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  1. The ordinance failed by a single vote.
  2. A parking ordinance was a foot too wide.
  3. Territorial Governments, ordinance of 1787.
  4. The missing hardware and ordinance is probably in Oman.
  5. This is the ordinance of God, which He sent down to you.
  6. Ordinance, subject to the terms of the Compensation Fund.
  7. After reciting the form of government, the ordinance says:.
  8. They who worship in transgression of scriptural ordinance are the.
  9. The ordinance is never once caned a sacrifice in the New Testament.
  10. The animals which inhabit therein he commanded to be by his ordinance.
  11. The Northwest Ordinance banned slavery in new northern states in 1787.
  12. Bishop Henri took the opportunity to explain the new Ordinance of Labourers.
  13. The 210 carries the most ordinance, but the 105’s are more maneuverable.
  14. Nature Conservation Ordinance, unless they had obtained a permit to trap her and.
  15. Richard had a copy of the ordinance that the vicar had received from the sacrist.
  16. The Northwest Ordinance, enacted by Congress in 1887 stated: The utmost good faith.
  17. We shall find them in the four accounts of the institution of the ordinance given by St.
  18. Ralph had been thinking about the new ordinance all the way home, and he had his answer ready.
  19. I would love to have all that ordinance punching enemies instead of hanging on a docking port.
  20. The articles of the ordinance were enacted previously, and are consequently binding under the constitution.
  21. He expressed his willingness to listen, and she told the story of the baby's illness and the extemporized ordinance.
  22. No ordinance appointed by Christ does good to our souls "ex opere operato," or by the mere outward bodily use of it.
  23. It is the articles of ordinance and not the form of government; and to this Judge Tucker refers when he speaks of it.
  24. Before they adjourned, it was ten thousand to one that not a remnant of the ordinance would be left, with their good will.
  25. The ordinance were not actually hitting the base itself, such was the force of the field device, but they were damn close.
  26. Even with our best missiles, we would spend a lot of ordinance pushing around small pieces of rock without destroying them.
  27. It exploded terrifically, as all the ordinance it had been carrying with it went up in the blast of its crash into the rocks.
  28. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.
  29. It is precisely the sort of story that the AG warned would attract the attention of the law under the Public Order Ordinance.
  30. The gentleman from Georgia himself says, that if he were about to frame an original ordinance, he would not think of such a power.
  31. Kennedy crooked his finger at a cabby who was alertly violating the new ordinance and soliciting fares away from a public cab stand.
  32. With a lot of difficulty we made it back to our lines whilst the German troops jeered and fired a hell of a lot of ordinance at us.
  33. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.
  34. Clay said he observed there had been no ordinance passed by the convention recognizing the freedom of navigation of the Mississippi.
  35. In 1784, he proposed an ordinance to ban all slavery in US territories, all lands that were not part of the original thirteen states.
  36. It was only the day before yesterday that this bill had been introduced into the House, proposing to alter one part of the ordinance.
  37. Concerning the ordinance of oil, the bath of oil, you shall offer the tenth part of a bath out of the cor, which is an homer of ten baths;.
  38. His visit to Sherborne had special significance in view of the recent ordinance aimed at healing the rift between the parish and the abbey.
  39. If, on the contrary, the people were wrong and the Governor right, the wisdom of this part of the ordinance would be proved beyond question.
  40. In a deep sense of the value of the Christian ministry, as an ordinance of Christ, and a necessity in a fallen world, I give place to no man.
  41. Not sharing Monsieur d'Aubrion's prejudices on the score of nobility, she promised Charles Grandet to obtain a royal ordinance from Charles X.
  42. When he had spoken out against the ordinance that provided a reprieve to convicted MPs, it was leaders like Lalu who had been Rahul’s target.
  43. The Governor thought proper to dissolve the Assembly without any reason given, for the ordinance does not bind him to assign reasons for his acts.
  44. In Riverside, California, kissing on the lips, unless both parties wipe their lips with carbonated rose water, is against the local health ordinance.
  45. Tell them of the importance of hearing the Word preached, and that it is God's ordinance for converting, sanctifying, and building up the souls of men.
  46. The whole ordinance was intended to keep the Church in perpetual recollection of Christ's death and substitution for us, and His atonement for our sins.
  47. There were three parties who must, by the ordinance for the government of the Territory, consent before the Territory of the Mississippi could be divided.
  48. O let the great gospel doctrine of Christ’s dying to save sinners, which is represented in that ordinance, be meat and drink to my soul, meat indeed and drink indeed.
  49. O let the great gospel doctrine of Christ�s dying to save sinners, which is represented in that ordinance, be meat and drink to my soul, meat indeed and drink indeed.
  50. Unlike the P I ship, the convoy escort could not enter the atmosphere, but since it carried over ten times the ordinance of a P I that did not seem like much of an issue.
