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Orient numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. She tried to orient herself.
  2. He tried to orient himself.
  3. In the Orient, religion and.
  4. Exotic butterflies of the orient.
  5. It originated in the Orient and was.

  6. There was a flavor of the Orient about it.
  7. Correctional Reception Center in Orient, Ohio.
  8. Orient, and the East to validate this information.
  9. It is said that Manila is the pearl of the Orient.
  10. Left? Right? She looked both ways to orient herself.
  11. One last thing they delivered to the Orient was Wong.
  12. As they did this they started a real crisis in the Orient.
  13. The young monk struggled to orient himself to time and place.
  14. His perfectly round face hints Orient Express and beautiful spies.
  15. Why not try it again with the new immigration from the old Orient?

  16. Cabin lights flickered, the turbines whined and Northwest Orient flight.
  17. The old Orient had something fairy-like (about it), but nothing burlesque.
  18. Northwest Orient 727 soaring above the terminal and climbing rapidly into.
  19. There was no land in sight, and with no stars, no means to orient ourselves.
  20. You can orient your greenhouse so that you can save money on heating system.
  21. Some of them are from the Orient or Arabia, and are indeed quite exotic looking.
  22. Puller looked through the feed initially to orient himself to the spatial parameters.
  23. I try to relax against the wall, but it’s difficult without my vision to orient me.
  24. Just as at one time the martial arts were developed in the Orient and today they are.
  25. Along with a rather thick file on Japan there seem to be plans for most of the Orient.

  26. He listened to music from the Middle East, the Orient, India and anything else he could.
  27. Orient and elsewhere develop to their normal physical growth and healthy adulthood on a.
  28. This might be a good spot to orient a radio telescope in search of an intelligent signal.
  29. As in the Orient, we fall and take our killer with us, using all his weight for his defeat.
  30. Thus the prevalence of Athenian coins in the Orient is accounted for by these circumstances.
  31. We were all trying to orient ourselves with what we had seen from the air--but it wasn't easy.
  32. Behind, in the occident, lies death and sorrow; ahead, in the orient, emptiness and purposelessness.
  33. Sinks and sewers played a great part in the Middle Ages, in the Lower Empire and in the Orient of old.
  34. O Fantine, maid worthy of being called Marguerite or Pearl, you are a woman from the beauteous Orient.
  35. He then looked around him to orient himself in the dark, the quay being poorly lit by a few rare oil lamps.
  36. For tourists who see Hong Kong and do not know Manila, Hong Kong is, without doubt, the pearl of the Orient.
  37. Convinced that the transoceanic trip to the Orient was suitably short, he set sail under the Spanish flag in 1492.
  38. When she returned to England from the Orient, mother offered her hearth and home while she 'assembled her memoirs.
  39. G——, at this solemn moment, resembled the king in that tale of the Orient who was flesh above and marble below.
  40. Before beginning the actual task of printing, it is necessary to orient the worksheet to the specifics of a printer.
  41. Visitors from abroad wandered the Peal of the Orient, the famous shoppers’ paradise, wondering what had gone wrong.
  42. Taylor told her she ought to be--and then she would at least see India or China, those mysterious lands of the Orient.
  43. The cross-legged attitude has been, and still is, much used in the Orient, and many books have been written on the subject.
  44. The following is a summary of the five phases that help you orient others to your re/org and help get started righting the enterprise.
  45. Each relaxed, looked about to orient himself, then began to review in his mind the data he had entered on his mission card (BNH Form 16).
  46. Even a few trusting tourists ignored the amused glances of the local patrons as they dared to savour what they considered the real Orient.
  47. His heart beat within the hollow space, lost, unable to orient itself, but one command, one word from her, could make everything right again.
  48. In later years, the band successfully toured the Near East, Africa, the Orient, South and Central America, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.
  49. She gave him directions, and as she did so, he was able to orient himself and realized that he had emerged from the Polonia on Poznanska Street.
  50. I like gentle, loving, quiet, caring, and easy – going (like you) and then decided to find an introduction service and correspond with the Orient.
  51. And this reminds me that had the great Sperm Whale been known to the young Orient World, he would have been deified by their child-magian thoughts.
  52. He checks back to make sure no one’s following and then uses the park to orient himself toward … well, what? You couldn’t quite call it a home.
  53. He was instrumental in opening the Northwest to settlement and the Orient to American trade, and he did it without help or subsidies from the government.
