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Piss numa frase em (in ingles)

I still had to piss.
A piss in the ocean.
Piss on the fire stuff.
I’d piss at the hotel.
The piss went on and on.
What a fucking piss take.
Might as well piss on them.

I was taking the piss and.
I knew who not to piss off.
That seemed to piss her off.
He was spraying her with piss.
The car stank of shit and piss.
I hope you didn't piss the bed.
Boys and girls taking the piss.
He unzipped and started to piss.
How could you piss him off?
Here’s the gold; now piss off.
I made sure not to piss her off.
We all stank like piss and sweat.
The stench of piss had gone away.
It was starting to piss Jason off.
You too just took a piss together.
I think I had to take another piss.
It’s such a little piss hole of.
This really seemed to piss him off.
If you are a reporter, piss off.
This is going to be a piece of piss.
Trade or piss off cause we’s busy.
I need a piss, he said thickly.
And not that piss you usually serve.
She tasted the sour burn of his piss.
That seemed to piss them off terribly.
Everything else I did to piss him off.
I did it out of spite to piss him off.
You piss ant! growled Sebastian.
Just try not to piss all over the wall.
I didn’t think it would piss you off.
Let’s not piss off the pregnant woman.
If you piss it off, it won't tell you.
Yeah, that should piss her off big time.

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