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Pitch numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. A ton for his pitch.
  2. I had a very low pitch.
  3. Do not pitch a product.
  4. The hall went pitch black.
  5. Use a 10-second 490 pitch.

  6. Again, it was pitch black.
  7. To the pitch black canvas.
  8. It was pitch black anyway.
  9. The stores have to pitch in.
  10. It is still pitch black.
  11. It was pitch black up there.
  12. It had a low pitch and the.
  13. The crying changed in pitch.
  14. There it was: the sales pitch.
  15. Let me recalibrate the pitch.

  16. Here, he would pitch his tent.
  17. It was pretty cold and pitch.
  18. Wait for the right pitch, and.
  19. The next pitch was the starter.
  20. Its pitch seal was marked with.
  21. It was pitch black on the ground.
  22. Ok, sleazy sales pitch is finished.
  23. Every sense at its sharpest pitch.
  24. I took the first pitch at my knees.
  25. The pitch she’d been hoping for.

  26. Only pitch if there is a good fit.
  27. His voice quivered in a high pitch.
  28. Davis smiled, wound up for the pitch.
  29. In the near pitch black inside, he.
  30. Just pitch the ball, chicken!.
  31. Inside it was still pitch dark, but.
  32. There are plenty of ways to pitch in.
  33. A steady low pitch hum indicated the.
  34. Driehoek pitch to celebrate the victory.
  35. They hit a pitch that would shatter a.
  36. The world continued to twist and pitch.
  37. It was pitch dark under the canvas now.
  38. In a few minutes it would be pitch dark.
  39. It was shrill and un-human in its pitch.
  40. Frankly, I’m tired of the sales pitch.
  41. How to pitch the cards and hold the deck.
  42. The sky darkened to almost a pitch black.
  43. Ooooh… She said going up in pitch.
  44. The important thing is the relative pitch.
  45. Jesus, how that nigger can pitch shoes.
  46. Seducing into salvation! Our pitch to the.
  47. She grabbed at a stuffed pitch black raven.
  48. Pat O'Brien hit the hell out of some pitch.
  49. The third pitch was right down the middle.
  50. After that, I went straight into my pitch.
  51. Then her hands flaying around in the pitch.
  52. This screw should have a large pitch thread.
  53. We came to the pitch after endurance training.
  54. It was pitch black so Demery asked for a torch.
  55. It was pitch black and he had to feel his way.
  56. He had one mode of timing, one key, one pitch.
  57. The crowd hit fever pitch as the bal slipped.
  58. He opened a door which led into pitch darkness.
  59. His pitch was straightforward and didn’t vary.
  60. How will you know the pitch of that great bell.
  61. He cries, but the wail doesn’t rise in pitch.
  62. Her voice was low in pitch, confident and calm.
  63. I saw a hand come out of the pitch black column.
  64. You co-operate with me, I'll pitch an offer to.
  65. Roman delivered the pitch right where I wanted it.
  66. That is to say He sealed them in with pitch, or.
  67. More spotlights descended on the pitch, and the.
  68. I mix pitch, gum, and wild honey, over the fire.
  69. The wind-up and the pitch! CRAACK! Another single.
  70. The next pitch was lined into shallow left center.
  71. I told her to pitch her voice against that corner.
  72. I have a tough time concentrating on my next pitch.
  73. The next pitch, Mitchell took in super slow motion.
  74. He was shocked at how high pitch his voice sounded.
  75. His voice carries a high pitch, as though it’s.
  76. It is pitch black outside and I can't see a thing.
  77. The Vapors returned to the pitch below and began.
  78. Our wonderment stayed at an all–time fever pitch.
  79. The LED screen above the pitch began broadcasting.
  80. Aside from them, his surroundings were pitch black.
  81. If the pitch of the roof is lower enough to easily.
  82. Dead? The pitch of her voice rose perceptibly.
  83. They were discussing something in their high pitch.
  84. Long Johnson was going to pitch for the colored team.
  85. What exactly was their pitch? Uncle Pete asked.
  86. In the pitch darkness, her image floated before him.
  87. In 2009, this was my standard pitch to new traders:.
  88. The tunnel was pitch black making her progress slow.
  89. The latter has a diameter of 6 meters, a pitch of 7.
  90. This time it was higher in pitch, like a fire siren.
  91. Egypt, and for three days it was pitch black, and on.
  92. It was unnerving sitting there in the pitch blackness.
  93. It was pitch black and she turned on her flashlight.
  94. He’d bring you out clean from pitch, mum, he would.
  95. In his mind it was pitch black; no light was visible.
  96. He swayed again, as if he would pitch on to the child.
  97. There was a pop and everything went pitch black.
  98. His fingernails were all pitch black and covered in.
