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  1. Do not overload the pupil's.
  2. So what is PROGRESSIVE overload?
  3. I ignored the information overload.
  4. I don’t want to overload you but.
  5. The reactors must be close to overload.

  6. He was clearly trying to create an overload.
  7. Doctors said it was caused by work overload.
  8. D) Do not overload hoisting or lifting device.
  9. Pungent cheeses send me into sensory overload.
  10. A gauge labeled "OVERLOAD" is pegged in the red zone.
  11. An intimidating overload of problems clogged her mind.
  12. In fact, there's so much information, you can overload.
  13. Get to the reactor, set it to overload, save the world.
  14. My mind swirled in the overload of confusion and I felt.
  15. The Overload showed no fear of the possibility of spies.

  16. They’ll burn your feet when they’re about to overload.
  17. Samara was on information overload; this had to be a dream.
  18. Some zoos allow stimulus overload to engulf the animals in.
  19. Overload is definitely something I need to caution you about.
  20. Its reactor core would overload in approximately seven seconds.
  21. But it is equally important not to overload your audience's brains.
  22. Informational overload: a newly-arrived cult member is subjected to.
  23. Ahmed was already there giving orders to try and handle the overload.
  24. We already covered the concept of OVERLOAD in the 'Intensity' section.
  25. I consider this organization because this is where information overload.

  26. Her brain was liable to overload with everything that she was taking in.
  27. Some people with milder forms of thalassemia may also have iron overload.
  28. And thus, they have liberated our perceptions and thoughts from overload.
  29. But you do that near a planet and you’ll overload the system, which is.
  30. Choose a dictionary that does not overload you with rare and not that useful.
  31. The more you would overload you the more you would become slower in your progress.
  32. Lactic acid buildup is also increased for quicker overload without real overtraining.
  33. I experienced sensory overload, Garcia said, stepping closer to the force field.
  34. Eric's body froze as his mind did its best to deal with the overload of self-reflection.
  35. The volume cranks up to overload and Billy starts to sing as he slides down onto his knees.
  36. The reduction in the sizes of the diodes and resisters would create an overload condition.
  37. An LSD "trip" can last for a day and may overload the user's brain with sensory information.
  38. This towers got to come down! Best way to do that is to overload the reactor in the basement.
  39. Once trapped, a barrage of energy should overload The Eliminator and squash it into nothingness.
  40. In general, due to sitting for a long time, her back and nerves couldn’t endure such an overload.
  41. I’ve felt the same adrenaline overload covering rage and fear and the emotional numbness of shock.
  42. Then, to my horror, I watched as he set the power cells on all four of his ATHIDs to manual overload.
  43. Progressive overload simply means that you can’t keep lifting the same weights for the same number.
  44. John went to the basement to overload the reactor to blow up the building! Asia said in a panic.
  45. I recommend implementing these one at a time, to ensure that you don't overload and burn yourself out.
  46. The stern-sounding woman warned that a full systems overload was possible before reaching optimization.
  47. Sometimes stress overload becomes such a common feature of our lives that we are unaware that it is happening.
  48. With this overload of information, choosing the best product that fits your needs can get pretty overwhelming.
  49. There’s a real danger in having too many monitors, as a trader can quickly find himself with information overload.
  50. Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenthiel – Blur: How to Know What’s True in the Age of Information Overload (2011: Bloomsbury).
  51. Although no upper limit could be deduced because of sensor overload, it was terribly dangerous to be nearby at those times.
  52. Peter, as he heard Jesus say that, immediately his mind goes into overload, what will happen to me? So this is what he says.
  53. This is the situation we have today: tons of facts, an overload of technological information… but no learning of the heart.
  54. Sometimes the less information overload you allow to distract you or scare you into making rash moves, the better off you are.
  55. Not quickly, but after about three firings of the pulsar, it would overload the circuit and render the firing mechanism useless.
  56. At the end of the day they were on Ava's verandah again, it was a good place to wind down the day, it had been a day of overload.
  57. Garcia planted his plastic on the second pipe, retrieved his remaining phaser, set it for overload, and stuck it in the plastic.
  58. As it was, he just went along with everything, his brain on total overload so that he was drifting like a dust mote in a sunbeam.
  59. When you consider that there are two meanings for every third English word there's an obvious challenge with information overload.
