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Piece numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was a piece of.
  2. On a piece of paper.
  3. What a piece of shit.
  4. What a piece of work.
  5. It is a piece of art.

  6. What a piece of cheek.
  7. He offered me a piece.
  8. I’m a piece of shit.
  9. But for this piece of.
  10. It was a piece of rope.
  11. I wrote it on a piece.
  12. Once he found a piece.
  13. But only a piece of it.
  14. She had said her piece.
  15. Wow, a piece of paper.

  16. It is in that piece of.
  17. The key piece in the.
  18. He picks up a piece of.
  19. Here's a piece of paper.
  20. As in: WE COME FOR PIECE.
  21. There is a piece of time.
  22. A piece of Al Faradrian.
  23. We crossed a piece of it.
  24. It all started to piece.
  25. The piece of shit is.

  26. We all had a piece of it.
  27. I held my piece and waited.
  28. And in the piece of earth.
  29. I tucked a piece of hair.
  30. You worthless piece of sh.
  31. When you buy a new piece.
  32. Marisha had said her piece.
  34. They was a large piece of.
  36. You were the missing piece.
  37. What a piece of trash I am.
  38. That was the missing piece.
  39. Bill tore off his ear piece.
  40. So was the Mark Twain piece.
  41. Nasty piece a work that guy.
  42. It was a real piece of cake.
  43. You piece of bloody shit!.
  44. It is a tidy, useful piece.
  45. What are these puzzle piece.
  46. I opened the piece of paper.
  47. A damn fine piece of work.
  48. Write it on a piece of paper.
  49. Everyone wants a piece of me.
  50. I drew the piece for the.
  51. His piece is purely for show.
  52. Peter had retrieved a piece.
  53. We can chop a piece off that.
  54. Top each piece of fish with.
  55. I need a vest and a piece.
  56. She was a nasty piece of work.
  57. This would be a piece of cake.
  58. You are a sickening piece of.
  59. She holds out a piece of paper.
  60. This is a useful piece of kit.
  61. Every piece of furniture was.
  62. The final piece was the crown.
  63. But he was all of a piece, too.
  64. He tore off a piece with his.
  65. Another Piece of the Action.
  66. A piece of glass had cut her.
  67. She handed the piece to Books.
  68. I stepped on a piece of paper.
  69. He was beginning to piece the.
  70. The dual-faced piece of ivory.
  71. I pulled out a piece of silver.
  72. Oded holds up a piece of paper.
  73. It was an amazing piece of luck.
  74. There she saw a piece of metal.
  75. Where did the metal piece go?
  76. Show me the piece of jewelry.
  77. Wish I'd had a piece of that.
  78. Come on, you piece of trash.
  79. Develop a piece that delivers a.
  80. This piece is from the Edward E.
  81. A piece of me trembled with him.
  82. Each piece begins with a story.
  83. It was a wee piece of work and.
  84. This is a big piece of business.
  85. That’s a rotten piece of luck.
  86. Taking the same piece of paper.
  87. Could he manage another piece?
  88. It’s a useless piece of cloth.
  89. Chisel a piece of wall off and.
  90. He waved a piece of paper at her.
  91. Over the other end was a piece.
  92. Its a little piece of my history.
  93. It was dead like a piece of meat.
  94. The cops would piece it together.
  95. He put one large piece of fruit.
  96. The sole piece of her first life.
  97. He turned the piece of paper over.
  98. There was a piece of cake as well.
  99. That guy is one piece of blubber.
  100. The man unrolled a piece of paper.
  1. I was piecing it all together.
  2. We were piecing together his appearance.
  3. Have a dry run at piecing together the slide.
  4. Okay… said Calvin, piecing it together.
  5. But my mind was still piecing things together slowly.
  6. Some of the group were puzzling it out, piecing it all together.
  7. AS CLAIRE SAID, we were piecing our killer together, step by step.
  8. There were some pieces of this murder case that were still piecing together.
  9. I was not paying much attention to the discourse as I was busy piecing together the experiences I had with the saint.
  10. He was first shattered that he had lost the ability to paint and later he slowly started piecing together the jigsaw puzzle.
  11. He sat down in the sand, crossed his legs, and started piecing the rifle together with his one hand, using his lap and legs for leverage.
  12. I was fixated on his piecing stare; even the sky behind him paled in comparison to the glory of his gaze, and the heat from his hand felt like a thousand suns.
  13. Piecing together the clues (there was also a police station close by, and a school - I heard girls singing - and a church, from the sound of the bells) it appeared that the place was the.
  14. Outside of his office, colleagues were busy piecing the story together from hotel witness statements and conference attendees while some were watching the news looking for leads the press had gotten to first.
  15. It would be a graceful, easy way of piecing on the new habits to the old, to have a few playful words with Rosamond about his resistance to dissipation, and his firm resolve to take long fasts even from sweet sounds.
