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Peg numa frase em (in ingles)

1. One more hour with Peg.
2. Is Peg a great wife?”.
3. In it was a photo of Peg.
4. He said, 'Dig out the peg.
5. Peg made a deprecating noise.
6. Maybe, but I think not Peg.
7. She instructed Peg to mind her.

8. Peg stood in the door pointing.
9. Liz and Peg would always share.
10. I'll fill the vacant peg then.
11. Maybe Peg had already done that.
12. The PEG ratio on Microsoft is 1.
13. Peg was moving, but Jazz wasn’t.
14. She wanted Peg to ride behind her.
16. Here's a peg to hang your cap on.
17. Peg Green had her hand in the air.
18. He watched it knocking the next peg.
19. The peg will catch and tighten it.
20. Aunt Peg died a year or so after Dad.
21. Can you put the peg through the hole?
22. Peg had her note book out in the back seat.
23. But it’s me and Peg, Constance, Peg and me.
24. Peg softened, now that she had got the truth.
25. Drat that peg basket - it’s always falling off.
26. Peg said accusingly: Where have you been?
27. Peg Green blocked the doorway as he moved to leave.
28. The keys are hanging on the peg by the front door.
29. The best the day had to offer Peg Green was the sun.
30. Why not? He’s trying to peg the murders on you.
31. Instruct the patient to squeeze the peg to open it.
32. Peg had already completed her ablutions and bagged.
33. Question 1: If you have a square peg and a round hole.
34. The witnesses followed: Gwenda, Wulfric, Peg, Gaspard.
35. The case keeper nodded placing the last peg in his board.
36. There is no way to peg god on how He chooses to communi-.
37. A firm shake of the head from Peg as she swigged her coffee.
38. The peg here stood proud of the ground at an inch and a half.
39. Perkin’s wife, Peg, said briskly: Her waters have broken.
40. Her thick cloak was hanging, as always, on a peg by the door.
41. The enigma of the major’s diary they left with Jazz and Peg.
42. Where is my hat, by the way? Must have put it back on the peg.
43. Peg closed the door and was immediately rebuked by the lawyer.
44. The wire's on a peg and the peg's in the ground -- there, look.
45. Which leaves the South African, Wannenburg Morne, said Peg.
46. After an hour Peg said: What can have happened to Annet?
47. Ronan counted again—fi ve, six, and seven—and placed the peg.
48. He noticed one of his own coats hanging on a peg inside the door.
49. As the flat flickered into darkness Peg wheeled herself into the.
50. And me, added Peg, as she finished another row of the scarf.
51. But as he brought up a peg, pain stabbed sharply through his thumb.
52. Wearily he took off his crown and hung it on a peg behind the door.
53. Clive shook out his raincoat and hung it on a peg in the back hall.
54. A summary statistic commonly used in GARP analysis is the PEG ratio.
55. It seems that was what she was meaning by the page references, Peg.
56. Practice holding the peg between the thumb and other fingers in turn.
57. PEG is a turbo charged P/E; it has an added ratio thrown in to confuse.
58. With your nose to the ground, Peg, how did you come up with that?
59. We’d been standing in the hall, him hovering near his jacket on the peg.
60. But all that lay there was a splintered peg and a twisted length of wire.
61. Kathy had Joel bring her the set of keys she kept on a peg above the phone.
62. Peg tossed her head and abruptly began to pick up the bowls from the table.
63. Gideon looked up at that point and plucked a firm peg of fruit in his mouth.
64. It’s possible they didn’t know the fifty was there, suggested Peg.
65. The skins would form a sack, stitched along the peg holes left after drying.
66. It seemed it was his lucky day as he eyed a straight jacket hanging on a peg.
67. As he hung his cap up he became conscious that his peg felt lower than usual.
68. According to Yahoo! Finance, in mid June 2009, the PEG ratio was well below 1.
