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Persistent numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I was a persistent design flaw.
  2. Keep digging and be persistent.
  3. She could be persistent, I thought.
  4. She had never had such persistent.
  5. The Parable of the Persistent Widow.

  6. But Tony was persistent and as usual.
  7. The feeling within him was persistent.
  8. Criticism from outside was persistent.
  9. His look was persistent and intense.
  10. But, he was persistent, coaching me along.
  11. It was barely perceptible, but persistent.
  12. Excuse me, as a persistent man of business.
  13. Her persistent memory of him increased her rage.
  14. You’re very stubborn-er, persistent, that way.
  15. The alarming and persistent increase of insanity.

  16. The persistent shriek of the Winds was very loud.
  17. There was a persistent tapping as water dripped.
  18. He had that annoying, persistent look in his eyes.
  19. She was not as patient or as persistent as Coral.
  20. Those mail routers are persistent if nothing else.
  21. She is a persistent woman: I have to give her that.
  22. I protested, but he was persistent so I kissed him.
  23. He was completely obsessed by one persistent thought.
  24. Otherwise, the persistent stress will destroy him/her.
  25. Be persistent in your continuing studies and have fun.

  26. Being persistent and keeping good proof that you have.
  27. Frequent or persistent ear infections in children can.
  28. Of patient, persistent progress into A Glorious Future.
  29. This continues over a period of time and a persistent.
  30. I must say that you are a very persistent individual.
  31. What happened next is the subject of a persistent story.
  32. Garcia was aroused from his sleep by a persistent buzzing.
  33. This was a persistent problem, starting during the Exodus.
  34. But he was a persistent son-of-a-bitch and kept coming back.
  35. She did not recognise him in this persistent ceremoniousness.
  36. A loud, persistent knocking was suddenly heard at the window.
  37. Our most persistent enemies were the environment and the sun.
  38. Depending on the severity of the case, persistent violators.
  39. Since then, she lost her job because of her persistent cough.
  40. Well they’re persistent, and they’re behind us somewhere.
  41. When a fear becomes persistent and irrational, it is a phobia.
  42. Seems like she’s persistent, this one, Samuel chuckled.
  43. Behind that sometimes devious gaze, there was a persistent depth.
  44. The knowledge of how markets work advances on a persistent basis.
  45. Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure.
  46. By being persistent and following the tips in this ebook, you can.
  47. Slowly, grudgingly, the hill gave way to their persistent efforts.
  48. She knew she couldn’t come back, but the voice was so persistent.
  49. He politely declined, but one persistent Sardar would not leave him.
  50. He kicked off the gufder but the persistent predator kept on coming.
  51. The uneventful quiet was too persistent, too perfect, too unnatural.
  52. However, extremely high or low profitability is not very persistent.
  53. And with persistent effort, that one step leads to another step and.
  54. There can also be a bad taste in the mouth or persistent bad breath.
  55. Maileena stood shocked by the man's persistent efforts to get to her.
  56. Leaves in clusters of 2 to 5, sheathed, persistent for several years?
  57. He wondered how she would manage when they became painfully persistent.
  58. The persistent drought in the south-western United States is causing a.
  59. Persistent as always Andrew said that if Peter could find time to go he.
  60. Her persistent, unintermittent gregariousness is incomprehensible to him.
  61. Kevin would know that he could trace him and that he would be persistent.
  62. She waved it off once or twice, but the bee grew more and more persistent.
  63. The song is prolonged, persistent, it must be a tenor, it must be a tenor.
  64. Susan balked at his persistent hostility but clamped down on her own anger.
  65. Towards evening one persistent idea aroused him from this strange lethargy.
  66. In the prophecy of Ezekiel the consequence of such persistent sin is death.
  67. It was, Your Majesty, but I seem to have developed a persistent headache.
  68. Love cannot attain success unless it becomes a persistent, ego-free action.
  69. This process takes a little time, but it will happen if you’re persistent.
  70. Dividend yield was by far the most persistent carry component, as expected.
  71. Recovery from coma or a persistent vegetative state is always a possibility.
  72. It requires hard and persistent practice to realize the true meaning of love.
  73. However, in persistent cases, sexual transmission should be considered, and.
  74. Something deeper and more immediate than the persistent thrum of the machine.
  75. Being patient, persistent and consistent is the key to reaping the long-term.
  76. Snowstorm: Storm typified by heavy and persistent falls of snow.
  77. Lindsay held that the essential pattern was remarkably persistent for 150 years.
  78. The effect of the persistent denial to women of full equality with men sharpens.
  79. And he answered me and said You are exceedingly persistent with your questions.
  80. She too, had passionate desires, but they were persistent rather than impetuous.
  81. However, through persistent surveillance, he knew precisely where he was staying.
  82. So his promised ‘decisive blow against persistent poverty’ has a hollow ring.
  83. The prayer had been mostly of thanks, mixed with fervent and persistent pleadings.
  84. WE WERE HALFWAY to the Quarters before the most persistent of our pursuers gave up.
  85. Headaches caused by brain tumours can be mild, severe, persistent, or come and go.
  86. If there was only one word that described our blond friend, it had to be persistent.
  87. He’s persistent, I have to give him that, as nothing I’ve done can dissuade him.
  88. Above all, he hated my young legitimate heir from the first with a persistent hatred.
  89. After what seemed like half an hour of slow, persistent tuning, It is the weather.
  90. She left only reluctantly, steered away by George’s persistent pressure on her arm.
  91. It can be a persistent condition; however, almost half of all men experience ED only.
  92. Nostromo feared him as one would fear saddling one's self with some persistent worry.
  93. All that is required is the desire to change along with focused and persistent effort.
  94. He was very persistent, and eventually I told him to bugger off and stop bothering us.
  95. Every success has been accomplished by persistent concentration upon the object in view.
  96. Maybe he has gone away, the old man said in answer to Alyosha's persistent inquiries.
  97. The gryphons were perturbed by the persistent Gaeans and rallied against their opponents.
  98. It is a persistent involuntary spasm of the vaginal wall that interferes with penetration.
  99. Her persistent patterns of feeling, emotions and anticipations will shape your attitudes.
  100. Furthermore, infection, persistent pain, and behavioural changes almost certainly set in.

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