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Pant numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Dogs pant, and sweat from their paws.
  2. Like the autograph on her pant leg.
  3. Mother gave me newly sown shirt and pant.
  4. Sue started pulling on one of the pant legs.
  5. Morel was so intense that Paul began to pant.

  6. It made him pant with terror, agony, and love.
  7. In turn, I tugged on the pant leg of Carmella.
  8. That hissing pant, as regular and full-volumed.
  9. He saw the blood soaking into his brother’s pant.
  10. He was cool and wore a plain shirt and a denim pant.
  11. I took a firm hold of her pant leg and pulled with.
  12. She brushed off her pant legs as she turned to Gloria.
  13. It will help if you pant like a puppy when the pain.
  14. Daniel looked in horror at his pant leg that was now.
  15. I pulled onto Rebecca’s pant sleeve as hard as I could.

  16. The sun was beaming onto my shoulder, causing me to pant.
  17. Alice suggested that blue denim pant with yellow t-shirt.
  18. Thereby, I released my pincer grip on Carmellas pant leg.
  19. Sometimes they have to pant in order to catch their breath.
  20. I made a whimpering sound and tugged on Gareth’s pant leg.
  21. I told him my sizes and that of shirt and pant sizes as well.
  22. I couldnt help it but I was forced to pant ever so intensely.
  23. The right pant leg was also torn to reveal a long white femur.
  24. Crawling up my pant legs, shirt, and even getting into my hair.
  25. And I don’t see what my pant legs have to do with you!.

  26. There was a new, strange note in his voice, one that made her pant.
  27. Follett turned his head and reached down to his pant leg pulling the.
  28. The suit was powder blue with navy trim and tuxedo pant side stripes.
  29. Some could easily have come in on someone’s pant legs, my pant legs.
  30. I try to pull a pant leg over my thigh and it sticks just above my knee.
  31. I let the pant leg fall and look over my shoulder at the back of my thigh.
  32. The boy was rolling up his pant leg and getting a better look at the wound.
  33. It brandished vicious fangs and whipped its fishing rod with pant wetting.
  34. Simultaneously, the captain was checking out the six-inch tear in his pant leg.
  35. His leg dangled below him, his pant leg hanging in shreds and his boot blasted.
  36. Carla’s guts churned at the thought and she began to pant as the fear gripped her.
  37. One last tug on my pant legs, and my pants were off, quickly followed by my underwear.
  38. What? No! My breathing is ragged as I pant, gazing at him with delicious anticipation.
  39. They already covered his boots and were starting up his pant legs, and Jeeter screamed.
  40. The homeless man squirmed as if something had crawled up his pant leg, said, Don’t remember.
  41. Cleo took out the shadow potion vial out of her pant pockets, Remember? she asked smiling at him.
  42. Others tied up their pant cuffs, stuck the reeds in their waistbands, and filled their pants with sugar.
  43. Buck came and rubbed against her pant leg, and she seemed calm, ran her long fingernails through his fur.
  44. By this time Smitty had pulled on his laceless work boots and was tugging his pant legs down over the tops.
  45. Kyle didn’t bother to resist as the med techs gave him a drip and an oxygen mask, then cut away his pant legs.
  46. Louie stepped onto the blanket, untied his pant legs, and let the rice spill out, then hurried back to his bunk.
  47. He took a couple shuffling steps towards the bed till his pant legs nearly touched Sarah’s and Clarene’s legs.
  48. Taking it out of her front pant pocket she hoped that it was Ardor but smiled when she saw that the caller was Anise.
  49. Instinctively William’s hands pulled up from his knees and over his legs searching for something in his pant pockets.
  50. Ace reached over and removed an iPhone from his pant pocket and then gave me directions on where to stand and what to film.
  51. The dirt stuck to his sneaker and when he hit the wettest part of the soil, it splattered up the bottom half of his pant leg.
  52. I didn’t even respond to the fact that Coke was seeping through my pant leg, or that there was a pile of slaw on my crotch.
