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Parentage numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Goodness knows what his parentage was.
2. Halfdan briefly explained his parentage.
3. He even went on to lie about his parentage.
4. The taint of thy parentage is heavy upon thee.
5. I'm still shocked that he doubts his parentage.
6. The Armenian denied the parentage of the boy and sent him away.
7. Luckily, bad parentage affects people in very different ways.

8. Does not this little book clear up the mystery of your parentage?
9. Skiddles was of no known parentage, hardly of any known breed, but he.
10. I thought he was a Timacua, but he turned out to be of mixed parentage.
11. He decided to find out everything about them as well as his own birth and parentage.
12. I had assumed that it was the paradox of the child’s parentage that caused the Sundering.
13. He’s a Jew by race, a German by parentage, an Italian by upbringing, and a Greek by profession.
14. The King said nothing and I waited, expecting him to tell me to leave because of my mixed parentage.
15. What purpose I had in view when I was hot on tracing out and proving Estella's parentage, I cannot say.
16. Maybe they have discovered some fact about his parentage that even he doesn’t know, something ruinous.
17. The opinions he expressed appeared eminently natural and proper in a man of his parentage and antecedents.
18. For the daughter's? I think it would hardly serve her to establish her parentage for the information of her.
19. Victoria Moon King had found that only her own six poodles were of suitable parentage to live in her Poodle Emporium.
20. After all, my parentage is as good as any girl’s, whether she’s the daughter of a king or some great hero’s bride.
21. Despite whatever your parentage may be I’m glad to see that you’re all following in my footsteps as best as your able to.
22. But it still didn’t mean she was any relation of Will or, indeed, that her mother had been telling the truth about her parentage.
23. The puppies’ parentage could not be questioned since the puppy on her lap, along with two others in the box, were the spitting image of their father.
24. I made some inquiries: he resented his parentage, was ashamed of it, and would clench his teeth when he remembered that he was the son of ‘stinking Lizaveta.
25. Besides, what sort of husband would want a fatherless bastard for a wife? And if my parentage didn't concern him, surely the fact I had conversations with the dead would.
26. We have seen from the Quran that the relationship between ‘the God’ and the believer is that of the Master and the servant, which provides for a strict religious parentage.
27. They can transform the home life—to some extent the old homes—but in much larger degree the new, in giving intelligent parentage to the little ones of their own households.
28. We all know that no one can love Tarana the way Karan does and Singhania’s have also always treated Tarana as their own daughter and never even questioned her about her parentage.
29. Tormented by the certainty that he was his wife’s brother, Aureliano ran out to the parish house to search through the moldy and moth-eaten archives for some clue to his parentage.
30. I told her everything, including what Michael had told me about his secretly illustrious parentage and his suspicions and finally, hugely, that Augustine’s painting had been stolen.
31. Countless are they who, born of mean parentage, have risen to the highest dignities, pontifical and imperial, and of the truth of this I could give thee instances enough to weary thee.
32. There you are in the middle of a fraught negotiation getting roundly abused and shouted at; your parentage is being called into question and all kinds of dire threats are coming your way.
33. There is madame overwhelming me with questions respecting the count; she insists upon it that I can tell her his birth, education, and parentage, where he came from, and whither he is going.
34. Colonel Aureliano Buendía who at first received them with mistrust and even doubted the parentage of some, was amused by their wildness, and before they left he gave each one a little gold fish.
35. How dare he ask me if I'm his father! Where have you heard of a child questioning his parentage? I don't know who's been feeding him nonsense, but it stops now, said Chinedu, leaving the kitchen.
36. But when the actual war was about to be launched: that little spoiled child of diseased royal parentage became timid and showed his true colors;, he drew back from the actual implementation of the war plans.
37. Was inheritance a question of liking or of responsibility? All the energy of Dorothea's nature went on the side of responsibility—the fulfilment of claims founded on our own deeds, such as marriage and parentage.
38. The kids explode into arguments over appropriate changes that can and should be made to the story – arguments that quickly dissolve into insults against Eugene's story telling capabilities and each other's intelligence and parentage.
39. It probably hadn't been all that good-looking in any case- it was said that Zlorf had chosen a profession in which dark hoods, cloaks and nocturnal prowlings figured largely because there was a day-fearing trollish streak in his parentage.
40. If, however, we suppose any descendant of A or of I to have become so much modified as to have lost all traces of its parentage in this case, its place in the natural system will be lost, as seems to have occurred with some few existing organisms.

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