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Pee numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I got to go pee.
  2. And I have to pee.
  3. And I needed to pee.
  4. Now I have to pee.
  5. I really need to pee.

  6. He realized he had to pee.
  7. I have to pee, she said.
  8. Which basically makes it pee.
  9. There’s tons of pee in them.
  10. She needed to pee awfully bad.
  11. I have to pee! he shouted.
  12. I didn’t pee in it, I promise.
  13. S’cuse me, folks; gotta pee.
  14. The walk sometimes helped him pee.
  15. Jenni woke up early and had to pee.

  16. He may have started to pee a little.
  17. I moved only once to pee and take a.
  18. My throat was sore and I needed to pee.
  19. Monkeys poop and pee whenever they want.
  20. I need to pee, she said and stood up.
  21. Bradshaw stopped to take a pee in the bushes.
  22. This was even more fun than helping Sue pee.
  23. She had an almost overwhelming desire to pee.
  24. I came in to pee and to wash and found him.
  25. Pee Wee should be here shortly to give us a.

  26. That means as much as enter and pee would.
  27. I have my face lying on the pee stained tile.
  28. Sometimes she couldn't help but pee loudly, at.
  29. Are we going to have to pee standing up?
  30. I have to pee, I said in a strangled voice.
  31. Let’s have a pee, and then; pretend to sleep.
  32. Stan needed to pee, but wouldn‘t buy a suit in.
  33. Sue then said, I can feel the pee coming out.
  34. Maynwaring, Pee Wee, the ranch foreman said in.
  35. It felt good to know that it was indeed his lil pee.
  36. Corrine grabbed his pee pee and stuck it in her mouth.
  37. They'd met in Pee Doobie's Club before it went tits up.
  38. I thought he was going to pee his pants, she giggled.
  39. It took me three minutes to pee out all of the excess.
  40. I entered the room and started to pee into the urinal.
  41. I got out of my tent to pee, wearing my hat and gloves.
  42. That, plus—for real this time—a serious need to pee.
  43. At 11:11 David got up to remove his condom and take a pee.
  44. Sue didn’t try to write anything with my stream of pee.
  45. Maynwaring, Pee Wee said in his deep voice, laced with.
  46. He liked these more that the little pee shooter he sometimes.
  47. The beer is on the ice, so that the pee is in the pot, later.
  48. I remember standing there shaking, willing myself not to pee.
  49. At half-time he went for a pee and bought himself a soft drink.
  50. Pee Wee rolled the brim of his hat nervously and leaned toward.
  51. Either she was excited to tell me something, or she had to pee.
  52. Only the ones that need to pee will walk into the deeper water.
  53. It should have taken him a bit more time to pee, wash and leave.
  54. Pee Wee had been a slave most of his life, but he’d been set.
  55. Houston sighed and looked up at his father and Pee Wee, the rain.
  56. Did you check with Pee Wee? Barron asked, referring to The.
  57. In fact, the more I thought of the trek the more I wanted to pee.
  58. I think someday these guests are going to pee all over the carpet.
  59. Needing to pee she walks into the trees and finds a secluded area.
  60. Max, said Andrei, one of these days I’ll pee my trousers.
  61. Needing to take a pee is a recurring theme, but I think that mes-.
  62. Barron ushered his sons and Pee Wee to the farthest end of the long.
  63. Stuck his hands down my pants or asked me to pee on him or something.
  64. Next thing I know is that I have to pee really badly and someone gives.
  65. Perhaps the little boat wasn’t such a worthless pee shooter after all.
  66. The doctor was insinuating it was just his lil pee pee holding him back.
  67. Pee Wee, informed me a short while ago that the small herd on the Arkin.
  68. Chantelle took a pee and put her clothes back on while David snored away.
  69. I had to pee so bad, she said pushing on her bladder making a joke.
  70. I think he went for a pee or something or maybe number two, I don't know.
  71. He closed the door and took a pee, washed up and then went out to the bed.
  72. Carol stares at him with a serious expression on her face; �I need to pee.
  73. As Sue finished helping me pee, I said in a loving voice, I love you too.
  74. Twenty minutes from home we stopped because I told my parents I needed to pee.
  75. Her first pee since that garage in Reston was not going to be a pleasant one.
  76. When I went in to take a pee, he was there, and when I came out he was gone.
  77. MAILE: Is that why your cat keeps glaring at me? Am I sitting on the pee couch?
