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Perplex numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. They have different perplex.
  2. Ferguson was left perplex by that.
  3. The sergeant then looked at his corporal, perplex.
  4. This seemed to perplex and irritate the other mercenaries.
  5. We're dismal enough without conjuring up ghosts and visions to perplex us.

  6. It however explains many things about this young Dows that had left me perplex.
  7. Mayor Cassim repeated the word Yoda, that he heard in his translator, silently to himself, looking perplex.
  8. This was one of those life changing decisions, which may have been planned, that would disturb, perplex, haunt, and taunt me for the rest of my life.
  9. Now watch the movements of the Sadducees, as they frame their proposition for the Lord, expecting to perplex and confuse Him as they had the Pharisees.
  10. The question was: What do women really want? Such a question would perplex even the most knowledgeable man, and to young Arthur, it seemed an impossible query.
  11. I used to draw a comparison between him and Hindley Earnshaw, and perplex myself to explain satisfactorily why their conduct was so opposite in similar circumstances.
  12. That rendered Konovalov perplex for a moment and he examined the course of a few individual Morg ships before an explanation came to his mind, making him grin with glee.
  13. What is Magic? is a book for beginners on the spiritual path of magic which answers the foregoing questions, and addresses many of the doubts which often perplex new magicians.
  14. He took out his black pipe and was going to fill it with negro-head, when, looking at the tangle of tobacco in his hand, he seemed to think it might perplex the thread of his narrative.
  15. As he was about to reenter his house just before supper, Pierre suddenly slowed down his pace and stopped in front of his door, perplex: somebody was playing the piano he had in his lounge.

  16. That may be so, but I do not allow it, and his tone implied, You city gentlemen may think to surprise and perplex us, but we in Eastern Siberia also know what the law is, and may even teach it you.
  17. All around, there were monuments carved with armorial bearings; and on this simple slab of slate—as the curious investigator may still discern, and perplex himself with the purport—there appeared the semblance of an engraved escutcheon.
  18. As for these duties of our office, these examinations, all this formality—you yourself, you will remember, touched upon the topic just now, batuchka—these examinations, and so forth, sometimes perplex the magistrate much more than the man under suspicion.
  19. He found nothing to perplex or disappoint, much to admire and approve, for overlooking a few little affectations of speech and manner, she was as sprightly and graceful as ever, with the addition of that indescribable something in dress and bearing which we call elegance.
  20. Lavrushka, understanding that this was done to perplex him and that Napoleon expected him to be frightened, to gratify his new masters promptly pretended to be astonished and awe-struck, opened his eyes wide, and assumed the expression he usually put on when taken to be whipped.
  21. Lavrúshka, understanding that this was done to perplex him and that Napoleon expected him to be frightened, to gratify his new masters promptly pretended to be astonished and awe-struck, opened his eyes wide, and assumed the expression he usually put on when taken to be whipped.
  22. The diversity of belief, therefore, on this subject, among the adherents of the doctrine here defined, is not peculiar to them, and is occasioned by apparent decrepancies of statement in the Biblical writings, especially in the English version, which perplex the students of both systems.
  23. Yes, she concluded, here on these grounds she found contentment and comfort from her pains of life; all her troubles and all the ills of the world, even that dreadful war across the ocean, seemed menial while in the sanctuary of this place, even though her mind was wont to churn and perplex about issues over which she had no control.
  24. You have no kind of evidence, and the man of yesterday does not exist! All you wish is to perplex me—to enrage me, so as to enable you to make your last move, should you catch me in such a mood, but you will not; all your pains will be in vain! But why should he speak in such covert terms? I presume he must be speculating on the excitability of my nervous system.
  25. That these shells, such as abound in our rivers, ponds, and lakes, should be found in low prairies along the banks of waters which frequently overflow them, excites no wonder, nor even surprise; but that these shells should be found thus imbedded in pebbles and sand underneath several feet of alluvial soil, in situations more than one hundred feet above the waters of any stream now in existence, is calculated to perplex the mind of the superficial observer.