  51. For example, the ordinance requires two judges to hold a court; and, in a variety of instances, Congress has legislated with respect to the form of government of the Territory.
  52. Independent of this reasoning, which cannot be refuted, at every session since we have been a Territory, there have been laws passed altering the ordinance in some shape or other.
  53. These next set of verses will tell us that we have to be willing to be subject to rulers and authorities, to those who will rule over us in some way, and to every ordinance of man.
  54. She received this summons for violating a city ordinance prohibiting parked vehicles within 30 feet from a corner stop sign or approximately four (4) car lengths from that corner.
  55. There are two parts of this ordinance; the first contains the form of government, and the second several articles of compact which are declared unalterable but with common consent.
  56. So spoke the Lord of Spirits: 'This is the ordinance and judgement with respect to the mighty and the kings and the exalted and those who possess the Earth before the Lord of Spirits.
  57. What was the policy of the ordinance, and what the object of its framers? Why, assuredly, to render the governments of the Territories dependent on the Government of the United States.
  58. Because the ordinance of the old Congress had secured the right to the States within the old United States, and a provision for that object, in the new constitution, was wholly unnecessary.
  59. I am giving seriously thought about purchasing a slide ruler to ensure that my tires are in compliance with the twelve (12) inches from the curb ordinance lest I too risk receiving a summons.
  60. And again, as my colleague has correctly told you, if you have a right to repeal one part of the ordinance, you have a right to repeal another part, and so overturn the whole system at a blow.
  61. Do not doubt the love of the Father just because some just and wise law of his ordaining chances to afflict you because you have innocently or deliberately transgressed such a divine ordinance.
  62. Unless they did something very stupid, Saul had no issues with them and would continue to press his campaign against the Swordsmen as long as he had personnel and ordinance with which to fight.
  63. It is an ordinance or sacrament appointed by Jesus Christ the night before He was crucified, for the perpetual benefit and edification of His Church, until He comes again at the end of the world.
  64. Another ban shortly passed, the Northwest Ordinance, which banned slavery from all territory north of the Ohio River, what would become the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
  65. A celebrated artist, the painter of the picture, The Reading of the Ordinance, of February 19th and others; one of the principal initiators and founders of the Society of Travelling Expositions.
  66. The ordinance for the government of the Territories he considered as constitutional law, and it should be viewed and treated with as much delicacy as the constitution of the General Government itself.
  67. I have before stated it as my opinion, said he, that the articles of the ordinance are a compact between the people of the States and of the territories, unalterable but with the consent of both parties.
  68. It has been said that the ordinance cannot be altered without the common consent of the parties to it, and that the State of Georgia must be called upon to give its assent before the Congress can alter it.
  69. Though he knew that he was violating the city ordinance that prevented communicating on cell phones while driving, Max pulled his car into the northbound lane of Kings Highway and waited for his wife to answer.
  70. The Northwest Ordinance, influenced by his bill, passed a year later and three years after banned all slavery in new states above the Ohio River, what would become Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
  71. In the ordinance for the government of the Northwestern Territory will be found this article: The Governor shall have power to prorogue and dissolve the General Assembly, when, in his opinion, it shall be expedient.
  72. I served as the public relations director of the Tompkins County Conference and Tourist Council and as chairman of the sign ordinance committee and legislative action committee and acting chairman of the nominating committee.
  73. The next day the Israeli Government issued an ordinance according to which the Jordanian sector of the city, plus 100 square kilometers of the neighboring area, would constitute a region to which Israeli legislation would apply.
  74. Bibb said, that if the House were now called upon for the first time to pass an ordinance for the government of the Territories of the United States, he should attach very little importance to the decision of the present question.
  75. Food strolling vendors that were continually pacing, as per city ordinance against loitering and having a stationary food stand without license and permit, in front of G2G's favorite organic restaurant chain, Eat at Me and Live Forever.
  76. Despite the Ordinance of Labourers, and the efforts of noblemen such as Earl Ralph to enforce it, she was gratified to see that people continued to move to where the pay was highest, which was usually where the land was most productive.
  77. That there has existed in the Mississippi Territory a temporary government, founded on the ordinance for the government of the Territory Northwest of the river Ohio, since the eleventh day of April, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight.
  78. A royal ordinance erected Angouleme into a naval school; for the Duc d'Angouleme, being lord high admiral, it was evident that the city of Angouleme had all the qualities of a seaport; otherwise the monarchical principle would have received a wound.
  79. So that in the use of this holy ordinance, as verily as a man with his bodily hand and mouth receiveth the earthly creatures of bread and wine, so verily with his spiritual hand and mouth, if he have any, doth he receive the body and blood of Christ.
