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Origin numa frase em (in ingles)

1. This origin can be for.
2. This has a Dutch origin.
3. The Origin of the Species.
4. On the Origin of Species.
5. On the Origin of Prairies.
6. The origin of human guilt.
7. Both have a common origin.

8. Others have a later origin.
9. It depends on their origin.
10. And its origin was a mystery.
11. The origin of human culture.
12. The origin of human non-love.
13. The origin of human sacrifices.
14. Origin of the term "Wahhabi".
15. No one knows the exact origin.
16. Its origin is Pagan to the core.
17. Nothing special about its origin.
18. Lots of saltwater origin meaty.
20. It might have a military origin.
21. The Origin And End Of The World.
22. Galdikas is of Lithuanian origin.
23. It's origin is Pagan to the core.
24. Church had its origin at Pentecost.
25. The origin of the evil is twofold.
26. He suddenly wondered at its origin.
27. The word "Hell" is of Saxon origin.
28. A theory of the origin of the state.
29. And there is the key to the origin.
30. Many characters with a Holy origin.
31. Most State of Origin series wins.
32. The recent single origin of modern.
33. The origin of the schism is unclear.
34. They are apocalyptic in their origin.
35. They may share a common origin with.
36. Every character should have an Origin.
37. Its volcanic origin was unmistakable.
38. He represents the origin of our fear.
39. Such is the man and such is his origin.
40. Accursed rascal! What is his origin?

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