  78. He couldn't pee, he was still semi erect from the encounter in Tracey's bedroom.
  79. She told me there was never a baby, she faked it with Noelle Hawthorne’s pee.
  80. He accepts, and no seems to find it odd that I have suddenly lost the urge to pee.
  81. He could hear screams and clenched his legs together so he wouldn’t pee his pants.
  82. We learned quickly to use a pail to pee in and dispose of its contents in the morning.
  83. How? If eight-year-old boys didn't pee three times during your film, you had it made!.
  84. Maybe in some thick bush, while he was taking a pee, or inadvertently while stargazing.
  85. Naked from the waist down, he used a handful of snow to try to wash the pee off his leg.
  86. When my mother wasn’t around, she told me that it was okay to pee in the bathroom sink.
  87. Other than that, it’s scary, exhilarating, and I think I WILL have to pee soon!.
  88. Although I wore several layers of clothing and my heavy cloak, I was cold and needed to pee.
  89. Another careful look in the bathroom – he might need to pee; it gleamed and smelled fresh.
  90. Silent early morning dogs parade majestically picking and choosing judiciously whereon to pee.
  91. Diondra said she had to pee, and so Ben just sat there in the living room, wishing he were home.
  92. What? Chris said, Why not? It saves water and the pee just floats down the river anyway.
  93. After about an hour of sitting in the truck running the heater to stay warm, I went outside to pee.
  94. I drove straight through the rest of Washington (stopping to pee once) and into the next state….
  95. And there is nothing routine about having someone watch you take a pee, she added, but more softly.
  96. What is his problem? I fear he's going to whip out a pregnancy test and make me pee on it in front of him.
  97. When the lorry pulled in for refueling, the driver and his mate took it in turn for refreshment and a pee.
  98. There, he managed to pee and shower and find clothes that were still a tiny bit clean on top of the hamper.
  99. Marsh stood up and placed his empty glass on the bar, signaling the barman Same again and went for a pee.
  100. I have some video I shot of her taking a pee in the women’s bathroom, can you use that? the doctor asked.
  1. The cat was peeking out of the bag.
  2. Teasing is almost as bad as peeking.
  3. There, peeking out, was The House of Horrors.
  4. They waited a moment before peeking into the.
  5. The sun was peeking over the mountain and Ashi.
  6. Caught me peeking, he says with a chuckle.
  7. I could see Danny peeking fearfully around the.
  8. Philipp thought he could see God peeking through it.
  9. The light peeking through the shack was turning sepia.
  10. A few feet later, I was peeking at the convergence of.
  11. Sort of like a shy groundhog peeking out of his burrow.
  12. What? Draper said, peeking around the corner again.
  13. Aesa peered out at the sun peeking over the mountain line.
  14. Peeking over the loader, Torms eyes went wide as he saw.
  15. Peeking inside only for a second, he carefully placed the.
  16. There was a small root peeking down at the very bottom of it.
  17. Peeking out of the corner of the screen was an oddbot, which.
  18. James looked at the four aces in his hands, peeking at Judas.
  19. Kapoor? Rich said, peeking his head into Venkat’s office.
  20. Wow, this looks great, she whispered peeking under lids.
  21. Michael, is that you? she inquired, peeking through the.
  22. Next to him was a writing tablet peeking out of Nathan's backpack.
  23. You’re awake, said a nurse, peeking her head into the room.
  24. I still had my underwear on but Pete was poking and peeking around.
  25. There were still no eyes peeking down at us from the corner of the bed.
  26. I walked across to him, peeking at what he was reading over his shoulder.
  27. After dressing he came slowly down the stairs, peeking to note her response.
  28. Their faces resembled more like a ram or a sheep, with canines peeking out.
  29. Sunlight was peeking through the windows as the younger surgeon crossed the.
  30. Peeking to her left, she saw her grin echoed in the pasty face of the One Elf.
  31. An old habit to startle those peeking through the curtains a bit apprehensive.
  32. Peeking out, later, she found the nuts and bolts laid in a neat row on her sill.
  33. In the lounge, Alastair has turned off the lights and is peeking out of the window.
  34. Eventually she had mercy and tugged out the phone, her tongue peeking out from the.
  35. A FOX-TV helicopter hovered over the trees, peeking through the branches and leaves.