  54. This way, you will have something enjoyable and comforting to latch onto as you attempt to orient yourself in the strange, quiet world of the early morning.
  55. Christianity came not merely as a new religion -- something all the Roman Empire and all the Orient were waiting for -- but as a new order of human society.
  56. Suddenly, the sun made its appearance; the immense light of the Orient burst forth, and one would have said that it had set fire to all those ferocious heads.
  57. He had taken part in a meeting of union leaders and had been commissioned, along with Colonel Gavilán, to mingle in the crowd and orient it accord-ing to how things went.
  58. If the prevailing wind is strong or stormy weather is predicted, it’s better to orient the sharper, more aerodynamic end of your tent (often the rear) toward the breeze.
  59. It was a while sight, with his thick white hair and weather-beaten face, clad in an old cord cap, overcoat and before Tom could orient himself enough to hand his ticket in.
  60. After another five minutes of cautious walking, the five of them finally emerged from the clouds of white smoke, allowing Ingrid to orient herself with the help of her map.
  61. From the street came smoozy castor oil exhaust fumes and raucous taxi and cyclo horns, sad adjuncts to a city that once rightfully held the title of the Pearl of the Orient.
  62. But Christianity, as it is subdivided and secularized today, presents the greatest single obstacle to its further advancement; especially is this true concerning the Orient.
  63. The brief definitions that follow are not meant to be comprehensive, but should quickly orient you to the basic meaning of the astrological terms you come across in your reading.
  64. It took a moment for Colling to orient himself, but then he realized all he had to do was follow the fast-disappearing tire tracks of the pickup to return to where they had started.
  65. The Phoenician home port cities were very important centers of trade, due in no small part to their location as gates from the Mediterranean to Mesopotamia and beyond, toward the orient.
  66. Whereupon, this traveler from the Orient proposed to advance to Jesus the wages of one year so that he could intrust such funds to his friends for the safeguarding of his family against want.
  67. I have already spoken of the SELF in other books of mine and in a series of previous articles, and my description of it is quite different from the way that it is commonly described in the Orient.
  68. What shall be done with this leadership? Right here in our midst are some two hundred thousand representatives of that empire, every one of whom with hardly an exception hopes some time to return to his native Orient.
  69. The famous coeval English scientist, Sir John Bennett, in one of his meetings with western scientists, said: All the sciences that we have achieved are not equal to the sea of that great eminent scholar in the Orient.
  70. Two days after the USS Suwanee left Acapulco and sailed north to begin her search for the Shenandoah, the Shenandoah encountered the English bark, Barracuda, en route from San Francisco to the Orient with a full cargo load.
  71. This tenebrosity of the interior, he proceeded to say, hath not been illumined by the wit of the septuagint nor so much as mentioned for the Orient from on high Which brake hell's gates visited a darkness that was foraneous.
  72. The famous coeval English scientist, Sir John Godolphin Bennett, in one of his meetings with western scientists, said: All the sciences that we have achieved are not equal to the sea of that great eminent scholar in the Orient.
  73. The lewd suggestions of some faded beauty may console him for a consort neglected and debauched but this new exponent of morals and healer of ills is at his best an exotic tree which, when rooted in its native orient, throve and.
  74. The stinking Vasco de Gama who never circumnavigated anything and was famous for his cold blooded cruelty towards all the new people of the orient he met, has been touted and glorified for centuries by the European liars called historians.
  75. Along with other documents they’d arrived that morning from the Orient in a diplomatic bag carried by a flexible foreign diplomat and Wolf had personally executed the exchange of the sixty thousand Clegg dollars for the four new identities.
  76. His last task before climbing back down was to orient and fix the dish antenna skyward, then to check that it was getting the proper satellite signal, with a short call made to Ian to verify that he was receiving the satellite feed correctly.
  77. When he returned to his country, he repeated his famous words before a crowd of scientists and educated professors, saying: Indeed, all the sciences that we have obtained do not equal the sea of sciences of that great scholar in the Orient.
  78. Laura suggested that we take a sleeper train through Australia since I hated to fly, and I grudgingly admitted that I had always wanted to go on the Orient Express, but that I’d sort of consider it a wasted opportunity if a murder didn’t happen.
  79. Father, I'm praying for the women who've been hurt and damaged by irresponsible men, that You will cause a great wave of healing to flow; and a new sense of safety come in the church, as families and marriages begin to orient around Your will and purpose.