  60. Feeling as though his head was spinning on overload, trying to process too much information, he sat down on the floor feeling dizzy.
  61. The surge had done bad things to the keen senses of the half-cetra, driving the fractured portions of his mind crazy with the overload.
  62. This toxic overload of information is a virtual ethic without real wisdom, creating dead zones of indifference, apathy, and exhaustion.
  63. He started to create an overload in the support systems by boosting the input level, a simple matter of overriding the power modulator.
  64. I was afraid that seeing you and me together would overload and the top of her head fly off and we would never be able to get it back on.
  65. Transwarp is offline and so are the transporters, due to feed back that caused an overload in the main transmitter array, Undine said.
  66. Whenever there is too much connectivity, there is the threat of a catastrophic overload and critical failure of the system's interconnections.
  67. He feels wired, on caffeine overload, but it is better than the void, better than the numb impotence that curls around the edges of his world.
  68. The civilian members were glad of the overload because it meant they would get certificates of non-availability of government transpor�tation.
  69. These Nintendo games are merely a cultural symptom of the overload, the accumulated overload of too many undead filth seeping into living humans.
  70. This is because during the pubescent years, an overload of hormones floods the system, particularly the hormone 5 alpha dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
  71. What they needed was in Mary’s head; the changes to the diagrams and formulas for resisters that would make the Soviet satellite overload itself.
  72. It looked as though everyone was on caffeine overload, babbling into headsets, changing plastic cards from slot to slot – moving at double speed.
  73. The key is to set clear definitive goals that you will achieve within a certain time frame, and not to overload yourself with too many at the one time.
  74. He was called to emergency duty because the bus width for the number of personifications that are interacting within sight of each other was in overload.
  75. The two seconds of stares was almost input overload for each person’s brain; both of them were fast-processing the nuances of each other’s expression.
  76. My guess was that the atmosphere here was so highly charged from the ring of Crystal Mountains that it was occasionally discharging due to energy overload.
  77. Information overload and the current political climate could make us long for a time when the world seemed simpler and Good and Evil were clearly delineated.
  78. In the days that followed their father’s untimely passing, brother and sister lived in a world of frayed tempers, compassionate overload and weary resignation.
  79. The TIAR computer realised it was being duped and had reacted with hostility (or even malevolence), trying to overload the artificial neural net during interface.
  80. Use the powers granted as you please; but take care, in your haste after effectual dominion, not to overload the scales by heaping it with these new acquisitions.
  81. There were federal police on hand as well as the airport still had several international flights to Asia running due to the overload at the main Brisbane Airport.
  82. If they have never experienced pain, which they could not handle, if they were helped whenever they were in pain: then their pain would not overload and accumulate into fear.
  83. By noon on the day after the arrests north of Boston, the federal justice system was well on the road to recovering from the overload following the arrest of nearly 3,000 people.
  84. The man is in overload and it will take him a few seconds to regain control, more than enough for Alex to get close, close enough to make running or fighting-back an irrelevance.
  85. It's not that we don't have fully functioning brains, it's that they are over active and sometimes over functioning; this leads to an overload and then to temporary irrationality.
  86. But his ship’s momentum continued to hurtle it forward, toward the Disrupter, and on my HUD, his ship began to flash red, indicating that its reactor core had been set to overload.
  87. It is possible at times that these areas succumb to sickness because of sensory overload within a body or existence that has not yet adjusted to the sensory perceptions of these areas.
  88. Nancy had advised Maryam Shirzai not to overload her recruits, but also to carry a good amount of ammunition and water, plus rations for a day, mindful of the average fitness level of their recruits.
  89. Included here are the deformation arthroses of the joint after extended micro-traumas (chronic overload of the joint) and the periostitis – most often in the form of epicondilitis and epitrochlitis.
  90. The information overload of our modern technology is just as much a pollutant as the smog produced from our cars, or the constant bombardment of radio, television, and other frequencies that fill the air.
  91. When a society has accelerated to this point of hyper-stimulated overload, they are in a zombe-trigger trance state: obeying and executing without question or dissent their controlling meta-Nism's dictates.
  92. Con�gress�men, senators, and investigating committees in addition to members of the military had begun to overload the SAM facilities with their relentless and increasing flow of traffic between Washington and Saigon, and return.