  36. I notice his pants are on the floor with his shoes and socks peeking out under them.
  37. He lifted his head again to stare at her, a slight smile peeking through his saddened.
  38. Ben scratched a pimple on his arm, the Y of the Polly tattoo peeking out from his sleeve.
  39. He could see the red of the cough drop peeking out through the silver of the gum wrapper.
  40. I couldn’t help but stare at the darkening gash and the white bone peeking from beneath.
  41. He was at the top in a flash and peeking over to the narrow deck at the stern of the barge.
  42. Finally, the sun rose above the mountaintops, peeking in through the cracks in the shutters.
  43. She wore them baggy, rolled the cuffs tight at her ankle with those bulky socks peeking out.
  44. Yes, it was there, that face, hidden behind lost years, peeking at me through all that beauty.
  45. I hastily moved to the door and opened it, peeking both ways to make sure the coast was clear.
  46. Campbell keeps peeking at her BlackBerry, Insley studies her flexed calves from different angles.
  47. Call it interagency cooperation, he said, peeking out the window at the marina in the distance.
  48. Peeking through a narrow gap between boards I saw an angry rottweiler tethered to an elderly woman.
  49. The woman wore a child’s winter hat partway on her head, her pale face peeking out, fishbelly ugly.
  50. She lived as quietly as possible, and had yet to see them peeking through screens and around curtains.
  51. It was around that point, however, that he noticed a dark-haired girl peeking at him over her shoulder.
  52. He wears all black, but I can see a hint of Abnegation gray peeking over the collar of his sweatshirt.
  53. There was a fig tree near the gate, with the limbs of an apricot and almond tree peeking over the roof.
  54. She felt like a fool peeking around the corner to see if Alan was watching before slipping into the water.
  55. I see peeking from beneath, old elephants, familiar tigers, fine and amiable zebras, irascible crocodiles.
  56. I hold my breath as I open the door slightly peeking behind the corner in a hope that no one would notice.
  57. The mental picture of a slim, fresh faced boy with a mop of red hair peeking over the pulpit made her laugh.
  58. The May 27-June 2 issue of the Economist showed a brown bear on its hind legs peeking out from behind a tree.
  59. His eyes lift to the sky, where there are no stars, only a round moon peeking through a thin layer of clouds.
  60. The rest of his explanation is another cunning hidden tip of the undead peeking out from the puppet it controls.
  61. His nose stopped at the gap between the boards through which I was peeking, and made sniffing, snuffling sounds.
  62. I knew this because I was peeking through a clear spot in one of the stained-glass panels that flanked the door.
  63. The reverend laughed, then peered around the big man to the doorway, where stood a woman, peeking into the office.
  64. Peeking out from the far side of the house, he could see the nose of a blue car but couldn’t make out the type.
  65. Not a second later, Gordon returned, opening the door and peeking in saying, Oh, and you can keep the handkerchief.
  66. Then why were you peeking into the downstairs bathroom when all that fancy equipment could have done it for you?
  67. Charlie stole forward and slipped into a seat in the shadows and pretended not to be peeking through his own shut eyes.
  68. It looks amazingly realistic and I often wear it peeking out of my shirt to see if people will tell me I have a nip slip.
  69. I saw blue lace and a hint of cleavage peeking through her blouse as she swept up the leftover hair, and my cock twitched.
  70. He barely controls himself from peeking in to see what it is, but he can hear that something has been passed to the queen.
  71. Her waves of light golden-blond hair cascaded down her back, with the tops of her delicately pointed ears peeking through.
  72. He wiped the cold sweat off his brow and gestured at a sparkling crystal-point, which was peeking up from beneath the dirt.
  73. Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner The slice of sky peeking between the curtains was the purple of twilight turning into night.
  74. An empty bottle stood beside her, and I was sure I could see the neck of another, toppled over, peeking from behind her chair.
  75. She caught movement out the door window and saw Joel peeking in at them, a hand gun in his grip, and a rifle over his shoulder.
  76. The bow of the boat crunched into a golden sandbar, covered in scattered leaves, and with multi-coloured pebbles peeking through.
