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Pissed numa frase em (in ingles)

I was pissed off as.
And boy was he pissed.
We were all pissed off.
He was just pissed off.
It gets me pissed off.
I was so pissed off at.
And I am pissed about it.

It only pissed him off.
I was pissed off at Carol.
He was pissed off as hell.
The founder was now pissed.
He stood and pissed on it.
Gill pissed me off one day.
Fine, I'm a little pissed.
Dee is going to be pissed.
But, I was also pissed off.
You should be pissed, too.
By this point I was pissed.
Her editor would be pissed.
That pissed her off no end.
Which really pissed him off.
Fritz was really pissed now.
Massie was super pissed off.
I’m still pissed about it.
Thing is he gets pissed on.
She was offended and pissed.
I was pissed off as all hell.
This thoroughly pissed off Mr.
I'd be pissed if I was you.
Nick had been pissed that day.
And this cobra was pissed off.
You probably pissed her off.
In six, he was getting pissed.
But she pissed me off so much.
Oh I fucking think I pissed.
I was pissed off to begin with.
By now, Bill was getting pissed.
Just the usual pissed nonsense.
Pissed off the wise guys beat.

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