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Pesky numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Or a pesky ant infestation.
  2. Angered now by the pesky screw.
  3. It's in that pesky smal print no one bothers to.
  4. We can avoid that pesky winter weight gain easily.
  5. Now where's that pesky mutt got to? said Johnny.

  6. Now, where is that pesky shotgun? Baby Face asked.
  7. Eugene Debs? He was one of those pesky socialists who ran for.
  8. She was tired of trying to keep that pesky cock inside of her.
  9. To combat the swarms of pesky mosquitoes, persons provided with.
  10. Babies are pesky, and no fifteen-year-old is allowed to have one.
  11. At least I won’t have to deal with these pesky bugs anymore.
  12. Sweeping wildly with his fingers, he felt for the pesky little chip.
  13. The hippo lumbered back and forth, apparently looking for the pesky.
  14. Jacques’s mouth went dry and his hands froze on the pesky knot in his tie.
  15. Their dry throats only served as a pesky reminder for their perilous situation.

  16. The next two calls were those pesky bill collectors claiming over due accounts.
  17. There is a cost that hovers above every major business deal like a pesky fly at a.
  18. He’d been contemplating how he could get his pesky tenants out of the apartment.
  19. He jutted out his elbow, and ignored me as if I was nothing more than some pesky fly.
  20. If you’ll b’lieve it, that pesky mare balked and wouldn’t stir another step.
  21. We were given it in the hope that it would fail and rid your colleague of a pesky problem.
  22. But that pesky X carved on his forehead began to glow; a little at first, but then more and more.
  23. The dog, a pesky black Lab named Bark, took quickly to Thomas, hanging at his feet the entire tour.
  24. You mean those pesky ideals of honour and loyalty I interrupted him the way a teacher does sneeringly.
  25. He ducked back down the alley, followed by the poodles, which yapped and jumped about his feet like a cloud of pesky.

  26. Those persons turned out to be that pesky Duchess of Orléans and another, older aristocrat woman accompanied by four men.
  27. It was an area of land cut down of the pesky overgrowth and had beautifully colored, garden type plants growing around its edges.
  28. I still had those pesky butterflies dancing around, though, having spent the whole day with Jesse, and that totally killed my appetite.
  29. The Army, being leery about keeping captive a pesky minor like you, decided to drop the hot potato in the lap of the American embassy.
  30. After blowing away a pesky bug in his face Joey spotted what looked like a moss infested, giant stone hand with large claws reaching out of the ground.
  31. Soldiers broke from the mob into the surrounding houses and buildings in search of the pesky archers that were thinning their ranks down considerably.
  32. He looked like a dog attempting to scratch away a pesky flea from its ear and I laughed, breaking my own concentration and falling to the padded floor.
  33. Between the rain and the firemen who soaked the smoldering embers of the Fuller house, there wasn’t a lot of pesky evidence to poke holes in the story.
  34. The gold seekers had to endure the dry desert and the rain, which soon turned everything to mud, as well as bears, wolves, buffalo herds and pesky mosquitoes.
  35. So with a pesky position like Media Vision, short sellers went to every growth conference and convertible road show to check out Paul Jain and the sound-card story.
  36. The Madeline of tomorrow was going to regret every word she said tonight, but the Madeline of right now was exhilarated by the removal of all those pesky inhibitions.
  37. The pills they gave me were supposed to hone and heighten my analytical mind, and at the same time, they were designed to quash pesky, distracting, irrelevant emotions.
  38. Every night I would crawl out of that pesky bed, dressed in a patient's gown and an IV plugged into my arm, and sit outside the hospital, on a bench, under skies just like these.
  39. On his way, the old man dug his handkerchief from his back pocket to stifle a sneeze caused by a pesky nose hair, listened to see if he’d been detected, then renewed his ascent.
  40. Now, that pesky Canadian reporter was showing to the whole world that Israel was far from invulnerable to Iranian fire, something the Prime Minister was certainly not going to appreciate.
  41. The workers, who had every intention of joining those pesky trade unions, decided that these soldier boys weren’t quite the saviours they’d thought and both sides lined up for confrontation.
  42. As I listened to her swearing softly to herself because she couldn't read the pesky figures in the fading light, I realized that the voyage had begun in earnest and that very soon it would be night—my first night at sea!.
  43. In 1943 a group of army officers overthrew General Uriburu and took power, promising a big industrialisation drive, full rights for women, and work for all, as long as the workers didn’t join any of those pesky trade unions.
  44. No thought of those pesky possible temporal time dimensional explosions from body contact with his past self, all the sci-fi films he had ever watched seemed to be wrong, he just found himself to be a dead weight in his arms.
  45. Don't you see? If he has a clear week to get thoroughly interested in his natural history again—marine stuff, his dream of seeing the floor of the ocean and all that—there may be some chance of his consenting to leave this pesky place.
  46. I mean it makes sense that Sim robbed one of the supposed workers of the Ice Cream Man but to hear you tell it, he supposed to be a big move shaker, why would he send one of his best to take care of a pesky problem? Hung Sim wasn’t much of a threat.
  47. Truman returned to Puerto Viejo triumphant, parked between the public phone and the La Hacienda 4X4, dented its rear door to match the front and, after chasing off the pesky drunk, ordered another chilled coconut to idle away the forty-five minutes before he would call Beth.

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