  77. I jerked unerringly with the equivalent shove as I do when I fal into a pit in one of those stupid dreams, when saw him peeking at me.
  78. What do you think the American invention of a private eye is? A peering reptile eye: peeking into the secret corruptions of human souls.
  79. As she spun, she looked up and could actually see stars peeking through leaves, without the brightness of city lights to blur them out.
  80. Peeking over, he saw that the plastic picnic table was exactly where it had been hours earlier; the window, too, appeared to be untouched.
  81. Peeking out from behind a large rock she saw a band of badgers heading up the hill, the boar who had attacked her earlier leading the way.
  82. She glanced back and could see Clarene’s eyes peeking sadly through the crack in the bedroom door and it gave Angela warmth in her soul.
  83. I continued to hold my hands on the side of my head peeking through what looked like I was wearing blinders similar to what some horses wear.
  84. Her eyes—glazed over in death—stare at the ceiling, while her tongue bloats inside of her mouth, peeking out from between pale, red lips.
  85. She sat scrunched against the back of the couch, her knees tucked up to her chin, her black-painted toenails peeking out from under a blanket.
  86. A moment later he was peeking through the window blinds; he looked at the garden plaza and saw the same, tiny swarm of men that he saw everyday.
  87. Despite the Captain’s order, Bryony couldn’t resist peeking over the crates to watch the line of sack-faced figures hobbling into the farmyard.
  88. After reaching the entry to the living area, he stopped with knife poised, peeking his head around the wall through the tiny holes in the ski mask.
  89. When they knocked at Dalynara's door, however, she appeared wrapped in her robe, her face peeking out of the door, looking furtively down the hall.
  90. As he turned away, Tacitus could see the scars that were upon Severus' back peeking out from beneath his shirt and snaking up the sides of his neck.
  91. It’s Maeve, Gerry and the two girls, Matthew said, referring to her sister and family, while peeking through the net curtains in the upstairs room.
  92. Sam wouldn‘t want anyone peeking at him! As he watched, one of the women began massaging the fat man‘s flaccid penis while the other picked up the vibrator.
  93. Johnny repeated to himself out loud how amazing it all was while Caesar warmed his hands and looked up to those first stars peeking out from the velvet-blue sky.
  94. Some countries reported a ‘blood-red’ colour, while others described the colour as being red with pockets of blue peeking through the orange and white clouds.
  95. But, a set of occasional wondering eyes can be found peeking around towards the “stern” of the ship; reserved for the privacy of the “honeymooning” couple.
  96. More than once I came back to our room to find the corner of his IRA flag peeking from under the door, per the code we’d agreed on back when it seemed like a joke.
  97. Kordell was African-American, very thin, about forty; she wore a red bandana over her hair and had yellow rubber gloves peeking out of the pockets of her cargo pants.
  98. Heads were peering over their cubicles, peeking around corners, and lingering by the water cooler with empty cups, being the cooler had a direct view at Garrett’s office.
  99. Are we really going to that big tall building over there? She pointed to the illuminated top floors of the Empire State peeking out among the other skyscrapers of Manhattan.
  100. Silently peeking around the doorframe, she was shocked to see him spread eagle across the bed; because she could still hear the strange sounds emanating from the living room.