  80. Let it be recollected, that the power to prorogue and dissolve is one of the highest prerogatives of the King of England: that it crept into the governments of his colonies, and thence into this ordinance, previous to the adoption of the constitution.
  81. It was not until the close of the twelfth century that a council ordained the establishment of grammar schools in cathedrals for the gratuitous instruction of the poor; and not until a century later that the ordinance was carried into effect at Lyons.
  82. That ordinance is, in fact, the basis of all the Territorial governments, and is extended to each of them by name, with such modifications as each one required; and its benefits secured in their deeds of territorial cession by Georgia and North Carolina.
  83. That in many things they had been copied too far, he agreed; but as to this prerogative, it was no such badge of slavery, and was found not only in the articles of the ordinance, but in the constitutions of various States, qualified in a greater or less degree.
  84. By the articles of cession, the right of soil and jurisdiction was ceded to the people of the United States, on the express condition that the articles of the ordinance should form the government of the Mississippi Territory, and that they should not be governed otherwise.
  85. The ordinance being thus anterior to the constitution, was not formed under it, but under the authority of owners—sovereign owners—exercising the right of taking care of their own property, subject only to the conditions and limitations which accompanied its acquisition.
  86. Resolved, That it is expedient to divide the Indiana Territory, and to establish a separate Territorial Government west of the river Wabash, agreeably to the ordinance for the government of the Territory of the United States northwest of the river Ohio, passed on the 13th day of July, 1787.
  87. When he had considered the ordinance as a compact equally sacred with the constitution of the United States, and as unalterable without the consent of the parties to it, it was then that he considered this a question of such great and signal importance that he wished time for deliberation.
  88. She had received the impression, owing to these silences, that though it was God's ordinance, as her father in his official capacity at weddings reiterated, it was a reluctant ordinance, established apparently because there seemed no other way of getting round what appeared to be a difficulty.
  89. O what a vain foolish trifling heart have I! when I would do good, even then evil is present with me; good Lord be merciful to me, and pardon the iniquity of my holy things, and let not my manifold defects in my attendance upon thee be laid to my charge, or hinder my profiting by the ordinance.
  90. It may be said that Georgia is very little interested in the abstract question, whether the Governor should or should not have the power of prorogation; but, if a right exists to alter one part of the ordinance without the consent of Georgia, it certainly implies a power to alter it in every part.
  91. Whereas that the ordinance of the United States in Congress assembled, for the government of the Territory northwest of the river Ohio may continue to have full effect, it is requisite that certain provisions should be made, so as to adapt the same to the present Constitution of the United States.
  92. Hitherto silent, whether the better to show by preternatural gravity that curious dignity of the garb with which he was invested or in obedience to an inward voice, he delivered briefly and, as some thought, perfunctorily the ecclesiastical ordinance forbidding man to put asunder what God has joined.
  93. Were marriages only a civil institution, the courts of law would be open to all parties seeking the redress now prayed for, for alleged breach of the marriage contract: but it is something more; it is a divine ordinance, and has been pronounced such by the highest legal as well as spiritual authority.
  94. Background: Following the six day war and as soon as the Israeli Army occupied the Jordan sector of Jerusalem, Knesset adopted on the 27th of June 1967, a law stipulating that the laws, jurisdiction, and administration of the state of Israel would apply to every region that would be designated by ordinance.
  95. Read 1st Corinthians 14:37 In the Christian Church and the Church of Christ, we say there are two Ordinances in the Church: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, I believe there are lot more Essentials when you consider that an Ordinance is a Commandment or an Order given to be Obeyed by Christians in the Church.
  96. The gentleman could not have looked at the ordinance, for there was an express provision that the Legislature should "never interfere with the primary disposal of the soil by the United States in Congress assembled, nor with any regulations Congress may find necessary for securing the title in such soil," &c.
  97. This ordinance was passed previous to the adoption of the Federal Constitution, and if it had been the subject of consideration subsequent to its adoption, this provision had never been inserted, giving to Governors of Territories a power paramount to any power possessed by the President of the United States.
  98. Pentahelm because of his discussions with the mayor and his investigation of telegraph messages? Had someone told of his staying in the back room of the library and was that an infraction of some ordinance? Had Elliot Segall managed to convince the authorities that satanic rituals were taking place at The Rocks?
  99. That, although this ordinance has undergone some modifications, extending, in a limited degree, the rights and privileges of the citizens, it still contains provisions incompatible with political liberty, and unfavorable to a due and impartial administration of justice, in the redress of private wrongs and injuries.
  100. It would be recollected that the Mississippi Territory was formerly the property of the State of Georgia, and ceded by that State to the United States on certain conditions, one of which was that the ordinance for the government of the Territory Northwest of the Ohio should be the basis of the government of the Mississippi Territory.

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