69. And who are the Indians, chief? I think we all have a fair idea, said Peg.
70. Most companies peg dividend growth at a rate very close to earnings because the.
71. A quick check to see they had everything they brought, revealed a tent peg missing.
72. Outside, the Witch limped in through back alleys of rope and peg between the tents.
73. Position the patient in sitting with a peg held between the index finger and thumb.
74. He spun a large wheel with lots of numbers on it, with a bright red peg at the top.
75. Ulbrickson’s effort to knock the sophomores down a peg or two had mixed results.
76. It could have turned nasty before they got into the office, chief, offered Peg.
77. Who? I would say, What was that again? Operator, would hear Peg sigh, far away.
78. In its place on the wooden peg hung a cloth cap jauntily flattened in on either side.
79. He hung his hat on a peg and flung himself into his seat with business-like alacrity.
80. Good day, Lord Ralph, he said, bowing; and his wife, Peg, curtseyed behind him.
81. A towel fluttered from a peg on the open post of the kitchen roof in the light breeze.
82. Bullock racked his 12-gauge beside the first weapon and hung his hat on a peg in there.
83. Peg gathered up her scattered work and Rudolph replaced the catcher-tray on the copier.
84. When she went to reach the waistcoat from a peg, Fred went up to her and said, Allow me.
85. Practice picking up the pegs one at a time and placing them in the holes in the peg board.
86. You need not transport a bird on your shoulder, have a peg leg or a hook to be a buccaneer.
87. Peg said: She had the misfortune to meet Ralph and Alan when she was alone in the forest.
88. At the beginning of August 2012, Apple Computer common was selling at a NTM PEG ratio of 0.
89. He turned and put his hands on the cross and one foot on the little climbing peg on one side.
90. If we take growth at the high end, then the PEG ratio (P/E divided by the growth rate) is 3.
91. Position yourself sitting with a peg board and some cylindrical pegs on a table in front of you.
92. The converse is true if the common stock is selling at PEG ratios substantially higher than one.
93. Peg touched nothing other than a handbag, the strap of which was wound around the gear selector.
94. But don’t you look at acid test ratios? And what about the PEG value versus historic P/E?
95. He looked around at Jarvis, standing in the rays of light from a lantern hanging on a peg near by.
96. They shared the lift to their operations room where Peg Green and Jazz Bryant where fully occupied.
97. Nostradamus pulled his velvet cap off the wooden peg near the nightstand and placed it on his head.
98. Peg was relieved to see him and stood back in frustration, then aimed a kick at the offending object.
99. Instruct the patient to pick up the pegs one at a time and place them in the holes in the peg board.
100. Gina and Izzy applauded me – much to my disgust – when the final tent peg and rope were in place.
1. So far you have only been pegging out the ground it is going to occupy.
2. In early July, the Stochastic anticipated the downtrend by moving down, accurately pegging the price trend that followed immediately.
3. If Bitcoin maintains advantages in terms of network effects and volatility, it may make sense for new cryptocurrencies to use pegging to link themselves to the Bitcoin network instead of trying to replace the Bitcoin network entirely.
4. Aye, aye," he shouted with a terrific, loud, animal sob, like that of a heart-stricken moose; "Aye, aye! it was that accursed white whale that razeed me; made a poor pegging lubber of me for ever and a day!" Then tossing both arms, with measureless imprecations he shouted out: "Aye, aye! and I'll chase him round Good Hope, and round the Horn, and round the Norway Maelstrom, and round perdition's flames before I give him up.