  53. The unions are terrified that CN will sell out to a competitor who would simply close the pant down and move production abroad.
  54. Totally in charge now with her healing instincts taking over, the would-be nurse gently rolled up the pant leg of the injured shin.
  55. Smiling grimly, its rows of pointy teeth gleaming in the moonlit night, the Ogre wiped the Oogie blood from its fingers onto its pant leg.
  56. During the day the soldiers walked through the torrents in the streets with their pant legs rolled up, playing with boats with the chil-dren.
  57. This idea made her pant with desire, and she soon found herself in the middle of the field, walking with rapid steps, without looking behind her.
  58. When he slumped down, he appeared to be unconscious so I grabbed a stake from my under my pant leg and stabbed him in the heart with it repeatedly.
  59. She began to pant heavily into the bedspread while his fingers traced every contour of her foot and then explored in detail, the spaces between each toe.
  60. Puller lifted his pant leg, drew out the short-barreled pistol, placed it on the floor, and kicked it over to Reynolds, who reached down and scooped it up.
  61. More of the parking lot came into view, and then a pair of high heels, and then a pair of slender gray pant legs, marching towards the other side of the sail.
  62. She follows my movement and turns to face me, one leg bent at the knee and tucked beneath her, while the bare toe on her other foot brushes the hem of my pant leg.
  63. StairMasturBater alligator sharp teeth snap clap trap up down pant sweat pant breathe level eleven heaven twenty-five minute in it for life, however long that will last.
  64. From far down the street she could Leyden house, she was beginning to pant, for her stays were tightly laced, but she did hear the rise and fall and roar of many voices.
  65. They remembered a quiet place where they could work the land and once again feel the coolness of the soil between their fingers and see pant legs stained with black earth.
  66. The conventionary began to pant; the asthma of the agony which is mingled with the last breaths interrupted his voice; still, there was a perfect lucidity of soul in his eyes.
  67. When the time came for the contractions to be regular, she readied herself to relax and breathe, pant as the need may be and her mind was focused on the joy of being a mother.
  68. Despite the intensity of heat, she pulled on a long-sleeve shirt, wrapped another around her head with only a small opening to see and breathe, tucked pant legs into socks and hands under arms.
  69. The prince did not exactly pant for breath, but he seemed almost to choke out of pure simplicity and goodness of heart, as Adelaida expressed it, on talking the party over with her fiance, the Prince S.
  70. Whenever I go past it now I remember those days and wonder if I would ever fit into a size 38 pant again without being on my death bed! There is nostalgia because we were young and patriotic and full of energy.
  71. Grasping the tines of the red-hot fork with a piece of wadded pant leg Elise seared the weeping lesion, letting out a terse ―shit,‖ as the cautery instrument cooled in the oozing flesh and had to be returned to the hot coals.
  72. Bonny goes about her Pleasure with such high Animal Spirits that ’tis quite infectious; and ere long, e’en Lancelot and I have join’d ’em upon the Floor! As Bonny and Horatio pant and buck, seeking the Summit of Love’s sensual Pleasure, I fondle Bonny’s Breasts, and Lancelot strokes Horatio’s sable Back.
  73. Quickly he removed the bottom of Blackthorn's pant leg; he split it into two makeshift bandages, pulling the flopping flesh back up he carefully placed one of the bandages over it, ripping the other into four more pieces he tied two together of each and then tied one over the top of the bandage and one below to hold it there.
  74. And with "dead" he was overcome with such a delirium of pant and pump, perspiration raining off him in showers, that with a great cry, he wobbled and was flung, a meteor of flesh, over and down on a coop where the chickens, in dumb feather-duster alarms, exploded in shrieks as Wetherby slid in one direction while his vehicle, self-motivated, wheels a-spin, mounted Dr.
  75. Then, just as soon as you start to sweat and pant a little…why, back comes that friendly cloud to cool you down! What more can any living creature ask from life? How come we upright-walking, fancy-thinking critters forgot about all that? I pray our earthly home does rise up in righteous indignation and shake us all up, toppling our temples to intolerance and greed, as many predict it will.
