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Own numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He is on his own.
  2. He was on his own.
  3. In my own mind I.
  4. She was on her own.
  5. But is it our own.

  6. I pay my own bills.
  7. Unless it was his own.
  8. Brutus was on his own.
  9. He, too, made his own.
  10. I know my own species.
  11. Do your own dirty work.
  12. He was her own brother.
  13. He was off in his own.
  14. Rather, we do own the.
  15. He shot his own player.

  16. My thoughts all his own.
  17. That was his own choice.
  18. It was my own initiative.
  19. I saw it with my own eyes.
  20. Honesty is its own reward.
  21. It was the same as his own.
  22. Want to own me? Stay away.
  23. Here is her own recording.
  24. I had to watch my own ass.
  25. Was living in my own toy?

  26. Charles, We own the place.
  27. Vince gets in his own cart.
  28. Anon had a plan of his own.
  29. Our lives are not our own.
  30. She want to have her own.
  31. His own sword hit only air.
  32. To trust in their own heart.
  33. Not their own self somehow.
  34. It’s my own stupid fault.
  35. He's found his own freedom.
  36. It’s Dave … on his own.
  37. And I like my own space.
  38. Trust in your own healing.
  39. She did that all on her own.
  40. Farting is your own problem.
  41. The scene told its own story.
  42. Man will be his own undoing.
  43. The dark skin, his own skin.
  44. My own horse! Jasper is my.
  45. The blood of his own people.
  46. In fact he hated his own son.
  47. Man wants to be his own God.
  48. Hey, you think you own this.
  49. SAMANTHA: It was my own fault.
  50. She had to ease her own mind.
  51. And it is hidden as their own.
  52. He has his own apartment now.
  53. She was her own woman indeed.
  54. We’d set enough of our own.
  55. Each with their own thoughts.
  56. Tony crunched his own numbers.
  57. I was so furious with my own.
  58. The rich have their own rules.
  59. We tried to survive on our own.
  60. It looks like we're on our own.
  61. They expand on their own power.
  62. The others had their own lives.
  63. I didnt yet legally own a gun.
  64. She even writes her own poetry.
  65. Each corner has its own wall.
  66. To kill his own family?
  67. So, I was sent there on my own.
  68. Mom thinks of Jimmy as her own.
  69. Then you had a hat of your own.
  70. I should get a place of my own.
  71. Of her own volition and choice.
  72. She might have her own lover.
  73. She was on her own in the world.
  74. I did not have my own strength.
  75. After that, she went her own way.
  76. They have a Church of their own.
  77. Her legs moved on their own now.
  78. So he’d let Kev go on his own.
  79. The coke was his own enterprise.
  80. One who bears their own burdens.
  81. When I saw him he was on his own.
  82. He always claimed you as His own.
  83. He catches the wise in their own.
  84. A person could stare at his own.
  85. He figured it out, all on his own.
  86. His own planet was his only model.
  87. He'd be late for his own funeral.
  88. Wear the darkest clothes you own.
  89. When not sitting on his own hands.
  90. Army generals did so on their own.
  91. He was in a mood to keep his own.
  92. My own blindness remains, though.
  93. I could take her power for my own.
  94. It had been Marian’s own choice.
  95. Our own laws forbid us to do this.
  96. It is best to design your own plan.
  97. South but will retreat to his own.
  98. He is nearer than your own breath.
  99. This was my plea for my own safety.
  100. But it was all her own stupid fault.
  1. Myths About Owning a Home.
  2. Your total cost for owning the.
  3. You meditate about owning the boat.
  4. I know you believe owning slaves.
  5. My father is a rich merchant, owning.
  6. The idea of owning yourself is insane.
  7. When we stop owning, we can share all.
  8. But owning 30 or 40 could be a problem.
  9. There was a time when owning slaves was.
  10. Usually a Taurus will end up owning land.
  11. The idea of owning other people is insane.
  12. Park saw gold in owning broadcast stations.
  13. How about owning a few other planets too?
  14. Is there a problem with owning a kit?
  15. The average cost of owning a mutual fund is 3.
  16. The idea of owning your own organs is insane.
  17. Once you admit to yourself that owning things.
  18. I’ll be owning your house after this game.
  19. That means owning just a few companies at a time.
  20. Owning something unique is another type of niche.
  21. People could basically sleep at night owning them.
  22. There are several benefits to owning a franchise:.
  23. There is no great happiness to be found in owning.
  24. To win becomes equal to not only owning oneself, e.
  25. The thought of her sister owning a gun was shocking.
  26. There’s no harm in owning now that I was afraid.
  27. For me, starting and owning a business was something.