1. Her body seemed pegged to the chair.
2. The IMF pegged GDP in Vietnam grew by 8.
3. There was no time; I had Christine pegged.
4. They pegged away in silence for some time.
5. A gauge labeled "OVERLOAD" is pegged in the red zone.
6. Using ground penetrating radar the group had pegged out.
7. Except I had always pegged him as the troublemaker type.
8. Our lower self is firmly pegged down by our fear of death.
9. Yorkshire terrier, who'd been pegged out on a line to dry.
10. I never would’ve had you pegged for a cop, he said.
11. When pegged into pots of potting compost placed around the.
12. He had always pegged Friedman as a stickler for time keeping.
13. If it was Isabelle alone, she was always pegged as the babysitter or nanny.
14. If Harry had pegged the middle of June as the start of the problems at the.
15. These could be pegged through with small supple twigs while the mud is still soft.
16. The name derives from the experience of the Mexican peso that had been pegged to the U.
17. The article in question had been pegged to the cancellation of the lunar landing program.
18. He realized that maybe he had pegged the vampires wrong, based on the perceptions of others.
19. PhoneSniffer pegged the phone’s position on Baron Cameron Avenue, heading into Reston, Virginia.
20. To know how fast he was going, all he had to do was look at the speedometer, and his was pegged at 20.
21. He hadn't exactly pegged Dylan for a complainer and he really didn't know what to say to make it better.
22. These were also painted dark green and had huge camouflage nets draped over them and pegged to the ground.
23. He always pegged her as a Taylor Swift groupie, but for some reason, he was glad they liked the same music.
24. A few minutes ago he thought he understood her perfectly, had her pegged as a zealot with a one-track mind.
25. It immediately pegged her as being raised in a noble house, though why she would hide that was a curious question.
26. There were numerous piles of furniture leading to tree trunks to which handholds had been pegged sometime in the past.
27. The continuing rumors that the sophomores might be pegged for the first varsity boat in the spring had everyone on edge.
28. I had him pegged as a self-absorbed workaholic who spent his spare time planning his next project, song, or business move.
29. Silently, I plod on next to the boy I pegged for a Fool only two days ago, who turns out to be much more cultivated than me.
30. Upon reflection, Bru pegged his buddy as a big threat to his friends, not being able to take responsibility for his own mistakes.
31. Dressed in jeans and a black pea coat, Norah pegged him to be in his late forties, a bit younger and a lot fitter than her father.
32. And here I thought I’d totally misjudged you as the arrogant, egotistical Fed I’d pegged you for the minute I laid eyes on you.
33. The tent-ropes cannot be pegged into the ground as it is too stony, so instead they use the hondas, gas cans and sleds to secure them.
34. It almost feels as if he has me pegged in every possible way, and the thought both thrills me senseless and frightens me out of my mind.
35. Estimates have pegged the amount of gold above ground at around 165,000 metric tons, with some 20,000 metric tons still waiting to be mined.
36. A few months later, while giving his testimony at a college retreat, he pegged our library discussion as the moment he came to know Christ for sure.
37. As in most other studies, I exclude currencies that were fixed or pegged to another currency, along with currencies that have or had significant capital controls.
38. Because the IEA is not known for their peak oil predictions, I find it intriguing that just one month before the 2020 prediction, the IEA had pegged peak oil at 2030.
39. The ends of these massive and long beams were pegged into the top plates of the walls and served to prevent the walls from collapsing outward under the weight of the roof.
40. A dozen rough wooden tables with benches filled the room, which was occupied at the time by nine customers, a female servant and what Nancy pegged as a very young prostitute.
41. Their clothes and accents immediately pegged them as Southerners in Ingrid’s mind, whose first previous incarnation had been as a black male slave in an Alabama plantation.
42. I forgot my bashfulness, and pegged away (no other word will express it) with all my might, tumbling over long words, pronouncing according to inspiration of the minute, and doing my very best.
43. He still had it pegged as the second boat on his chalkboard, but the boys in it were beginning to edge the first boat consistently, and Ulbrickson was quietly putting his final selections into this boat.
44. John Falk had me pegged, at our last exam 3L, he brought me a quart of Seagram’s that he had left over in his apartment (probably from his first year) and gave it to me because he knew it would be used.
45. Sari didn't understand why I didn't just say I moved from Emerson, but then I told her how my high school paper insisted on doing a story on the dangers of drinking and driving, pegged to the incident with Charles.
46. He knew all about her--how she had never gone in for any more husbands after her Jew, still lived in Charles Street, still, therefore, was well-off, had lately been so ill that she almost pegged out, and in a few days was going to celebrate her fiftieth birthday.
47. With a wrench I pulled myself back to the present day, and tried to show a little compassion, although I had this particular former student pegged as the classic, ‘A-type personality,’ which is a scholarly euphemism for the nethermost regions of the alimentary canal.
48. It was a long time ago but with a superhuman effort of memory, miraculously he managed to dig out of his brain the whereabouts of just that – a photographer only a few blocks away! We cursed having left the tandem behind as we pegged it faster than our legs believed they could go without the aid of pedals and gears.