  76. The path runs along for a little close to the water at the foot of the steep beech-grown hill that shuts the west winds out of Binz--a hill steep enough and high enough to make him pant grievously who goes up it after dinner; then on the right comes a deep narrow cutting running up into the woods, cut, it seems, entirely out of smoothest, greenest moss, so completely are its sides covered with it.
  77. What if every Capitalistic company, every business was forced by Law to become ecologically responsible? What if anything you did not consume: you could bring back to where you got it: and they were forced by Law to accept it? What if every paint company was forced by Law to accept all of the returned, half-empty pant cans that consumers keep in their garages for years? What if every bottle of nail polish could be returned to, where you bought it? What if every retail store could send back every returned, half-empty, half-used, or unused product back to the factories that had originally spewed them out by the millions?
  78. I am he bringing help for the sick as they pant on their backs,.
  1. He found he was panting.
  2. Khalid is panting in fear.
  3. He is panting and coughing.
  4. He rolled off her, panting.
  5. He was panting by this time.
  6. He stood by the bed panting.
  7. I'm still panting and crying.
  8. Panting, he turned toward her.
  9. Arthur lay panting for breath.
  10. Emily opened her eyes, panting.
  11. He stayed where he was, panting.
  12. All is quiet but heavy panting.
  13. It left her panting for breath.
  14. I sat panting, heart pounding.
  15. She struggled with it, panting.
  16. Paras,' lsh told the panting boy.
  17. It reminded her of a panting dog.
  18. I could actually hear him panting.
  19. A panting ache ran through the rick.
  20. Everyone was panting and wide-eyed.
  21. He fell back, exhausted and panting.
  22. He jogged back to the house panting.
  23. His voice was a low, panting murmur.
  24. She came in panting from running so.
  25. Though, I could hear him panting to.
  26. Yes, yes, yes, she said, panting.
  27. She was panting, as he sat beside her.
  28. Panting, he gives me a murderous look.
  29. But their panting wouldn’t surcease.
  30. Decoud lay on the silver boxes panting.
  31. The screams died down to panting gasps.
  32. Panting from the force of his emotions.
  33. We arrive back at camp panting heavily.
  34. He stared across at the river, panting.
  35. She began breathing in a panting rhythm.
  36. He was panting also, and his arm ached.
  37. She lay on her side, panting in a rasp.
  38. They stood panting when the kiss ended.
  39. What, then? says Horatio, panting.
  40. I could hear Robbie panting for breath.
  41. The dwarf was puffing and panting hard.
  42. And then he lay still, panting hoarsely.
  43. Panting, she looked at her hand, there.
  44. Both men were panting over the intercom.
  45. There he stopped, breathless and panting.
  46. Sam licked his face, panting and barking.
  47. I drove, during that, we were all panting.
  48. Yukino lay there panting; all she could.
  49. He sneered slightly, at the panting woman.
  50. He was in a transport, trembling, panting.
  51. They were all panting, sweating profusely.
  52. King Njal fell to his knees, loudly panting.
  53. She could hear its panting from a mile away.
  54. Dana leaned against the tunnel wall, panting.
  55. But the problem was I couldnt stop panting.
  56. Only inches away, he could hear her panting.
  57. With panting hounds beguiled of their prey:.
  58. She was panting as if her heart would burst.
  59. Still panting hard, Loofah pushed himself up.
  60. He was panting and had a tremor in his voice.
  61. That was odd, Hallen exclaimed, panting.
  62. Panting, Loki drops Hoenir on the small sofa.
  63. London stood, panting, over him, looking down.
  64. I am panting and vaguely hear the rip of foil.
  65. Panting for breath, Gwenda waded to the shore.
  66. There he halted, panting, and stared downward.
  67. He ran up, panting, afraid of being too late.
  68. Jody stared stupidly at the wet, panting foal.
  69. They broke apart, flushed, panting for breath.
