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Physique numa frase em (in ingles)

He was of fine physique.
He admired his toned physique.
He had the physique of an archer.
Slender, but had a strong physique.
I wanted my new, healthy physique to.
The pensive steers around the physique.
He didn’t have the muscular physique.
Sonja took in Wisdom’s physique as well.
A bleeding physique and a bleeding heart.
She was very huge; have a very sound physique.
He had the toned physique of a police recruit.
You have the physique for a more varied approach.
Adolf admires his physique, his toned abs, ripped.
The Pressroom Boss had the face and physique of a.
He had the most glorious physique Eve had ever seen.
Look for a local course aimed at your type of physique.
His physique and his winning smile were all that stood.
These exercises will build a balanced physique and will be.
Corallyn’s physique was similar to that of a nine-year-old.
We can’t stress enough that you can have a great physique, but.
But no amount of dressing up could hide Janet’s extraordinary physique.
The moose, despite its enormous size, is well known for its weak physique.
He had always maintained that his physique was not compatible with distance.
He had inherited his physique from his father and his brains from his mother.
His soldierly physique was bent and he shuffled around the precincts unsteadily.
And damn, all this walking has restored her triathlon physique from two years ago.
He is twenty years younger, but has something of the same spare, scraggy physique.
Well, for one, you don’t have the physique of someone with that type of training.
One of the male villagers stood at that moment, his large physique like a robust wall.
Like Quinn he had an imposing physique, although he looked younger and less menacing.
He is shirtless and looks pretty damn good that way, a V-shaped physique, rippled abs.
He was still ashamed of his skinny physique, his pale skin, and his lack of body hair.
Before he could stop himself his eyes had traversed her naked physique from head to toe.
He was a very handsome man with a good physique and with a sense of maturity on his face.
I put on the new shoes and once again examined my overall physique in front of the mirrors.
Anthony inherited all of his mother's physique, but unfortunately, his father's character.
What happened was this: you flitzed out of your head into this—my—Charles Atlas physique.
Who will bid for this slave, the slave master shouted, look at his excellent physique.
We shall have to improve our physique by getting rid of infant marriages and luxurious living.
Musafir observed his physique in the full length mirror, he thought he needed to bulk up a bit.

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