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Piano numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I still play the piano.
2. The piano was the piano.
3. Liam sat behind the piano.
4. Alone he sat at the piano.
5. Andrew hid behind a piano.
6. Niya played piano very wel.
7. Mandy played and taught piano.

8. You play the piano if you like.
9. Over there, next to the piano.
10. Some one was playing the piano.
11. There’s a piano over there.
12. Dimarico was tight as piano wire.
13. As I sit by the piano with wonder.
14. Inside, I looked at Cal's old piano.
15. He stopped and waited at the piano.
16. Just think, he's given you her piano.
17. A piano pupil who finds memorizing.
18. You had best get back to your piano.
19. The piano, of course, had come to me.
20. Maybe on my piano, he whispers.
21. This floor is the piano nobile, Ms.
22. Our black upright piano, out of tune.
23. After a few bars of Piano Concerto no.
24. She had a piano in her flat in North.
25. This piano hasn't been used for years.
26. Annie was playing a song on the piano.
27. Been writing it for years on the piano.
28. He went over to the piano and sang:.
29. That's the piano that I heard playing.
30. Nadine just learned to play the piano.
31. Sam clenched the sides of the piano stool.
32. He'll be able to play the piano with his.
33. Use of Piano one hour a day, per term, $3.
34. Aidan told me once he could play the piano.
35. Could I learn the piano? another asks.
36. That bloody piano was the only thing I had.
37. Williams, in one of his lectures for piano.
38. The place was gorgeous and even had a piano.
39. I’d taught it to her one day at the piano.
40. He can play the piano but isn’t a prodigy.
41. He rose, nodding, and advanced to the piano.
42. He had glanced up at the wall above the piano.
43. It's been a while since he played his piano.
44. She turned around and went over to the piano.
45. Only thing I can think of is a grand piano.
46. Was that you playing the piano? he asked.
47. He seated himself between his piano and organ.
48. He found our next clue in a pipe in this piano.
49. Rollo, help her move the piano in front of it.
50. And she came to play the piano whilst he sang.
51. Have one pupil play the piano while the other.
52. Her mother was sitting at the piano with Joseph.
53. Sam can play the piano here anytime he wants to.
54. I’ve always wanted to own a proper grand piano.
55. At one end of it was a little stage with a piano.
56. Then, pretty soon, the guy that played the piano.
57. Lynch indicates mockingly the couple at the piano.
58. Board of Education to have piano classes organized.
59. He left a briefcase under the piano and then split.
60. Footmen are arranging plants round the grand piano.
61. Morse unrolled the second scroll on the piano bench.
62. When he sat down at a piano, he always drew a crowd.
63. By this time, there is an ancient piano in the house.
64. In such cases, use a piano stool or a bench of the.
65. Vera had actually quite soon got tired of the piano.
66. He lifted the lid of the piano and caressed the keys.
67. The sounds of one piano jangle with those of another.
68. She hadn't practiced for a while, the piano was dusty.
69. I sat down and held her in my arms on the piano bench.
70. Adding the bass to the piano makes it a little better.
71. Have you got a piano, Sally? She’ll need to practice.
72. He practiced his singing and piano when she came over.
73. The two most troublesome problems in teaching piano to.
74. He had one of those old wire -- piano wire -- recorders.
75. From his wing day and night came the sound of the piano.
76. The pedal is often referred to as the soul of the piano.
77. Sing! said she, and again touching the piano, she.
78. He played on the invisible piano before him, imagining.
79. A Mozart piano concerto came softly from corner speakers.
80. National Guild of Piano Teachers and by his constructive.
81. That’s partly why I play the piano, I said to her.
82. The piano was silent again for she was utterly at a loss.
83. Playing music on the piano requires faster thinking than.
84. I was in a fog, amazed that Roman was playing the piano.
85. Lydgate, and had heard his voice accompanied by the piano.
86. It is courteous and friendly for the piano teacher to be.
87. Whatever the merit of individual instruction, class piano.
88. She continued her piano lessons at three in the afternoon.
89. If I were a piano player, I'd play it in the goddam closet.
90. She shrugged her shoulders and did not open her piano again.
91. So Charles returned once more to this question of the piano.
92. The piano on occasion gave a strumming hum and fell silent.
93. But was that a piano playing arpeggios in the background?
94. After a little while, the voice gives way to the piano again.
95. Piano music could be heard as soon as Jack answered the door.
96. For the student who intends to become a piano teacher or an.
97. I think I mentioned before that I like playing the piano.
98. A piano played softly in the background and supper dragged on.
99. The piano got a little louder and faster and it was soon her.
100. When adults apply for instruction in playing the piano, both.

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