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Piss numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I still had to piss.
  2. A piss in the ocean.
  3. Piss on the fire stuff.
  4. The piss went on and on.
  5. I’d piss at the hotel.

  6. What a fucking piss take.
  7. I knew who not to piss off.
  8. Might as well piss on them.
  9. I was taking the piss and.
  10. That seemed to piss her off.
  11. He was spraying her with piss.
  12. The car stank of shit and piss.
  13. I hope you didn't piss the bed.
  14. Boys and girls taking the piss.
  15. How could you piss him off?

  16. Here’s the gold; now piss off.
  17. I made sure not to piss her off.
  18. He unzipped and started to piss.
  19. The stench of piss had gone away.
  20. We all stank like piss and sweat.
  21. You too just took a piss together.
  22. I think I had to take another piss.
  23. It was starting to piss Jason off.
  24. If you are a reporter, piss off.
  25. This really seemed to piss him off.

  26. This is going to be a piece of piss.
  27. It’s such a little piss hole of.
  28. I need a piss, he said thickly.
  29. Trade or piss off cause we’s busy.
  30. And not that piss you usually serve.
  31. She tasted the sour burn of his piss.
  32. That seemed to piss them off terribly.
  33. Everything else I did to piss him off.
  34. Just try not to piss all over the wall.
  35. I did it out of spite to piss him off.
  36. You piss ant! growled Sebastian.
  37. I didn’t think it would piss you off.
  38. Let’s not piss off the pregnant woman.
  39. If you piss it off, it won't tell you.
  40. This was really starting to piss me off.
  41. Did you piss in their territory?
  42. Yeah, that should piss her off big time.
  43. It wasn’t the piss that woke me though.
  44. I didn’t want to piss Jane off too much.
  45. He could smell piss and wrinkled his nose.
  46. It’s also where I usually piss a lot of.
  47. Blake’s daily 7pm piss was finally complete.
  48. And he didn’t have no fancy pot to piss in.
  49. Go twenty paces for a piss, fifty for a shit.
  50. I dreamed that I was here, and I had to piss.
  51. Haki expected her to sit on the bucket to piss.
  52. Why did he want to piss off your brother?
  53. This has been a piss poor adventure from the.
  54. She knew that would piss of Jaycee and it did.
  55. Are you doing that just to piss me off?
  56. Peter felt the heat of his piss warm his hands.
  57. That was why it really started to piss me off.
  58. This fucker was really starting to piss me off.
  59. I’ll have to remember to never piss off Caleb.
  60. Al Kostecki don’t piss pants, he ranted.
  61. That scared the piss out of me, she said.
  62. I have told all the boys to piss in the barrel.
  63. From the look of the sky it"s going to piss!".
  64. Those customers really did piss her off, though.
  65. Piss me off, too, Damon said with a scowl.
  66. Not wanting to piss off the Nazi, Dennis replied.
  67. Are you taking the piss out of me, Freak?
  68. If need be, I can piss directly onto the plants.
  69. But it won't stop to rest, eat, piss or anything.
  70. I’d rather piss off a grizzly than that guy.
  71. I was an ugly shade of lime green and piss yellow.
  72. Caris said: Oh, piss off, and turned her back.
  73. He mumbled something about needing a piss, and was.
  74. And here was Sierra having a laugh, taking the piss.
  75. Stop killing those who piss us off, she smiled.
  76. There was a foul smell of piss and shit at the back.
  77. At least you got a chance to piss on them on number.
  78. The smell of ammonia told me that it was dragon piss.
  79. I get enough piss ripped out of me in the real world.
  80. Whatever is most likely to piss off one’s father.
  81. Boil the piss out of ‘em, he said with a shrug.
  82. He has to piss, though he just went twenty minutes ago.
  83. What Kate calls 'classical music', just to piss me off.
  84. Time was, I could piss me bigger streams than this one.
  85. Don’t push my buttons and try to piss me off any.
  86. I'm not waking up with a stomach full of piss and jizz.
  87. In this society, her place was to carry the piss bucket.
  88. That gesture was always the best way to piss off the king.
  89. I myself offered to piss on her feet to soften the spines.
  90. He could have done something else to piss the big guy off.
  91. And then the smell hit me and it smelt of wet fur and piss.
  92. Carter stared at him angrily, Don’t take the piss!.
  93. So why should I bother? You are taking the piss more often.
  94. Did she piss him off somehow? Did she do something wrong?
  95. Nigel shouted at Lady Buckingham, Well, I hate to piss on.
  96. Who is it Tommy? Tell them to piss off and shut the door.
  97. A woman must needs piss twice as hard, if she hopes to rule.
  98. Then you’ll have to piss out of your belly button!.
  99. Try it, I thought, one taking the piss is better than three.
  100. Her voice came from behind and scared the piss out of Jaycee.

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