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Pace numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Me have a nice pace.
2. Here I pace the line.
3. He stepped out a pace.
4. He kept the pace slow.
5. He picked up his pace.
6. The pace is laid back.
7. Hilary moved back a pace.

8. She had to set the pace.
9. They kept the pace slow.
10. I began to pace the floor.
11. They picked up their pace.
12. We need to pick the pace.
13. You need to pace yourself.
14. Taking a single pace, he.
16. The hectic pace makes the.
17. Orthon never slowed his pace.
18. Her heart picked up its pace.
19. Pick up the pace, Stanley.
20. Mattel was not keeping pace.
21. I pace around in frustration.
22. He worked at a steady pace.
23. He was keeping pace with me.
24. This slower pace of trading.
25. You take it at your own pace.
26. The Fixer increased his pace.
27. We should pick up the pace.
28. Abel Sante quickened his pace.
29. Ted kept pace with John, slow.
30. He was surprised by his pace.
31. Toby and I picked up our pace.
32. He battled to keep pace and.
33. As he walked his pace showed.
34. Her father ate at a good pace.
35. My pace quickened as I neared.
36. I was trying to pace myself.
37. The pace was hot and heavy.
38. The men set off at a fast pace.
39. I turn and pace the other way.
40. Elowen struggled to keep pace.
41. Hillary noticed the rapid pace.
42. His life moved at a rapid pace.
43. A grown man bowling pace to a.
44. I slow down the pace for a bit.
45. He picked up the pace a little.
46. He jerked her at a rapid pace.
47. I quickened my pace into a run.
48. He sways with me, keeping pace.
49. He rose and began to pace from.
50. The pace of the restaurant was.
51. With Sue keeping pace beside me.
52. The inmates didn't pep the pace.
53. They quickened their pace, but.
54. He picked up his pace, despite.
55. And after them at headlong pace.
56. They started out at a brisk pace.
57. What Krista Pace had was a Talent.
58. Smith started to pace up and down.
59. Now he tried to quicken his pace.
60. With each mile their pace slowed.
61. It’s a rat race at a snail pace.
62. The pace went up again and again.
63. Because of the hectic pace their.
64. Whilst he’d kept his pace to a.
65. Little Chandler quickened his pace.
66. I think Bob needs a change of pace.
67. He was moving now at a normal pace.
68. Someone was keeping pace with them.
69. It moved toward us at the same pace.
70. Figured it’d be a change of pace.
71. His eyes moved with a nervous pace.
72. Charles stood up and began to pace.
73. Fauchelevent had slackened his pace.
74. The pace of the city had slowed now.
75. The others followed at an easy pace.
76. Each one does the hurried pace keep.
77. The pace at which he found himself.
78. The pace of innovation is very slow.
79. But please, let us pick up the pace.
80. She nodded, without slowing her pace.
81. The orcs were going at a great pace.
82. When internal dynamics out pace the.
83. Kurt started off, picking up the pace.
84. Dawley sat, writing at a furious pace.
85. Its getting cold, picked up the pace.
86. Slowly, gradually, his pace slackened.
87. The law has failed also to keep pace.
88. Wallace read at a furiously fast pace.
89. Di Yang and his lady in a hurried pace.
90. The in pace replaced the leather sack.
91. The Drong stumbled a pace and stopped.
92. The pace of gardeners accelerated at.
93. Capitals slow 373 the pace of reading.
94. She turned left and fastened her pace.
95. With a plan in place, his pace quickens.
96. My heart was beating at a coronary pace.
97. But as I slow the pace the barbed wire.
98. The pace of life is forever speeding up.
99. After all, I had kept pace with you.
100. He increased his pace to comb the area.
1. He began pacing the room.
2. I got up, pacing the room.
3. Tobias had been pacing the.
4. Toby pacing the area nervously.
5. He stopped pacing when he saw.
6. Barry Hicks was nervously pacing.
7. Captain Munoz was there, pacing.
8. The accountant resumed his pacing.
9. The accountant stopped his pacing.
10. She stops pacing and looks at Carl.
11. Doug stood, pacing back and forth.