  16. Or so Calvin gathered; the picture wasn't very clear since he was piecing all of this together from several—somewhat inconsistent—sources, and someone had gone through and done a whitewash of Gates' files, albeit a sloppy one.
  17. The combination of drugs had taken its toll on Caroline and there she was, caught in his knowing gaze, mentally piecing together the entire picture: an image of Mike as a second-class errand-boy for this ‘wop’ he and his friend both spoke of.
  18. All I know of it; and indeed I only know so much, through piecing it out for myself; for my father always avoids it, and, even when Miss Havisham invited me to go there, told me no more of it than it was absolutely requisite I should understand.
  19. By piecing together this circumstantial evidence and combining it with a few scraps of intelligence that we gleaned during our interrogations, we also decided that we were currently the guests of Cruce Signati, who held sway along the Thames Valley corridor and down in the deep heart of the South West.
  20. Though he had long been apprehensive about cemeteries due to his grandmother’s various tales that had frightened him as a child, there was an urge in him at different times in his life to merely visit these places and study the numerous markers, perhaps piecing together the life of an individual or a family or determining their place in the social hierarchy that had existed during their time.
  21. Perhaps it would be beneficial to just sit in the room now that the body was gone and the door had been repaired by maintenance, who had changed the lock and provided him with the only key, and with a clear mind consider the possibilities of how a clever murderer had managed such a deceptive illusion that a phantom was responsible for Underwood’s death and how the suspects’ motives compared; on many occasions, revisiting the scene of the crime had proven greatly advantageous in piecing together the circumstances under which the offense had been committed as well as the physical capabilities that one would need to possess to successfully execute the plan.
  1. He pieced the puzzle of his concern.
  2. Pieced the gloom, inspiring concentration.
  3. But you must have pieced something together.
  4. We could have pieced this whole thing together.
  5. We slowly pieced together our list of names to check.
  6. You already remember the ones you've pieced out before.
  7. We looked at each other for a second as we pieced it together.
  8. Have you created any SEO tools either from scratch or pieced.
  9. Gathering snippets, Jesse quickly pieced together an impression.
  10. I can’t believe you haven’t pieced together the potential.
  11. He wondered how much of the puzzle Cross had already pieced together.
  12. Finally, after much research, Calvin pieced together something huge.
  13. You know, You really should have pieced some of this together by now.
  14. I have just pieced together information to try and figure out the story.
  15. There were missing files, but some information could be pieced together.
  16. The primaries have pieced blocks for outsides for two quilts, over-hand work.
  17. Kelvan have found a means of using technology they have pieced together in this.
  18. It was amazing how quickly Kennedy pieced the facts together into an explanation.
  19. The rest I pieced together from her friends and stories that floated around town.
  20. He doesn’t have it all pieced together yet, but it appears it was in the engine.
  21. Jane spread the document out on the table and pieced it back together as best she could.
  22. In his head he pieced together the letters of a name over and over again, trying to fit.
  23. When he could sip a cup of strong, sweet tea, they pieced together what must have happened.
  24. We bent over the pieced paper together and saw that the message was from a downtown garrison.
  25. Because the World View, which you painstakingly pieced together in your very early years, is.
  26. His early letters filled in missing details of the story I’d already pieced together from reading his old Theory notebook.
  27. Finally, he pieced together the facts and understood that the attacks post drinking were causing him to change as a person.
  28. Her super quick mind pieced together the visual clues and when they all fitted, she said OK, I have it, just follow me in.
  29. Only recently have modern historians pieced together the missing years of Rome’s history before Julius Caesar became famous.
  30. He was seized with a chill, as another piece of the most thrilling puzzle he had ever pieced together fell perfectly into place.
  31. The inner walls were andanite granite in blocks the size of oxen and cunningly pieced together with amazingly cut intricate joints.
  32. But the basic story can be pieced together from the tiny bits of discovered evidence which have survived, and our existing instinctive behavior.
  33. Little by little, listening to her sleep, he pieced together the navigation chart of her dreams and sailed among the countless islands of her secret life.
  34. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square was playing and I gradually pieced together that he was describing the way Judy Campbell had once performed the song.
  35. But when he pieced together the elaborate betrayal of her former husband and saw the striking similarity of the situation with the boyfriend, he’d made the sketch.
  36. He pieced together the list of defecting military units by intimidating a frail young Melioran idealist who had lost his nerve on the eve of the coup and stayed in Austin.
  37. This I had strongly suspected from Provis's account (as Herbert had repeated it) of his having kept himself dark; which I pieced on to the fact that he himself was not Mr.
  38. Using images collected after the conclusion of the battle and in security camera recordings, they pieced together what they could determine about how the battle had started.
  39. Those people had all died differently but the reason for their deaths were all the same – They were pieced by their own red flag in the chest and lost their lives instantly.