  1. She peeked up at Jess.
  2. I peeked into his room.
  3. She peeked at her table.
  4. She peeked at the clock.
  5. He peeked into the 106.
  6. She peeked out into the.
  7. The sun had peeked above.
  8. He peeked around the corner.
  9. I peeked around the corner.
  10. I peeked inside of the barn.
  11. Julie peeked out the window.
  12. Black hair peeked out from.
  13. Once more he peeked outside.
  14. He peeked out from the stack.
  15. We peeked inside the ballroom.
  16. She peeked in all the windows.
  17. Eventually the door peeked open.
  18. Rosemary peeked over her shoulder.
  19. Kevin peeked over his sunglasses.
  20. He peeked out from under his arms.
  21. He walked close and peeked inside.
  22. Eyes rimmed in red, peeked, gaze.
  23. I peeked through the security hole.
  24. He peeked out the tent window again.
  25. I peeked above the glass at her face.
  26. They peeked out of doors and windows.
  27. Ellie peeked in the Fed’s direction.
  28. Her door opened and she peeked outside.
  29. Sam peeked around before stepping out.
  30. She peeked around the lintel and gasped.
  31. I peeked into your mind while you slept.
  32. Stephanie peeked over the top of the door.
  33. He got no reply, and peeked into the bag.
  34. Ceder peeked an eye open to locate Astray.
  35. He came by a moment later, and peeked in.
  36. Daylight peeked through the remains of a.
  37. Emily opened Kyle's door and peeked inside.
  38. He peeked over the balustrade, and smiled.
  39. Cautiously she peeked under the cage cover.
  40. Then she peeked out, and peed herself in.
  41. Wisps of gray curls peeked around her face.
  42. The copilot peeked out from the front cabin.
  43. Kevin crouched by the window and peeked out.
  44. I held my breath and peeked around the door.
  45. Sun peeked over the treetops facing Liam's.
  46. Safely inside, he peeked through the window.
  47. I moved in closer and peeked in at the scene.
  48. Silver wiring peeked from between its joints.
  49. She peeked around the wall slowly, and then.
  50. Ralph ducked in as he peeked around the corner.
  51. Ariel peeked through her hair and said nothing.
  52. Gary peeked at her over the top of his glasses.
  53. When they didn’t, he finally peeked out from.
  54. He peeked out and saw that everything was okay.
  55. He cautiously opened the door and peeked inside.
  56. Paulson stepped warily to it and peeked through.
  57. She walked over and peeked into the smaller tent.
  58. She was a little peeked at being told what to do.
  59. John approached the emergency room and peeked in.
  60. A few moments later, she peeked beneath her lashes.
  61. She peeked out of the bathroom after a few minutes.
  62. Stacey opened the back door a crack and peeked out.
  63. Rhone peeked up over the edge of one of the oaken.
  64. The thick lenses of his glassed peeked up over the.
  65. Talaric peeked into the room and I looked up at him.
  66. She stopped before she peeked into the lighted aisle.
  67. Sam crept up behind John and peeked over his shoulder.
  68. Morse peeked out the door of the small dressing room.
  69. Then Joses peeked into the world when Jesus was five.
  70. He peeked his head around at the tunnel the monk had.
  71. Marianne peeked her head in and stepped into the room.
  72. Spring peeked out, winning over the last weak remnants.
  73. But before Manda could answer, Nik peeked into the room.
  74. She peeked her head out the kitchen doorway and smiled.
  75. Emily peeked around the corner, Are you cooking?
  76. She peeked between two of the gas pumps and winked at me.
  77. Ruthie and Winfield peeked out from under their blanket.
  78. Morinda walked to the close end of the bridge and peeked.
  79. He peeked through a crack in the wood to the walkway below.
  80. Craning his neck, he peeked through the heater vent grate.
  81. At last the exit port opened slowly and a face peeked out.
  82. Kara and I cautiously peeked out of the mouse hole scanned.
  83. He peeked through the door, it seems to be the laundry room.
  84. Sebastian chuckled and I peeked out from under my eyelashes.
  85. As she walked a store owner peeked his head out of the door.
  86. Dun-colored hairs peeked out from under her stiff white cap.
  87. As I called 911, I peeked through slits in the window blinds.
  88. Ramsey peeked over his cover and looked out into the darkness.
  89. When she arrived at zero, Valerie peeked through her fingers.
  90. The old man peeked impatiently at the other bank of the river.
  91. She fluttered her eyes open, and peeked out through the light.
  92. A pair of pointed ears peeked through her golden head of hair.
  93. There was a soft knock on my door and then my mother peeked in.
  94. Heart pounding, she opened the door cautiously and peeked out.
  95. And when Richard peeked again, he saw nothing but other graves.
  96. Wait is that Kyzudo? Erika said as I peeked out of the corn.