  80. Why? Because the convent, which is common to the Orient as well as to the Occident, to antiquity as well as to modern times, to paganism, to Buddhism, to Mahometanism, as well as to Christianity, is one of the optical apparatuses applied by man to the Infinite.
  81. Whether it is for a single spiritual mentoring session or for ongoing one-to-one spiritual guidance, this is an opportunity for you to more completely orient your life toward the true source of peace, joy, and happiness, especially if there is not ongoing satsang or other support available in your location.
  82. Whether it is for a single spiritual mentoring session or for ongoing one-to-one spiritual guidance, this is an opportunity for you to more completely orient your life towards the true source of peace, joy, and happiness, especially if there is not ongoing satsang or other support available in your location.
  83. In large part, job models will also serve to orient the workforce on an individual basis as to the way(s) in which you intend for them to be re/organized at least in terms of what they must do, but not who they will be organized with (teams—see Phase 4) or how they will be managed organizationally (see Phase 5).
  84. In this way, adults orient their children by the originating experiences they deposit as attractors: the who am I and what should I be? Yet, even though every parent affects their child's development, there is no universal script for raising an obedient child, a model student and a perfect citizen, there is only what you do.
  85. Theses teachings have absorbed a great deal of the real wisdom in the participative thought of the Middle Ages and of the Orient; they are utterly unsatisfactory, however, as unitary conceptions, rather than as simply compilations of particular insights of participative thought through the ages, and they commit the same methodological sin that historical materialism commits: a methodical indiscrimination of what is given and what is set as a task, of what is and what ought to be.
  86. Hence the profound dissatisfaction with modern philosophy on the part of those who think participatively, a dissatisfaction that compels some of them to have recourse to such a conception as historical materialism which, in spite of all its defects and defaults, is attractive to participative consciousness because of its effort to build its world in such a way as to provide a place in it for the performance of determinate, concretely historical, actual deeds; a striving and action-performing consciousness can actually orient itself in the world of historical materialism.
  87. But as I delivered myself from that one, I am inclined to believe that there is no other that can hurt me; and so, these enchanters, seeing that they cannot exert their vile craft against my person, revenge themselves on what I love most, and seek to rob me of life by maltreating that of Dulcinea in whom I live; and therefore I am convinced that when my squire carried my message to her, they changed her into a common peasant girl, engaged in such a mean occupation as sifting wheat; I have already said, however, that that wheat was not red wheat, nor wheat at all, but grains of orient pearl.
  88. The discussions at the Nicene Council (AD 325) revealed the fact that there were three parties present: the Strict Arians, the Semi-Arians and the Alexander-Athanasian party…The latter party, with the help of Constantine and the Western bishops secured the adoption of [the] creed…The sons of Constantine continued to favor the Semi-Arian party, which included a large majority of the Eastern bishops, but the Western Churches generally adhered to the Nicene creed…The distracted condition of the Orient, due to the war with Persia, and the demoralized state of many of the bishoprics under Arian leadership made it relatively easy for Theodosius the Great to espouse and support the Nicene party…Arianism was soon suppressed within the empire, but it continued for a long time to prevail among the Barbarians (Encyc.
  89. He then felt her smock, and although it was of sackcloth it appeared to him to be of the finest and softest silk: on her wrists she wore some glass beads, but to him they had the sheen of precious Orient pearls: her hair, which in some measure resembled a horse's mane, he rated as threads of the brightest gold of Araby, whose refulgence dimmed the sun himself: her breath, which no doubt smelt of yesterday's stale salad, seemed to him to diffuse a sweet aromatic fragrance from her mouth; and, in short, he drew her portrait in his imagination with the same features and in the same style as that which he had seen in his books of the other princesses who, smitten by love, came with all the adornments that are here set down, to see the sorely wounded knight; and so great was the poor gentleman's blindness that neither touch, nor smell, nor anything else about the good lass that would have made any but a carrier vomit, were enough to undeceive him; on the contrary, he was persuaded he had the goddess of beauty in his arms, and holding her firmly in his grasp he went on to say in low, tender voice:.
  90. Pearl of the Orient Sea,.
  1. Smelling the bait, the shark swam toward Phil, orienting itself so that its tail was under Louie.
  2. Nonetheless, this construction is typical as orienting one wall to the south enables the greenhouse to receive maximum solar energy exposure.
  3. He cut off small portions of line, tied them to the large fishhooks, and then tied three hooks to the fingers of one hand, one on his pinkie, one on his middle finger, one on his thumb, orienting them as if they were claws.