  28. I don't mind owning I am plucky sometimes, Karamazov.
  29. Owning hundreds of things does not give you happiness.
  30. Owning an oxygen garden was where the wealth and fame.
  31. One visitor said that it was like owning our own park.
  32. Also, materialism is way overrated, as is owning a home.
  33. The huge amounts of realistic risk inherent in owning U.
  34. He couldn’t ever remember owning one like this himself.
  35. A few idly owning, and they the wheat continually claiming.
  36. Consider the years of work that goes into owning property.
  37. It is because of owning that there is a need for giving.
  38. The idea of owning something smaller than you are is insane.
  39. You could no longer bear the idea of this ruffian owning her.
  40. Thus many funds end up owning the same few overpriced giants.
  41. This is why owning your refusal to forgive is the best way to.
  42. You could no longer bear the idea of this ruffian owning her?
  43. But once I got started, and realized the potential of owning my.
  44. Fascinated by what he was deprived of, he dreamt of owning a Vespa.
  45. Owning a house means you probably have a yard and a lawn to maintain.
  46. How about owning the entire Martian planet, and having the money to.
  47. The entire idea of owning something bigger than you are… is insane.
  48. Worshipping an insect because it seemed to like owning a ball of shit.
  49. Because the idea of owning these techniques had not yet been invented.
  50. Building ships and owning ships was prohibited under the British rule.
  51. In fact, in trading, owning the stock is sort of like sitting in coach.
  52. A healing response is to start owning what we have created in our lives.
  53. List some businesses in your area that you would be interested in owning.
  54. Often in a specific sector, the ability to compete may depend on owning.
  55. Walter has diversified enormously, owning well over 100 stocks currently.
  56. Holding a deep-in-the-money option is like owning a piece of real estate.
  57. So basically owning cheap July volatility actually works—to some extent.
  58. The revisionist historians would have you believe that some slave owning.
  59. He’d been fantasising about owning one of these for years but because he.
  60. He was wealthy, owning many apartment buildings and a car radiator factory.
  61. This means that buying the options provides less risk than owning the stock.
  62. Owning fairground rides is not a need - it is a strategy for filling a need.
  63. Jemima had not power to resist this persuasive torrent; and, owning that the.
  64. The long-run investment odds in the United States favor owning common stocks.
  65. If I am integrated, I am not owned or owning and self and other are delimited.
  66. Or at the very least you made a wise decision owning options instead of stock.
  67. After Sharp’s death, Howard Hughes went on to owning a motion picture company.
  68. You could have made 20% on this calendar spread just by owning oversold options.
  69. I had a house in Charlotte and the tax deduction that went along with owning it.
  70. Not that he was afraid of owning up, merely the discomfort of being grilled….
  71. By owning stocks in each factor group, he smooths his portfolio’s fluctuations.
  72. This is a great way to avoid owning responsibility and handing it over to the gods.
  73. I never so appreciated your beauty, never so longed for the privilege of owning it.
  74. This fund is a good way to get exposure to physical gold without actually owning it.
  75. In those cases, he would have to wonder why it was he who ended up owning the asset.
  76. The bottom row of Table 6-2 shows the real costs of owning an actively managed fund.
  77. Nonsystematic risk is the risk (uncertainty) inherent in owning any single security.
  78. What are some of the disadvantages of owning a franchise? _________________________.
  79. The equivalent option strategy may be better than owning the underlying stock itself.
  80. Some smart marketers have even used this viral marketing method without owning their.
  81. Owning individual stocks and sector funds is more akin to speculating than investing.
  82. The crew members could never dream of owning even one ship, let alone the whole fleet.
  83. Owning land that was home to gold during the great Gold Rush resulted in large profits.
  84. So calling it what it is means acknowledging and owning up to the fact that your.
  85. The idea of owning anything is insane… The idea of ownership comes from using others.
  86. Owning a home you can call your own is worth more than new clothes, a new car and lattes.
  87. I tried to find out more before I quit, but the Fed’s aren’t owning up to the camp.
  88. Richard had learnt a great deal over the last few years of owning their own old farmhouse.
  89. You benefit financially from these wonders by owning stock, not T-bills or corporate bonds.
