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1. The pipeline pumping with jobs.
2. The pipeline belonged to Exxon.
3. The translation is in the pipeline.
4. Parable of the Pipeline, by Burke Hedges.
5. Haldeman was the unassailable pipeline from the president.
6. Another book in the pipeline is called ‘Diamond Wreck’.
7. Bill had seen worse cannon fodder coming down the pipeline.

8. Don’t you have anything in the pipeline? she said.
9. He knew what was coming down the pipeline, and he made a fortune.
10. When he once again emerged into clarity, the pipeline had disappeared.
11. Clearly, Medtronic has a successful R&D pipeline that leads to new products.
12. The next example shows how this can be done by using the PowerShell pipeline.
13. He closely studied his son as they proceeded to climb a pipeline that crossed the.
14. This means that a business’s pipeline of future leadership will often be limited.
15. The proposal was for a pipeline from the source of the oil to Prince William Sound.
16. But as far as closing down the pipeline is concerned, they might be of some help.
17. This keeps them in your pipeline and establishes you as the obvious expert in their minds.
18. Rebels have seized a major pipeline, and Nigeria’s oil exports will be cut by 15 percent.
19. My job was to keep the welders serviced and drive along the pipeline where they were needed.
20. Vietnam also has a strong clothing and textile export pipeline, however, that adds diversity.
21. However, more commodity ETFs are in the pipeline that will offer greater diversification benefits.
22. The company is positioned well in many areas and the pipeline has new products in clinical trials.
23. He had no way of knowing his TWX had been lost for twenty-two minutes in the White House pipeline.
24. He already had two huge oil concessions in Turkmenistan but without a pipeline they were worthless.
25. There was another possibility: build the pipeline through Canada and eliminate the need for tankers.
26. There is apparently a 6%+ dividend in the pipeline if the company maintains it, which would be nice.
27. He saw a pipeline running across to another building and went for it, but the gang boss leaped his way.
28. The Standard Oil Group of pipeline companies publish monthly statistics of operations in barrels.
29. When you have a sales process with conversion rates, you can generate solid pipeline and revenue reports.
30. View is the first object instantiated in the execution pipeline, which then responsible for passing any.
31. If he managed to organize a consortium to build a pipeline he would find himself in the sweet world of billions.
32. Apparently, the pipeline was full, wholesalers were overstocked, and there was nowhere to go with the excess tea.
33. The Drug Enforcement Administration hadn’t considered that drugs could be transferred through a sewage pipeline.
34. Prospecting often slips on the priority list; as a result, the sales pipeline isn’t always filled with new prospects.
35. More ammo was in the pipeline, already in transit to Siddarmark, but so were additional rifles and revolvers to use it.
36. They walked pass a sealed-up section of the pipeline and came upon a huge hole that appeared to have been burnt into it.
37. The convoy you are using for cover includes drilling equipment and pipeline materials they will need to exploit the pocket.
38. We did it to establish an oil pipeline to the gulf to permit international shipping of Iraqi oil (that Saddam would not allow).
39. The Silvertip pipeline had ruptured under the Yellowstone River in July, spilling oil into the water, so the news was horrible.
40. One note about staggering: Your first 60 to 90 days of trading may seem slow because you are more or less filling a pipeline.
1. Pipelining is only supported in HTTP/1.
2. Burst mode is often used in conjunction with pipelining, another.
3. HTTP pipelining is a technique that allows the browser to send multiple requests to a single socket without waiting for the corresponding responses.

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1. The remaining one-third is transported via pipelines.
2. It owns pipelines, storage facilities, and processing capacity.
3. Eighty percent of the spills came from land-based pipelines and storage tanks.
4. His quest for control continued when he resorted to shipping oil by pipelines.
5. In the United States, most natural gas is transported through pipelines in a gaseous state.
6. Lastly they set up massive siphoning pipelines to drain the oily oceans and fill up the pits.
7. They went up the stairs of another old building and across the roof, taking the pipelines across.
8. A deep rumbling, growling noise had started, and the pipelines connected to it rattled and shook wildly.
9. Our robots have by now built a complete underground network of pipelines crisscrossing most of Palestine.
10. They are often found in crowded cities and warm temperate climates and often live in the sewerage pipelines.
11. These pipelines will soon be connected to nine big water desalination plants that will be flown in place tonight.
12. By having strong pipelines and the medical technology and expertise to find the next big drug, the biotech firms have the upper hand.
13. Water flowed into the hidden tunnels and swirled around the base of the mountain tearing out buried cables and natural gas pipelines.
14. Some of the major operators of these pipelines that transport both natural gas and LNG are entities known as master limited partnerships (MLPs).
15. At one time, it had strong global assets such as pipelines, but it then sought to transform its business model by becoming a market maker of natural gas and energy.
16. His activity seemed to be intensifying around the time that the actions against the plans for building more pipelines were heating up, though he never communicated with me about that particular domain of activity.
17. They have already demonstrated their willingness to use energy supply as a political weapon, most recently when they turned off the gas pipelines to the Ukraine, and we are convinced they will not hesitate to use it again.
18. The underground pipelines of the city above were broken apart by the destruction of the past wars and harvests, but were mended by the people living here to flow their water from the walls like streams and waterfalls from the ceiling of the cave.
19. Hence his maneuvers to meet leaders and presidents of all countries involved from the owners of the oil wells to the owners of overland routes that the pipelines would traverse, from the providers of funds to the providers of political backing, Tamraz like an indefatigable bee buzzed from flower to flower (!).

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