1. Use pegs that are easy to open.
2. Use pegs that are difficult to open.
3. Additionally, pegs were made by hand.
4. Squeeze the pegs between different fingers.
5. Don’t try to put square pegs into round holes.
6. He jumped from the wagon and released the pegs that.
7. The bottom line is that square pegs do not fit into.
8. Just holding on to pegs and there’s a little footrest.
9. If the pegs fall down, a jumper can claim the property.
10. The color of the pegs indicated the priority of the job.
11. Bruce and Nick were off checking the tents’ anchor pegs.
12. I stood on the pegs and checked the cross traffic up ahead.
13. And thus he pegs out in dirt and wounds for he is unable to.
14. There were dozens of little pegs and hoses sticking out of it.
15. Bruce uses a huge thigh-bone as a hammer to pound in the tent pegs.
16. Position yourself sitting with some pegs on a table in front of you.
17. Position the patient in sitting with some pegs on a table in front of them.
18. There were pegs across both walls and recessed areas for muddy, wet shoes.
19. I stood on the pegs and saw Marco riding the shoulder a block ahead of us.
20. This, Jacob put the scabbard onto the two top pegs that held the sword.
21. He makes tremendous rows,—roars, and pegs at the floor with some frightful instrument.
22. Practice picking up the pegs one at a time and placing them in the holes in the peg board.
23. Poly could sit happily and count pegs or screws, or bolts and nuts until drowsy with sleep.
24. Claims have to be staked out at each boundary line with pegs pointing straight up in the air.
25. He was following Sky down the tent and marquee lines catching the pegs as Sky pulled them out.
26. Something in his hand wriggled through his distraction – he was still holding one of the pegs.
27. Position yourself sitting with a peg board and some cylindrical pegs on a table in front of you.
28. With enough rope, poles and pegs, all sorts of utilities can be constructed around the campsite.
29. Instruct the patient to pick up the pegs one at a time and place them in the holes in the peg board.
30. Position the patient in sitting with a peg board and some cylindrical pegs on a table in front of them.
31. There were fresh magazines on angled pegs, and there was a date written on the tops of the drums in pencil.
32. It was serious little klikenstra with a panel of flop switches, plenty of configure pegs and effects knobs.
33. Practice picking up the pegs, one at a time, using your thumb and index finger and placing them on the wires.
34. The exhibit was to show how the pendulum knocks over long lines of pegs every once in a while the proof that.
35. But those were just pegs for the news guys to hang on to, things they could worry to death for the sake of ratings.
36. These people needed him for everything! Once he had been asked how they should pull the tent pegs out of the ground.
37. Max hid in the shadows, watching and waiting for Star to arrive with lightproof sheet, pegs, lantern and folding spade.
38. Instruct the patient to pick up the pegs, one at a time, using their thumb and index finger and place them on the wires.
39. A light weight tarpaulin would cover the grave and contain the light within the hole, and tent pegs would hold it taught.
40. Built into the base of the left stringrack was a rather large control panel with lots of tweaking pegs and braided patch hoses.
41. Around the base of your tent, where pegs are often required to fit through eyelets or sewn on loops, you may have limited choice.
42. Beyond that, there are many jobs around the campsite for which tarps, ropes and pegs, in various combinations, provide a solution.
43. Dingle beamed and rose to join the rest of the group busily tidying up the equipment and replacing the turf where the pegs had been.
44. In this case, a very strong uptrend pegs the MACD fast line in potentially overextended territory, and it stays there for much of the move.
45. Hammer: Living Word; preaching the Word hard and fast; to hit repeatedly at something; used to drive pegs in to put up a tent; never used in.
46. I seized a hammer and tent pegs, forgot I was tired, and before very long had things fairly to rights; but I slept that night in a dust-heap.
47. He stood in the waving sugar-cane fields with the Land Surveyor trying to identify the survey pegs on a monstrous hill of sugar cane in Cornubia.
48. Tikhon with equal accuracy would split logs with blows at arm’s length, or holding the head of the ax would cut thin little pegs or carve spoons.
49. It was tough, even for me, to lane-split like this at speed, all while running traffic lights, standing on the pegs, and scanning the parallel roads.
50. The cabin was dark; but my eyes soon grew accustomed to its darkness and I saw the pilot, a muscular man whose hands rested on the pegs of the wheel.
51. Tíkhon with equal accuracy would split logs with blows at arm’s length, or holding the head of the ax would cut thin little pegs or carve spoons.
52. The path of the coin is determined by its starting position and the locations of the pegs alone – in essence, only environment determines its path.