  1. This is all very perplexing.
  2. It is perplexing to me, and it's.
  3. BJ: That seems a bit perplexing.
  4. I have come across perplexing relics.
  5. This was a most perplexing situation indeed.
  6. That’s what was so perplexing about Reynolds.
  7. But they are in perplexing doubt concerning it.
  8. It just sprouted open in a most perplexing way.
  9. Was this mad? Is this what she wanted? It was perplexing.
  10. And it is perplexing or puzzling, I suppose, that only a.
  11. But to listen to their conversation was perplexing yet fascinating.
  12. Hillary could not understand the perplexing scene that confronted her.
  13. Her eyes ran slowly over his face, taking in every perplexing feature.
  14. However, something more perplexing seems to be at the heart of the prophecy.
  15. He goes to Pepper’s riotous, perplexing concerts and pays attention to Claire.
  16. The accompanying diagram will aid us in understanding this rather perplexing subject.
  17. She then followed his glance to the front, with a look of insult at his perplexing abruptness.
  18. He never once offered a suggestion as to how the apostles should solve these perplexing problems.
  19. But as awful as the thought of a nuclear war was, it was not as psychologically perplexing as the.
  20. In a sense, I guess I am, responds the man, slightly perplexing his interlocutor, but in.
  21. And the more he thought the more questions raised themselves, and the more perplexing they appeared.
  22. I had leaned back against the stone wall, thinking, if not showing, that this question was perplexing.
  23. It was and still is a perplexing puzzle with no solution for the League’s planetologists and geologists.
  24. Christians have such a cozy relationship with the Vatican and secret societies? Isn’t it perplexing that.
  25. As to his shirt-collar, and his coat-collar, they were perplexing to reflect upon,—insoluble mysteries both.
  26. As perplexing as it seemed, he knew this complexity of big packages had something to do with the gym’s name.
  27. What the Legate found perplexing was the way in which those who uttered his name seemed unwilling to elaborate.
  28. One of the most perplexing things for Christians to understand is that the devil really was defeated 2,000 years.
  29. In vain did Franz endeavor to forget the many perplexing thoughts which assailed him; in vain did he court the.
  30. The most perplexing facet of the whole thing was that he wasn’t at all sure which of them was doing the pulling.
  31. Wallie, bitterly irritated, saw, indeed, many trifles that he had failed to see before, perplexing as so many pricks.
  32. Harvey-Browne into a radiance of smiles perplexing in conjunction with her age and supposed superiority to vanities.
  33. One of the more perplexing questions in this process, is how did life-energy emerge from non-life or inorganic energy?
  34. But what could he understand even in this laceration? He did not understand the first word in this perplexing maze.
  35. Despite their mastery of aerial combat those women were ill-prepared to handle perplexing mirages woven by expert specters.
  36. Even then, I still felt numb, like the whole thing was just a completely perplexing situation, until my mom came up to my room.
  37. And annoying and perplexing as her untroubled conscience was it was yet not so annoying and perplexing as her wild joy in Italy.
  38. But this art-production would never appear to the people (even if they could afford to use it) as anything but perplexing or dull.
  39. Holmes was silent and buried in thought with a pained expression upon his face, as one who finds himself in a perplexing position.
  40. Danny realised that if Sebastian tipping off the paparazzi, it was probably the film crew doing so, but he found the whole thing perplexing.
  41. What had those eerie eyes seen? Who haunted his thoughts now? The Dark Brotherhood and sad stories of betrayal…it was conceivable and yet perplexing.
  42. How long had it been since I left Lymeworth? The Profusion of Events had been so num’rous and perplexing that ’twas very hard to recall the Dates.
  43. We can learn how things will change together and collectively find Socialutions for many of today’s perplexing problems, and that is a good thing!.
  44. The thought that the great detective had the answer to this perplexing mystery of the missing footballer, yet would not reveal it till the morrow, tormented me.
  45. Only honest and brave individuals are able to follow valiantly through the perplexing and confusing maze of living to where the logic of a fearless mind may lead.
  46. He remained with his back to her, not sure how to handle the situation or what to expect when he turned to face yet another character in his very real, perplexing dream.
  47. Yes, they are splendid, splendid youngsters, chimed in the count, who always solved questions that seemed to him perplexing by deciding that everything was splendid.
  48. This was definitely becoming quite perplexing, Feltus admitted to himself, especially since this may indicate that Terence had been in the area where his wife met her death.
  49. This was certainly becoming a perplexing mystery no doubt, and the mention of the Grey Ghost in relation to the victim intrigued him enough to continue with augmented interest.
  50. Even with this sketchy treatment it should be possible to reach some useful conclusions on the perplexing question of the relationship between market analysis and security analysis.
  51. That morning she had received a call which was so perplexing that she hardly understood it: August had been found, had disappeared again and was “probably” unharmed – “probably”.
  52. The idea that electrons can only occupy certain discrete energy levels was very perplexing to early investigators and to Niels Bohr himself becase the electron was considered to be a particle.
  53. Eliminate these illusions, though, and you are confronted with this raw truth: despite being enslaved in a finite body, you are an infinite mind yearning to make sense of a perplexing yet terrifying reality.
  54. The difference between investment and speculation, when the two are thus opposed, is understood in a general way by nearly everyone; but when we try to formulate it precisely, we run into perplexing difficulties.
  55. Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What is the purpose of life? What is beyond this life? Architecture has been used to teach these mysteries and, in part, reveal answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions.
