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Picture numa frase em (in ingles)

1. It was a picture of.
2. It's a picture of you.
3. I took a picture with.
4. You got to picture this.
5. It had a picture of a.
6. In a picture of clouds.
7. I can picture it still.

8. It gives a picture of.
9. An old picture of Frank.
10. The boy gets the picture.
11. Is the picture you see.
12. The pram in the picture.
13. The picture had the tag.
14. She was a lovely picture.
15. The picture tells a story.
16. John looks at the picture.
17. A picture of a brunette.
18. It was a picture of the.
19. Then the picture went dead.
20. I want to see the picture.
21. Focus on the big picture.
22. As I stare at the picture.
23. Which go into the picture.
24. It formed a sweet picture.
25. Here, I have this picture.
26. When I picture the cancer.
27. The picture of Baby Face.
28. I have seen this picture.
29. He made a handsome picture.
30. I saw a motion picture of.
31. A picture of her snipping.
32. There was a picture of him.
33. He wrote below the picture.
34. Julie's face was a picture.
35. If I had a picture of the.
36. To see the picture clearly.
37. Claire picked up the picture.
38. And the picture is beautiful.
39. She took this picture at St.
40. To embrace the full picture.
1. Picturing the behavior of any.
2. I can’t stop picturing it.
3. I was picturing the face of a cop.
4. I was picturing her in my head and.
5. As we chatted I began picturing this.
6. Picturing yourself there, think back to.
7. Picturing the future of the unsaved with al.
8. Still, she couldn’t help picturing their deaths.
9. Picturing a positive end result is an act of faith.
10. I spent the rest of my day picturing how I’d kill Amy.
11. I was up all night picturing how this day would turn out.
12. I giggled, picturing Samual on a throne, adorned with a.
13. She was picturing this huge combine in a one acre garden.
14. The story about Josie Ward, picturing her grieving parents.
15. He and she sat at evening picturing what it would be like.
16. His body and affairs show forth what he has been picturing.
17. I will have you know that he was picturing you on the table.
18. Picturing being lighter, trying to focus, I fall further in.
19. I was picturing you for coated karga strips on seasoned greens.
20. I was picturing splatters of brain and blood all over the stones.
21. He leaned his head to one side, picturing the damage he would do.
22. He kept picturing a Special Forces sergeant held in a bamboo cage.
23. I started picturing millions of jerks coming to my funeral and all.
24. Why not, if only you serve me? he said picturing their future.
25. She's not picturing Andrew on one knee in front of her with a rose.
26. So far we’re picturing a passionate person with time on his hands.
27. What’re you doing? I yelled at him, already picturing the worst.
28. Instead of picturing them in your mind, try to picture them in your heart.
29. Still picturing her beloved child, Nurse’s smile hadn’t faded one whit.
30. I’m picturing my brain like that…but with trillions of nanoprobes.
31. Oh yeah, said Shoop gazing off into the middle distance picturing the.
32. Margaret Thatcher shaving her legs but was disturbed to find that picturing.
33. You know what, Alice? I was just picturing the First Mother retelling her.
34. Her eyes scrolled through them again, picturing his mood as he typed them out.
35. She kept picturing herself and the car sliding off among them, into the nothing.
36. Easy! Instead of picturing yourself with your problems solved, hold pictures of.
37. Picturing them rushing towards their location, Hanor could see the Souls surging.
38. Before I had begun to love you, I was picturing you and your solitary wild dreams.
39. Picturing the future of the unsaved with all the horror that words can employ, an.
40. Leesa smiled, picturing the silent way Rave moved and how quickly he covered ground.
1. Once I have pictured in my.
2. It was then that I pictured.
3. Sitting in class, I pictured.
4. She pictured it, running hard.
5. Not what I pictured he’d.
6. Elowen easily pictured the scene.
7. I had pictured him so wonderful.
8. She pictured umpteen police cars.
9. She pictured herself kissing them.
10. The Shoulderstand is pictured in.
11. That was how I pictured our group.
12. He shut his eyes and pictured home.
13. As he pummeled her, I pictured her.
14. Not pictured: the bride’s brother.
15. He pictured himself as a paragon of.
16. He pictured the mountains and Viella.
17. I never pictured myself in the dog-.
18. I pictured my mother chained to a rock.
19. The 1-inch crystal pictured above is a.
20. He pictured Truman and himself reunited.
21. Money Methods is pictured here with her.
22. He pictured her young face and young body.
23. He pictured Catherine Quaid smiling at him.
24. The woman pictured on the card seems very.
25. Nothing was the way that I’d pictured it.
26. I pictured Sohrab filling it with warm water.
27. You have pictured conditions as you see them.
28. He pictured a ninety year-old guy hot-tubbing.
29. Fred pictured himself at the wheel of a truck.
30. He pictured the only Anuunaki he had ever met.
31. The author pictured standing naked by a pond.
32. I never had you pictured as a heavy metal fan.
33. Carla pictured how she would position the gismo.
34. Photos and words pictured the scene of the crime.
35. Castilla) and two lions (for León) are pictured.
36. Learn to read this pattern, pictured in Figure 5.
37. He’d pictured the sun shining brightly, and a.
38. Thomas is pictured under the name of Saint Jerome.
39. Armageddon and conspiracy theories never pictured.
40. The metaphorical view of is Hell is pictured as a.
1. I got a few pictures.
2. I went to the pictures.
3. As Good as the Pictures.
4. Old pictures make me sad.
5. He pictures the lust of.
6. I mean, she had pictures.
7. He saw pictures his mind.
8. She'd seen pictures of it.
9. They can only see pictures.
10. Except for a few pictures.
11. Bounce the pictures off it.
12. For pictures of the floods.
13. Paint pictures in the sand.
14. Morse looked at the pictures.
15. I'll send you some pictures.
16. Sure, they drew pictures of.
17. The pictures were very clear.
18. Drawing pictures in the sand.
19. Taking pictures on the corner.
20. I pictures spending the rest.
21. Ma took pictures of everything.
22. She took several pictures of.
23. Pictures were speaking to her.
24. Shooting pictures in the city.
25. I will text you pictures and.
26. And I must have seen pictures.
27. Here is one of his pictures:.
28. I can’t wait until pictures.
29. None of the pictures were good.
30. She knew all that from pictures.
31. Sorry, could not take pictures.
32. Include pictures of the rewards.
33. Vague mental pictures came to.
34. I don’t need these pictures.
35. I started by snapping pictures.
36. Pin pictures that are humorous.
37. I was taking pictures of Larry.
38. He looked through the pictures.
39. Macaroni pictures on the fridge.
40. They took some pictures and left.

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