12. She would hear him pacing the room.
13. D'Oliya had joined in on the pacing.
14. Mei Yinxue was pacing with thoughts.
15. Anthony stands up and starts pacing.
16. Jean Valjean was pacing to and fro.
17. He was pacing when he noticed Maria.
18. Pacing circles, and pointing at her.
19. The Committee member resumed pacing.
20. Arthur was off his horse and pacing.
21. My thing lately, my habit, was pacing.
22. I try to summon her, pacing the deck.
23. Still pacing, he began to speak, and.
24. Ron was so angry, he starting pacing.
25. He’s pacing with a phone to his ear.
26. Vic is pacing around in the background.
27. I guess she will be pacing around her.
28. He went back to pacing, but it was an.
29. She stood up and began pacing the room.
30. Samual resumed pacing in front of them.
31. He focuses on furiously pacing his room.
32. I’m so surprised that I stop pacing.
33. She keeps pacing and talking to herself.
34. General Hammon was in his office, pacing.
35. King Calan was standing up and pacing now.
36. The Ferengi was pacing as Garcia entered.
37. He stopped pacing and stared at his wife.
38. The others were either pacing or sleeping.
39. She shakes her head absently, still pacing.
40. Would you stop pacing for one minute?
41. Carton was now excitedly pacing the floor.
42. Vic stopped pacing as he came up with plan.
43. He stopped pacing and finally looked at me.
44. Sven shouted, pacing like a tiger in a cage.
45. Derrick was pacing the Nike store he was in.
46. He was pacing swiftly up and down his room.
47. Andrew turned away and began pacing the room.
48. She stopped in her pacing and looked at them.
49. Aidan sensed my presence and stopped pacing.
50. He stopped pacing and looked at me terrified.
51. He suddenly stopped pacing and blinked at me.
52. He was pacing, and his anger was undisguised.
53. He stopped pacing and looked at her intently.
54. Damon stood up and started pacing the kitchen.
55. When we arrived, Troy was pacing on the porch.
56. She was pacing back and forth looking grumpy.
57. Munro was pacing his narrow apartment with a.
58. He was pacing around the apartment adjusting.
59. To his right, he could see Coleman pacing him.
60. Why the hell aren’t both of you pacing?
61. He had taken Henry's place pacing in the room.
62. He stopped pacing and then she approached him.
63. He stopped pacing and looked up at the doctor.
64. He walked ahead of the jeep, pacing the search.
65. Pacing the floor, she checked her watch again.
66. He started pacing around the roof of the tower.
67. William stopped pacing and turned to the scribe.
68. My arrival stopped Brandon’s pacing at least.
69. Dane stopped pacing That’s ok, I will wait.
70. I stopped my pacing and looked at both of them.
71. Tim, now wide awake, began pacing round the room.
72. Grindel stepped in front of the pacing youngster.
73. Back at his room, he found Star pacing anxiously.
74. Richard got dressed and started pacing the floor.
75. Cordra was on her feet and pacing the floor again.
76. Why should he be pacing his room all the time?
77. He stood up and started pacing around the bridge.
78. I wasn’t, Garcia said, and resumed pacing.
79. He enjoys the pacing, the worry, the nervousness.
80. I let go of his hand and started pacing the room.
81. Josh was pacing the hallway, in his annoying way.
82. His guest carried on his account in a slow pacing.
83. Paul was pacing the room as he talked on the phone.
84. He turned away and began pacing, but I stopped him.
85. Ignoring Jay, Cherry’s pacing increased in speed.
86. Fine priests were in it, pacing that comet—.
87. Mash‘al began pacing the floor, mumbling angrily.
88. He continued his pacing for some moments, his head.
89. He was pacing and a frowning, screwing his face up.
90. Every once in a while Pachuco's pacing would take.
91. I began pacing again as I thought about my options.
92. Gillenormand was pacing back and forth in the room.
93. Come on, guys! he muttered, pacing in a lather.
94. Bernie stopped pacing and sat down at Frank’s desk.
95. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t stop pacing around.