  70. The dancers stood still, panting with fatigue.
  71. Panting, she made it to the foot of the bridge.
  72. Vilda waddled out of the room, panting heavily.
  73. Panting she struggled up to a sitting position.
  74. Just off to my left, I could hear soft panting.
  75. The visitor stood panting for some little time.
  76. Her lips were parted as if she had been panting.
  77. Bubba began panting and I rolled down his window.
  78. Panting, she stood inside, looking around wildly.
  79. Ulfur rested against her, panting heavily, she.
  80. Darian chuckled and Josh just continued panting.
  81. Trevor nodded and chuckled, he was still panting.
  82. There they lay for some time, puffing and panting.
  83. I lay on my back, panting in frustration and fear.
  84. None but the panting dog shared the road with him.
  85. He was panting heavily; stopping and bending over.
  86. Panting, they ran down a path that led to a stream.
  87. Have you heard, said he, panting with every word -.
  88. Mary was panting by this time as she became moister.
  89. She was panting and tense as she stood to face him.
  90. He was panting, his tongue hanging out of his mouth.
  91. Feel that? he said, panting over the dying man.
  92. Gort still leads the pack, panting as he clambers up.
  93. The guy was panting like a dog and sweating profusely.
  94. Kyles body relaxed, and he lay on the cement, panting.
  95. Getting in the car, panting, he said, ‘Turn, quickly.
  96. Through the mirrors he saw his battered face panting.
  97. He breathed as much air in as he could, almost panting.
  98. Where will you go? The septon was panting heavily.
  99. The human stopped again, panting and sweating profusely.
  100. But it did not matter; the panting shapes spun onwards.
  1. The warriors panted for air.
  2. He panted and wagged his tail.
  3. I'll be okay, boss, he panted.
  4. I don’t know, he panted.
  5. What is it? panted Chinedu.
  6. No, don’t run, she panted.
  7. She panted and again pulled with.
  8. The dog panted softly but didn't.
  9. Rose of Sharon panted, Has?
  10. The stallion panted, laboring hard.
  11. Of course it is, panted Jason.
  12. You have to help me, he panted.
  13. She panted as she walked with me to.
  14. Eric, after giving it his all, panted.
  15. Don’t move, the officer panted.
  16. Oh my God…Oh my God, panted Cat.
  17. She panted as she breathed in his scent.
  18. Zoleka panted, as Chinedu held her close.
  19. Please don’t stop…, she panted.
  20. She’s still alive, Samuel panted.
  21. Forgive the intrusion, sir, I panted.
  22. Darek panted as he was taken through the.
  23. Pandit-ji panted, his white face a rosy red.
  24. He panted as his lungs heaved in his chest.
  25. She panted on his chest when the kiss ended.
  26. Katie, weld it shut! the Colonel panted.
  27. Where’s the boy? Bublanski panted.
  28. Thanks, he panted, I’ll be glad to.
  29. Teriz, panted Liam, still out of breath.
  30. She panted as she built her home inside her.
  31. They’re here, one of the Drongs panted.
  32. This is it! Tithian panted in excitement.
  33. When he crossed a number of fields, he panted.
  34. Meaning? Holly panted, gasping for breath.
  35. The motor panted heavily as he struck the road.
  36. Djgarr panted, as the air in his lungs grew hot.
  37. He panted, and could hardly speak for agitation.
  38. She panted on his shoulder when the kiss ended.
  39. Crawling in, I collapsed and panted for a moment.
  40. He’ll be here in a minute, panted LaFarge.
  41. Some trouble forgets hard, Henta panted out.
  42. She panted hard, her face filled with exhaustion.
  43. As one yielded, he panted, No use to try the door.
  44. With every single step she took she panted heavily.
  45. He opened his mouth, panted, but no sound came out.
  46. Sharing what? @And/OrGasm panted the blankness.
  47. His little, narrow chest panted like a forge bellows.
  48. The hood gripped the front of her face as she panted.
  49. His body sprawled on the grass, Sorren panted for air.
  50. He panted, tears filming his eyes, and did not answer.
  51. While speeding through the halls, Darek panted for air.