  93. She’s going to be constantly involved with the care of your child, there will be lots of hands on work to do – and this can just produce a total touch overload – which in turn could make additional touching from you undesirable.
  94. Such was the quantity being transmitted the microchip instantly started to heat up, the temperature increasing rapidly as it started to overload and he quickly removed it and re-programmed it to only detect abnormal or unusual transmissions.
  95. Along with all this technology -- which includes the TV too, by the way -- comes information overload, says Daphne Stevens, PhD, a psychotherapist, life coach and author of the forthcoming book, Watercolor Bedroom: Creating a Soulful Midlife.
  96. A thousand same beginnings reloaded hardware neuron cells million-year-life hormone technology magic immortality torture study collection of collections of electric connection patterns all information overload death ending always in absolute mystery.
  97. They have frequently overloaded the fund, even upon the first anticipation; and when this happened not to be the case, they have generally taken care to overload it, by anticipating a second and a third time, before the expiration of the first anticipation.
  98. Yet still, the cranks and clogs of my mind must have been set on overload that dreary Wednesday afternoon, for after a little times distance I scarcely heard the sound of what could only be described as the rapping and clapping of hoofs in the upper chambers.
  99. Most emails are junk, the entire concept of email increases the length of the workday and the Internet has provided us with information overload, which you can read about in Blur: How to Know What’s True in the Age of Information Overload by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenthiel.
  1. This method is an overloading method.
  2. Java supports method name overloading, so that a class can have.
  3. Part of his brain is overloading during times of extreme stress or emotion.
  4. Jaden blacks out and goes into shock from the pain quickly overloading his brain.
  5. In this chapter we illustrated the dynamics of only one effectiveness indicator (to avoid overloading the text with monotonous figures).
  6. This poignant singing, however, was force-feeding his senses and overloading them with bucketfuls of emotional nutrients and enchantment.
  7. To avoid overloading the database with superfluous data (which might only occasionally be needed), these indicators are calculated as the need arises.
  8. Despite the repeated orders of the pilot, those men refused to come off the helicopter, or even to limit their number in order to avoid overloading the machine.
  9. It is merely overloading the price with as high a profit-margin as possible… until whatever is being sold becomes so outrageously expensive… that people stop buying it.
  10. We can use plain old regular expressions, string processing, a combination of operator overloading, and metaprogramming, or a library/tool that can do the hard work for us.
  11. The problem was that some of the present occupants of the rowboat would have to transfer in the life raft in order to compensate for the weight transfer and avoid overloading the rowboat.
  12. Had money never been raised but by anticipation, the course of a few years would have liberated the public revenue, without any other attention of government besides that of not overloading the fund, by charging it with more debt than it could pay within the limited term, and not of anticipating a second time before the expiration of the first anticipation.