  56. Could its influence have been exerted in like manner among all our colored people of the South, the problem so perplexing to politicians and philanthropists, as to the future of this class in our country, would have been already solved.
  57. How did you find me out—Hastings? he said, with a slight hesitation before the name, as perplexing as the characteristic grasp of his hand, familiar and unfamiliar at once, and the tinge of formality that obtruded itself unmistakably.
  58. It was a perplexing issue, a debacle that he had not been adequately prepared to address given his strong convictions regarding the preacher’s involvement after learning of his daughter, the young nurse in France who had been tainted by Terence.
  59. However, it is this trans-national, trans-cultural, and trans-temporal consciousness, the enigmatic and perplexing consciousness of cause, the cause of love, which alone is the womb of salvation, to which we owe our allegiance, body, mind and soul.
  60. And the Shepherd said to me Why are you reasoning in yourself and perplexing your mind and distressing yourself? for the things which you cannot understand do not attempt to comprehend as if you were wise; but ask the Lord that you may receive understanding and know them.
  61. What may be the most perplexing of his sins is the fact that those sins, consisting of insider trading and many other violations of the requirements of stock trading at the time, were rewarded by FDR by appointing Big Bad Joe to head the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  62. I learned afterwards that this was a gentleman from the provinces, who had a critical and perplexing piece of business in Petersburg, who had brought a letter of introduction to our host, for whom our host was, by no means con amore, using his interest, and whom he had invited, out of civility, to his children's party.
  63. Can’t the origin of the so-called false revelation said to be in praise of Al Lat, Al Uzza and Manat be seen in this background? Maybe, it’s an idea for the Musalmans to see whether or not these vexing as well as perplexing ‘Satanic Verses’, whose authorship Muhammad had denied, are indeed Quranic interpolations.
  64. The most perplexing question that I have to find an answer to is: Why should I remain here now that I have mastered the ability to leave at will? Why should I wish to remain trapped in this body which is trapped in this prison? Maybe, I can leave my body until it is time to go home--in the spiritual world there is no sense of time.
  65. Having obtained this crucial information, the killer must have waited until a more appropriate time to return and finish off this last loose end that drew the definitive line between freedom and the gallows; however, the issue of timing was also very perplexing given their inability to determine with any accuracy the time frame in which the murder had occurred, especially since Dr.
  66. All the most Curious and Compelling Facts of my Life—my Travels with the Merry Men, my Introduction to the Craft of the Witches, my Studious and Learned Childhood at Lymeworth, my Love of Latin and English Authors, my Perplexing Meditations on Philosophy—he saw fit to ignore (for a Man can ne’er understand that a Woman may be a sometime Whore and yet love Latin!), and he made me out instead a perfect Ninny.
  67. I have an idea that the above-mentioned members of the first quintet were disposed to suspect that among the guests of Virginsky's that evening some were members of other groups, unknown to them, belonging to the same secret organisation and founded in the town by the same Verhovensky; so that in fact all present were suspecting one another, and posed in various ways to one another, which gave the whole party a very perplexing and even romantic air.