  52. The yard was unkempt and the house needed panted badly.
  53. A big pot of coffee for me, panted Simmons, smiling.
  54. What the hell? panted Barnes, itching to be on-site.
  55. He never took his eyes off her, he panted with excitement.
  56. My fingers trailed over his back and we both panted so hard.
  57. Ah, that’s it, stay with me baby, feel it, he panted.
  58. Ghosteater panted, taking in the air, tasting what it offered.
  59. George Potter?! Is there a George Potter here? He panted.
  60. Of course it does! Jack panted as he thrust upwards and.
  61. And Rachel simply ignored most of the men who panted after her.
  62. You’re torturing me, he panted, his eyes turning yellow.
  63. Both panted heavily, their shallow gasps growing fuller with time.
  64. Is that so? Why didn’t you call me on the phone? I panted.
  65. Crystal screamed one more time, and then she stopped and panted as.
  66. But Rosebud’s attention to her breasts stopped and she panted in.
  67. Once again, I’m glad we brought that pump with us, he panted.
  68. I'll tell you what, he said as he panted in the sweltering heat.
  69. She didn’t slow for him, and he panted and sweated as he caught up.
  70. He panted through his open mouth and I saw the holes of missing teeth.
  71. They slammed the door behind them and panted and smiled in the darkness.
  72. My advice to you is, She panted, and with her dying breath and a.
  73. That’s quite a lethal setting you have on that thing, she panted.
  74. You said they’d be asleep! Halfshaft panted as he ran after Cherry.
  75. Its deep chocolate-brown eyes were happy, its tongue lolling as it panted.
  76. Shouldn't be too far now,' Midge panted, hoping that he was in fact right.
  77. He panted for long minutes, sitting on the ground and leaning on the rock.
  78. No wait, Lee panted as he reached Troy, Let’s all stick together.
  79. For a minute or two he could not speak at all, but panted and stared at Rogojin.
  80. So saying, he almost panted with agitation, and a cold sweat stood upon his forehead.
  81. He panted hard, still mired in the primeval floor, but managed to steel his shaking.
  82. He panted a full minute while the captain projected his voice to the crowd and spoke.
  83. Chevalier fell to his knees and panted, fighting every intrinsic need he had to feed.
  84. What? Isabella panted her reply in the moment or two when Johan remained silent.
  85. He panted like an asthmatic in a marathon, with a mouth and throat as dry as a desert.
  86. We panted then like pups in hot summer, empty of laughing, and sleepy with friendship.
  87. Untie me! Moshe panted, breathing now made more difficult with the lack of motion.
  88. Harvey’s reaction was a beat late; he panted, flitting around in air to stay airborne.
  89. Cerberus panted expectantly, the tiny red ball in pieces in a puddle of drool at its feet.
  90. Back in Nordheim lands the horses snorted and panted with the effort of their riders pace.
  91. Simon! Help me, she panted as she flailed about for some hook to hang her thought on.
  92. Millie panted heavily as she touched at the wound on her forehead where blood poured from.
  93. Simon could hear the harsh drawing of Thomas’ breath as he panted out his anger and grief.
  94. Let’s come together, baby, Casey panted, her hips moving in circles in a faster pace.
  95. Man, my kids always were the biggest babies! Runner panted, both his hands on his knees.
  96. Trask panted, "Wanta… try fer… 'nother?" Sympathy held no place in his emotions right then.
  97. His left hand, reaching the ninth shelf as he panted, grunted, encountered empty space-no books.
  98. So he put out his tongue and panted and looked at Dorothy as if to ask what they should do next.
  99. He panted and his heart throbbed violently as he found his hard disks missing on a massive scale.
  100. She panted for breath underneath the thick, luxurious covers and had nothing to say in response.
  1. I took off my pants.
  2. With my pants still on.
  3. Stuffs it in his pants.
  4. I almost wet my pants.
  5. He dusts his pants off.
  6. He ripped down my pants.