  90. Unrelated companies can certainly help out in tough times by owning each other's securities.
  91. For example, owning a call is equivalent to owning both a put and the underlying instrument.
  92. The total price of buying and owning a house is far greater than the house’s sticker price.
  93. So what else? Ron loved adventure and travel, and owning his own plane was an ultimate dream.
  94. Owning land that is rich in oil has resulted in large profits—just look at the Middle East.
  95. If you want to own your business (rather than eBay owning it!), you need to own your traffic.
  96. This was far worse than owning and operating the mills herself, or anything else she had done.
  97. That’s one of the benefits of owning options and one of the liabilities of shorting options.
  98. There was then a psychological advantage in owning business interests that had no quoted market.
  99. They traipse through life owning nothing, avoiding all responsibilities and social entanglements.
  100. Unlike paper money, gold supply is finite, making scarcity one of the big benefits of owning gold.
  1. He felt he owned her.
  2. He asked who owned it.
  3. It was owned by an.
  4. I bet Peter owned a gun.
  5. But no self can be owned.
  6. And what a car he owned.
  7. Owned by the local church.
  8. The house was owned by A.
  9. He said that he owned me.
  10. Now my aunt Kate owned it.
  11. And now she owned a prince.
  12. It must be owned by morons.
  13. I was in a mansion, owned.
  14. He had no idea who owned it.
  15. He may even have owned the.
  16. She no longer owned a jalopy.
  17. What you are cannot be owned.
  18. But when we said we owned a.
  19. I have owned myself in fault.
  20. Feds were owned by foreigners.
  21. He probably owned an arsenal.
  22. Whatever they saw: they owned.
  23. SAS announced that it owned 6.
  24. How long have they owned the.
  25. She owned the Royal, you know.
  26. Apparently the guy who owned.
  27. Integrated Life also owned $17.
  28. He owned large fields of grain.
  29. Jiju had owned a new WangonR car.
  30. The fat old hags who now owned.
  31. People have owned it for a while.
  32. Brown, who had previously owned.
  33. The company owned the only store.
  34. The less I owned, the less I had.
  35. Paul’s parents had owned a farm.
  36. RC owned before he went to Thailand.
  37. James Matheson owned this house.
  38. I owned that he never had been mine.
  39. Maybe he owned stock in Halliburton.
  40. I've had friends who owned trawlers.
  41. The other tenth is owned by Disney.
  42. He named every horse he ever owned.
  43. It was owned by Steven’s parents.
  44. Ethan's Uncle Roy had once owned a.
  45. He owned a huge copper kettle that.
  46. The ship Leander, owned by Samuel G.
  47. It owned her more than she owned it.
  48. Like so many people, fear owned him.
  49. Forrester had owned a cat that had.
  50. I doubted strippers owned such cars.
  51. Inez father owned the old mill?
  52. Jesus is in the tomb owned by Joseph.
  53. She owned the condo in Crystal City.
  54. He owned a lot of land, not only in.
  55. We were owned by the Local Authority.
  56. Has Paul always owned the house?
  57. Why hadn't his father owned a store.
  58. The family name that owned the farm.
  59. They owned almost 50% of a sizable 3.
  60. He owned a business with his brother.
  61. Told you, ha, they were owned!.
  62. A lot of land was owned by landowners.
  63. All the pieces that he owned were in.
  64. The people who owned that land had a.
  65. Bruce has owned and run a successful.
  66. Perhaps the Psychic power is owned by.
  67. Everything we possess is owned jointly.
  68. Van Thorn owned the store the next day.
  69. He owned these shin pads, just like Mr.
  70. Basically the emperor owned the entire.
  71. I should never have owned it to myself.
  72. Most useless piece of crap I ever owned.
  73. Being locally owned is important to the.
  74. Finally, we owned 76,777,029 shares (22.
  75. Chinese restaurant that his family owned.
  76. One is not meant to be owned by another.
  77. That meant that everything I owned was.
  78. There were those who owned lands became.
  79. And the sea is owned by the White Whale.
  80. Yes, Michael's father owned this house.
  81. Powerade and Hi-C are owned by Coca-Cola.
  82. It was owned by the widow, Shirley Riggs.
  83. The house was owned by Collette's family.
  84. It was the only weapon of sorts he owned.
  85. Kadak owned the south wall of this atrium.
  86. They acted like they owned the damn place.
  87. This is why you are property, to be owned.
  88. I thought the Versailles Club owned it.
  89. His daughter, Bessie, now owned the place.
  90. Yeah, he owned it for quite a few years.
  91. The family owned and operated company was.
  92. The air owned an uneasiness upon entering.
  93. Neither Beth nor Jake owned a home either.
  94. But those who are owned; watch soap operas.
  95. They are the oldest ongoing, locally owned.