  99. When one fails in health, the others pitch in to help.
  100. Throw a wild pitch, something inside my brain tells me.
  1. The Barony was pitching again.
  2. The ship's pitching merry hell.
  3. When pitching a blogger, research.
  4. Pat O'Brien is pitching for Arizona.
  5. Pitching his wits against the enemy.
  6. A young man stood on the pitching deck.
  7. Now the carnie was pitching another person.
  8. Meredith did no combing down or pitching into.
  9. When pitching the media, be brief & to the point.
  10. I thought I would have little difficulty pitching.
  11. It’s a good softball game, with pitching that is.
  12. Just pretend that you are pitching batting practice.
  13. There’s nothing wrong with pitching in to help others.
  14. And then the shop jolted, pitching the freezer forward.
  15. He sent out a hay machine for pitching the hay—it was.
  16. The Nautiluslay motionless, neither rolling nor pitching.
  17. Indeed it is, Violette said, pitching her voice to carry.
  18. I can’t stand the thought of hurting anyone with my pitching.
  19. Our attempts at pitching the tents in the rain were without much.
  20. Then she clung to it as it seemed to be pitching at an impossible slant.
  21. Meanwhile, pitching through the air, the man's head landed on the ground.
  22. When pitching the media, make sure you have more than one story 491 angle.
  23. What are you pitching things down for? You pitch your own things about!.
  24. What she needed was a little of that stuff she had been pitching at Josh.
  25. Those assholes out there pitching two ends of a double-header in some cases.
  26. The sleek craft soon lost headway and began pitching slowly in the low seas.
  27. The backhoe was pitching fore-and-aft like a boat, and bouncing on its tires.
  28. He grabbed the edge of the seat with both hands to keep from pitching forward.
  29. The disconnected pitching of the two boats was making it hard for the gunner.
  30. Over the years, I've found that whether I'm pitching (selling) nonfiction or.
  31. There are times when you absolutely should not be pitching to your followers.
  32. The French entered the gates and began pitching their camp in the Senate Square.
  33. However, by pitching this as a way to Make Money from Tap water, it sounds.
  34. The sound of breaking glass reminded me that Martin was still pitching beer bottles.
  35. As you wish, agreed Kay, pitching her voice to be as meek as she could manage.
  36. I felt like I was in a batting cage facing an automated pitching machine set on kill.
  37. He was still pitching in 1966, three years after Jackie joined that prestigious group.
  38. No, he said, swinging round and pitching his response to all the books around him.
  39. But while they wrote, the prosecutor said suddenly, as though pitching on a new idea:.
  40. The shock wave slammed into the plane, pitching the men into the air and back down again.
  41. Moreover, I could now see how the mitigation Mark was pitching had real-world consequences.
  42. It took them a few minutes to get adjusted to the pitching and yawing of their strange craft.
  43. What are you pitching things down for? You pitch your own things about! [Picks up the shawl].
  44. If you stooped over too far forward, you risked their pitching out of you like billiard-balls.
  45. That is: each person pitching in not just because they have to, but also because they want to.
  46. He sat at our table, uninvited, respecting no one, pitching his opinions and drinking his beer.
  47. Besides, it was gruesome to hear of AVERIL, the stately, queen-like AVERIL, "pitching" any one.
  48. And here he was, kicking them over right and left like a child pitching a tantrum among his toys.
  49. Eh, it was that that did the business; after pitching heavily for twelve hours we sprung a leak.
  50. It took Ingrid a few moments to register this; her mind had gotten used to the pitching and yawing.
  51. It’s got the whole Romulan sector madder than a hornets nest knocked down by a kid pitching stones.
  52. And so was Danielle, though both tried to be smooth and gentle in pitching the ball over their heads.
  53. I was already pitching ideas to venture capitalists even back then and I wasn't shy with opposite sex.
  54. Amaranthe hooked her arm over the top, and she in turn grabbed him to keep him from pitching backward.
  55. We readily agreed to shoot a story with Kejriwal and Dr Bedi pitching for an anti-corruption ombudsman.
  56. A sharp crack followed my landing as the roof collapsed, pitching me down into the interior of the shed.
  57. A chain of blue energy blasted the demon in front of her, pitching the black clad knight into the garden.
  58. On the morning of December 18, the pitching Monterey was buffeted by screaming winds and seventy-foot waves.