96. Prince Andrew turned away and began pacing the room.
97. I’ve got to get us out of here, he said, pacing.
98. Rex began pacing up and down the office I told her.
99. Pierre Tours was pacing the room incessantly and his.
100. Killer, who was pacing back and forth in front of the.
1. But as I paced the.
2. He paced a few steps.
3. Up and down he paced.
4. He stood up and paced.
5. And he paced some more.
6. He paced beside the bed.
7. I paced around the room.
8. Joshua paced off an area.
9. Cupid paced to the window.
10. He paced off some of his.
11. He paced only a short way.
12. She paced the floor a few.
13. And again he paced the room.
14. I paced around the bedroom.
15. Goddard paced around in a.
16. Suraj paced the living room.
17. He paced up and down the cell.
18. It should be very fast paced.
19. Sully paced while I fidgeted.
20. California was so fast paced.
21. Manny Leiber talked and paced.
22. Life here was fast paced and.
23. He paced about camp, brooding.
24. Coach Grouse paced around as.
25. Dunn wrung his hands and paced.
26. I hit the off button and paced.
27. Sam stood up and paced the room.
28. Twice he paced across the floor.
29. Jacob paced nervously to and fro.
30. The Indian still paced his room.
31. I paced under the line of trees.
32. He got up and paced around the.
33. Elmore paced a couple more times.
34. They paced out onto the balcony.
35. What? No! He paced around.
36. Then he got up and paced the room.
37. I paced around my room, needing.
38. Inacio paced then sat by the exit.
39. Olenin paced up and down the yard.
40. The blurry figure paced before him.
41. He paced beside her car nervously.
42. Jillian paced for hours along the.
43. I paced slowly walking next to Adi.
44. Aesa stood and paced at the window.
45. The third fellow paced up and down.
46. Bino paced the oil-stained concrete.
47. Amelia turned away and paced the room.
48. He paced, she sat and worried her lip.
49. And paced upon the mountains overhead.
50. He paced the radius of the turret room.
51. The executioner laughed and paced away.
52. Amaranthe stood and paced the tiny room.
53. I stood up, then paced around the table.
54. Chambers paced the edge of the tapestry.
55. He turned from the bed and paced the room.
56. Thomas paced up and down the living room.
57. Amanda paced back and forwards in the house.
58. Elowen paced around, trying to ignore the.
59. Rooster stood up and paced around my office.
60. Mutt paced back and forth in the outer room.
61. The guards paced around with stricken faces.
62. Rani was feeling on edge, she paced the room.
63. How long I paced back and forth I don't know.
64. Parker paced and smoked, and sat once again.
65. He stood and paced to the front of the stage.
66. He paced in front of them admiring his work.
67. The sheriff straightened and paced toward her.
68. Lucifer paced on top of the Place of the Skull.
69. Ramsey paced in the dirt looking to the ground.
70. Before she arrived, Loken paced next to his bed.
71. He paced back and forth thinking of what to say.
72. There are times that it is good to be slow paced.
73. He paced up and down as his mind worked overtime.
74. Damn, she muttered as she paced the floor.
75. Chinedu put the envelope down, and paced the floor.
76. All of you, she emphasized as she paced the room.
77. General Dendrav paced the deck of his command ship.
78. Mitchell paced the kitchen with the cordless phone.
79. That day, Lady Proudness paced around in vexations.
80. Zoe paced around in a circle trying to calm herself.
81. The lion below them paced nervously back and forth.
82. The car drops evenly paced with the rug sack, the.
83. Alistair leapt from the chair and paced around the.
84. He turned and paced the chamber in some indecision.
85. I tossed the covers aside and paced around the room.
86. Max paced back and forth in the interrogation room.
87. I paced around my apartment, feeling slightly uneasy.
88. She turned and paced across the room, then came back.
89. He paced before them looking for any obvious defects.
90. With slouched hat, Ahab lurchingly paced the planks.
91. Afterwards went and paced up and down the large hall.
92. John Liu paced the floor of Forrest’s hospital room.
93. Grouse was smiling from ear to ear and paced around.
94. Moses paced nervously up and down planning his escape.
95. And there are times that being fast paced is necessary.
96. As Thomas paced, the rescue workers refused to give in.
97. She wrapped the blanket around herself and paced the.
98. In silence they paced the return length of the terrace.
99. On the other side of the glass, Mitch paced to and fro.
100. Tamar rose and paced backwards and forwards as he spoke.
1. Ten and a half paces wide.
2. Six paces to the stairwell.
3. They moved a hundred paces.
4. At ten paces the man stopped.
5. The guy added ten more paces.
6. It was lying a few paces away.
7. In fifty paces, with a swift.
8. Godwyn, following a few paces.
9. A few paces later he turns back.
10. He walked several hundred paces.