  97. When morning dawned, I peeked out the window and into the woods.
  98. After the blinds were shut, she lifted the corner and peeked out.
  99. He peeked through each open door along the corridor as he passed.
  100. Instantly, Toby and I leaped over a short hedge and then peeked.
  1. I peek up at him.
  2. Maybe if I took a peek.
  3. Mike took a peek at Dan.
  4. I even let Elle peek out.
  5. She took a peek under the sheet.
  6. He snuck a peek in her direction.
  7. Heather leaned over to peek at it.
  8. Holden, don't you even peek at me.
  9. He stole a peek out of his doorway.
  10. He wanted to peek around its corner.
  11. I took a peek when you weren't looking.
  12. But don't try to peek under my cover-up.
  14. Puller eased it open and did a turkey peek.
  15. I brooded on how I could take a peek inside.
  16. I couldn’t help but to take a peek upwards.
  17. When I secretly took a peek above, I saw the.
  18. Smiling to myself, I sneak a peek back at him.
  19. What is it? He leaned over to have a peek.
  20. A quick peek inside Liam's room told her he was.
  21. It is that glimpse that I want to peek into now.
  22. When I open the bathroom door I peek out the look.
  23. She felt his movement and chanced a fear-filled peek.
  24. If he were going to peek at anyone, it would be her.
  25. Life is about the corners, you can just peek around.
  26. Hearing the car skidding to a stop, she risked a peek.
  27. Taking a peek at Locke, Ames seemed desperate for help.
  28. You had better take a peek at some of the other girls.
  29. It was good to see the old Jill trying to peek through.
  30. Its not nice to peek at your Christmas present early.
  31. I peek so I will know that he is telling the truth or not.
  32. The sun was starting to peek out for the first time today.
  33. So, when can I have a peek at the document? Sam asked.
  34. So you knew? She nods, and I steal a peek at her cards.
  35. I just wanted to take a quick peek at the stuff that came in.
  36. Derrick stole a quick peek over his shoulder, just to be sure.
  37. He turned, trying to peek inside the blanket at the same time.
  38. A weak sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon, when.
  39. The deer's eyes and face sadly peek out beneath the trash bag.
  40. He took his attention off the door briefly to peek at his watch.
  41. Ava peels the envelope lid back to peek at over a hundred dollars.
  42. She stole a peek and fell into the teasing light of his blue eyes.
  43. A short interval of quiet convinced the bravest souls to peek out.
  44. Without any hesitation, he immediately took a peek where they had.
  45. On one job, I could simulate a console to peek at jobs as they ran.
  46. They installed a peek hole in one of the storage room doors across.
  47. The front door was made of tin with a bolt and a wicket to peek out.
  48. Caris had never seen Mair undressed, and she could not resist a peek.
  49. She points to the pot on the stove, and I lift the lid to peek inside.
  50. Seeing no one, the impatient German opened the gate enough to peek in.
  51. I sneak a peek at her, she has her bag over her shoulder, arms crossed.
  52. Still, any minute … The stars that peek between the bodies are dimming.
  53. Daring to peek with one eye she attempted to ascertain if she was correct.
  54. The young man waved his arms excitedly, Sweem out, I’ll peek you up!.
  55. Katie had tried to peek in once and the doors had slammed shut on her nose.
  56. But Joe lingered, mesmerized by his peek at how the other half still lived.
  57. She tried to peek her head just above the edge of the white marble counter.
  58. Within the next few pages, you will find a sneak peek for After – Part Two.
  59. She wants to stand, to peek and see if the hit man is following her illusion.
  60. Les heard Tule say to the dealer, Hit me, then saw her peek at her cards.
  61. Peter was still hiding low to the ground but managed to peek for just a second.
  62. I peek up at Christian, and he turns to look at me, his head cocked to one side.
  63. I’m about to sneak a peek at what I was dealt when something unusual happens.
  64. As he approached the front door, he expected Jade to peek out one of the windows.
  65. We teach them how to trade, and they give us a peek at their interest in trading.
  66. Moving under the first lighted window Sam cautiously raised to peek into the room.
  67. Sometimes companies even invite shareholders to the company premises to have a peek.
  68. I peek up at him, and he’s staring at me intently, assessing, but his eyes soften.
  69. A pair of glasses was resting on a book nearby, and she instinctively sneaked a peek.
  70. She did a turkey peek over the car and fired a handful of shots in Bok’s direction.
  71. His mind was on Melvin, picturing him taking a peek at his daughter through that hole.
  72. As Gephart and Kinnard appeared and stood at bay she rose to peek over the cart sides.
  73. It is fascinating to consider that God has already given us a peek into the nature of.