  1. Now he was overloaded with both.
  2. You overloaded the audio circuits.
  3. We’re overloaded with useless information.
  4. The rest was carried by an overloaded Tahira.
  5. He was exhausted and his brain was overloaded.
  6. Carroll was feeling dangerously overloaded now.
  7. We were overloaded when we arrived at the skiff.
  8. The truck was a five ton flat bed, overloaded in.
  9. It’s overloaded with partially processed metals.
  10. We have become so overloaded in life that we have lost.
  11. But, I guess it all got overloaded in the creative side.
  12. The hospital was also quite overloaded for the first two.
  13. She didn't know it, but Vinny had overloaded them with rum.
  14. Overloaded in both van and trailer at the bottom of a steep.
  15. The Vault widened out into a chamber filled with overloaded.
  16. They are old and considerably overloaded, dont you think?
  17. The body bends facing the earth like an overloaded grasshopper.
  18. Overloaded by events, the wanderer glanced numbly around the room.
  19. Noah, emotionally overloaded, shaking, manages to nod in response.
  20. The question almost overloaded Roman’s brain, not because it was.
  21. In this Internet age, it is easy to get overloaded with information.
  22. But it just times out because it's overloaded and then crashes again.
  23. The trucks shall not be overloaded to avoid spillage of coal on the road.
  24. With our system overloaded, it must work overtime in an effort to catch up.
  25. Thanks, I said weakly as she took an overloaded tray from a woman outside.
  26. But the Chief Minister and his helpers were also overloaded by responsibilities.
  27. Happiness - an overloaded word too abstract to add any clarity to a conversation.
  28. All of us are overloaded with a ton of information all the time by different media.
  29. Greg finally decided his ship was so overloaded it jeopardized his ability to lift off.
  30. Just then, the door opened, and Jane entered, carrying another tray overloaded with food.
  31. He was like one of those kids overloaded on sugar who you knew just was about to explode.
  32. We have to stop three times for the engines to cool down, as the hondas are so overloaded.
  33. When the body is overloaded with stress it is unable to adapt, and tension becomes stored in.
  34. We work more hours and our senses are increasingly overloaded by entertainment to satiate us.
  35. It took almost four days to get the overloaded cart the relatively short distance to the town.
  36. The takeoff proved exciting, wrote Staff Sergeant Frank Rosynek of one overloaded departure.
  37. If you start to feel overloaded, just turn the receiving stone over so the flat side faces outward.
  38. Although the hull had withstood the blast, the proximity of the explosion had overloaded its systems.
  39. His stomach seemed to suddenly knot up, and his head seemed to spin as if overloaded with information.
  40. The road surface tore viciously at my tires and made Rocinante’s overloaded springs cry with anguish.
  41. The pulse point on his neck bulged and my overloaded senses reeled, racing gleefully in currents of red.
  42. In today’s busy world we need them to prevent us from being bombarded and overloaded with information.
  43. His mind overloaded, he looked over to see his now cold coffee sitting on the side table still untouched.
  44. I wished I could help her, but I felt too hungry and tired and mentally overloaded to ask any more questions.
  45. However, the state agency was currently so overloaded with requests for assistance, it was unable to help Mrs.
  46. Is is any wonder your body is overloaded and unable to properly rid itself of toxins and is crying out for help.
  47. The robot pilot has difficulty controlling the shuttlecraft's flight as by all appearances the craft is overloaded.
  48. The energy of that impact proved too much for the scoutship’s shield generator, which overloaded and burned out.
  49. The rat-a-tat bangs of the Fourth of July pyrotechnics overhead pumped adrenaline into my already overloaded system.
  50. They can’t be overpowered, they can only be overloaded, if you know what I mean, and that would really take a lot.
  51. As the information overloaded Krimshaw’s brain, he reeled and collapsed into a heap, slipping into unconsciousness.
  52. The ancient overloaded Hudson creaked and grunted to the highway at Sallisaw and turned west, and the sun was blinding.
  53. You do not want your server crashing because it is overloaded or for there to be problems with your product downloads.
  54. If your boat of life is overloaded with problems, then you can’t complete your voyage to the shore, soon you will capsized.
  55. Beyond the hiss of his skis, the only thing audible was the occasional dull whup of snow dropping from overloaded tree branches.
  56. When the liver is overloaded with toxic substances, these toxins begin to circulate in the blood and make the body tired and sluggish.
  57. When he went into a locked cabinet for the vitamins, I noticed that the entire cabinet was overloaded with the same brown envelopes.
  58. He was finding that even with being a vampire, sometimes being so connected to another's senses overloaded his mind beyond its capacity.
  59. Whats going to happen is that in a few hours the whole system will go into meltdown and the power grid will be overloaded and catch fire.
  60. The ship responded sluggishly and Greg blamed the depleted fissionable material in the reactor and the fact that the ship was seriously overloaded.
  61. Our mercantile marine was an infant Hercules; but it was overloaded beyond its strength: the crop was too abundant to be gathered by our hands alone.
  62. Her gallant was now ready, having disencumbered himself from his clothes, overloaded with lace, and presently, his shirt removed, shewed us his forces at.
  63. Staying with his last squad, Ken arrived at a beach six kilometers from Cavite as two life rafts overloaded with Japanese sailors were approaching the coast.
  64. The overloaded shields caused power surges and internal damage, in addition to tremendous amounts of energy coursing through the ship after the shields failed.
  65. Of course, EB was overloaded with new construction, but could have done at least as well as NNS in overhauling classes which it had built in the ‘50s and ‘60s.
  66. Everything! Although all the barges and boats are seriously overloaded, and we will have to take special care in their movement, we stand ready on my Lord’s command!.
  67. This filtering process makes it possible to live and function in the world, without being overloaded by all of the images, sounds, and sensations that bombard you every second.
