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Outcome numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. No matter what the outcome.
  2. This was never the outcome.
  3. He didn't doubt the outcome.
  4. It was the perfect outcome.
  5. The outcome here was instant.

  6. Its outcome, also, is with.
  7. There can be no other outcome.
  8. The outcome was never in doubt.
  9. The outcome has been promising.
  10. The outcome is worth more than.
  11. The outcome was an invasion of.
  12. We may assign a value to outcome.
  13. He who is above the outcome of.
  14. The outcome is something to be.
  15. Only the outcome meant anything.

  16. I was very happy with the outcome.
  17. He knew the outcome all the time.
  18. The overall outcome is the most.
  19. I surrendered the outcome of the.
  20. The outcome would be disastrous!.
  21. All bets were off for the outcome.
  22. The conceptual outcome of a coin.
  23. So, we start with the outcome that.
  24. Better to leave the outcome to God.
  25. He wasn't pleased with the outcome.

  26. Stop trying to control the outcome.
  27. The OBE (Outcome Based Education).
  28. No way to tell the outcome, either.
  29. Satan where the outcome is uncertain.
  30. Every time the outcome was the same.
  31. And the outcome is for the cautious.
  32. The outcome of his decisions would.
  33. Then, what is the outcome of this?
  34. Whatever the outcome, we have to try.
  35. They both knew the outcome of capture.
  36. This did not bring any useful outcome.
  37. Outcome Result Where Does This Occur?
  38. This is a natural outcome of tool-use.
  39. Assess the outcome of your interview.
  40. An outcome is something we can observe.
  41. Whatever the outcome, he’d be right.
  42. You will be encouraged by the outcome.
  43. A protected belief is also an outcome.
  44. He tried again, with the same outcome.
  45. It is hard to imagine a worse outcome.
  46. He knows the outcome will lead to hi.
  47. The outcome wasn’t quite so lopsided.
  48. Are you convinced about the outcome in.
  49. Altogether a very satisfactory outcome.
  51. He said the outcome was very remarkable.
  52. Your methods will determine your outcome.
  53. Whatever the outcome of the evening’s.
  54. I always predicted this eventual outcome.
  55. For the outcome of these things is death.
  56. With God rests the outcome of all events.
  57. Whatever the outcome he will support you.
  58. One outcome of the advance of technology.
  59. The outcome seemed considerably in doubt.
  60. He remembered that income is the outcome.
  61. Focus on the purpose of the outcome when.
  62. This is an outcome that you can create in.
  63. The outcome is only confusion and bondage.
  64. The outcome of this meeting was paramount.
  65. There could be a lot riding on the outcome.
  66. The outcome had been taken from his hands.
  67. Any doubt about the outcome, and they run.
  68. I was frightened of what the outcome was.
  69. They had no idea what the outcome would be.
  70. Bad outcome does appear to be related to.
  71. He was not happy with the current outcome.
  72. Always remember that income is the outcome.
  73. The real world suggests a different outcome.
  74. Sir, when will you know the outcome?
  75. ABC is one possible outcome or permutation.
  76. What was the outcome of the X-rays?
  77. The outcome that was brought about by the.
  78. Have I considered what will be the outcome?
  79. And the better the eventual outcome will be.
  80. Only destructive anger has negative outcome.
  81. Still the outcome remains the same but the.
  82. Certainty of outcome is considered paramount.
  83. Senada’s bed telling her about the outcome.
  84. With this the final outcome of yagya emerges.
  85. Father, the outcome of the paths of pain.
  86. The relatively poor outcome with sertraline.
  87. A lot depended on the outcome of this meeting.
  88. I know, then, what the outcome of this will be.
  89. Well, if we can influence the outcome that is.
  90. However this will have no effect on the outcome.
  91. But there’s only one outcome that suits you.
  92. However, in reality only one outcome will occur.
  93. He knew the outcome; he had lost this struggle.
  94. What was the outcome of that evening? Mike felt.
  95. The prediction of the outcome of the experiment.
  96. The outcome may not always be exactly what you.
  97. It is the final outcome of a series of complex.
  98. But now he had to consider the possible outcome.
  99. Sometimes it brings the desired outcome, other.
  100. Cherry swung the tin again, with the same outcome.

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