  74. I was given a peek into that world, but I’ll never know what it’s like to live there.
  75. I had a quick peek of the auditorium and my stars do lit up gloriously in the dim light.
  76. I think the housemaid missed a peek, Murphy said helpfully as he tucked in the covers.
  77. She crawled to the aisle--which was strewn with debris--and risked a peek towards the door.
  78. Alby … Thomas wished he could take a peek in the boy’s mind, see what he’d seen.
  79. A peek into a car mirror you see six men pinned down where they are making their last stand.
  80. And I do have a few of these, she said as she held the purse open for Levi to peek into.
  81. He was tempted to sneak a peek over his shoulder, to see if he could catch a glimpse of Joyce.
  82. You can’t peek above the horizons of your hell, By standing on the shoulders of corrupt giants.
  83. On her way, as she was about to pass her grandfathers’ room, Alaysia took a moment to peek in.
  84. The intense heat bit at my eyes and face, and it hurt just to peek out from the protective cloth.
  85. Thank you, Ellie replied with a quick peek in Clayton’s direction, but we’re both fine.
  86. Eventually, we rounded a bend and stopped to peek at a large, contemporary, two-story glass mansion.
  87. I couldn’t sleep actually, so I sneaked peek in watching this scene, glad I didn’t miss it.
  88. As we wait, I peek up at him through my lashes, and he looks out of the corner of his eyes down at me.
  89. The example above is just a peek under the sheets at a system designed to separate you from your money.
  90. He was hoping his friend would give him a peek into the Scaliger sarcophagus first thing in the morning.
  91. I tried to help by picking up a few sheets that ended up at my feet, idly taking a peek while I was at it.
  92. Barnes' eyes were squinted shut; he opened them a slit, daring a peek them open to see if he was dead yet.
  93. Walt’s warm shoulder presses into my arm on the other side when he bends forward to have a peek as well.
  94. Ingrid didn't want to see more, but jumped over the puddle anyway and leaned to peek into the kitchen area.
  95. His eyes were heavy and set deep into his face and Angela would occasionally look sideways and peek at him.
  96. When I found one, I took a quick peek inside and saw that it was a work lab with tools, counters and benches.
  97. After seeing the current health of the stock, it’s a good idea to take a peek at how it’s fared in the past.
  98. The thwack of steel biting into wood echoed around the farmyard and I tentatively opened one eye to take a peek.
  99. In the entire ruckus Joey was moving his head in all directions to get a peek at where Marina was touching Lezura.
  100. Under the pressure of their heated voices she decided to open the lid just the slightest amount and peek into it.
  1. She peeks in.
  2. Loki peeks in the opening.
  3. Franny peeks out of the swinging door.
  4. He carefully peeks at it beneath the table.
  5. Dave opens the frig, peeks in, shuts it quickly.
  6. He stops and peeks between the seats to the front.
  7. She finished reviewing procedures with the girls, but kept sneaking peeks at the staircase.
  8. The boy on the platform peeks over the edge as if into a swirling abyss and shuts his eyes.
  9. She tinkers with the locket that still hangs around her neck as the morning light peeks over them.
  10. Rantulinoa, the gigantic mountain range, raised its white peeks towards heavens at the eastern outskirts.
  11. The corner of the hard drive peeks out from under my pillow, where I shoved it right before I fell asleep.
  12. When she reached the top of the stairs, she spun around, worried that he might have gotten one of those peeks.
  13. He moves very quietly toward the opening, hoping, praying that nobody heard him, and peeks into the dining room.
  14. A shadowy, alien head with large, bug-like eyes peeks through the doorway and stares at the hostage for a moment.
  15. For a start, because VIX peeks only 30 days ahead, its current reading can differ substantially from its forward value.
  16. While I was out there limbing and bucking logs with my chain saw to split, I kept taking peeks at her and lusting in my head.
  17. Christian Grey is up for more! He’s willing to try! My subconscious peeks out from behind the couch, still registering shock on her harpy face.
  18. After a brief rest punctuated by peeks through the chinks of the shelter wall, we hired two porters to carry the sacks on the rest of the foot journey.
  19. That would really be embarrassing and how easy would it be to get the story if she was too humiliated to even talk? So she walked up carefully, trying to pretend that she didn’t mind him looking at her butt and reminding herself that many of the women in here purposefully wore dresses that would allow intimate peeks while walking up the stairs.

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