  68. Another transport crashed on takeoff, in part because several Dutch POWs had overloaded the plane by packing aboard a large cache of GI shoes that they intended to sell back home.
  69. You tortured them via artificial stimuli/input until their brains overloaded, yet still no great results came about—it revealed nothing about ESP or the possibility of an afterlife.
  70. They rid the place of Tom's poor booze and overloaded on John's, vanquished the brandy, debilitated the sherry, and invited all the lords and ladies down to Finn's to improve the talk.
  71. Telephone lines overloaded and jammed as people tried to get information and direction, but the word eventually circulated that there would be an important message on the radio that evening.
  72. Then he continued, …and What About Emily? As you quite rightly pointed out, all the senior inspectors are already overloaded, we’d have no choice but to give her all your outstanding work.
  73. On the second flight, to Manila, the plane was so overloaded with POWs that it nearly crashed just after takeoff, dipping so low that seawater sprayed the POWs’ legs through gaps in the bomb bay floor.
  74. The internet is a very useful tool, but it’s so overloaded with marketing and biased and duplicate content from every person with his finger in the pie that it’s often frustrating and time-consuming.
  75. Her attempt at raising his morale however fizzled as it became evident that their life raft was already overloaded, with ten persons, including herself and Johnny, still standing on the deck of their yacht.
  76. Anyone alive at the time remembers the horrifying images of South Vietnamese fleeing during the fall of Saigon, and US helicopters being dumped off US ships because the ships were overloaded with Vietnamese refugees.
  77. They have frequently overloaded the fund, even upon the first anticipation; and when this happened not to be the case, they have generally taken care to overload it, by anticipating a second and a third time, before the expiration of the first anticipation.
  78. Within minutes the car park was flooded, drains failed to cope and, at the edge of the road, a street-lamp illuminated a fountain of storm-water gushing metres into the air as overloaded drains from higher up forced their burden out the first available exit.
  79. Have you ever joined a group where their conversation was overloaded with pronouns to the point where you had no idea who or what or where they were talking about? By missing the first few sentences where names and places were stated, you were lost for the next twenty minutes.
  80. There was some reason in this from their point of view, because the weight of seventeen women and children added to two grossly overloaded trucks might well be the last straw that would bring final breakdown, in which case the guards themselves would have been lucky to escape with a flogging at the hands of their officer.
  81. For a long time I used to attune myself so as to delight in those shapeless improvisations which form the subject-matter of the works of Beethoven's later period, but I had only to consider the question of art seriously, and to compare the impression I received from Beethoven's later works with those pleasant, clear, and strong musical impressions which are transmitted, for instance, by the melodies of Bach (his arias), Haydn, Mozart, Chopin, (when his melodies are not overloaded with complications and ornamentation), and of Beethoven himself in his earlier period, and, above all, with the impressions produced by folk-songs,—Italian, Norwegian, or Russian,—by the Hungarian tzardas, and other such simple, clear, and powerful music, and the obscure, almost unhealthy excitement from Beethoven's later pieces that I had artificially evoked in myself was immediately destroyed.
  82. A vision of the multitude of shoppers, overloaded carts,.
  83. They both looked at the house and road as they boarded the overloaded car,.
  84. Everything! Although all the barges and boats are seriously overloaded,.
  1. After careful thought, Fred offered Overloads just come and go, Ken.
  2. But if they don’t, it overloads human senses and turns the human into a sex addict, incapable of thought or speech, capable only of serving the sexual pleasures of whomever is their master.
  3. But it was always dangerous to control them, as usually when the program were being sent, the sentient programming in the Cyries often interrupted the signal and caused overloads and malfunctions-as was the case right now.
  4. That situation overloads the other sectors as the organizations with profit or non-profit that hug the social responsibility to minimize the social drama that annihilates the world as consequence of enormous and proven state-owned deficiency.
  5. Indulge virtuous in their work / With no relevance to outlook; With no illusion but diligence / Carries renunciant his duties / Agreeable or otherwise too; Needs one work to sustain life / Relinquients avoid, overloads all; Virtuous ever in self-control / Steady they wavering mind of theirs; What fail sprint ’n serve long run / Virtuous know keep woes at bay; Taking well and ill at ease / Senses honed ’n ego evened / Detached virtuous ever engage; Deal virtuous in measures equal / Weigh they fine all deeds their fair.

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