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Pathfinder numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Pathfinder operates on 50 milliamps.
  2. I did the same thing on my way to Pathfinder.
  3. Pathfinder was no longer talking to the rover.
  4. And I sure hope it’s what killed Pathfinder.
  5. Pretty much the same thing I did with Pathfinder.

  6. We sent the rover patch, which Pathfinder rebroadcast.
  7. You may remember it from my exciting trip to Pathfinder.
  8. Abram’s Nissan Pathfinder could tow the glider trailer.
  9. We’ve been looking through the old Pathfinder software.
  10. By my reckoning, I’m about 100 kilometers from Pathfinder.
  11. I did it for twenty-two miserable sols on the Pathfinder trip.
  12. I should have brought that strut with me to the Pathfinder site.
  13. We immediately directed Pathfinder to take a panoramic image.
  14. The ad-hoc Pathfinder control center was an accomplishment in itself.
  15. The worst part of the Pathfinder trip was being trapped in the rover.

  16. We’re going to try and link Pathfinder to the rover computer—.
  17. And as it happens, it’s the rover that communicates with Pathfinder.
  18. My best friend kissed my cheek as I helped her down out of the Pathfinder.
  19. The internal electronics for Pathfinder included a ground lead to the hull.
  20. The saddlebags I made for the Pathfinder trip will come in handy for food storage.
  21. I hauled it all the way to the Pathfinder site and back, just in case I needed a spare.
  22. I am the pathfinder and I freely give you the key to the door that leads out of this self-.
  23. Between Panel A and the workbench were the Mylar balloons Pathfinder had used to tumble-land.
  24. Remember, I do all my communication from Rover 2, which relays everything through Pathfinder.
  25. The hull sat on Panel A, one of four sides of the tetrahedron which brought Pathfinder to Mars.

  26. If Pathfinder craps out, I’ll spell messages with rocks, which NASA will see with satellites.
  27. The fourteen panels I took to Pathfinder provided the 18 kilowatt-hours that the batteries could store.
  28. On the trip to Pathfinder, I had to actually remove insulation from the rover to vent excess heat from the damn thing.
  29. Looks like a sunny day? Whatcha flyin’? The woman looked out a window to where the Pathfinder SUV was parked.
  30. It’s not like the Pathfinder team is hanging around JPL just in case their long-dead probe is repaired by a wayward astronaut.
  31. Before anyone could ask a follow-up, Venkat strode out the side door and hurried down the hall to the makeshift Pathfinder control center.
  32. Involuntarily a thought of Cooper's Pathfinder and of abreks flashed through Olenin's mind, but noticing the mysterious manner with which the old man moved on, he hesitated to question him and remained in doubt whether this mysteriousness was caused by fear of danger or by the sport.

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