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Payers numa frase em (in ingles)

tomers, (referrers, patients, and payers).
37% increased cost to private payers respectively.
A waste of our time and a waste of tax payers money.
Only a small fraction of this 48 Lakh tax payers,,.
Irish Citizens, rate payers and voters will celebrate the.
payers and thus save many billions in administrative costs.

Remember those Senators work for us and we are the tax payers.
control by payers, physicians will have to set standards and follow them.
(hospital or clinic) to reimburse the third-party payers for these services.
In some instances, to settle tax problems, tax payers would compromise with IRS.
After all, that is what insurance is; the spread of risk amongst a mass of payers.
been told that third party payers would not be responsible for other than nursing.
Estimated tax payers are urged to use the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).
This seems to be caused on accord of pressure by rate payers on the municipal officials.
Indian tax payers, without their knowledge gave more than one billion dollars to fund the war.
It is very hard with taxes of up to 48% and nothing (in the eyes of most tax payers) as a return.
Payers on the standard rate of tax are then all square, but payers at the higher rate, obliged to pay 32.
This was the kind of entertainment that television license payers were demanding from the corporation back then.
This complicated way of handling things means that about a quarter of the net dividend is due in tax for higher-rate payers.
The Germans were good payers, and would pay a bonus of a hundred dollars for any wild goat shot that had horns over one metre across.
The family issue should have been considered long before this case was brought to me and the tax payers, the judge said with finality.
As that becomes more of a reality, consumers and tax payers can expect the costs of healthcare to go nowhere but up unless the government stranglehold is broken.
So outraged was one South African citizen named Visser, over the blatant theft of tax payers funds to finance Nkandla, that he laid through his lawyer the formal charge below against Zuma.
Hundreds of thousands of tax payers dollars were spent on this case followed by three of the alleged victims receiving criminal compensation of around $10,000 each which you also paid for!.
Everywhere a man looks he sees the parasites of the world sucking the blood from the tax payers and laughing at the system that pays them more money than they have ever seen for doing nothing.
Some trustees won’t let you because final salary schemes are supposed to be the bee’s knees, and it could be argued you don’t need a SIPP because the final salary schemes are excellent payers.
These counter-arguments were so compelling, in fact, that the stock market showed a persistent bias in favor of the liberal dividend payers as against the companies that paid no dividends or relatively small ones.
A reasonable countervailing argument can be made that high dividend payers tend to be the better buy because a high payout ratio may indicate a management more attuned to meeting the desires of most outside stockholders.
Business was booming for the Brotherhood, the American section of their business had now seen a membership that had reached over 2 million subscribers, the British had 400 thousand fee payers and the rest of Europe had amassed almost 80,000 members.

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