53. On pegs were also pieces of harness, a split collar with the horsehairstuffing sticking out, a broken hame, and a trace chain with its leather covering split.
54. On pegs were also pieces of harness, a split collar with the horsehair stuffing sticking out, a broken hame, and a trace chain with its leather covering split.
55. That was why, realized Rau, the tent of the Indian novel in English laid with the worn-out Western pegs in the loose native soil came flat at the whimper of a scrutiny.
56. In order to investigate this point further, let us think of one of those machines found in amusement arcades, where coins fall through a network of pegs to a hopper below.
57. However, machines still ran a single job at a time; at Cambridge University in England the job queue was at one time a washing line from which tapes were hung with clothes pegs.
58. It also accounts for his success in another Guinness World Records category – most clothes pegs clipped on a face – as Garry can attach 159 wooden pegs to the skin of his face.
59. The horses were pulling their pegs out of the mud and getting loose, and "Smudger" was having a busy time running around and catching them and knocking the pegs in again with a mallet.
60. In extreme cases you might have to anchor the main pegs with two or three secondary pegs secured at 45 degree angles to each other and around 20 cm further out (usually away from the tent).
61. In this way, having carefully removed the leg bands by deft circular motions of his arm following one another uninterruptedly, the man hung the leg bands up on some pegs fixed above his head.
62. At the other end of the scale are those cantankerous pegs which, having been hammered securely into the earth -- using mallet, hatchet or hammer -- refuse to budge when time comes to pull them out.
63. The whole place was very sparsely furnished and very functional with a Shaker style about the decoration, the plain wooden chairs were hung up on pegs on the wall leaving the bare floor boards empty and minimal.
64. On the wall by the window there were pegs on which hung broken harness in process of being mended; strips of new leather; and under the window itself a little bench for leatherworking tools, curved knives and needles and balls of linen thread, and a small hand riveter.
65. On the wall by the window there were pegs on which hung broken harness in process of being mended; strips of new leather; and under the window itself a little bench for leather-working tools, curved knives and needles and balls of linen thread, and a small hand riveter.
66. Under a row of five coiled spring housebells a curvilinear rope, stretched between two holdfasts athwart across the recess beside the chimney pier, from which hung four smallsized square handkerchiefs folded unattached consecutively in adjacent rectangles and one pair of ladies' grey hose with Lisle suspender tops and feet in their habitual position clamped by three erect wooden pegs two at their outer extremities and the third at their point of junction.
67. He stared into the stone’s ice-blue interior, where miniature mountain ranges seemed to send back fire, crimsons and corals and violets, polygons of color twinkling and coruscating as he rotated it, and he almost convinced himself that the stories were true, that centuries ago a sultan’s son wore a crown that blinded visitors, that the keeper of the diamond could never die, that the fabled stone had caromed down through the pegs of history and dropped into his palm.
68. You mean, I said, those gentlemen who tease and torture the strings and rack them on the pegs of the instrument: I might carry on the metaphor and speak after their manner of the blows which the plectrum gives, and make accusations against the strings, both of backwardness and forwardness to sound; but this would be tedious, and therefore I will only say that these are not the men, and that I am referring to the Pythagoreans, of whom I was just now proposing to enquire about harmony.
69. And suppose the objector to refine still further, and to draw the nice distinction that not only parts of tops, but whole tops, when they spin round with their pegs fixed on the spot, are at rest and in motion at the same time (and he may say the same of anything which revolves in the same spot), his objection would not be admitted by us, because in such cases things are not at rest and in motion in the same parts of themselves; we should rather say that they have both an axis and a circumference, and that the axis stands still, for there is no deviation from the perpendicular; and that the circumference goes round.
70. It was three days later that the first storm hit us from the east, we dropped our sail and put out the sea buckets to keep the bow to the waves and with nothing else to do we wrapped ourselves in oiled leathers and waited, twenty four days the storm raged but our sturdy craft suffered no more damage than one plank sprung from its pegs, fortunately it was above the water line and we soon repaired it, we had no way of knowing were the storm had pushed us, this was not as bad as it sounds, this was not the first storm we had lived through, a lot of them in boats less sturdy than the Raven, and the next clear night I would read the stars, consult my charts and know approximately where we were.

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