not an option.
88. Which option will you take?
89. Splitting up is the best option.
91. Attacking them is not an option.
93. Death is the better option there.
94. That’s probably my best option.
95. Bathing suits were an option in.
96. The March 680 put option cost $39.
97. Karan had no option but to agree.
98. We don’t have another option.
99. I didn’t know it was an option.
100. Here is a sample option agreement.

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos quaisquer frases de exemplo para esta palavra.

1. The author of ten books, she has had two of her novels optioned for films.
2. All have been optioned for major motion pictures; the first of which, Jack Reacher, was based on One Shot.
3. OptionVue IV provides, by virtue of its background data base, implied and statistical volatility charts for every optioned asset in the U.
4. Optionor warrants to Optionee that Optionor has the legal right to sell optioned property under the terms and conditions of this agreement.
5. The prevailing party shall be entitled to all costs incurred in connection with any legal action brought by either party to enforce the terms hereof or relating to the optioned property, including reasonable attorney fees.
1. I had a few options.
2. All of us have options.
3. He had no options now.
4. You have a few options.
5. Two options came to mind.
6. You gave me many options.
7. One of those options is.
8. My voting options Yes No.
9. So, they did have options.
10. You will have two options.
11. What options do you have?
12. There are no other options.
13. Those are the only options.
14. She weighed up her options.
15. Harry knew he had no options.
16. Taksin spelt out his options.
17. By using options and other.
18. The client has more options.
19. Types and Styles of Options.
20. His options were running out.
21. I tried to weight my options.
22. You have two clear options:.
23. VIX options are even trickier.
24. Paid options include a full.
25. But what about VIX options?
26. We need to weigh our options.
27. There were so many options.
28. Wilson thought of his options.
29. You have to know your options.
30. Time Charts and Other Options.
31. This is why they want options.
32. Click on the button "Options".
33. Options always exist in life.
34. Here are your best two options.
35. I had a few options at hand;.
36. I hang there, debating options.
37. The cook considered its options.
38. What were the options? Did he.
39. There are only two options now.
40. His options were found lacking.
41. But she’d run out of options.
42. So what are the other options?
43. The options are explained below.
44. The key to successful options.
45. You have the following options:.
46. Stock options are American style.
47. As I see it we have two options.
48. He began to consider his options.
49. There are several other options.
50. We don’t have a lot of options.
51. No wonder the pros write options.
52. We do have a couple of options.
53. There were only two options: we.
54. Consider a few of these options:.
55. There were no other options left.
56. There seemed to be three options:.
57. There was one catch to the options.
58. We’ve talked about your options.
59. There are no other options for me.
60. All other Module types are options.
61. That doesn’t leave many options.
62. When counseled on his options, Mr.
63. I didn’t have any other options.
64. Here you can set such options as:.
65. We don’t have many options here.
66. We do have other options, Madam.
67. Two paid options of $199 and $499.
68. I ignored it, debating my options.
69. I tried to think about my options.
70. Options screen (in the Tools menu).
71. Always the options man, Haig: Ibid.
72. There are no options for past tense.
73. List will display various options.
74. These were options, I had a choice.
75. That is the power in having options.
76. Loosey knew he had no other options.
77. It has futures and options and EFT.
78. Time is the enemy of options buyers.
79. Traditional IRAs and Other Options.
80. Consider a few of the options below.
81. Elective Options: Freedom of Choice.
82. Their options are often limited to;.
83. There were other options, but Danny.
84. His options were definitely limited.
85. Call options: Calling all investors.
86. Options for the Stock Investor, 195.
87. Options that are worth less than $0.
88. I ran through my options in my head.
89. Given 2 options, 9 times out of 10.
90. I check on the price of put options.
91. They’ve got a ton of options and.
92. I didn’t hear any options there.
93. The story is similar for the options.
94. Try dif erent options to see how it.
95. So take time to explore your options.
96. Click OK to close the Options window.
97. And what are the job options?
98. None of the options were effective.
99. He always looks for other options.
100. He just prayed they had some options.

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