11. The guy backed off ten more paces.
12. Already she is twenty paces away.
13. Another two remained a few paces.
14. Pierre stopped some thirty paces.
15. They were both quiet for a few paces.
16. She moved several paces away from him.
17. He was counting paces on his fingers.
18. Others stood a few paces behind them.
19. Medals chime on his chest as he paces.
20. He took several paces towards the birds.
21. The bus stop was only a few paces away.
22. They moved a few paces towards the door.
23. The pixie kept several paces ahead of.
24. He calculated the distance to be ten paces.
25. He halted a few paces from her and said:.
26. There standing a few paces away was Andy.
27. He was almost there, just a few more paces.
28. They then proceeded a few paces in silence.
29. Haakon stopped barely twenty paces from them.
30. They rest in weeds twenty paces off the road.
31. The coward actually took a couple paces back.
32. Go twenty paces for a piss, fifty for a shit.
33. They walked for fifty paces then turned and.
34. A few paces around him were ashes of grasses.
35. Raphael walked a few paces away, then turned.
36. A woman stood before her, a few paces distant.
37. After that, perhaps a hundred paces more, it.
38. He walked some ten paces behind them, with a.
39. He halted several paces away, breathing deeply.
40. A few paces on, he decided to make it public:.
41. Not a single object was visible past ten paces.
42. Bel-Shamharoth lies one thousand paces Hubwards.
43. In two paces he was on the bulky Vatican priest.
44. She was in the fifth box, twenty paces from him.
45. He had not far to go—about five hundred paces.
46. He proudly paces across deck the rest of the way.
47. Having led him about ten paces, Willarski stopped.
48. For too many paces, the air and sky remained empty.
49. Syd walked up to Joshua, a few paces ahead of them.
50. He couldn’t see more than twenty paces in front.
51. Cristinka laughed and stepped a few paces forwards.
52. Allen then put The TKO Horns through their paces.
53. Thus they continued for two or three hundred paces.
54. A few paces away, the tall shadow became a crevice.
55. After a few hundred paces he realised that what had.
56. They fell into step, Hush prancing a few paces ahead.
57. They halted two hundred paces from the little bridge.
58. She obeyed, stopping a couple of paces away from him.
59. The young man stood up and moved a few paces closer.
60. She stopped walking, and he did too after a few paces.
61. Adem stood a few paces to the side of Jean and Terese.
62. Aaron, ten paces ahead of me, stops, turns, and looks.
63. A few paces ahead of the boys, Banks and Barron rode.
64. All this took place a few paces distant from Gavroche.
65. He had flung away his hat in the thicket, a few paces.
66. He stopped walking and stood a few paces away from me.
67. And he retreated a couple of paces with a movement of.
68. There was a seat about a hundred paces in front of him.
69. It was Eric again, struggling to run a few dozen paces.
70. Angus singled out a bullock and stayed a few paces be-.
71. Just then they heard a sharp shot some thirty paces off.
72. Javert advanced two or three paces into the study, and.
73. The caretaker moved away a few paces and put on his hat.
74. He rose to his feet and walked a few paces to his left.
75. The blaze illumined the sea for a hundred paces around.
76. He proceeded a few paces further, then he stopped short.
77. When he was within ten paces he recognised him and was.
78. She walked forward a few paces and called out: Hello.
79. The dragon took 5 paces and was soaring off the hillside.
80. When he had advanced fifty paces, he was obliged to halt.
81. He stepped forward three steady, slow paces and stopped.
82. By the time he had advanced six paces, he had been four.
83. Urry met them in the hallway, many paces from her office.
84. They were standing now about fifteen paces from one another.
85. He took a few paces towards her and stretched out his arms.
86. Behind Ethan stood the Igbo, safely a couple of paces away.
87. It flowed at the bottom of the hill two hundred paces below.
88. She’s about a hundred paces away and has a horse with her.
89. I ran two hundred paces to the cross-roads and stopped short.
90. He walked a few paces away and looked up at the hanging cages.
91. His brother stood a couple of paces back from him, breathing.
92. Twenty-two paces to the intersection with the rue d’Estrées.
93. He then walked slowly another ten paces away and again halted.
94. Javert, who was only three paces from him, stared intently at.
95. Spaced about ten paces apart, they began to traverse the field.
96. He charges again but throwing more punches and at varied paces.
97. But Fleece had hardly got three paces off, when he was recalled.
98. Clayton strode over to him and pulled up a couple of paces away.
99. He strolled on a few paces and half-turned, a curious smile on.
100. He soon stopped two paces in front of her and lowered his hands.

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