  1. She looked at me perplexed.
  2. His turn to look perplexed.
  3. By this now I am perplexed.
  4. I was perplexed with her query.
  5. Faced by them, it perplexed her.
  6. I was very perplexed to see them.
  7. Dont look so perplexed, he said.
  8. He was very perplexed and bemused.
  9. This had Bradlee utterly perplexed.
  10. We looked at each other perplexed.
  11. Colia looked worried and perplexed.
  12. Alice studied the board, perplexed.
  13. Will stared at the beetle perplexed.
  14. Beatrice and Mariana were perplexed.
  15. That troubled and perplexed Carroll.
  16. By now Nangong Ping became perplexed.
  17. The soldiers were perplexed at his words.
  18. Hearing that all the four felt perplexed.
  19. Yet they leave many investors perplexed.
  20. Their ungrateful animosity perplexed Liam.
  21. That line in the Post ad had perplexed him.
  22. Grateful but perplexed I finally opened it.
  23. His eyes were full of a perplexed question.
  24. Having no family it perplexed me to no end.
  25. Hearing it all President David got perplexed.
  26. John was inordinately perplexed in his heart.
  27. But what? asked Brigit, still perplexed.
  28. I was momentarily perplexed by his statement.
  29. Gauri didi was perplexed with my sudden wished.
  30. Nothing, he answered, ever more perplexed.
  31. What’s that? Joey was clearly perplexed.
  32. Perezvon?7 repeated the doctor, perplexed.
  33. Truman was also perplexed at other discoveries.
  34. London turned to Mac, and his face was perplexed.
  35. Nangong Ping became perplexed and he shouted too.
  36. Wangwe looked more annoyed than perplexed by this.
  37. The woman sipped some wine and appeared perplexed.
  38. It was what he liked to do when he was perplexed.
  39. For the perplexed and viewless streams that bear.
  40. Perplexed somewhat himself, Hanor tried to explain.
  41. Her expression changed from perplexed to hot rage.
  42. The company looked at each other with a perplexed.
  43. He was definitely perplexed by the situation that.
  44. Libby’s gaze lifted and she was perplexed by the.
  45. Most of the God Boys looked quite perplexed at this.
  46. He rubbed his head, rather perplexed, rather annoyed.
  47. Perplexed, she soon came upon Clara, who was in the.
  48. Strange, he scratched his chin in thought, perplexed.
  49. He observed his outfit with perplexed interest, his.
  50. He wondered, totally perplexed by the change in light.
  51. The white hair priest looked perplexed and said aloud.
  52. And the thief looked on for a few moments, perplexed.
  53. Ben looked perplexed, but didn't hesitate to say, No.
  54. Frostbite? Perplexed, Andrew raised his eyebrows.
  55. Renoir sat back in his leather swivel chair, perplexed.
  56. London still stood panting, but his face was perplexed.
  57. Mei Yinxue ceased her laughter and she looked perplexed.
  58. What have I done to you? I declare that I am perplexed.
  59. Though I was perplexed I was not in the least surprised.
  60. Perplexed, he paused until each of them had boarded the.
  61. Where’s the mask? asked Roger looking perplexed.
  62. He was either genuinely perplexed or a pathological liar.
  63. What? asked The Chief Of Police looking perplexed.
  64. Yes, of course, but the poor girl looked so perplexed.
  65. What are you doing? Jags gave her a perplexed stare.
  66. Zhan Donglai look perplexed and stared and he too shouted.
  67. Yes, Feltus mumbled, still perplexed by that aspect.
  68. One thing only perplexed Edmond, and destroyed his theory.
  69. The officer stood perplexed and his face showed indecision.
  70. Gwenda just pretended to be as perplexed as everyone else.
  71. She was surprised and perplexed by the harshness of my tone.
  72. Jacob was perplexed for a few seconds, then the answer just.
  73. Eva stood at the threshold with a perplexed look on her face.
  74. Berg and the countess looked at her, perplexed and frightened.
  75. But Angel said no more; his face was perplexed; he went away.
  76. As he approached the commotion, he was perplexed as to what.
  77. Pon was perplexed about his decision and he turned to Vitchae.
  78. Jacques was still perplexed about Mosenke, Khumalo and Pengxin.
  79. Sana and Aarav were perplexed with the unexpected air of calm.
  80. I followed her, surprised and perplexed by all that I had seen.
  81. Here feeling perplexed I began to think over what had preceded.
  82. The imposing old man appeared to be perplexed and said sternly.
  83. Tess drew her breath fearfully, and Angel, perplexed, said—.
  84. What the fuck? Where did that comment come from? The perplexed.
  85. He would stand and watch in perplexed and disconcerted silence.
  86. SIDs? we all said at the same time, in the same perplexed.
  87. Immediately he hung the phone up, feeling perplexed and anxious.
  88. The talking head had a perplexed look on his face as he reported.
  89. Huh? What happened? Luke said in a quick and perplexed tone.
  90. A strange passage in the tale had caused the perplexed child to.
  91. For an instant I was perplexed but then I realised that he must.
  92. Holmes, save that I was so perplexed that I felt I should not be.
  93. Huh? he grunted, perplexed, only understanding the question.
  94. Where are we headed? I ask, perplexed, gazing out at the I-95.
  95. It’s missing, presumed lost, replied Roger looking perplexed.
  96. Prince Vasili stared at her and at Boris questioningly and perplexed.
  97. A little perplexed perhaps, trying to understand what was happening.
  98. Kenneth was perplexed to pronounce of what disorder the master died.
  99. Into the Doctor's perplexed face suddenly there came a flash of hope.
  100. Grigory stood with a perplexed face, looking straight at his tormentor.
  1. What perplexes me is that no one has come up with a better option than methadone.
  2. Try to realize that there is nothing new in the state of things which now perplexes you.
  3. Another word that perplexes Christians is the word elect, found above in Matthew 24:22.
  4. In this case copyright law was involved, which seems to be a huge mess that perplexes many people.
  5. Yet one thing perplexes me to this day : how he, Lambert, succeeded in gaining admittance to, and fastening himself upon, such an unapproachable and superior personage as Anna Andreyevna.
  6. The third principle is perhaps the one which perplexes most new traders and it is this – how do I know when the market is in congestion? After all, it's easy to look back in hindsight and see where the price action has been consolidating for some time, but when the market action is live, it is only 'after the event' that any consolidation phase becomes self evident.

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