  59. He believed that the key to baseball is pitching, and he had an exercise that he had the players go through.
  60. He allowed himself a slight grin but didn’t leave the pitching mound, didn’t celebrate with his brothers.
  61. On the way home, Sierra told Manda that for a while now she had been pitching an idea for her own show to Curt.
  62. Normally when John would pitch, would just be pitching at the most maybe two or three innings, but not tonight.
  63. The impact knocked the breath from her, pitching her forward onto one knee and throwing the torch from her grasp.
  64. A dozen dead and dying men rolled hither and thither upon the pitching deck, the living intermingled with the dead.
  65. The going grew rougher, the scenery more rugged, steep grassy slopes pitching up to densely timbered mountainsides.
  66. A deal it is! If your house is already crowded, just pitching my tent besides it would be more than enough for me.
  67. My clever publisher [Nic Cheetham at Corvus] came up with the brainwave of pitching '12 days at Christmas' to Amazon.
  68. The pitching wedge and the sand wedge can be used in the place of a chipping wedge, yet another in the family of wedges.
  69. He wound up pitching a one hitter at Phoenix Giants Stadium in front of 10,000 screaming Arizona State fans and a few Arizona fans.
  70. The horse shook its head, pitching against the reins when it noticed the buildings a short distance away, anticipating feed and rest.
  71. There are much more significant data than who’s pitching, who’s injured, or what the record of both teams playing against each other is.
  72. With the Congress left with no allies in Tamil Nadu, finance minister Chidambaram also dropped out, pitching for his son to contest instead.
  73. Soon, from certain rolling and pitching movements, I sensed that the Nautilus had left the lower strata and was back on the surface of the.
  74. Once there, he could relax a little and paddle out to the takeoff in a more leisurely manner, studying the huge, pitching barrels on the way out.
  75. On all fours, fighting to keep some sort of traction on the pitching deck, Colling crept to the locker holding Boroszki’s gun and the grenades.
  76. Now the plane was pitching so erratically that they couldn’t read their altitude, and with no visibility, they didn’t know where the ocean was.
  77. I got back into the habit of finding, pitching, and producing special reports, which I had neglected during my long slide into professional lethargy.
  78. After a span of time had passed where Yuella had said all she could think to say; Elizabeth steered the conversation to pitching her into their house.
  79. Thus sunken, and seen in remote perspective, they appeared far less formidable than the huge iron bulk in whose wake the steamer was pitching so helplessly.
  80. Then the servants set about pitching the tents: those for the two ladies, one for our officer, Mohammad Amin, and others for the gendarmes and the servants.
  81. In fact, pitching wearables has become so absurd (contacts that measure your glucose levels! Sports bras that track your heart rate!) one guy built a Random.
  82. All that remained to be done to it was the pitching of the joints inside and Payne was in the act of lifting the pot of boiling pitch off the fire to do this.
  83. She endured the pitching moment of dizziness, then turned back to the wall, trying but failing to ignore the fear that clung to her like the halo around a sun.
  84. His camp lay directly behind him, in a narrow, steep-walled valley which was indeed merely a continuation of the Valley of Lions, pitching up at a higher level.
  85. It was early afternoon, and we took over the entire summit, pitching our tents, picketing the horses and setting to work to water and feed them before ourselves.
  86. We’re not bothering with who’s injured or if any star player is going through a tougher sequence or the team they’re playing against or who’s pitching etc.
  87. The show doesn’t really need any staff as it’s all filmed on state-of-the-art fixed cameras and in a video diary room, so I’ll be pitching in on the community.
  88. Over the years, I've found that whether I'm pitching (selling) nonfiction or fiction, I've had the best responses to letters which were less than one page in length.
  89. At the bottom of the charred stairs he had a fall, pitching forward on his face with a force that would have stunned a spirit less intent upon a task of love and devotion.
  90. I was up most of last night after I came across an ad in a European music industry publication, pitching the newest Doberman’s Stub CD, Bite Me, Big Dog (working title).
  91. When I think about making a trade, I envision someone from a sales and trading desk at a big bank on the other end of the phone pitching clients to buy or sell a trading idea.