  96. Henry owned the grocery store in the vil-.
  97. They also believe being locally owned is a.
  98. Wyly has owned and served as president of T.
  99. Years ago he owned a hostel in Dalandaniss.
  100. This lovely old place was once owned by a.
  1. He thinks he owns us.
  2. He owns them down here.
  3. My brother owns a copy.
  4. His father owns the bar.
  5. He owns a football club.
  6. Procter & Gamble owns Mr.
  7. Who else owns the stock?
  8. And he owns the house now.
  9. Which as yet he owns only.
  10. The guy who owns the boat.
  11. Who owns; What’s on base.
  12. Her husband owns the garage.
  13. I think his son owns it now.
  14. But the river owns the soul.
  15. Actually our mother owns it.
  16. Zubin, he owns Wilson sports.
  17. He owns the Big Farm up at.
  18. Be the one who owns others.
  19. What the Heart Owns Breaks It.
  20. He owns her and should know.
  21. Who owns it? he demanded.
  22. She already owns the American.
  23. The guy that owns this place.
  24. Whoever Broke the Family Owns It.
  25. He owns the nursery, too?
  26. Who owns this here store?
  27. I know the old lady that owns it.
  28. Whatever you compete for owns you.
  29. He owns this place outright?
  30. And Ductor, who owns the linen mill.
  31. He owns the beach with two partners.
  32. That something else owns yet its own.
  33. He does not own what Bill Ruane owns.
  34. Nobody owns that person’s feelings.
  35. Christ he probably owns half a dozen.
  36. Trom owns this paper and therefore you.
  37. Rory said, NSR owns this joint!.
  38. The Library owns every inch of it!’.
  39. Because nobody really owns the internet.
  40. If owns me, thinks he can take my place.
  41. In his case, he owns the shopping center.
  42. Our Father owns the cattle on 1,000 hills.
  43. Whoever broke the family owns it, but we.
  44. But he owns the town! Papa protested.
  45. What you own; owns you to the same degree.
  46. The other’s Stenarch, who owns the mine.
  47. Is he the guy who owns this store?
  48. Who owns you in the fort, Mistibis?
  49. She owns the place, Jesse introduced me.
  50. To understand what we own and what God owns.
  51. Berkshire Hathaway still owns that company.
  52. Who owns IT? The battle for IT is not only.
  53. Everything except what Mom owns, of course.
  54. Yes, actually, his mother owns that shop.
  55. Her father Noah Black owns a farm near here.
  56. I didn‘t even know she owns or wears them.
  57. Owns and manages a fancy hotel on Park Lane.
  58. So would any man who owns an insolent slave.
  59. Despite the fact that He owns the house, He.
  60. That’s because he owns the whole island.
  61. Develops and owns hotels mostly, she said.
  62. Judge Battle asked, Who owns the house?
  63. Well she part owns a club where she dances.
  64. The guy who owns it is puzzled as he said it.
  65. You may own the land, but God owns all things.
  66. You’re that guy who owns a diamond mine.
  67. It doesn’t matter who owns the bloody thing.
  68. Perlmeter does not own what Walter Schloss owns.
  69. Who owns that gramophone? I asked the Adj.
  70. Owns about two hundred and fifty thousand acres.
  71. There is nothing any of us has or owns that we.
  72. Sure, he owns the place, ought to be in later.
  73. You can find out who owns the property and ask.
  74. Once the heart owns it can be broken by what it.
  75. Yes, of course, our family owns this snack bar.
  76. So who owns the boats in the harbor? The insiders.
  77. My cousin still owns it, but he never goes there.
  78. How do you own a skull that owns you? You don’t.
  79. He owns many fields and sheep, said Uilleam.
  80. McDuff owns Nestlé in his Marketocracy portfolio.
  81. She’d give him the world, but he already owns it.
  82. His brother owns the towing company and told him.
  83. You mean he owns a workshop where they’re made.
  84. We are joint heirs with Christ in all that God owns.
  85. The only difference is that now he owns the beach!.
  86. It costs whatever you have and whatever owns you.
  87. They say he owns a trading post up one of the inlets.
  88. The Provisional Irish Republican Army owns it ….
  89. She owns a considerable share of Fish Stocks Limited.
  90. The most important thing was a key to a box he owns.
  91. The Wizard Blackfin owns my soul and suborns my will.
  92. Remember, a district owns you and they like it that way.
  93. Same family, it’s his father who owns the castle now.
  94. He owns one of the top hairdressing salons in the town.
  95. Therein, nobody gains, and no one owns his own property.
  96. The federal government owns 29% of all the country, 55.
  97. Care to guess who owns the Wyoming corporation?
  98. She is isn't she? She said her mother owns a boutique?
  99. He owns a bookstore and has horn-rimmed reading glasses.
  100. He owns the land that until a few months ago was a lake.

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