  7. Scare the pants off her.
  8. Hank pulled the pants on.
  9. As at the screen he pants.
  10. I nearly crapped my pants.
  11. They gave me some pants.
  12. Could you get me this pants.
  13. Cherrie throws him his pants.
  14. But the snow down her pants.
  15. Blood was soaking his pants.
  16. Fenrir turns to Amy and pants.
  17. My sweat pants are caked in.
  18. Right here in my pants leg.
  19. We have them, she pants.
  20. He was dressed in just pants.
  21. Jane fancied the pants off him.
  22. He then pulled her pants down.
  23. I heard him unzipping his pants.
  24. The pants had an arrangement of.
  25. Taking off Sue’s pants as well.
  26. The pants were braided down the.
  27. The tartan pants look pretty cool.
  28. Here, stuff these pants and coat.
  29. Then I felt a tugging on my pants.
  30. She kept her pants and t shirt on.
  31. I brought up a selection of pants.
  32. Water seeped in through her pants.
  33. He wore blue pants without a vest.
  34. Trousers and pants fit for a hag!.
  35. Long sleeve black and white pants.
  36. He tore his pants on a rusty nail.
  37. He will be via mother and in pants.
  38. I don a pair of sweat pants and a.
  39. He’d completely pissed his pants.
  40. Shirts, pants, shoes, dresses and.
  41. I wear the pants in this kingdom.
  42. He was man enough to wear the pants.
  43. Joey felt warm liquid down his pants.
  44. Pants? Annie warned me about my pants.
  45. She picked up his pants in readiness.
  46. It was all over his pants, his shirt.
  47. Some guys peed in their pants after.
  48. Sue was wearing cream colored pants.
  49. Jeff gestured to this shirt and pants.
  50. I almost shit in my pants! It was Mau.
  51. I think it meant Eat my pants!.
  52. His phone vibrated in his pants pocket.
  53. He hates that he's still wearing pants.
  54. Long-sleeved shirts and pants may be.
  55. He removed his pants and kicked them.
  56. I hurriedly pulled up my pants as.
  57. Ish rubbed the ball on his pants thrice.
  58. Once she got his cock out of his pants.
  59. Without pause they pushed their pants.
  60. Brandela held the pants in front of her.
  61. He sometimes wears his pants inside out.
  62. I take the necklace from my pants pocket.
  63. The doctor lowers Dana's pants a little.
  64. Tyler stood up and brushed off his pants.
  65. His shirt and pants suffer the same fate.
  66. Tan riding pants with a matching corset.
  67. Both had combat pants on and heavy boots.
  68. The pants appeared to be made out of a.
  69. Reaching into his pants I hope for some.
  70. It was harder to be brave without pants.
  71. I notice now that he’s wearing PJ pants.
  72. Layla went for his pants with a vengeance.
  73. He hit Mack so hard that his pants split.
  74. The harem pants were obstructing my view.
  75. I stand up, brushing gravel off my pants.
  76. If you inspect the powder pants and ski.
  77. O’Brien tripped over his drooping pants.
  78. Bet you shat your pants there, Nicolae.
  79. Disposable shoes, pants and another hoody.
  80. Sweaters, yoga pants or sweats, and shoes.
  81. She wore a shiny red kurti and white pants.
  82. Then I pulled her pants down over her hips.
  83. His shirt was neatly tucked into his pants.
  84. His shirt and pants were smudged but intact.
  85. They changed their caking shirts and pants.
  86. I almost busted in my pants looking at her.
  87. The cargo pants he was wearing were special.
  88. Her father wiped his palms off on his pants.
  89. His pants were shiny and so were his shoes.
  90. She was wearing a drab gray shirt and pants.
  91. His pants and undershorts around his ankles.
  92. The Dianettes try to pull her pants up more.
  93. He was dressed in white pants and a T-shirt.
  94. I stuff the revolver in the back of my pants.
  95. These clothes consisted of jacket and pants.
  96. And his pants weren't that expensive either.
  97. He took his pants off and told me to try it.
  98. Easing up, gasping, the pants were painful.
  99. If a 3-year-old messes his pants five min-.
  100. Their changed their caking shirts and pants.

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