  92. For the rest of the day, Kate works the phone, pitching Dante’s story to one top editor after another, from the murders and his arrest to his background and the upcoming trial.
  93. I think that Professor Baxter was trying to teach us something in King Lear when he made an off-hand reference to the image of starting a large boulder pitching down a steep hill.
  94. For example, if you are an SEO professional and have lots of people interested in SEO and internet marketing following you, aim to educate your audience rather than pitching for work.
  95. He sent out a hay machine for pitching the hay—it was broken at the first row because it was dull work for a peasant to sit on the seat in front with the great wings waving above him.
  96. The horses’ momentum was such that few of them could step into a hole a foot deep without stumbling, and many fell, pitching their riders on to the ground in the path of other horses.
  97. There was a touch of unreality about the whole—purple slopes pitching up to that fantastic castle, toy-like with distance, and above it the white glistening peak shouldering the cold blue.
  98. As they looked back up at the bridge, the whole ship suddenly became totally unstable and started rolling and pitching around wildly for a few seconds until a modicum of control was restored.
  99. For a second Mona had a struggle on her hands, the bandit going for his knife of all things, but she hung on, pitching it away, and finally subdued him, using more nerve than innate strength.
  100. The soaring notes that carried to the boat across the restless waves seemed to take on the shape of the seascape they prevailed over and the melody grew rugged and inconsolable, pitching to a storm.