  4. Above the floating mist Florentino Ariza saw the dome of the Cathedral, gilded by the first light of dawn, he saw the dovecotes on the flat roofs, and orienting himself by them, he located the balcony of the palace of the Marquis de Casalduero, where he supposed that the lady of his misfortune was still dozing, her head on the shoulder of her satiated husband.
  1. It oriented itself towards them.
  2. And that which you are oriented.
  3. You are also very family oriented.
  4. Oriented toward the financial advisor.
  5. It is completely member oriented with a.
  6. Not oriented graph: 2*E edges to examine.
  7. Most of them are caste or religion oriented.
  8. Today’s liberal is also oriented to change.
  9. It is oriented to the past and to the present.
  10. Fos oriented towards Hades, kneeling before him.
  11. Health care would no longer be crisis oriented.
  12. A variety of my historically oriented books can.
  13. What are the signs a business is customer oriented?
  14. They are oriented toward making money, not losing it.
  15. I then oriented myself with the videos I’d reviewed.
  16. This is called the object oriented programming paradigm.
  17. Health care would no longer be dominantly profit oriented.
  18. I was career oriented, had my retirement planned, everything.
  19. I found Brian Carter to be completely oriented and rational.
  20. She was shyer than average and more detail oriented than average.
  21. And indeed, unlike western cosmogony that has been always oriented.
  22. Some of the best CEOs are collegial, team oriented, and soft spoken.
  23. I have tried to ingrain an action oriented consciousness in you by.
  24. He imagined most of the house was oriented to the water view in back.
  25. It did not make us exceedingly clever and 100% criminal law oriented.
  26. Definitely not the concerns of a self sufficient career oriented woman.
  27. The mind which is earnestly and firmly oriented to selfless action is.
  28. But to a woman feelings were everything—her life oriented around them.
  29. I hope this project is a little more chemistry oriented than the last.
  30. When you are giving love, you are oriented toward the energy of love and.
  31. Like all great adventurers, we’ll start by getting oriented for the trip.
  32. Classes and objects are the two main aspecs of object oriented programming.
  33. We’re all oriented the same way, that’s why we’re staying in a gay.
  34. Carefully, he oriented the barrel away from himself and dragged the gun out.
  35. Traders are typically short-term oriented and have no problem using leverage.
  36. To dream of having ideals indicate that you are ambitious and goal oriented.
  37. San Francisco had basically been a pass oriented team during the last few years.
  38. The dwarves relied on their mining experience to remain oriented to their path.
  39. He lay there for a moment listening as he oriented himself to his surroundings.
  40. This is when trend followers and other technically oriented investors participate.
  41. She climbed up to the swing, using Garcia as a ladder, oriented herself head 295.
  42. Astray was already sunning himself in the prow by the time Jai got up and oriented.
  43. Authentic conversations will come across less sales oriented and people respect it.
  44. Introduction to C++: Procedure oriented programming, Introduction to object oriented.
  45. Traditionally, many, but not all, women are taught to be relationally oriented in the.
  46. This can be accomplished with a properly oriented and heat-traced filter housing fitted.
  47. Globally oriented big business, including oil companies, had positioned for gains as well.
  48. Dimensions are linear Conditions which are oriented at an angle of 90 degrees to each other.
  49. Air breathers and water dwellers, perhaps a bit more aquatically oriented than the Selkies.
  50. Here is a short list of the most popular wealth and success oriented tapes selling on Amazon:.
  51. They also desire companies whose common stocks they are recommending to be short-term oriented.
  52. The method prefigured many of the formulas used by quantitatively oriented value investors today.
  53. The water picked up faint gleams from the thin moon and the stars, and I was able to get oriented.
  54. The longer a child studies a martial art, the more goal oriented and responsible they will become.
  55. Here’s the advertising cycle that must exist to reach a big income: Emotional response oriented.
  56. Then the direction of your energy changes from being oriented towards the past, into the present….
  57. In any case, things were different now: a shift to more computer oriented feedback, it was surmised.
  58. Its actions should be oriented toward protecting the value of our currency, both today and tomorrow.
  59. Roller coaster: Ministry that survives on signs and wonders; excitement oriented rather than faith based.
  60. After some time, he oriented himself back to the present and to the oratory and wondered about the moon.
  61. Presence of mind keep you alert, focused on a relaxed state and action oriented and it helps dispel fear.
  62. It’s as if the two halves are aligned at last, and oriented, as most hive-minds are, toward restoration.
  63. Later, when the sun came out, if you were in a valley oriented to the sun, it got real hot in a big hurry.