  40. In his head he pieced together the letters of a name over and over again, trying to fit them together in any one of a thousand combinations, only one of which would form the shape of a man.
  41. As he listened to the talk of the raftmen and pieced together the scraps of information they let fall, he soon realized that he was very fortunate ever to have seen it at all, even from this distance.
  42. And this, out of the bits and pieces discovered separately and seemingly haphazardly, then painstakingly pieced together by the same construct that has made serendipity appear to approximate the miraculous.
  43. We pieced together a history of the world much different than what we are taught under the Emperor’s rule… and you understand, my dear, if the history of something is not what we think it is, the future of that thing is also not what we think.
  44. As Liloe stiffened and arched her body down, she fought to remain silent and unheard but, she failed to suppress a wail of ecstasy which pieced the night, and with her passion assuaged and her body glistening with sweat in the low light, she lay forward and snuggled onto Siri’s chest.
  1. My heart was in pieces.
  2. She had had two pieces.
  3. They tore it into pieces.
  4. Two pieces of the puzzle.
  5. My heart tore into pieces.
  6. How to gather the pieces.
  7. With those two pieces of.
  8. Old pieces of trucks and.
  9. Pieces of it fell on the.
  10. The bow broke in two pieces.
  11. Who fixed the broken pieces.
  12. None of the pieces matched.
  13. Crack into pieces to serve.
  14. I looked at the pieces of.
  15. All the pieces are in place.
  16. Cut cold into small pieces.
  17. She’ll rip him to pieces.
  18. No wheels among the pieces.
  19. All the pieces were in place.
  20. Not bits and pieces of him.
  21. He must be dashed to pieces.
  22. Not steal pieces of my mind.
  23. Cut into 4 pieces and serve.
  24. Cut thicker pieces of putty.
  25. I told him pieces of my life.
  26. Are all the pieces in place?
  27. Count out four pieces of.
  28. There were three pieces left.
  29. He took one of Dawes's pieces.
  30. One girl was found in pieces.
  31. The bottle smashed to pieces.
  32. Cut chicken into curry pieces.
  33. Boss set his pieces in motion.
  34. She wants to rip me to pieces.
  35. But he caught bits and pieces.
  36. Pieces of him in pieces of me.
  37. They tear each other to pieces.
  38. That could make the pieces fit.
  39. Into millions of little pieces.
  40. They're blasting us to pieces.
  41. Both wore mouth and ear pieces.
  42. I felt I was falling to pieces.
  43. It should come apart in pieces.
  44. He was eating pieces of apple.
  45. A huge jigsaw, fitted in pieces.
  46. The pieces were coming together.
  47. She gave me three bronze pieces.
  48. All the bits and pieces that I.
  49. It was taken to pieces, like a.
  50. It broke-into about fifty pieces.
  51. My lasting pieces of this compose.
  52. Repeat with the remaining pieces.
  53. Then snip the strips into pieces.
  54. You can pick up the pieces later.
  55. It’s about the pieces of paper.
  56. There are hundreds of art pieces.
  57. Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.
  58. Shred the salmon into tiny pieces.
  59. That news broke my heart to pieces.
  60. Sacrificing pieces when he had to.
  62. You little pieces of shit!.
  63. She was trying to put the pieces.
  64. Dot with pieces of chilled butter.
  65. Zombies will shred me to pieces.
  66. Cut pastry sheets into four pieces.
  67. This puzzle has a thousand pieces.
  68. They say he was cut in two pieces.
  69. Gold pieces are dead pieces of hate.
  70. Bones crushed and broken to pieces.
  71. They tore him to pieces in seconds.
  72. It has incredible historical pieces.
  73. Then, I shall shred you into pieces.
  74. The pieces were now falling in place.
  75. I have more pieces coming next week.
  76. Al of his chess pieces were out in.
  77. Then add the chicken pieces and fry.
  78. A few pieces of smoked salmon on a.
  79. The ikon was broken into two pieces.
  80. Lawrence loans sixty-two pieces, Mr.
  81. Allow to cool, and break into pieces.
  82. The submission of pieces in complete.
  83. I still pick up the pieces of broken.
  84. Squeeze water out and pull to pieces.
  85. They try to rip everyone to pieces.
  86. Her largest puzzle has 18,000 pieces.
  87. I love to pieces what he was wearing.
  88. Let the pieces fall together in the.
  89. He folded the pieces tight into his.
  90. The pieces of the mysterious puzzle.
  91. Serve in cut pieces or eat as a wrap.
  92. Wash the chicken and shake pieces dry.
  93. Break into bite-size pieces to serve.
  94. Assign chord pieces or those with a.
  95. They had now been shattered to pieces.
  96. All the pieces that he owned were in.
  97. I believe in those tiny pieces of my.
  98. Pieces of tin covered the gaping tops.
  99. Bits and pieces of the wall began to.
  100. Three pieces of pizza that I ate alone.

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