  1. For the higher pitched sound.
  2. It was so loud and high pitched.
  3. Rest of ‘un were pitched, not.
  4. Someone’s had a tent pitched here.
  5. However, it’s often pitched as a.
  6. He continued in a lower pitched voice.
  7. We walked there and pitched our tents.
  8. Yahweh's name, and pitched his tent there.
  9. A high pitched whistle is more effective.
  10. His voice was pitched low – aggressive.
  11. His voice was pitched lower than usual:.
  12. He pitched his upper body into the water.
  13. Tell me about it, Heather pitched in.
  14. Tents were pitched, and shelters laid out.
  15. It was totally pitched black, and was too.
  16. Sue gave out a little high pitched yell as.
  17. Philistines pitched in the valley of Rephaim.
  18. Her voice comes out high pitched and strangled.
  19. Now Jacob had pitched his tent in the mount:.
  20. It was almost as high pitched as a dog whistle.
  21. Alan took care and pitched it hard at the light.
  22. It then gave out a few quick high pitched calls.
  23. A high pitched keen brought him back to reality.
  24. The tarpaulin was pitched and the camp was quiet.
  25. Holly's high pitched scream drove Caleb to his feet.
  26. Sue made a high pitched call of excitement as she.
  27. He pitched an incredible game and deserved the win.
  28. Oh, come on! He laughed in a high pitched tone.
  29. The truck suddenly stopped and Selma pitched forward.
  30. He pitched forward into the ditch he was working in.
  31. The vessel pitched and rolled as they approached the.
  32. Radha aunty had pitched Harish for the last two years.
  33. You won’t be back, will you? Still high pitched.
  34. Kay pitched her voice low and steady, her eyes flashing.
  35. Sue gave out another high pitched yell as I swung her.
  36. A pitched, black slate roof sat atop white, stone walls.
  37. Goshawks and grey ravens flew around the pitched ceiling.
  38. Not knowing why, she chose the high pitched alien voice.
  39. Sue gave out a high pitched little yell and moved away.
  40. This was quickly followed by a high pitched whine as the.
  41. He wobbled, pitched forward, and collapsed on the carpet.
  42. Why? she asked him, her voice shaky and high pitched.
  43. Family and friends pitched in a lot for us as a wedding gift.
  44. A high pitched musical rhythm appeared to emanate from this.
  45. We were fighting them upstairs, when they pitched a grenade.
  46. As dark started to fall, he pitched camp in a trail shelter.
  47. Sue said in a high pitched friendly voice, Hi there you.
  48. He could still hear the high pitched whine of blood sucking.
  49. Tommy, in an agony of fear, pitched himself backwards, still.
  50. The tone mustbe pitched forward, but do not force it forward.
  51. It was pitched in a clearing in a thick patch of bush in the.
  52. Big Bear Lake pitched and churned like a pan of boiling water.
  53. It made Sue give out a little high pitched utterance and laugh.
  54. Roman pitched in the sectional championship—his first game.
  55. July 1947: Pitched battle scenes at Haganah’s ship, Exodus.
  56. They could have headed in any direction, Nora pitched in.
  57. Sue also gave out some high pitched calls of ecstacy when she.
  58. A high pitched shriek from below interrupted Monty’s memories.
  59. Ahead of him paused the low pitched hauling truck for the heavy.
  60. Seeing a delusory boat, he pitched himself overboard and drowned.
  61. A high pitched humming squeezed through Scumbles clenched teeth.
  62. Meanwhile, Jerry pitched the idea of a special focus on evangelism.
  63. Garcia drew a single card and pitched it, hitting the bull’s eye.
  64. In his own way, McGoey pitched like crazy, but he told it straight.
  65. Where’s the dog? he said in an unusually high pitched voice.
  66. This is how it was he pitched first on a perfectly wild enterprise.
  67. A high pitched vibrating sound suddenly flowed through the building.
  68. How are your feet? asked Stacy as I pitched my tent near hers.
  69. Johnny the Killer pitched in the third game and had an impressive.
  70. I will save you from hearing the traditional arguments they pitched.
  71. It was accompanied by Nadya’s high pitched scream of sheer terror.
  72. It became hard to walk on deck as the ship pitched, rolled and yawed.
  73. With a grand wind-up, he pitched it, baseball-style, after the first.
  74. Cami! Jonquil’s voice was panicked and her voice high pitched.
  75. Still smiling, he pitched over face-first into his plate of spaghetti.
  76. A moment later, Don Hume pitched forward and collapsed across his oar.
  77. Uncle Sam pitched in to help me so I could start college in August of.
  78. They clung on to the boat as it pitched crazily in the psychotic storm.
  79. But no sooner were they mounted than the black demon pitched them off.
  80. She pitched into everyone, because, she declared, they had ‘gone mad.
  81. A log burned with a curious high pitched sound, like someone squealing.
  82. He pitched forward, on his face, and lay still, the leash still in his.
  83. LORD, and pitched in Rephidim: and there was no water for the people to.
  84. The alarm gave its by now familiar warning flash and high pitched squeal.
  85. He pitched a bivouac over Lucky, and made him as comfortable as he could.
  86. He watches me intently, his eyebrows pitched, as if—as if he pities me.
  87. Ethan pitched the idea of the story he had been working on in his mind:.
  88. Just then, he heard the high pitched, muffled whine of an electric motor.
  89. Lucky? What’s wrong? she asked in a high pitched and frantic voice.
  90. The boat rose, and pitched, and spun, nearly capsizing on each revolution.
  91. Rising high pitched from his grave, a slow mournful howl haunted the town.
  92. As she raced forward her foot caught on something and she pitched forward.
  93. A low hill pitched upward, girdled and covered with thick trees and bushes.
  94. Canaan, when he came from Padan-aram; and pitched his tent before the city.
  95. He could still feel her, still sense Gelahn’s force pitched against his.
  96. A voice pitched high in anxious and suspicious interrogation brought his.
  97. Suddenly he lurched wildly to one side and pitched violently to the ground.
  98. Timothy then shouts in a high pitched voice, Hey what’s up Diane?!.
  99. A voice that is pitched back in the throat is dark, somber, and unattractive.
  100. You pitched a hell of a game today, except for the two hit batsmen of course.