  64. Not much beyond the idea that we’re conscious energy having experience in a physically oriented world.
  65. Action oriented: A goal that says I want to win the lottery is not going to help you win the lottery.
  66. What is a Dimension? A Dimension is a Linear Condition which is oriented 90 degrees to all other Dimensions.
  67. He had no trouble understanding that he may not be oriented in the direction of travel and still be moving.
  68. All three ways: in all three Conditions of Length, Width, and Depth… all oriented 90 degrees to each other.
  69. Technically oriented traders like to combine these exit points with standard equity stop rules to formulate.
  70. The first derivative product developed to be based on a volatility oriented index was the VIX futures contract.
  71. Baker Hughes provides technologically oriented solutions to its customers to maximize oil field output efficiency.
  72. Salvation is the greatest covenant which is universal and eternal oriented towards the gates of Heavenly Jerusalem.
  73. By forcing most human actions and motivations to be profit-based, and profit oriented; you get a dehumanized society.
  74. To make the solar greenhouse collect optimum power, the length of the greenhouse is oriented along east to west axis.
  75. If you market a health oriented product, you have a huge market waiting to learn about your products and opportunity.
  76. You can evaluate how customer oriented a business is by observing how management maintains its connection to customers.
  77. Jack drove to Emerald Park, another park in New Star that had less shady characters and was a more family oriented place.
  78. Our thugs are still oriented to the burning of shops and cars on every available political demonstration or other occasion.
  79. She packed quite a punch, and I spun for a minute, but when I got oriented, I gave her two in the heart and one in the head.
  80. I also knew, having worked with him before, that he was strongly bottom-line oriented, and from his experience rightfully so.
  81. Roy’s view wasn’t oriented so much to what would happen next, as much as to what would happen eventually, in the future.
  82. Oriented in this way, I wandered toward the loading docks until a man about my age approached, and directed me to follow him.
  83. Teaches how to use five integrated Thinking Processes to build a competitive, customer oriented, and value-driven organisation.
  84. Valid statistics prove that opposite sex oriented people, both women and men, are far more likely to molest children than gays.
  85. Some of the best CEOs are collegial, team oriented, and soft spoken, and they are able to gain the confidence of their employees.
  86. The subjects I studied were economically oriented and I specialized in statistics, which in the final analysis, did not thrill me.
  87. The three Infinite Dimensions of our Universe are made up of these three Conditions which are all oriented 90 degrees to each other.
  88. Game is solution oriented; it's almost always incentivized with reward for the winning idea, person, team, or even the right people.
  89. It is object oriented, much more flexible, hence powerful, yet confusing to the novice, as there are multiple ways to do anything in R.
  90. Many corporate managements and activists have become far more oriented toward short-run results than is really productive for the economy.
  91. But it was good to feel oriented, to know that they were drifting toward land somewhere out there, on the far side of the earth’s tilt.
  92. Even today in agricultural and business oriented families in villages and towns people tend to live in large multigenerational households.
  93. Swing trading can provide for a much larger profit potential than day trading, which can tend to be hit and run or scalping oriented and beyond.
  94. A corollary of this is that the typical GARP securities buyer is short-run oriented and tries to buy at, or near, bottoms for securities prices.
  95. And while task oriented individuals can be selectively productive, it’s also good to have people around that are cognizant of the big picture.
  96. Now I had faith oriented products promising instant abundance, instantaneous healing and whatever else was competing for your motives that Sunday.
  97. He was a strange man, no question, but Kurt knew he was driven, goal oriented and that this set back would not deter him from his life objectives.
  98. You are looking for examples either in articles written about a business or customer interviews that demonstrate the business is customer oriented.
  99. One of the major benefits of object oriented programming is reuse of code and one of the ways this is achieved is through the inheritance mechanism.
  100. In contrast, a short-term oriented manager considers spending money on training employees a waste of money and a discretionary cost that can be eliminated.
  1. Migration occurred with the descendants of the Orients heading.
  2. Glancing up at the street signs, she orients herself and begins walking.
  3. Since everything about their approach orients them toward companies that are not in rapidly changing industries in which technological innovation may undermine value in weeks if not days, they can afford to sit back and wait.

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