  1. The aircraft pitches.
  2. The spider pitches her web in the solitude.
  3. It takes humility to lay off the high pitches.
  5. At last he heard it, a song consisting of three pitches.
  6. He was surprised that he could define the pitches so well.
  7. Pitches four through eight were on the inside corner and.
  8. The Dauntless cheer at varying pitches, high and low, bright and deep.
  9. He really rocked one of the pitches sending it very deep into the outfield.
  10. His pitches were characterized as cannon shots into the glove of the catcher.
  11. And nobody prevents us from waiting for these fat pitches … except ourselves.
  12. If everyone in the household pitches in though then the gardening only needs to be.
  13. From the Publisher: As a literary agent, Noah Lukeman hears thousands of book pitches a year.
  14. The average American mailbox gets sales pitches from credit card companies at about two a day.
  15. His right hand pitches the bowl of wasabi/soy, underhanded no less, directly into Steng's face.
  16. Sean described his day and recounted, in detail, the cars, the prices, and the different pitches.
  17. When the boat pitches up and down it tends to lift the anchor off the bottom, losing some traction.
  18. Both of his strikeout pitches are balls, so look for them on two strike counts, and swing smart out there.
  19. The tired bearers walked more slowly, and it advanced with constant jerks, like a boat that pitches with.
  20. The air could be shunted through either or both, allowing for single or simultaneous tones of different pitches.
  21. Then he turned, one hand balancing the bat, his left hand dangling free at his side, to await the trial pitches.
  22. I recommend practicing making sounds covering a wide range of tones and pitches in anticipation of such an event.
  23. The investor can take pitches all day long and not have to swing because there are no called strikes in investing.
  24. Batters, their pitcher mainly utilizes two pitches, a nasty fork ball that can catch you fishin'; and his high heat.
  25. Strategically, he knew their pitcher had been reeling physically, by walking the number two batter on seven pitches.
  26. The next batter came up, swung and missed the first two pitches, then hit a line drive into right field for a single.
  27. Note that the effect may not be apparent just with the book cover, the idea is to use covers beside tag lines and sales pitches.
  28. Swash plates: plates with pierced holes fixed in tanks to limit violent liquid motion when a ship rolls or pitches in heavy seas.
  29. Whenever a higher than usual number of promo pitches starts showing up in my spam filter, the top can't be too far away (Figure 37.
  30. With his gaff, the gaffman hooks on to a sheet of blubber, and strives to hold it from slipping, as the ship pitches and lurches about.
  31. He immediately knew his pitch wouldn't come in until late in the count; therefore, he watched the first two pitches sail by as called balls.
  32. Some sales pitches involve a lot of pressure to buy right then- my vacuum cleaner salesman even said that the offer is good only while she was there.
  33. Joahaz was listening with intent, and as I spoke, a stirring began in his tent, noises of varying pitches filled the air, and he didn’t waiver in any degree.
  34. I'd argue that having the patience and discipline to save your cash for when the fat pitches come along is probably the most valuable trait an investor can have.
  35. The centre is noted for its size with a retail floor area of around a hundred and fifty thousand square meters which is roughly the size of thirty football pitches.
  36. But he goes further, he actually pitches into me because, as he declares, ‘any decent fellow’ would die quietly, and that ‘all this’ is mere egotism on my part.
  37. Rudolph’s experienced eye fitted six cricket pitches into the pool’s tiled depths and he struggled to decide if he were impressed, or disgusted by this lavish use of money.
  38. I was never a high-pressure salesman, although I could put together blow-out sales pitches when I had something to sell, and I had been selling advertising campaigns for years.
  39. He appears to show little preference for the slow and low wickets which are typical in India, and has scored many centuries on the hard, bouncy pitches in South Africa and Australia.
  40. Lets see how damn good the best pitchers in the world are if they have to synchronize their pitches with eleven other pitchers… The scoreboard should be like a drag-race count-down… with the no.
  41. That's what she pitches into me for! Fancy a child like this getting hold of such an idea!—a child who ought to be playing at dolls, instead of developing ideas of that sort! The thing is, she has no one to play with here.
  42. Even the Arizona State coach the next day was completely impressed and he said Rich Hinton had some of the best stuff he'd ever seen because my players only swing at good pitches in the strike zone and they could not hit the sky that night.
  43. On issuing from their place of confinement, the whole party instantly experienced a grateful renovation of spirits, by exchanging the pent air of the hiding-place for the cool and invigorating atmosphere which played around the whirlpools and pitches of the cataract.
  44. Paul Ray Powell hit one of our pitches so hard that that baseball was still rising when it hit the wall at 450 feet in dead center field and that ball missed by maybe 5 feet going over the centerfield wall which were probably been the only baseball in the history of that park ever hit over the centerfield wall.
  45. Judge, then, to what pitches of inflamed, distracted fury the minds of his more desperate hunters were impelled, when amid the chips of chewed boats, and the sinking limbs of torn comrades, they swam out of the white curds of the whale's direful wrath into the serene, exasperating sunlight, that smiled on, as if at a birth or a bridal.
  46. It falls by no rule at all; sometimes it leaps, sometimes it tumbles; there it skips; here it shoots; in one place 'tis white as snow, and in another 'tis green as grass; hereabouts, it pitches into deep hollows, that rumble and crush the 'arth; and thereaways, it ripples and sings like a brook, fashioning whirlpools and gullies in the old stone, as if 'twas no harder than trodden clay.

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